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Welcome Captain!

The Sierra is still under development. Feel free to look around though!

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  • September 2019 Update September 28, 2019
    [img width=1024 height=576]
  • July 2019 Update July 29, 2019
    Hello there,I'm... now a production manager for all future games of InnoMen.I mean I've always been, but I did want...
  • 2017 Summary January 2, 2018
    Happy New Year everyone,Helrouis here. It's been quite a while, and here's some progress to share:We've been workin...
  • 2016 Status Report December 31, 2016
    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year! 2016 was not really an ideal year for us, as we had to patiently wait through things...
  • May Update May 21, 2016
    ScriptsWriting is 25% finished -- and Youko can do 15-20% per month.The scripts are constantly being checked...