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The young idol barely noticed Azami's shout, and didn't mind anyway. It wasn't like she wanted to go back over stuff she'd already cleaned anyway just because it didn't meet someone else's standards. However, she was paying enough attention to put in an order. "Surprise meeee~!" Yuki called out to Tako as she continued her rush for the finish line. Anatoly was doing a pretty good job, all things considered. She pointedly ignored the fact that he was a dying man. She was good at pretending, and besides, she was sure he'd appreciate her not tiptoeing around and just treating him like she always had.

The Russian conceded defeat, and Yuki turned to look at him to grin and pat herself on the back. Wait, I'm not... "GWAAAAH!" She yelled in a combination of frustration, anger, exaltation, and worry as she tried to make up for the split second she lost her focus. She stuck the mop out in front of her as far as it would go in order to try and get that over the imaginary line before her opponent did. They both reached the end at what looked to be exactly the same time. Only a photo finish would be able to conclusively say who the winner might be. But there wasn't one - at least to the girl's knowledge - and besides, she was certain that she'd gotten over the line before him! She was a bit winded, but she quickly gave Anatoly the victory sign with her hand. "V!" She said with a grin. First one to say they won won, right?

"Now, since you lo- hey!" A chalky attacker derailed her chain of thought in the form of Elidia. Yuki instinctively patted herself down to try and brush off the mark, but had more luck in spreading it around and getting the chalk on her hands rather than removing it. Still, the smile on her face made it obvious to all that she wasn't upset at all about the ambush... even if she wanted to grab a duster of her own and get revenge. The proposal to go to the roof sounded like a good one to the idol, anyway. She surveyed the room. "Yyyyep, looks clean to me!" She put an arm around Eli's waist and grabbed her bag, smiling at Anatoly when she saw that he was also ready and waiting. "I suppose we're both winners!" Ice cream for the victors! They had vanquished the classroom, and would receive their just desserts!

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Azami takes the lead - her background as a Neo-Spartan really emerges even in the most pointless things, Steiner can't help but think. She does exhibit herself in some pretty pointless gymnastics just to push a row of desks, anyway... Is that part of her military training as well? Could end up being pretty useful against an eventual classroom Angel...
Then, the boy glances at what Yuki is trying to do - which is definitely not cleaning, according to any definition of the term he can think of. He shakes his head.

Still, she's cheerful and happy, bringing a smile to everyone's lips... Or, at least, to the German's. So, in the end, he lets it slide, following the idol's steps and making himself sure the class will be in a presentable shape the following day. He refuses to let himself get drawn into the silly competition - though he could swear that Anatoly won by a good second or two. Then again, it's not like he is cheering for Yuki, or even cares at all!

Elidia calls them all; to the roof? He remembers going there rarely, if ever. After all, aside from the fact that it was formally prohibited (little more than an excuse, he knows), he felt that it was not his place - going there would have been an intrusion in the Manufactured girl's private world. Being invited to be part of it, even temporarily, is... Nice. A sign of trust.
Even if he knows it's an annoying, terribly hot day, and even if he doesn't even feel like talking to anybody, the warmth of what he, at times, dares to call his 'friends' is a rare gift which should be treasured. Everyone is here, able to enjoy the moment together; the occasion should not be wasted.
And so, he trails behind the others; silent, for he doesn't really have anything to say, but smiling, if unperceptibly.

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No sooner had Phil swiped the rag over the last desk than Azami cam rushing through pushing them all to the side. Yuki and Knat were racing across the floor with mops and there was a cloud of dust over by the window. He supposed his part in this hullaballoo was over, and picks up his bag carefully before replacing the rag and squirt bottle where they came. He makes his way out to the hall, more to escape the chaos and avoid getting trampled than his vain hope that it would be cooler out there.

Soon enough everyone's piling towards it, the other boy getting shoved out and down the hall towards where his jacket had gone. Why he wanted it and why Kurumi had it were beyond him, though he just didn't want to think about it too hard. Eli was telling them all to go to the roof, which was odd to him since she didn't usually do that. More that she'd head there by herself, like he did sometimes. Maybe it was another way for her to show her own trust back to them, even if that was supposedly the Gardening Club's turf. They wish, he snrks to himself.

