Author Topic: Why aren't the other girls as popular?  (Read 7511 times)

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Re: Why aren't the other girls as popular?
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Well, call me biased, but I want Asaga to be the hero she claims to be.  I can actually relate to her in some fashion in real life.  Trying to put the needs of others above her own, even at her own expense (a painful experience, trust me).  In her more serious moments, like barbequing veniczar Porkchops, and taking on the prototypes (both with an awakening), she can be scary when scorned.  She, imo, shows a immature child-like behavior duly because of a lack of it in her real childhood.  The choices she makes though, however foolish or naive, always end up being the right decision (so long as Kayto doesn't have to get involved of course).  But who knows, When LD is released, we might get a suprise or two. IAC, I am looking forward to further story development regardless of budget.

I'm sorry, but I think slaughtering a group of defenseless, surrendering people is not right, no matter what they've done. And well, Liberation Day already has one surprise in regards to Asaga, and is not exactly the good kind (though we'll undoubtly get our character development).
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Re: Why aren't the other girls as popular?
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if I can put my input here, from what I can understand from my old time seeing this start out on DA, it was supposed to be bigger then it is.....but hey, money makes the world go round, and a lack of it makes the world stand still so character development would be stumped, as for the whole Asaga thing, I feel she is steadfast in her beliefs due to the royalty's tendency to groom and crush the heirs, then those heirs develop their own independent ideologies due to being sheltered in that way, she is righteous and believes in herself and what she wants to shape the universe into, personally while people might find her immature I see her as just rough around the edges, all princes and princesses are like that before they take the reins of royalty and realize they have to try and balance their dreams to reality, when MoA ended she was only just hitting the phase of knowledge of what the universe is and taking grasp at reality, so I feel it is more of a cliffhanger for her character development and I see her as having subtle character development, like Ava and Icari as well as Kayto himself shoes more of a subtle character, for lack of a better word, cracking at least in my choices that I made, all the characters have their start points and grow, there MoA ended left the all at different points

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Re: Why aren't the other girls as popular?
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Be that as it may, she is an immature girl becoming mature as well, and that throws off many people as well, because she is at a difficult position.
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Re: Why aren't the other girls as popular?
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I guess that makes sense....maybe I am just more tolerant of a general spectrum of people