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Call of Cthulhu Story Super thread
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Let me secure a post so I can put my stuff here if I write any.

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The events in Antarctica, that... thing he had seen that had broken him so badly, had in other ways, fixed Isaac. He sought private care from his relatives, where his daughter was staying, and came to terms with life. Sadly, he would come to accept that his son was likely dead, but he also had the chance to be the father he had neglected to be for Katherine.

He thought back on the others he had met on his journey into the icy Hell that was Antarctica. Cameron, the young man who had sacrificed himself so nobly for the sake of love. Thomas, the one with the head injury who sacrificed himself so that the rest of the group might have a chance. Mason, the mostly pure-hearted, if not naive, sniper. Maria, that lovably goofy girl. Miller, that fiery tempered, stubborn young lady who proved to him that not all germans were bad. Victoria, that woman who had gone from being all about herself to, as far as he knew, sacrificing herself so that even he could leave that place. Amsterdam, that odd rogue who had frankly saved his life. And several others that he couldn't quite remember.

If at all possible, he would try to keep in touch, though he would see little success. and so the months would go by, and he would feel his rage, so central to his being, slip away, even his hate towards that foul being who had played them for fools, Nyarlathotep, would cease. He would spend as much of his time drawing with his daughter, but dared not draw alone, as the only things to come of drawing alone were drawings of the terrors he had faced in the frozen hell he had endured. so accurate, so real, so haunting. He thought about the dreamlands, about the meeting with Nodens he was still owed. But he would put it aside, all that mattered now was his daughter.

Some time, in 1923, in a sudden thunderstorm, Katherine would find herself outside when lightning struck a tree near a herd of cattle nearby, causing a stampede. Isaac, who had gone outside to bring her in, reacted instinctively, shielding his daughter from the frightened beasts, suffering many broken bones in the process. He was carried inside after the stampede was calmed, where being the tough man that he was, he lay for several days, even regaining consciousness at one point, before giving a final apology to Katherine for not being the father that he could have been and slipping away, finally finding the rest he so dearly needed.

He had made his peace with the world, he felt he had found the redemption he had sought, and he had finally focused on his daughter for once since his wife was murdered, so he was not sad to leave, for he had done the best that he could, and had lived to the fullest, maybe a little too full, at times, but nonetheless, his only regret was that he would never live to see his daughter grow to be a fine young woman. He found it kind of ironic, of everything he had been through, the giant monsters, the werewolf in the dreamlands, the slime thing, the "New God", the many countless nightguants, the other things, the thing that would finally kill him would be... ordinary, plain livestock.
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And only 1 year after leaving for nantucket? Maybe you should make it 1930? Give the po'boy a bit more time with his kid.

Heinrike [Nov 10, 2016, 11:00:11 am]: I'm bored too, but otherwise bored  Elvis Strunk [Dec 14, 2015, 01:43:59 AM]: Would make it easier to keep track of all the characters, at least. "They're all dead."
Eonymia [Dec 15, 2016, 10:14:17 pm]: Losers don't win, do drugs Arraxis [Feb 18, 2017, 03:12:47 am]: Slither me timbers

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Final Moments
When Victoria stepped off that boat on the docks of Nantucket, there was no conceivable way she could have anticipated the outcome of her journey, and when we she finally laid her back against the side of what would be her sarcophagus… she finally realized it had all lead up to this singular moment. From the very beginning, they all were condemned to death. Some lost the struggle faster than others, removed from time itself and forever forgotten save for the few things they had touched. The one who had been remembered made Victoria begin upon the path towards her final realizations. Her guilt spilled out all at once. She held herself responsible for her past, and for his fate.

“Isaac’s first.”

The cop taught her the value of courage and sacrifices. If she had not so adamantly refused it, Isaac would have been the sacrifice, but Isaac still had family and Victoria would not take that from him.

“Maria… next.”

Despite the insanity of the girl’s situation, she still hoped there was humanity left within the confines of the girl’s soul. Whatever life remained for the girl above ground and away from the horrors of Antarctica, it was the girl’s right to live it.

“Mason…” Wolfe’s breath became more laboured. “Go ahead.”

The sniper made her hold onto hope. Even if the man was perhaps too hopeful at times, Victoria could respect his determination to hold onto that hope. It kept the man sane and alive, and he would continue to live.

“Miller, please-”


In the final moments, where Victoria finally took the forgotten girl’s poison and Miller began to try and bargain with the Elder Gods…. She thought for a moment. Miller’s insanity perhaps even surpassed Maria’s, but she was an old friend, and they had lived through the good times and the bad. Despite how much it went against her better judgement, Victoria forgave Miller. She forgave Isaac for being so blinded by rage. She forgave Mason for being so tiringly hopeful. She forgave Maria for being the child of madness.

As her senses fell away, Victoria forgave the most important person. Herself.

And then she was finally happy.

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In the end
Katherine Looked up at her father quizzically as he got off the train from New York. "Daddy, did you find those men?"

Isaac knelt down and hugged her. "No, but I had a dream that, in an odd way, told me that I should be more focused on being there for you. I've spent far too long absorbed in trying to find those men that I forgot that you needed me more than just a few drawings sent back and forth could satisfy. There are other, more qualified officers than myself out there looking for those men, anyhow."

"A dream? What Kind of dream?" The girl inquired.

Isaac thought for a moment, "It was indeed truly an... odd one, and felt really real. I might call it a nightmare. It was really strange, too... All lot of monsters, and inexplicable things. I was summoned as part of a group of people and sent all the way to Anarctica to fight monsters. It was like an odd, scary retelling of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I guess."

"Was I in it?"

"Well, yes, at the very end. My adventures had left me tired and exhausted, and more than a little out of my right mind when I got back home, but
the things that I had seen had left only one goal in mind. To spend more time with you. And so I came straight back here, and I got better." There was no need to tell her about the dying part. No need at all.

His relatives looked over at him skeptically, to which he shrugged and muttered that it was all a dream and nothing more, also that he was hungry. And with that they headed to their home. Despite leaving his job in New York to spend more time with his daughter, he continue his line of work as a police officer, and eventually go on to become a Texas Ranger, never leaving the ranks of law enforcement until he was simply too old to continue, and an active member of veteran support groups before quietly slipping away on August 29, 1987 as he slept.

His son, Richard, was finally found, and subsequently reunited with Isaac and Katherine, in early 1923, having apparently been abandoned and left in a Delaware orphanage.