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Keichō 5, 15th day of the 9th month - October 21, 1600 - Sekigahara.

The country is split in two. Nearly 200.000 man of the Western Army and the Eastern Army had been mobilized for the coming onslaught. Both armies were standing in front of each other, aware of their adversary's presence, yet unable to engage due to the heavy fog of the morning. But they all knew that soon or later the wind would blow it away. The Gods of the wind would decide when it was their time to die.

After 150 years of the age of war, after so much hard work of great, legendary leaders, and after hundreds of thousands deaths of brave unknown soldiers, the fate of the nation for the next 250 years will be decided in a dishonorable battle, won not by bravery or strategy, but by treachery and betrayal that awaits this Sekigahara Battle.

As the Emperor, Son of the Sun God, I cannot allow such a dishonorable battle to decide the fate of the nation. The people of this nation have suffered far too much alredy. We have lost too many brave, valorous warriors, in this endless bloodshed. So, I have decided that the one most fitting to rule this country will not be chosen by the force of arms, but by a game of skill and strategy.

*Suddenly, a gush of wind blows the heavy fog away. For their surprise, both armies were gone, and only 15 people, clad in identical full black samurai armor and mask, appeared before them. They were not in the bloody Sekigahara swamp anymore, but under the beautiful cherry trees in the Kyoto Imperial Palace gardens*

The Emperor then announces:

"Each of you were carefully handpicked for playing a major role in this epic tale. Fate didn’t allow some of you to meet each other in life, but here, you have the chance to trade blows. Use your skills to benefit your faction, or for your own benefit. Fight your opponents, conquer their provinces, deceive your foes and friends, and be named Shogun! Fight to unify this country, to provide the people that have suffered so much, to end this devastating war that has plagued generations and bring peace to this land!"

The path to the Shogunate has been opened. Welcome to Sengoku Jidai Mafia! It is now Day 1.

A timeline of the Main Events:

•   1545 – Hojo Ujiyasu, with 11.000 man, defeats the 85.000 army of the Anti-Hojo Coalition in the Siege of Kawagoe. Hojo greatly expand in Kanto (area around modern Tokyo).
•   1554 – Imagawa, Takeda and Hojo Clans form the Kososun Triple Alliance.
•   1555 – Mori Motonari defeats Sue Harukata in the Battle of Miyajima. The Mori becomes the major power of west Honshu.
•   1560 – Oda Nobunaga, with 2.500 soldiers, defeats 25.000 of Imagawa Yoshimoto in the Battle of Okehazama.
•   1564 – Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen trade blows in the the Five Battles of Kawanakajima (1553 – 1564).
•   1565 – Miyoshi Clan sieges Kyoto; Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru commits seppuku.
•   1567 – Takeda Shingen dissolves the Triple Alliance and invades Suruga, taking most of the Imagawa lands.
•   1568 – Oda Nobunaga takes Kyoto and makes Ashikaga Yoshiaki Shogun. Ashikaga Yoshiaki doesn't accepts becoming a puppet Shogun and sets up the First Anti-Oda Coalition with the Ikko-Ikki monks, Asakura Clan, Asai Clan, and others.
•   1570 – Oda-Tokugawa combined army defeats the Asakura-Asai forces in the Battle of Anegawa.
•   1571 – Oda Nobunaga destroys Enryaku-ji, killing over 20.000 civilians and burning one of the most valuable libraries of the time.
•   1571 – Hojo Ujiyasu dies and Hojo Ujimasa succeeds him.
•   1571 - Mori Motonari dies and Mori Terumoto succeeds him.
•   1573 – Takeda Shingen defeats Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Battle of Mikatagahara. Tokugawa comes back to his castle with only 5 men.
•   1573 – Ashikaga Yoshiaki is exiled from Kyoto by Oda Nobunaga.
•   1573 – Takeda Shingen dies and Takeda Katsuyori succeeds him
•   1575 – Oda-Tokugawa combined army defeats Takeda Katsuyori in the Battle of Nagashino. The Takeda loses all their Red Brigade Cavalry and 1/3 of their main generals in one day.
•   1576 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi is sent west to war the Mori Clan. In response, Mori Clan sets up the Second Anti-Oda Coalition with Uesugi Kenshin and others.
•   1577 – Uesugi Kenshin defeats Oda Nobunaga in the Battle of Tedorigawa, then goes back to Echigo to gather an army for a full scale war against the Oda.
•   1578 – Uesugi Kenshin dies with no blood related heirs. A internal war for the succession starts, with victory of Uesugi Kagekatsu.
•   1579 – Oda Nobunaga builds Azuchi Castle in Lake Biwa.
•   1582 – Akechi Mitsuhide betrays Oda Nobunaga. Toyotomi Hideyoshi defeats Akechi Mitsuhide and names himself Regent of the Oda Clan in the Kiyosu Conference.
•   1583 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi defeats Shibata Katsuie and submits Tokugawa Ieyasu.
•   1585 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi is named Kampaku (Imperial Regent). Mori and Chosokabe agree to submit to the Toyotomi.
•   1587 – Shimazu Clan is defeated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Nearly all Japan west of Hojo is under Toyotomi.
•   1590 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi raises a 250.000 army from 32 provinces and defeats Hojo Clan in the Siege of Odawara. Japan is unified under the Toyotomi.
•   1592 – Japan wages war against Korea.
•   1595 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi names a Council of Five Elders (Tokugawa, Mori, Uesugi, Maeda and Ukita Clans) to watch over his son after he pass away.
•   1597 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi builds Osaka Castle.
•   1598 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies with no adult heirs.
•   1598 – Japan makes peace with Korea.
•   1600 – The Council of Five Elders war each other. The West Army, led by Mitsunari Ishida, and the East Army, under Tokugawa Ieyasu, clash in the Sekigahara Battle. The East Army attains a major victory.
•   1603 – Tokugawa Ieyasu is named Shogun.
•   1615 – Tokugawa sieges Osaka Castle. Hideyoshi’s widow and his heir commit seppuku, ending the Toyotomi Clan. Sengoku Jidai ends and the Tokugawa would peaceful rule Japan until 1868.

