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Author Topic: Three friends go to Japan... To get Waifus!  (Read 8091 times)

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Re: Three friends go to Japan... To get Waifus!
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What?! There's a waifu poll and I, your glorious producer, am not an eligible waifu?

What's this heresy?! Unacceptable!

Ok men, you asked for it. The new executive producer I just hired will punish you!

Kneel before him!

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Re: Three friends go to Japan... To get Waifus!
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What?! There's a waifu poll and I, your glorious producer, am not an eligible waifu?

What's this heresy?! Unacceptable!

Ok men, you asked for it. The new executive producer I just hired will punish you!

Kneel before him!

(Merne, hearing Kana through the ceiling of his office, cowers.
"Sumimasendesdsta! You weren't a character in the story, and I made it on the fly, forgive me, Kana, the boss! I'll fix this right away!")
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Re: Three friends go to Japan... To get Waifus!
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"Oh Glorious Producer," Isen said, bursting into the room as he gave an elegant bow. "Now I know you're angry at us for this minor mistake--that was totally Merne's fault--but before you say anything else, I have one thing to ask you."

The man fell to his knees, kneeling prostrate before the enraged woman, who was surely the consummate embodiment of all that was Waifu in the universe. "Please, take my friends first! Kill them however you want! Just give me one more moment of sweet, precious life!"

Meanwhile, in the Anime,

The bridge stood serenely over the holographic data displays throughout the command center, numerous miniature clones of Isen wandering about in their uniforms, occasionally glancing up to get a view through the two occular viewports that gazed out into the world beyond. Two officers approached a central figure on the bridge, wearing the grand black uniform of a Grand Admiral. The uniform, lined with gold, also wore a long billowing cape, as well as a black kabuto and a fearsome looking mempo that concealed all but his commanding eyes. The two officers saluted.

“Sir, we’ve intercepted a communique from one of the other H.U.M.A.N.s present. She has ordered the rest of us to insure the Merne’s fuel intake is undiluted and properly refined, work clearly unfit for a noble vessel of war such as ours.”

“Our earlier release of our special fuel source, Snark, had temporarily reduced Snark Levels in all sectors, however this message has caused Snark Levels to rise again. We can maintain current Snark at their present levels, or eject more as one of our low-level attacks. Metaphors, parody and puns are currently offline or deemed ineffective at this stage, but Sardonic Quips stand ready if you will it, Grand Admiral.”

“...” The two were silent as they awaited their commanding officer’s orders. The man was silent for a few moments, apart from the deep breaths that rattled off of his face mask. His eye briefly rolled to the side, regarding the two captains before returning to face out the main viewport.

“...Do it.”

“As you wish, Grand Admiral.” The first one said with a bow, turning to the other members of the bridge. “Open the Mouth! Prepare to fire the Sardonic Quips! Standard Manner Reminding rounds to the main gun! Prepare to shift the Face into Skirmish Mode!”


The hooded look to Isen’s eyes returned as he regarded Kanako as she turned aggressively away. The others seemed completely silent, overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events. Isen however had never been one to take orders from strangers very well. Especially after he and a girl in a traditional nurse’s outfit had been left alone outside for nearly half an hour. As she neared the door, the man’s mouth opened. It wasn't the best choice, but he saw little point in staying quiet for the sake of pride.

“I take it we’re going to be paid by the hour then, if you’re to be barking orders at your guests like this?”

It was unwise. He knew that the instant he felt Aiko’s hand on his shoulder. Not in a soothing way, or one hinting that she wanted to see his muscles, but in one meant almost to calmly restrain him. As the Mad Admiral crossed his arms however, he made no motion to act apologetic or cow away. To do so would shatter his frail sense of masculinity.

Besides, the indignant shrew was starting to irritate him.

Aiko on the other hand gave an apologetic bow, tiny beads of sweat clinging to her forehead. Her hands were clasped before her in humility as she did her best not to look Kanako straight in the eyes. That might end up angering her more.

“I-I’m sorry for my patient’s behavior, Kanako-san.” She said. Isen felt a sudden and unexpected pang of regret. She dropped the honorific suffix AND his name in her apology. Was she really that upset with him? She paid him no mind however as she continued. “He’s on some new painkillers. One of their side effects is an increase in temper, body temperature and impaired judgment.”

She pulled a handkerchief from one pocket, waving it with both arms to try and airily fan away the imaginary anger-clouds surrounding Isen's face, giving a pleasant smile as she did so. Isen meanwhile continued to glare at Kanako, arms still folded. Though it was a struggle to keep his eyes fixed on her (or where she had been) as Aiko’s efforts send her soft lavender perfume billowing into his face from where she stood nearby.

C’mon, don’t lose focus. Cretan-style photography. Modern art...

