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Weekly Update #8 (NSFW)
« on: March 03, 2014, 06:38:50 pm »

Well, it's technically not Sunday anymore, but better late than never, they say!  Here we are, for another edition of the weekly update!

Message Board

It was a long time coming, but we now have an official message board.  After much consideration, we realized many of our backers have also backed Sierra Ops and Project Nimbus.  Because we thought it would be a major hassle for you guys if we all made our own forums, the three of us decided to open a joint message board for all three games.  Now you won't have to jump from board to board and instead, you can get information efficiently about all three games in one convenient location!  We will gradually shift to using the message board for Sunrider.  Once the beta is released (which should be soon), please post all suggestions at the message board for easy access.

Improved Space Fields

I remember someone said during the campaign that the space backgrounds in Sunrider weren't colorful enough.  I promised that I would bring out the paint buckets and make the backgrounds more colorful.  I do not like breaking promises, so here they are!  This is only a small sampling of the new backgrounds which are going to be in the game.

Battle Engine

Paul has been hard at work at the new battle engine.  I'd say we're definitely getting there.  This time, we actually have some IN-GAME screenshots for you.

We can now support absolutely huge battle fields!

Zoom in close on the action!

Zoom in super close to see all the details.  The UI is still a WIP...

New Attack Animations

We're also working on improving the attack animations.  The animations in the demo were pretty long and unwieldy.  We'll be working hard to make sure that all the animations are sleek and flow seamlessly with the rest of the battle.  Here's a mockup of what we want the new battle animations to look like.

New Pause Menu

Not to be outdone, we're also working on revamping the pause menu as well, so that it looks more like a JRPG.  This is clearly still a WIP.

All Dakimakuras Complete - Now Taking Pre-Orders!

And now the moment we've all been waiting for.  All the Sunrider dakimakuras are now complete!

For backers who purchased the dakis, please read this important information.

DIGITAL DAKI:  We will distribute the final round of surveys very soon. (tomorrow, only because it's already almost 2 AM here)  Please indicate on the survey which dakimakura you wish to get a high-res download of.  The image resolution is approx 6000x9000.


For regular dakis, they will be 50 cm x 150 cm, and made of Peachskin.
For custom dakis (Admiral tier), they are the same size, and made of 2Way Tricot.

FINALLY - We are taking pre-orders for people who did not get the dakimakura during the Kickstarter!

Why should you pre-order? Well, basically, we don't know how many extra dakis to manufacture, so we'll need to base our supply upon popular interest.  Please pre-order a dakimakura so that you are guaranteed a copy once we get our initial supply!  Your interest will not only help make Sunrider into a better game, but will also help other people in the future get their goods as well.

You can pre-order the dakimakura on our website:

IMPORTANT:  The time window for the pre-orders is short because we need to manufacture the dakimakura as soon as possible in order to get them into the hands of our backers.  All pre-orders will close on March 7! After that, you'll just have to wait until our initial supply arrives and buy them on a first come, first served basis, at the risk of a particular design or material selling out before you can purchase.

We will be manufacturing the dakis immediately after the pre-orders close.  Further, we will be manufacturing most of the backer rewards this month as well.  We thank you for your patience as we make all the physical goods.

Well, that sure was a lot of information to take in all at once! See you next week! And drop by at the forums!