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Mystical Hyperia Kotatsu Shrine: Waifu Claim Thread

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Greetings friends, welcome to the Mystical Hyperia Kotatsu Shrine.  It is here that once a year devotees make a pilgrimage to usher in the New Year by ~ No, not making a New Year’s resolution or wish, but rather by making a claim for a waifu or husbando.  All are recorded by, none other than ours truly (~_^) on the Legendary Waifu Stele. I'd have cute mikos do the work but......they are busy with other..."taskings" for me...

The Rules:

- Everyone is entitled to have one waifu/husbando.  Initial claims (counting for the 2015 year) were based upon the Waifia Mafia game, located here:  Those of you who participated, fret not, they are securely yours (unless you don’t want them any longer).

-  If you’ve been active in the Forum for most of the year (at least six months), you may claim/reserve/ and additional partner.

-  New claims are NOW open for 2016, and must be made before the end of January 2016.  For those who have missed the initial deadline, please PM me for a claim.

-  To make a claim, one simply needs to PM me their wish ~ Send me the name of 1-3 perspective partners complete with photos.  Listing 3 helps deconflict, and makes it fun to see who you end up getting.

-  Characters can be from any anime, manga, visual novel, video game, or role playing character from this forum .

-  As his temple is under the majestic jurisdiction of His Fuzziness the Lord Emperor Fox of the Majestic Kotatsu Empire, he declares the right of repossessing your claim to your waifu.  If a member has disappeared for the forum for a years time, Lord Fox with his sticky sticky paws (which I want to hope is from eating so many oranges), will reposes your waifu into his cozy kotatsu.  That simply means, that the reservation of rights are null and void, and they are now free game for someone else to make a claim.

- The Legendary Waifu Stele essentially acts as a ‘waifu bank’.  PM me the results of any transaction, but the transactions themselves are the responsibility of the parties.

Now, why pray tell would anyone do this?  Well simply, there are lots of reasons:

1)  Much like the Geneva Conventions, it lessens suffering.  How terrible the Waifu War of the past have been. Now, a chronicle can be maintained to record “dibs”.
2)  This listing is useful for all sorts of Forum activities games such as Mafia or Role Playing.
3)  Frankly, it gives many of us an excuse (or a friendly push) to change our avatars from time to time.
4)  Is an incentive to keep active in the forum/community.
5)  What you do with them is up to you.  One can build a harem (Gotta catch them all!), or one may utilize them as a commodity to trade with other members.

As always if you have any questions, drop me a line!  May all your New Years dreams come true!


AkioKlaus(2015) Takagaki Kaede ~ THE [email protected]: Cinderella Girls
(2016) Aegis ~ Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Arraxis(2015) Medea ~ Fate/Stay Night
(2016) Tohsaka Rin ~ Fate/Stay Night
(2017) Holo ~ Spice & Wolf

AzraelIshi(2016) Chitose ~ KanColle

BlackStarLine(2015) Takao ~ Arpeggio of Blue Steel
(2016) Saber Nero ~ Fate/Extra
(2017) Yatorishino Igsem  ~ Alderamin on the Sky

BITE ME UNIVERSE(2015) Melwin ~ Cat Planet Cuties
(2016) Rem ~ Re:Zero

Colonel Flyingpad(2017) Satsuki Kiryuin ~ Kill la Kill

(2015) Ruri Gokou ~ Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
(2017) Michiko Sumeragi ~ Hyperspace Adeptus Evangelion

Duke Rockhopper(2015) Kurisu Makise ~ Steins; Gate
(2016)  Shiro ~ Deadman Wonderland
(2017) Akiha Rumiho~ Steins;Gate

Douman(2015) Tiara ~ Fairy Fencer F
(2017) Kusakabe Misuzu  ~ 11eyes

Elvis Strunk(2015)  Rike Furude ~ Higurashi When They Cry
(2016) Hanyu Furude ~ Higurashi When They Cry

Gamerjunkie27(2015) Jibril ~ No Game No Life
(2016) Yosomiya Tsuzuriko ~ Kara no Shoujo
(2017) Tamamo no Mae ~ Fate Grand Order

Geocorn(2017) Ako Hayasaka  ~ Chōjin Sentai Jetman & Chōjin Sentai Jetman Toki wo Kakete

GrayCat(2015) Yayoi Kunizuka ~ Pyscho-Pass

Inaho Rowe(2016) Yun ~ OSO
(2017) Yurippe ~ Angel Beats

John Titor(2015) Cherche ~ Fire Emblem: Awakening
(2016) Hiyou ~ KanColle
(2017) Fusou  ~ KanColle

Jynx(2015) Leliel ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion
(2016) Ramiel ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion
(2017) Tsumugi Kotobuki ~ K-On!

Kana the Boss(2015) Sendai ~ KanColle
(2016) Tone ~ KanColle
(2017) Chiyomi Anzai ~ Girls und Panzer

Marx-93(2015) Cordelia ~ Fire Emblem: Awakening

Merne232015) Teto Kasane ~ UTAU
(2016) Winry Rockbell ~ Full Metal Alchemist
(2017) Stephanie Dora ~ No Game No Life

Meliran(2017) Sakura Kinomoto ~ Card Captor Sakura

Meta(2015) Kurumi Tokisaki ~ Date a Live
(2016) Akatsuki ~ KanColle
(2017) Hibiki ~ KanColle

Mrgw4(2015) Sachi Komine ~ The Fruit of Grisaia
(2016) Izaya Orihara ~ Durarara

Napsy NAPS(2015) Flandre Scarlet ~ Touhou

NEET Detective(2016) Claiming Alice ~ Kamisama no Memochou
(2017) Kazuki Kazami  ~ Fruit of Grisaia

Pal(2015) Washu Hakubi ~ Tenchi Muyo
(2016) Zoe Hange ~ Attack on Titan
(2017) Ritsuko Akagi ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion

rellimkram(2015) Blake Belladonna ~ RWBY
(2016) Motoko Kusanagi ~ Ghost in the Shell
(2017) Akeno Himejima  ~ Highschool DxD

Revontulet(2015) Mio Akiyama ~ K-ON!
(2016) Rias Gremory ~ Highschool DxD
(2017) Haruna ~ KanColle

ShadowX2015) Ava Crescentia ~ Sunrider
(2017) Mio Kusakai  ~ Keijo!!!!!!!!

The Nothing(2015) Yuno Gasai ~ Future Diary

Whalecow(2015) Azula ~ Avatar

WhydidIbuytheunionfrigate(2015) Imca ~ Valkyra Chronicles 3
(2016) Nachi ~ KanColle
(2017) Natsuki Minamiya ~ Strike the Blood

Woolyshambler(2015) Laura Bodewig ~ Infinite Stratos
(2016) Angela Balzac ~ Expelled from Paradise
(2017) Alice Liddel ~ American McGee's Alice

(2015) Kotonoha Katsura ~ School Days
(2016) Belldandy ~ Ah!Megami-Sama!

ah bummer excluding my toku waifu :P

* Pal claims all waifus for his harem...*

"Meta, just you try claiming someone else than me..."

"Don't worry, I just wanted to be sure to keep you, but since our Waifia waifu are kept I'm good!"

Elvis Strunk:
Elvis and Rika walk into the thread, holding hands. They stop. Read the rules. Grow pale. The two walk out of the thread, very slowly, and decide to maybe not invite Rev to their next dinner party. But they probably will anyway.


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