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By the title of the post...I'm gona guess you are from Germany!!

Hell, I'm even gona go further and say Northern Germany...f.e Hamburg!!!

*Goes to check the profile*


Yep you'd hit the spot! ;D

He's right! Some time ago, I met a guy from Lübeck who always said "Moin moin!"

That's correct. Many people connect the "moin moin" with Hamburg. That's not wrong but in most parts of northern Germany it's a common greeting. :)

Willkommen, my fellow former prospective member!

I must be Christmas or something, because in 4 days we've had more people join us than in 2 months...
We seem to be having a bit of an influx of former lurkers.
Lots of fun people here, as I'm sure you'll have observed while lurking. 

Yes, Christmas draws 'em in. Heh, heh.  8)