"So long as we're all gettin' ice cream, I don't care if we're going to the foraoise fliuch. We'll probably get less bugs in it up there, though." Probably. He smiles anyway and hefts his stuff as he heads towards the stairs. Best not to keep thinking about past battles, past struggles. He didn't need to, not right now. "I wonder how much Kurumi's gonna yell at'cha when the floor's all wet in the mornin. Cosúil le puppy fliuch, I bet."

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Azami shrugs as she catches the chalk brushes and sets them back on the ledge of the, well, now it was a chalkboard. Wasn’t a second ago. Anyway, she can move all the desks back on the next school day and whatnot. Bonding between Pilots and their various romantic interests was probably more important, right? Given, her romantic interest was currently not established to exist nor not exist, so that section of her personality was completely locked out within the current iteration-

Meanwhile, everyone yells to stop breaking the damn fourth wall. You break it so much in canon, dammit. Could you at least not do it here?

Fine, fine.

Azami grabs her school bag and slides one of her arms through the twin straps before sliding herself out the hallway, and since she’s the last one, she closes the sliding door by sliding it. Finally, she slides - for the last time - beside Steiner. You thought he could escape her harem of completely platonic friendship out of canon? You thought wrong. “Steiner! Steiner, Steiner, Steiner…” She smiles slyly and nudges him in the ribs. “How’s it going with the ladies, hm?” Takumi surely bugged him about this, right? Yeah, totally!  Luckily, Azami wasn’t being very serious in her ribbing. “I’ll race you to the roof.” She yells ahead at Phillip. “I’ll race you to the roof too, Madraí na Michi-chan!” Before Steiner can voice his objections, she already has one of her arms over one of his shoulders. “Come on, it’ll be fun. You, me, Phillip… Trying to prove which one of us possesses the most testosterone even though it’s obviously Phillip because I’m a woman and you’re intellectually driven, and Phillip is Phillip…” She pauses, not having actually made a decent point. “Well, it’ll be fun.

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With a frown, Takumi sees his cleaning schedule ruse defeated rather quickly.  It took me 3 hours to write that note! , Taku thought lamenting on how slow writing had been coming to him.  Now Ishihara had been shown him the value of this ‘skool learning’ he had full intention to use it. Cleaning on the other hand didn’t have the same utility – and who wouldn’t want to focus on fun stuff like basbarru first anyway!?! What red blooded Japanese man could resist?! Well…Steiny-kun seemed to do his best resisting it, but gaijin just didn’t make sense sometimes. Its just a matter of time until he’d see just how awesome it was – Taku was sure of it.  Then again, he supposes that he shouldn’t complain cleaning.  A true man’s life is one of duty and hardship, at least in that way the gods would know his virtue.  Hmm…laziness is a bad trait. Perhaps I’ve been around Yuki too much. 
What Taku wasn’t expecting though was being shoved out the door as everyone gave him requests for ice cream. “Ehhhhh?!” , was all he was able to manage before he found himself on the other side of the classroom door alone in the hallway.  Part of him was amused by the fact that he had ice cream in his desk in the classroom, but not like he would share that tidbit and get stuck cleaning. No sir!  Best to just mosey onto the cafeteria (with a few detours)  and meet everyone back on the rooftop. Then again, Eli’s comment about his jacket… made his face flush momentarily. What did she know…

A quick run to the Teacher’s lounge for a few beers, a passthrough the girls lockers room for another supply of ‘satin gold’ for Masefield, and Takumi figured that he should probably get to task on getting the ice cream for his tomodachi . As much as he had roamed through all the nether regions of the school, he had never really attempted to take food from the cafeteria before.  A quick assessment of the door told him all he needed to know, and as he began his work in earnest…….the familiar scent of cosmos flower shampoo began to waft into his nostrils. It takes only a moment for his emotions to go from sentimental and happy to dread.  Slowly turning around, Takumi wondered for a second if anyone else was around…

Doing his best to change the subject, Takumi flashed his best smile. “Ahh, Kurumi-hime! Er…ya surprised me ne.  Glad yer still here, I thought you were too busy for us to walk home together.”
As she scrutinized longer, her hands on her hip, a bead of sweat ran down his furrow.  Allowing the door lock to catch, he opens the door and proffers his hand to her.

