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Welcome to the forums

Please be careful not to fall into any holes in reality caused by my reality hole generator. If you do fall in though, I can assure you that there will be no adverse side effects except for the following: instantaneous mutation, loss of 1 or more vital organs, turning into banana pudding, amnesia, loss/growth of 1 or more limbs, additional vital organs, loss of DNA, insanity, hallucinations, destruction of the fabric of space and time, redundancy, redundancy, a craving for apples, the ability to see shinigami, for females: an erection lasting more than 4 hours, for males: extremely painful menstrual cramps, testicular inversion, gender swapping, the urge to watch my little pony, and/or death

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I've read all of it. I noticed people have brought up the suspicion.
IT'S A CONSPIRACY!! Because you all suck and need to lighten up  Me In a Nutshell
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Edit: I'm so mad it took me this long to find out about Sunrider. Better late than never I suppose? ^ ^

Ohh yes! Welcome aboard.