A map to find your enemies. Finding your enemies is important!

1. WeAreTheMeta
2. Duke Skyhopper
3. WhydidIbuytheunionfrigate
4. Deeox2
5. Revontulet
6. Pal
7. Elvis Strunk
8. Gamerjunkie27
9. Marx-93
10. mrgw4-F
11. Arraxis
12. woolyshambler
13. Merne23
14. Kana the boss
15. John Titor


Rules 1 - 9
1. No Outside Communication

Do not discuss the game outside the game thread with other players, unless you have a role that allows you to do so.

2. No editing posts

Do not edit your posts. Reading over people’s posts is crucial for allowing players to scrutinize each other. If you edit your posts repeatedly, you will be removed from the game.  If you need to clarify or correct something, double post rather than edit.

3. No quoting PMs from the Moderator

Don’t quote a PM that you have received from the GM, whether it be your Role PM or an action result. Do not fake one either.

4. Stay active

This game depends on activity in order to be successful. Try to post often; visiting once per day is encouraged. If you are purposefully lurking, be sure to notify me, although this discouraged.

5. No posting after death

After you are dead in the game, you may no longer post in the game, except to make ONE “goodbye” post which reveals NO game info. You may not communicate with any player still in the game either.

6. No posting during the Night

This is to ensure that no info gained during the Night is revealed prematurely.

7. Bold your Votes and make them red

To vote for a player, make sure to highlight your vote by making it bold. You should also change the text color to red. This is to ensure that the Moderator sees the vote when making a count. It should look like this:

To unvote a player, make sure to bold your vote and make it blue.

You can also point a "finger of suspicion" which has no bearing on the game itself, but is hilarious and can be used as evidence.  Please bold and make orange.

8. Hammervotes are definitive

Once a player has been hammervoted, you can't simply unvote them.

9. Send PMs to the Game Moderator


Send any Night actions to me within the time limit. If I do not receive your night action PM by the deadline, it will be considered abstinence by default. This applies for factional kills, too.
If you have any issues or questions concerning the game or roles, PM me.