“Er…Just gett’n some ice cream for the class since today I wuz so hot…..what would you like?” 
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Destiny did not want Steiner to have peace. The German was calmly walking, minding his own business and enjoying the warm and relaxed atmosphere. Then Azami appears at his side! How did she manage to elude his solitary nature? He thought Takumi was the only one capable of that...
He can't say he feels at ease around the soldier. Despite her friendliness, even if he believes her to be sincere, he can't erase the sensation that the two belong to two separate worlds, too far to ever be able to touch. While he was busy running from whoever had stolen his lunch, she was training her body and mind, becoming a stalwart soldier for NERV. How can he relate to her, and vice-versa, after all?
Still, that does not imply that he cannot maintain a cordial relationship with her.

The boy emits a heavy sigh at the Neo-Spartan's mention of girls. It is not the first time that she tried the topic, either. He does his best to sound as annoyed as possible, though it's still clear that he's more embarrassed than anything. He's not even sure if she's doing that to make fun of him or because she really thinks of it as a good conversation topic. "How do you think it's going?" Another sigh. "By the way, you already asked me last week...". He can't really say that there're girls that interest him romantically. Sure, some are nice, and he really feels at ease around them, but... As their partner? The image doesn't suit him at all. He doesn't really have time to elaborate, though, before being pulled into a racing contest.

The boy doesn't need to size his opponents to realise that his situation is so desperate that's not even worth an attempt. A soldier and a rough Irish survivor? Can't he reach the roof walking, as any normal and sane person would do?! Aside from that, why everyone thinks that this is a good moment to throw him into contests of any kind? But his halfhearted complaints are completely lost under the girl's stentorian voice. Nothing's left for him to say but a very sceptical "If you say so, Azami. If you say so."
Steiner resigns himself, ready to produce a very unconvincing jog. He'll be last, but at least hopefully he won't fall from the stairs or something.

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The four pilots race ahead into one of the school’s disused wings, streaking through the deserted school corridors for all the world like the children they’re supposed to be.  As they run, their voices seem to echo a little more strongly with each stride forward, the air ever so slightly heavier as they pass empty classrooms filled with the ghosts of decades past.  A wistful sigh creaks through the wooden floorboards beneath their shoes, unheard, as Anatoly, Azami, Philip, and Steiner’s pounding hearts and flushed pants breathe a hint of life back into the old school.  

Behind them, Eli and Yuki take a more leisurely pace, fingers loosely entwined as they follow in the others’ wake.  It’s not every day they both have the afternoon off, what with Yuki’s demands as an idol, but neither are the good spirits that seem to rest upon the pilots’ shoulders today.  Thinking to herself, Eli tries to imagine herself in Yuki’s shoes when she came up to the roof for the first time.  It took one kind of courage or madness to step into an Evangelion and stand between Angel, Lilin, and the rest of Humanity; it was another kind entirely which Yuki must’ve found to walk down the silent halls alone and step into her world on faith alone.  Whatever else, Eli would always remember it was always Yuki who extended her hand first, from the very beginning.  

Soon enough, the pilots find themselves beneath an old spiral staircase behind an equally tired door at the end of the wing.  Anatoly’s first to ascend, just like old times.  Golden light pours from above, cutting a merciless swath through the flickering dim of the abandoned wing and illuminating a thousand motes of dust as they come showering down.  The others pile through behind him, heedless to the staircase’s indignant groan.  

Above, the afternoon breeze is welcome and sweet as the children take their fill of the outdoor air.  The flutter as a dozen birds burst into flight and the gentle ripple of leaves brushing against one another fills their ears; their eyes adjust slowly in the southern sun and the rest of the roof swims into focus.  

For Anatoly, the light shimmers blindingly and he catches a glimpse of tanned forearms, tended flowerbeds, and in the corner of one eye, a flash of pale and a smile as she looks up.  The next moment he blinks and the light recedes to the present.  

It’s immediately apparent to any of the children that they’ve entered the Manufactured girl’s world now.  Nearly a dozen or so planter boxes overflow with shades of green, violet, and crimson, plants and vines strewn almost haphazardly.  It would be easy to mistaken the planters for having no care at all if one had never seen the ailing gardens Anatoly had introduced Eli to at the start, but to a discerning eye, it’s clear she’s brought her own aesthetic to bear, different as it might be.  Low laying squashes and brush cover the earth and keep it moist between rains, from beneath, sunflowers and other stalks burst towards the sky proudly, wreathed with vines as they reach with delicate creepers and garland the scene with tiny flowers.  The entire garden cares for itself, one plant leaning on another, no one an island.  

