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Another Sunrider Academy review!
« on: July 19, 2015, 09:26:52 pm »
Like back in the day with my reviews, here's my uneducated opinion of Sunrider Academy! When you've got time to kill, might as well write. As always, without spoilers!

Sunrider Academy

Tags: slice of life, choice only, small universe, futuristic space-faring setting, romance, drama, stat-grinding.

Summary: Spin-off to the Sunrider-universe where most of the characters appear in various ways or another in a school-setting. PC is thrown into a position where he must successfully manage various extracurricular school groups while carving out a social life and eventually tying the knot with a girlfriend.

Completed? Partially

Pricepoint: Payed (27.99)

A side-project that caters the Sunrider-universe to a larger audience. This game can be played without ever having touched the original Sunrider games, but it will cause you to miss plenty of nuances & nudges thrown into the storyline.

The story itself isn't too extraordinary until you jump into some of the romances. Here the plot can take outlandish, violent and/or dramatic turns; which does make the telling more memorable and isn't too far-fetched considering the futuristic setting. The writing portrays emotions quite well: the teens react accordingly to their age & character. Definitely one of the game's selling points. Art is the second boon: detailed characters and passable backdrops spring the game to life, making it just as intresting to read the dialogue as it is to admire the visuals.

The meat of the game, the gameplay, was where I found the most strive: grinding for stats & discovering possible romancable girlfriends. While fun at first, it quickly lost its novelty. After only 2 months (of the 9 months of in-game lifespan), I was cruising through all the activities on auto-pilot. My success rating sky-rocketed to near-perfection after purchasing two items and thus any challenge the game had to offer was suddenly nulified. Searching for girlfriends was also quite the pain, as the chance of them appearing in certain spots was random. Example: I wished to get to know Sola (the white-haired girl) more. After initially hitting it off, I was unable to find her again in any of her usual places for nearly 3 weeks. Figuring I had made an error, I gave up on her and moved on with the game only to hit a dead-end some time later. After restarting, I picked the first romance option I was able to unlock as I was eager to discover the rest of the game's story. Sola reappeared only after I had locked-in with another girl, which did rub some salt in the wound of why I detest randomisation. As a sucker for good stories, I pushed myself through the seemingly mind-numbing gameplay to see how the adventure would play out. I was eventually rewarded with a great closing ending; but it did cost blood, sweat & tears to achieve in my book.

The tutorials included are to-the-point and cover the basics. They do leave a few things unexplained though... None of the stats for which you must grind offer any indication what they might affect aside from their name. How & when to gift items to any of the girls was also not explained. This eventually barred me from progressing, forcing me to restart. Aside from that, I also missed a quick in-game guide to hotkeys which could have sped up the gameplay significantly.

On a side-note: The game throws plenty of jabs at the actual player that he should get out more instead of playing eroges all day. Massively on-point those remarks, as they stung. For better or for worse? You decide! It left me questioning so it must have hit the mark.

In short: both writing and art carry this game. Its main weakness is the gameplay, which constricts and burdens the product as a whole. A game filled with eye-candy, but one I will not return to for a second playthrough/romance route.


Tags legend:
  • Slice of life: Everyday situations (going to school/work, housework, dating, small talk,... => interaction outside of professional conduct);
  • Small universe: Handful of developed main & side characters, little new faces/extended relations;
  • Choices only: No input needed outside of choosing dialogue options;


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