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About The Game
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Over The Hills And Far Away is an upcoming nakige kinetic novel from WarGirl Games, set during the War of 1812.

Plot Synopsis
The War of 1812. Northwest Frontier. William Aubrey, a rogue redcoat of the once-glorious 41st Regiment of Foot, is on the run. Wounded and tired, he seeks shelter during a thunderstorm inside an abandoned barn. But when he gets there, he finds hes not alone. A young Shawnee girl, named Mai, is hiding from the rain too. Bleeding out and not wanting to brave the fierce winds outside, Aubrey decides to put up with her until the rains let up. Over the course of the story, the two of them get over their general anxiety and indifference for one another, slowly bonding to become friends. But will their friendship outlast the rains; when both return to the bloodshed and the outside world?

William Aubrey - A disgraced British soldier that has deserted his regiment and is on the run from the enemy. Originally pressed into service, it is his intention to escape the war and find his own place to call home. Rough around the edges, often gambling and fighting, he has made several enemies during his service. Despite his crass and rough nature, he is a good person deep down and ultimately does what is right. The protagonist, you play from his perspective.

Mai - A mysterious young Native American Shawnee girl. A quiet, cool character on the surface but with something more going on underneath. Despite being separated from her family by the recent war, she is determined to find them again. Even though she has a serious and somewhat wise atmosphere, she is simply an innocent girl that acts older than she is.

Warin Jackson - An American turncoat and bandit. A thug and a nasty character, he is tracking Aubrey over the course of the story to settle old debts.

Currently the game is in its early stages of development. Concept art is being produced for the demo version, which will be available in the next months. Once a Kickstarter is up and running, hopefully a budget can be secured for a full version of the game.
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Re: About The Game
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Didn't occur to me that there would be more than the two lead characters. Warin sounds like a really nice fellow. I bet he has lots of friends. Nice to know when and where the story will be taking place, as well as what the character motivations are. And looking forward to trying out the demo when it comes out.

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Re: About The Game
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Warin stole my last name, he's kind of a jerk.
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Re: About The Game
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It's a very playable game. I'll try to buy it for sure.