Rippling in the wind, several odd sock-like flags seem to be put up along the railing that runs around the space, a small plastic bottle weighing them down near the very end, half filled with wild seeds carried in the breeze.  Otherwise, the view south of Tokyo-3’s metropolis and harbor stretch out uninterrupted, shining and shimmering in modern beauty, iridescent waterfalls cascading from the solar reflectors as they turn in time with the sun’s path.  Diamond waves lap into the crescent shaped harbor from the crimson sea, some kind of cargo ship or trawler making to berth between the cities protective arms.  

From a higher roof of a different wing to the west, a flock of birds eyes the children beadily, darting hopeful glances at the seed collectors every few seconds.  Between Anatoly’s lapses in comments and what he sees, it’s easy to see why Philip mistakes the roof’s verdancy for the garden club’s labors on the occasions he chooses to patrol up here.  As for the others, it’s likely the roof has always seemed to be just so; wild, overgrown, and off limits.


Kurumi lets a stern expression linger upon her face long enough for a few more beads of sweat to form on Takumi’s forehead before letting the Class President’s mask fall from her face.  A kind smile flooding into the vacuum, Kurumi lets Takumi pull her into the cafeteria’s staff area.  “I think it’s usually the other way around,” she says with a mock pout.  “Usually you’re all hurrying off to Nerv and I end up-” Kurumi catches herself with an internal scold.  She knows Takumi would rather be the one to walk her home each day, would rather whittle away the afternoon and relive their lives in Kumamoto for a few hours.  

The thought of Kumamoto stirs old memories; she can’t help but to be reminded of the food, medicines, and comforts that Takumi always seemed to “find” as they hid together from the end of the world.  She’d never asked him about it directly; she was neither fool enough to question their survival nor blind to the reality of it, but the time in Kumamoto had left its marks on both of them.  Somehow, someway, she’d have to make it up to the world they’d survived; their children, perhaps, could be raised in a world where they would have to eat or warm themselves at another’s expense.

The thought of children brings its own wrench of guilt into her heart; somehow it seemed both too early and too late to even consider such a thing.  Dragging herself out of the thoughts, Kurumi realizes Takumi’s still waiting for her to say something, bobbing his head with concern.  The debt was great and the balance far from in their favor, but there always seemed to be a reason to put the start towards paying it off for later.  Kurumi lets go of Takumi’s hand and straightens the lapels on his jacket warmly.

“Ice cream for the others sounds wonderful.  Goodness knows you all deserve it…”  Sighing, Kurumi takes a step back.  “You’re a pilot now, Takumi.  The Evangelion take care of all of us, but who takes care of the seven human beings inside them?  I’m… I’m glad you’re looking after one another.”  Glancing at the ice chest filled with various ice creams and other frozen desserts, Kurumi seems to make up her mind and turns back towards Takumi.  “Go bring them something nice and don’t worry about me.”  Kurumi beams, “I’ll be at home if you’re in the mood for dinner.”  

Turning, Kurumi steps out of the staff area and disappears down the hall, leaving Takumi with only a roiling, burning sensation in the pit of his gut, part guilt, part peptic ulcer.

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All seem to forget that Azami Sicarius is more than just the words that spill out from her lips. She pushes the three boys forward as they begin the race forward and jogs after them. She tosses a glance backward, at Elidia and Yuki. Azami knows. She saw these things for what others mistook as circumstance. So she leaves them, not because she had elaborately planned all of this, but because she knows; knows better.

She follows the boys as they take their race in full. It was good fun, in all seriousness, but also so Steiner would feel more included. She understood loneliness intimately, flirted with all its relatives, and so she would ensure the boy stayed far away from her own mistress. Azami sets her pace to be just enough to appear that she is engaged in this race of theirs, but not enough for any real semblance of effort to be put in. Just to make sure, she bolts ahead of the group in one leg and then skids on her slippers into a door frame, letting the other three past her. She walks the rest of the way, pulling herself up the rusting and creaking staircase as the boys are already all at the top.