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Re: Three friends go to Japan... To get Waifus!
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"Oh gods, not Slifer! He will force us into ridiculously long and worthless meetings and stupid teamwork-building exercises! And he will force us to play a children cardgames following the rules! " -John spat out, as he jumped from his writing chair and ran towards his office door to lock it and block it with the wardrobe . 
"Producer-sama, co-come on...there's no need to take such drastic measures... *John let's out what attempts to be a slight chuckle, but it turns into a nervous laugh, that of someone who has passed through experiences that would drive a man insane and is being pushed back into a similar situation again* .. I mean, I helped you find that cute..  I mean capable personal assistant !"

"A-a-and we've been friends since a long time already right?! " - he stopped talking a moment to try to clean the sweat of his face, with little success  -  "We will just fix the poll, right now!  But please, don't assign Slifer as Executive Producer!! I'll even write the next chapter for free!"

Back to the anime

John stood quiet,trying to hide his shock after seeing Kanako's change of mood during the phone call.  "Great, now we've done it...well done, Merne." -he thought  Acting as if what he had just witnessed had nothing do do with him , he turned to Akane, who had serious look in her face and signed towards the kitchen and started walking towards it.

When they were both far enough to make sure Kanako couldn't hear them , Akane let out an angry hiss, and turned back to John. "I  should have known it would end up turning out like this. She's mad again, but this time she's even using her contacts in the police dept." - she covered her face with her left hand in frustration - "Well, no use lamenting over it, we have to warn Ran-chan and Merne-san.Seriously, you guys are experts in bringing trouble..."

" We have  to get them back here  safe so that we can solve this without getting the police involved, or then we're really going to get in serious trouble." -Titor replied. - "Because I guess reasoning with Kanako right now is out of question?"

"Completely out of question. In this situation she would only reason if Merne was present, so our best bet is to play along , let her go, and come out with a plan to bring them back here..." - Akane's response was interrupted by a voice coming from the entrance.

“I take it we’re going to be paid by the hour then, if you’re to be barking orders at your guests like this?”

They both fell silent and looked at each other as they heard what seemed to them  the taunt of a madman with a deathwish .
"Did he just.. ?" -Akane muttered, still astonished..
"Thats Isen to you, he always lets his pride get the best of him. " - John answered before she could finish her question, as he started rushing towards the entrance.
"Hey, wai... -she stormed  after him -"I sometimes wonder if you are really stupid, or simply insane. This is surrealistic, I thought this stuff only happened in anime"

When they arrived back at the entrance they found Kanako and Isen staring at each other with cold, furious eyes. Describing the atmosphere as "tense"  would be falling short. If someone had captured this scene in a manga, they would have drawn lightning coming out from the eyes of the both contenders, their auras crushing the earth beneath them , sending fragments floating into the air, and shining brighter than a dying star collapsing into a supernova, wiping all around them into oblivion.

 It was like witnessing two feudal lords from the Edo period meeting on the no-mans-land to solve a conflict in a duel to the death between them, and one of them was only able to stand because he was leaned against a tree. The fact that Isen, still in his wheelchair, stood up against  Kanako's autoritary attitude , only reinforced this. It was an example of Meiyo-Bushido  at it's finest.

"After witnessing this, if Kanako decides to strike you down, by the rules of Broshido, I will be ready to avenge your death , Isen!" - John thought, swelling in determination. He did a strange moves as if he was freeing an imaginary katana from an imaignary waist hilt, reading it for an unseathing strike.

"Is that guy nuts? And what the hell is that idiot of John doing?" - Akane said to herself , as she repeatedly scanned the room with her eyes , as though if she was looking for a solution or at least a way out of this situation. Her eyes finally stopped on Aiko, who apparently was holding Isen back  - "Go for it Aiko-san, stop this madness!"

Luckily for all the parts involved , and mostly for our writers who would otherwise have to make up some new characters, which would translate in even bigger delays for each chapter and less money going into their extravagant and decadent expenses, and more for stupid stuff like paying new voice actors and animators,  Aiko did the most sensible thing here,and stopped Isen from carrying on with his suicidal tendencies,and apologized to Kanako on his behalf.

“I-I’m sorry for my patient’s behavior, Kanako-san. He’s on some new painkillers. One of their side effects is an increase in temper, body temperature and impaired judgment.”

She then pulled what appeared to be a handkerchief, and started waving it in front of Isen's face, as though she was pretending to fan some sense into him.

"Oh is that so? No need to apologize then, Aiko-san! I was kind of rude, to be sincere." - Kanako replied with a fake smile on her face and a "I-will-finish-you-later" look in her eyes. - "I'll be on my way then!"

Kanako ran out the door , put on her motorcylce jacket and jumped on her modded  Suzuki GSX-R1000 . The noise of a machine bred for speed , the deafening scream  of an engine used in GP awaking from its slumber, echoed through the street as the she drove it way above the speed limit towards the airport.

PS: we might have to discuss how to follow up from here, or if I should change some stuff.

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Re: Three friends go to Japan... To get Waifus!
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