InnoMen Productions


Innomen Productions – Innomen came from the word “Inumin”, which means “a drink” in our native language – In other words, it’s a local pun for Innovative Men/Women Productions.

Our team’s motto to “Deliver Games filled with Creative Juices”.¬†We work across the globe, distance/status/irl issues doesn’t stop us from doing work (well somehow, it does , slightly).

We love both eastern and western gaming culture, so expect that our creations will almost always be a mix of the two. So far the site is under construction and everything you may see here is tentative for now. Thank you for visiting and have a great day!

The Core Staff Members:

Jason Cheng/Helrouis
Glean Yap/Kemeo
Colin Tremingway
Jester Paul Go/Jezer0
Kendrick Ian Laurel/Tcwoua
Tobby Ong/Gtd-Carthage