Azami sets her hand on her head, trying to curtail the strands of hair on her head from flapping about incessantly in the wind. The orderly chaos of the rooftop garden reminded her of exactly whose territory she was in. With all the time she spent with Ishihara Kurumi, she knew that there actually was no gardening club, because of two reasons: it was called the botany club when it existed, and it had long disbanded. No, this was Elidia’s handiwork. It was obvious, considering the metaphorical nature of the garden’s organization. It was the girl’s idealistic representation of the world, and Azami found, through her anxiousness and nervousness, that she herself did not fit well inside that metaphor. Instantly, upon looking around, she found herself wanting to leave. She fidgeted with her hands briefly, one finger clawing at the thumb on the same hand, before the other hand clamps on top of it and she stops herself. She’d just let the others react and do whatever it is they wanted, and she’d put up with it.

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It was always nice getting to go up to the roof. Few people went up there, so it was like a world of your own, and views from heights were always cool. And then there was what Eli had done to the place to make it her own. It was always small changes - a new plant here, one moved around, another getting the proper kind of attention - but they added up to create a beautiful rooftop garden. It wasn't something that she'd have been able to do. If someone had her try flower arranging, chances were she'd end up just putting all the biggest and most colourful plants together with no coordination at all. This...this was something that she was sure could even impress her grandmother. She spent a lot of her time gardening, and taking care of the grounds. She knew the subtleties of plants and aesthetics, and had a poor student of a granddaughter. 'Why can't you be more like this girl? She's... how many years younger? You lack discipline!' Yuki could imagine her now comparing her to Eli. Some things would never change.

"Now all we need is ice cream and we'll be set!" Yuki declared as she let go of Eli's hand. She had barely even realised she was holding it until she stepped away and towards one of the deep violet plants. Hmmm... "Hey, was this one always here?" The idol asked, turning back to the artificial girl so in tune with nature. "I still think something like a Venus flytrap would be really cool to add." She added with a grin. It was just so different from everything - a plant that eats bugs! And it had a cool snapjaw with teeth to catch them, too! It'd surely be a great addition to the rooftop garden.

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As the boy finds himself drawn into the race, Yuki and Elidia stay behind; he knows that the two girls enjoy being together, but, whenever he thinks of them, a small, burning sensation irks his chest. He knows he is envious of their close friendship. But are they just... Friends? Then again, it is not his business.

Unsurprisingly, Steiner is very bad at running. He knows that the others are not taking it seriously; they probably don't want to humiliate him, too. And yet, this means he has to keep up with their pace, and this forces him to try hard. He does his best at showing an entertained and relaxed expression, but his legs soon start to feel heavy.
Azami disappears, suddenly, making it clear - if there was ever a doubt - who the fastest runner is. Then again, why? Steiner always had a hard time trying to understand the Neo-Spartan - she wasn't just a cold, ruthless soldier, despite what her first impression could suggest. She tried her best to be friendly, and she could even be quite amusing. But, in the end, maybe she was just too, too distant from him.

After what seems an endless round of stairs, finally, the roof. Steiner breaks up, panting, before trying to regain his composure - though his breath is still heavy. Elidia's world; the manufactured girl's touch is very visible. However, his analytical and logical mind cannot see beyond the apparent mess, her own concepts and ideas almost completely lost on him. A sunflower should be a sunflower, be with other sunflowers, and live the sunflower's life. He still knows better than staring with reprovation - her work, her world, and he knows how much she cares for the garden. And yet, she is another person he will never be able to understand.

But is this the time for that? This should be a time to be enjoyed; a rare moment of happiness, and joy. The girls finally reach them - where did Azami even disappear to? Her gestures quickly betray her own uneasiness; another yet mysterious reaction, to his eyes incoherent with her carefree attitude of just minutes earlier. He gives her only a quick, perplexed look, but there is no reason for him to pry into her affairs. The thought of his ever growing incomprehension stings his heart, throwing him into a well known net of self-doubts. Does he belong? Are they his friends? Do they even trust him, or want him?
In the end, as Yuki's cheerful words at least break the somewhat uncomfortable silence, he merely leans against the railing, apparently lost in the observation of the city.

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Knat runs. Through the hall, after the others, both to and from something he'll neither catch nor escape.

He had the tiniest headstart, but he doesn't win just the same. It makes sense, with the way his physical condition has gotten, but he hardly cares, and doesn't notice who wins. They're all in it together, so it's not a competition even if they're racing.