#11 - #17: Shogunate System Rules

11. Certain players have been assigned provinces. When that player is killed by a night action, the faction that performed the kill will receive ALL his provinces. The faction leader may decide to keep them to himself or grant them to a retainer. Once a player controls a province, he cannot transfer it to anyone else.

Example: Player A from Faction 1 holds three provinces and is killed by player B from Faction 2. The leader of Faction 2 will be notified they gained three new provinces, and he will have to decide to who he is going to award it to. He can keep them all for himself, or give one to three players, etc, but once a decision is made, no player can "donate" his province to someone else.

12.When a faction achieves a certain number of provinces under their control, their leader will be named Shogun, granting him and his faction special benefits. Also, certain roles may become Shogun by other means.

13. Each faction leader will receive a pm at end of night time informing them how many provinces their faction controls, but will not be informed who was killed and lost a province, or who performed the kill and made the faction gain a province. The faction province total is the sum of provinces the faction leaders and his retainers hold.

14. If a player with a province is killed by lynch, the Town faction will receive the province, even in a misslynch.

15. Once a player is named Shogun, his identity wont be revealed, but it will be announced a Shogun was named and what his powers are. The player will be notified by PM he was named Shogun. That player will not lose his Shogun powers until he dies, and other players cannot be named Shogun while one Shogun is alive.

16. If 2 or more players achieve the requirements to be named Shogun on same night, it will be announced two players are qualified to be named Shogun, but none will be named. When one of them dies, the surviving one will be named Shogun.

17. More questions regarding the Shogunate system may be asked directly to the GM by PM, who may or may not answer your questions, depending on how sexy you are.

Breaking rules will result in either a warning, replacement, action block, or mod-kill depending on the severity of the infringement.

I reserve the right to arbitrate any unforeseen conflict/paradoxes that may result at night.
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"Well, well, I have to say I am quite surprised to be, you know, alive. Not that it's a bother, hard to do something when you're dead. I have to admit though that I did not expect Sengoku Jidai to end just with words."

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"Whe-where am I? What is the meaning of this?!?! And most important thing of all, why am I somekind a beautiful drawn maiden  instead of my former self!?!"

*Titor shrugs*

"Oh well, I  will figure out that later. Looks like we have been all brought back to put an end to the feud wars that have ravaged our homeland. I wonder if there will ever be a unified Land of the Rising Sun."
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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"A beautiful drawn young maiden you say...interested in a political marriage?...Wait, forget that, I already have a wife...Although I wonder if she is still alive?

Wait you know what? Knowing who's daughter she is I don't think I should wed another woman anyway."

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"Certainly, this is strange...

Well, I personally believe the force of the arms is part of strategy, and treachery and betrayal a further subset of that, but I'm nothing if not a loyal servant of the Emperor, so I shall obey. All in all, it seems the game itself has not changed, and even some old faces have returned? I shall have to wait a little bit more before I can ascertain with certainty what is happening."
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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"It matters little what battlefield I stand upon. I will forge on as an unstoppable force for my Lord. Until my bones grind to dust and my heart ceases beating, as long as I hold honor and pride, my service shall never end. Come forth, enemies of the great Oda. Break yourselves against my blade."

With a voice like roaring thunder, the individual makes their declaration, their stance entirely prepared for whatever may come their way. Hardened by year after year, decade after decade, of constant warfare and endless strife, their conviction does not waver, and their words are without hesitation.

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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Alight! Uh huh! That's right! You can't keep a good man down!

*moonwalk, pelvic thrust, moonwalk some more, another thrust, stops suddenly*


*looks at the forth wall and quickly clears throat*

Ahem! I mean, I am very grateful to be able to server my master Oda once more.

*bows like a proper Japanese underling*

Domo arigiatougozaimasu. *sweat drop*

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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*A figure strolls through the Emperor's gardens while meditating*

"Is this really the year 1600? I should be dead by now, shouldn't I?"

