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My thoughts and a list of recommendations.
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:16:29 am »
So I recently played through the Episode 1 beta for Sunrider and I must say, I'm very impressed with the development of the game so far.
There were a few recommendations I came up with too (along with one or two issues), feel free to debate any points that I make but please keep in mind these are simply my own opinions. No being rude please :p

   Battle engine froze at one point, seemed to be attempting to move a unit but the unit stayed in the highlighted "moving" mode  (i.e. When the energy and health bars are removed from under the unit and the unit is highlighted) but didn't actually do anything. Had to reload from a save point.

   Whenever damage is taken by an allied unit, need to click to move on to the next screen (a little annoying, would be nice in longer battles for it to auto-play the whole enemy battle event), although this isn't really serious.

   Instead of characters repeating the same emote when taking damage, may be better to have them only say the emote once. e.g. When Ava says "our hull is holding" after first taking damage, she might say it 5 more times after taking damage until she starts repeating "our hull is beginning to fracture" and so on. This just gets slightly annoying. An alternative could be to have her only say the emote once the ship HP gets below a certain amount. e.g. First hit she'll say "our hull is holding" and say nothing upon taking damage, then ONLY when below 75% HP (or whatever threshold is preferable), she'll say "our hull is beginning to fracture" once, then say nothing until below 50% etc.
If I didn't describe this properly, here is another example.
Lets say the sunrider has 100 max hp, and gets attacked each turn for 10 damage. What im suggesting is the damage emotes should be done as follows (this is assuming the damage threshold required for Ava's emote to change is every 25% of the ships HP)

Turn Sunrider HP Emote spoken
1st turn 100HP nothing
2nd turn 90HP "our hull is holding" (equal to or below below 100%)
3rd turn 80hp nothing
4th turn 70hp "our hull is beginning to fracture!" (equal to or below 75%)
5th turn 60hp nothing
7th turn 50hp "hull breach on deck 0!" (equal to or below 50%)
8th turn 40hp nothing
9th turn 30 hp nothing
10th turn 20hp "shipwide system failure!" (equal to or below 25%)
11th turn 10hp nothing
12th turn 0 hp "main reactor failure!" etc. (0%)

   The enemy ships, in some cases (specifically the ryders) had a weird habit of just rushing up close range then not acting on each turn. It happened a lot with the missle ryders, so it mightve been to do with them running out of ammo. Seemed weird either way.

   Movement of missles and units in the battle screen was choppy. Rather than moving to each adjacent slot, stopping for a moment, then moving again they should just smoothly move from one location to another. Might just be a beta thing that'll be changed in the future and I'm sure you'll well aware of it.

   Could certainly use a description as to what the enemy enemies defense values actually mean. I found it hard to determine which weapon to use because I couldn't really work out what their defensive values meant.

   Voice over volume, by default, is really quiet in comparison to the music volume. I know there is an option to reduce music volume, but I have a feeling a lot of people just set sound effects and music volume to full. Might be worth changing this, might not be worth bothering.

   Tried to use the 1000 command point vanguard cannon but being told I didn't have the command points to use it (when I actually had around 2000).

   Enemies tend to just focus the sunrider. While this is not stupid on their behalf, it seems a bit stale. I was able to send the ryders forward to point blank with none of the enemy ships bothering to attack them. This didn't occur in the fight with the pirate HQ, but it did with every other fight.

   Using the repair ability (the 500 command point one) overhealed the sunrider to around 2000 hp (max hp was 1600), is it meant to do that? Or just heal up to max HP?

   While in a battle, would be nice to have right click deselect any unit I have currently selected. Instead it brings up the save menu (I think that's a ren'py thing, but I did find  myself right clicking a lot expecting it to deselect a unit, but instead getting the save menu).
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Re: My thoughts and a list of recommendations.
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2014, 11:27:08 am »
thanks for the extensive list of suggestions! I agree with many of them, and I'm also working on a patch to fix most issues.

having to click after a hit to continue is by design. it's assumed the player wants to have the time to check how much damage was done and how much was damage was negated.

it's true missiles are limited even for enemies, and when they run out they will move in close untill they can do decent damage again. if they happen to not have any weapons other than missiles, or their weapons can't do any damage because of armor.. things go wrong :)

choppy missiles is known, but making it look smoother is pretty hard as the code needs to check whether the missile is in range of flak every time it moves. there are ways to make it look smoother but... it won't be easy so didn't have time for it for beta release.

command point costs and other bugs you mentioned are being worked on :)
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Re: My thoughts and a list of recommendations.
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2014, 12:02:02 pm »
Excellent, I'm glad my feedback is at least somewhat useful XD
You're doing an excellent job as lead coder by the way, I suspect there's a huge workload for a project like this, but you're still making some excellent headway on developing the battle engine. I'm certainly impressed so far :p
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Re: My thoughts and a list of recommendations.
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a number of these issues are fixed with the new patch. try it out! :)
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