The roof is beautiful, as always. Filled with an array of wondrous colors and blooming lives. Crossing the threshold, the first of the group, he prepares an excuse for their intrusion, stopping short when he realizes that ehs tsni ereh

Nobody's here. The Russian gives a soft shrug, moving further in, his fingertips just gently brushing against the petals of the less delicate flowers. It's more convenient this way, at least. So long as they don't leave any sign of encroachment, they shouldn't get in trouble, not that he'd expect that teacher to dole out any real punishment, nor his former clubmates to turn them in regardless.

Anatoly stops near the far railing, gazing out at the far drop below, as if he could make out some hidden meaning on the ground below, should he try hard enough. As the wind flows around his body and into his lungs, the Pilot lets out a soft laugh, basking in the weather, hot as it is. Turning to cast his gaze back over his shoulder, he catches the others as they enter, and offers a smile just as warm as the sun overhead.

He decides he wouldn't mind this moment lasting forever.

Yuki begins talking about the plants, the brightest voice amidst a cacophony of silent faces. The boy slips his hands into his pockets, hesitates, and lets them swing at his sides instead. Humming a tune under his breath, he walks next to the idol, giving her a light pat atop her head, a playful gesture. "You should bring it up sometime, I'm sure everyone would have some great reactions."

His voice carries a bit of laughter, as he moves on, standing by Azami and Steiner. "Nice pace back there. I could barely keep up." With no sense of embarrassment or formality, he offers a handshake to his friends.

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It was too hot to race. It was too hot to run. It was sultry and it was unbearable already and he hadn't even moved for at least an hour. But when everyone else starts the rush towards the roof, he finds his legs moving on their own, his body falling into the familiar position and rhythm. He runs, knowing he doesn't need to do his best but still moving ahead, proving to them that he was still the most physically fit of any in the group. He scrambles up the ladder, leaping to the top, and pushes the door open with his typical ferocity.

After he comes to a stop, he leans forward onto his knees a bit, dropping his things to the ground and breathing deeply and evenly. It was definitely a mistake to have rushed here, the sweat from before now redoubled from his efforts. He strips off his shirt and stretches widely towards the sky, hoping for any sort of wind but being denied any comfort from the wet shifting blanket of the air. His torso and hands still bear the scars of his past, and though he still hasn't told any of the Pilots what they all meant, they knew enough that he didn't feel the need to.

He looks around, seeing the place even deeper absorbed into the overgrown mess. The colors mixing, shifting, dividing, multiplying; blending into all sorts and bleeding into each other. The cicadas far away rattling their racket and other insects buzzing nearby, the distant hum of energy from some sort of electrical device. The light shudder of the fence. He squints and shades his eyes from the sun, trying not to hear faraway screams and see bodies laying in the street. He sits down heavily next to his things, focusing on the other Pilots' faces as they appeared.

Phillip didn't like coming up here anymore. It was too exposed. Too bright. The colors kept on bleeding together and forming mirages that he couldn't unsee and there were too many sounds for him to clearly focus. He didn't even have the freedom of movement he would usually have from the area because of the plants and livery, and he knew that any accident would send Elidia raving. He was disruptive, destructive, violent. This place was calm, serene, and peaceful. It had been made that way by gentle hands that cared for it, whereas he...

The redhead is shaken from his thoughts as Yuki starts asking about the garden, which of course she would. He wasn't sure what a whatever-trap had any business doing in a garden, but it certainly wasn't the oddest thing he'd heard her say. Anatoly tells her it's a good idea, and heads off towards Azami and Steiner.

Phillip still felt the urge to shove the placid boy around. He participated, but it didn't seem like he was active, and something about that struck the Irishman as wrong. It was as if the German was stuck inside his own head somewhere, thinking his way through life instead of moving. He had no idea what to do about it, and no one liked it when he assaulted the other boy, so all he does is roll each of his shoulders in turn before laying himself out on the ground, proceeding to bake while his need for ice cream goes forgotten, left in the hands of Takumi.

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Elidia steps up onto the rooftop, the fresh air and sunlight filling her with good humor and warmth as she blinks, eyes adjusting to the afternoon.  It’s been a little while since some of the others have been to the roof and she can’t help but to wonder what they think of the changes that they find today.  

