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Elvis Strunk:
If you can't beat the people that don't care about the quality of their spam...

This is basically an index for all of the other Appreciation Threads. Feel free to chat about all of them here, behind their backs, and basically just do literally whatever.

The Trap Thread!

The Loli Thread!

The Kemonamin... Kenomo... Kemonosodo... ... ... The Animal Thread!

The Tentacle Thread!

The Twintails Thread!

The miko thread!

The book thread!

The Fire Emblem Thread!

The Shin Megami Tensei Thread!

The Kantai Collection Thread!

The Touhou Thread!

The Valkyria Chronicles Thread!

The Fate/Stay Night Thread!

The Faction Leaders Thread!

The Weapon and Armor Thread!

The Gun Thread!

The Weasel Thread!

Feel free to link to any future Appreciation Threads and I'll add them to the list.

...may as well join them.

The Loli Assassin:
I enjoy this because people will come here expecting stupid things and get something useful instead, and I also had a hand in it's creation.

All the lolz, all the time.

Leave it to Elvis to make things convenient for everyone. Well done, good sir.

This is probably why my post count is so low. I have never made a proper contribution to one of these appreciation threads, and I hope I never will.


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