*The figure tries to touch their own face... Would it be all right after so much time? Perhaps it was withered or rotten...
The figure feels cold metal touching their fingers... A mengu (facial armor) and a heavy kabuto (helmet) were covering their head and face! Such unconfortable pieces of armor... The figure didn't like to wear them in their past life, but keeping the mengu on was a better idea for now, just in case it was covering a decrepit and decayed face...*

*The figure notices the presence of other people, all of them wearing the same black armor covering their faces.
One of them affirms he was reborn as a beautifully drawn lady? What was that supposed to mean? Was he or she a piece of art or something?
And most important, how could he or she tell? They were wearing such a heavy and closed armor, too!*

*The figure thinks about it for an instant. Being reborn in a new, beautiful and healthy body, even if it was a woman's one, didn't sound like a particularly horrendous fate... Would they look like their lovely oneesan? What would be their name in that case? Something like... "Kana", maybe? That sounds fine.*

*However, the idea of returning from the dead keeps bothering Kana. Was it some sort of divine intervention? A second oportunity granted by the gods?
In that case, maybe Kana is really alive, after all. Everything is so confusing!*

"I need a drink. Some sake would be nice..." *The figure remembers something and changes their mind*
"No, it will be better for me to drink some green tea instead. I'll ask for it to the palace's servants."

*Kana remembers about the mengu*

"Maybe I should order a cup of green tea AND a straw..."
*Kana approaches the other figures*

"Why did the Emperor summon us? I wonder what He wants from us...
One thing is certain: we must bring order to the Empire and protect the Emperor's subjects, no matter what." *Kana thinks*

*Kana meets the other people and bows respectfully*

"Ohayō gozaimasu minna-san."

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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One imposing individual clad in the same black armor stands over a large banquet table hosting a map of the land.  The individual slides a tekko in a crescent moon motion purposely across the map as if deep in thought.

"The Emperor was justly so in bringing us here to right the wrong of cowards and charlatans laying claim to the home of our ancestors. How many virtuous warriors have given so much for so little? Have we forgotten the honor code which binds us of heart and spirit? I for one will not hesitate to reign in the swift onslaught of my retainers to cleanse this pestilence of dishonor and filth! Surely there are those of you who feel the same."

The individual's voice reaches a vibrant crescendo, then stops, continuing with a smooth voice.  Raising a cup of tea, as a cheer to the assembled crowd.

"....and yet, here on the cusp of what I will presume to be a battle of great consequence, let us all give thanks for this opportunity. Where we have our lives to give in service, for some of us, we can live again to do our duty. Let us all raise our cups! For the resignation of times past, and eyes present to bathe in the morning dew of sweet impermanence. "
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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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Due to pressing matters in college, and the fact that I need an RP break (I gotta make that Maido) between Mafia games, you won't be seeing me for all of Day 1.)
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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"I declare myself for the Oda clan, and pledge my undying allegiance to Oda Nobunaga. He was beset by treachery once, but with skill, loyalty, and luck, may this not happen again. Together we shall unite Japan under one banner." The armoured figure turned to look to the others. "I would like to extend an olive branch, however, to those factions that may oppose us. Swear fealty to your Shogun and join us in making Japan great. You will gain far more from willingly becoming his vassal than by risking war. If not, then I fear that my lord's anger is truly something to be witnessed to believed. The best you can hope for is being forced to commit seppuku after your castle has been sieged. I truly hope that it does not come to this, but if my lord wills it, then so be it."

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"Do not be too quick to give amnesty in the name of our lord! That traitor who betrayed him shall die once again if he has been brought back!"

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"Akechi Mitsuhide shall be given no mercy. This offer is not available to him. He has shown himself to be an enemy of the Oda clan and a traitor, and as such if I discover him he will be taken away and dealt with appropriately."

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"There will be no reiteration of the Honnō-ji incident if clan Oda remains as unified as it is. The traitor will be discovered."

"As such, to facilitate our swift victory, I declare my allegiance to be to clan Oda. Nothing will stand in the way of our Shogun and the unification of this country."

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Re: Sengoku Jidai Mafia: DAY 1 - Kyoto Imperial Palace
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"While I agree that rooting out any traitor should be indeed a priority, I want to remind everyone that other dangers exist."

"If our Lord has returned, then what if Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin have returned too? The second even defeated us outright, and we were at his mercy until his timely death. The Mori and the Hojo might have forgotten their defeats too."

"In all cases, nobody would dare to claim of not being aligned with our Lord here. When they will speak their true colours, it will be at night. Until that moment we can only wait."
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