Looking around, Elidia catches sight of Azami’s white knuckles as she stands in the middle of the roof like a statue.  Eli doesn’t need the Neo-Spartan to turn around to tell that her very skin crawls as she stares at her surroundings.  The organic chaos of the garden probably runs against the grain in every fiber of the girl’s upbringing and there’s an intense rigidity to the cant of her posture as she struggles to accept it.  Admittedly, Eli couldn’t exactly say she fared much better when it was her turn to be dragged into the cold pragmatism and rationalization of Azami’s universe.  Still, it wouldn’t have been the first time their worlds had met and the two had stared at one another from across the metaphoric divide.  Elidia doubted it would be the last time either.  Despite whatever thoughts and emotions the garden stirs up for her, Azami stands her ground and makes no move to leave; Hope, perhaps, that they would one day meet on another distant shore.

Past Azami, Anatoly and Steiner lean on the railing holding the world at bay.  Anatoly wears a smile, although it’s changed in a way she can’t quite articulate.  Something missing, something found  lays behind the smile framed by hair blowing in the breeze compared to the memory she cherishes from her first trip to the roof a lifetime ago.  Beside him, nervously retrieving his hand from Anatoly’s awkward handshake, Steiner seems somewhat distracted, himself, eventually turning to stare at the city.  

Slightly apart from the rest of the group, perhaps unsurprisingly, Philip lays on the ground, letting skin show in a futile gesture to dry off in the humid oppression of the afternoon.  Her eyes linger for a moment on the scars he wears so carelessly before Yuki’s voice breaks in and draws her attention away.

Shrugging, Eli looks at the plant Yuki’s gesturing towards and soaks up the deep shade of eggplant staining its leaves.  “Well it didn’t just grow overnight and I don’t bother the plants any more than I have to,” Eli remarks by way of answering.  

The garden around them probably seemed like it took a lot of work to cultivate or none at all, depending on perspective, but the truth was somewhere in between.  Like a clockmaker content to watch minute after minute tick by, Elidia had cared for the plants as they’d grown in size and vigor, but had left each patch to its own devices otherwise.  Plants that had looked after one another had flourished; the opposite was also true.  It was the unpleasant, but necessary truth that the beauty around them was only possible with both life and death holding one another in dynamic balance.  “Well, now I know what to get you instead of cut flowers next time~” Eli teases, sidestepping Yuki’s suggestion playfully.  

Walking forward and joining the others at the railing, Eli loosens one of the seed collectors and scatters its clutch of wild seeds a few meters away from them, grinning as a mob of birds descends on the unexpected bounty.  “All we need now is for our snack to arrive,” she quips wryly, watching the birds begin to stuff themselves for a moment before a moment of worry crosses her features.  “I hope Takumi didn’t run into any trouble…”

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The view is nice. Soothing, even, despite the suffocating heat, still air and implacable sun. The buildings close-by, surrounding the school, houses for the innocents they try to protect. The distant skyscrapers shining in the sunlight, symbol of mankind's pride, the towers defying God's messengers. Beyond them, the ocean, painted in red, constant reminder of the long war still ongoing; not merely the fight against the Angels, but the one for their very own survival. In a way, everything reminds him of his mission; of his duty. He failed, he doubted - but he is going to redeem himself, no matter the cost. The German's eyes narrow, slightly, as his resolve is strengthened. He may waver, at times, but he will not yield. No more.

His silent observations are distracted by Anatoly's friendly voice. No matter what he thinks or says, the Russian is always kind, at times even infuriatingly so. Steiner cannot really forget what he said to him - he never mustered enough courage to properly apologise, either. And yet, he never seemed to mind, and certainly not now, while he gives his hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world, happiness and warmth radiating from his person. The natural comparison between the Russian's strength and his own short temper and frailty makes him just uncomfortable.
"Ah... Thanks, Anatoly. It was the same for me." His tone rather neutral, Steiner weakly shakes his hand, offering him a somewhat false smile - feeling even more guilty for not being able to reciprocate - before turning to face the city, once again.

The view of Phillip's scarred body doesn't escape from his eyes. He did not have a clear idea of what had happened to the Irishman - and, to be honest, he did not even want to know. If he had little to share with most of the others, he really had nothing in common with him - and, at least, it seemed he knew as well, saving both of them from what would have been just a very awkward situation. At times, he'd merely use his superior force to obtain what he needed. Simple, and natural.