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Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
« on: March 06, 2016, 02:21:12 am »
'Sup guys!  I'm here to write up my first playthrough log of Liberation Day, just like I did for the first game way back.  Last time I played was actually MoA 7.1 or 7.0, so this is going to be more or less a blind run.  I'll try to use spoiler tags for story events, but y'know, it's a playthrough so it may be unavoidable at times.

Set it to Admiral Mode.  Questionaire choices leaned toward "forgive people" and "suspect the Alliance".  Said that I didn't sell the Wishall, and we let the Legion go.

Mission 1

Lots of things different from what I remember right off the bat, nice to see that balance tweaks are still ongoing.  The limit to the amount of CP held at once is smart, one of those things that seems obvious in hindsight.  I guess it won't be as common to get screwed over from not having enough CP going into a mission.  Vanguards look like even more of a "high power, high cost" option now, too.  Not getting enough funds for upgrades, that might be another story!

Pirate Grunts are firing missiles at me!  Was that a thing before?  That's a lot of missiles.  The Sunrider almost got blown up right off the bat-- I decided to try again.  After managing the enemy count with my own missiles, I took a lot less damage.  The Havoc still has stuff to fire on Turn 2 though, which was pretty cool.

Since upgrades are pretty even at this point (I think?) lasers seemed pretty palatable again.  Feels like their range has actually improved; I guess a good thing since we'll probably see tons of shielding on both sides eventually.  Things became a bit campy since the destroyers preferred to keep their distance and take potshots from afar, but we can play that way too.

Sola hits like a truck; the Havoc goes down in short order, and soon we're done.  Those repair costs though!  I felt that bill in my gut.  I'll have to figure out if Chigara's Repair mitigates that or just adds to the bill...


As unusual as this change seems, I'm liking the Japanese voices.  In general I think the more girls there are compared to guys in a game, the more likely I am to choose Japanese when given dual audio choices.  (That's not to say I disliked the English cast in general though.  I think most of them worked, and there were some standouts like Sola and that Alliance battleship commander)

When we get full voice acting like this, I tend to set the text to advance automatically if I can.  This made for an interesting moment when the choice to
save Cosette using the Wishall came up; I saw the option, considered it for a moment, but before I decided, time was up!  Sorry Cosette, maybe next time.  Oh, what's this?  Achievement unlocked: No loli pirate something something... way to read the mood, game!

And I gotta say, the art for this game has really come a long way.  The new GUI and character art are beautiful.  And I really appreciate moving the cinematics from inside battle, which Ren'py isn't too great at handling, to the story cutscenes with dynamic camera angles and effects.  Love it! 
Icari and Kryska are Love, too.  Perfect way to kick off the end of the first mission.  "Permission to enter!" indeed...
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Re: Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
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Welcome back, Graph! I don't think I could be happier to see any other forumer go active again. :)
Hope all is well on your side and that life has been treating you kindly.

On CP, Intel and Funds:
Yea currently capped at 4k (assuming no bonuses from store items). I think Intel (used for Sunrider and ryder upgrades) given is fairly acceptable and is basically the same amount that you would have gotten in MoA. Funds on the other hand, which is used to buy store items, I've found to be rather excessive and at this point we are essentially getting double the resources we would have gotten if this was in MoA. Once credited in Intel and once in Funds.

On Pirate Grunts:
Yes, missiles are a new attack option for them in Liberation Day. I disabled Havoc and killed the Ironhog with Seraphim's kinetic + other lasers, so the damage in turn 1 was quite light for me. In all previous betas, this battle originally had an additional Pirate Ironhog and an additional Pirate Destroyer. Things were quite a bit more on edge then, where I opted mostly for FlakOff and good use of missiles in turn 1 but had to gamble on Havoc's rockets not hitting.

On lasers and AI:
Lasers/Pulse now suffer only -10 accuracy degradation per hex (change first instituted in MoA v7.2 current version and brought forward to Lib Day as well) and have better range as a result as you have observed. Laser/Pulse damage upgrades are also much cheaper than before and increase by 10%, instead of 5% as was the case before. Pulse shots have been reduced to prevent balance from spiralling out of control.
AI now will shoot from afar if accuracy is good and will not expose itself unnecessarily to return fire (happened a lot in v7.1 MoA where mooks moved without ever shooting).

On Seraphim and repairs:
With buffs now being fully stackable and multiplicative, Bianca's AtkUp now increased to +30%, yes you can get crazy damage with Seraphim (312% of regular damage, with Full Forward, AtkUp and Awaken).
Repair costs are now based off total damage taken during the fight, with repairs = damage/2 and repairs = 3*damage/2 (if said unit is killed). Chigara's Repair ability no longer reduces the bill as repairs are no longer based on hps at the end of battle. Perhaps consider Disable instead for damage prevention.
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Re: Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
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(tho its not related at all, HI HI HI HI HI)

and i guess spoiler tag does mean spoiler. not that  i dont mind haha   yeah my entire earning was spent on repair too.

thankfully default file gave me like 12500 dollars so i bought essential upgrades.
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Re: Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2016, 10:16:21 am »
Yeah, Graph has returned!

It's very nice to see you back! Hope everything is well on your side, we certainly missed you (specially Drath on his lone times beta-testing version 10 and 11).

On your questions, Drath has more or less answered them, and as I suppose "going blind" is kinda the point I won't say anything more. Drath and me are actually very satisfied with the balance on mechanics, and I look forward to hear your feedback!

Oh, and there's a new forum only for Sunrider, but most of us are still active here so don't worry too much about it.
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Re: Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
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Hey, great to see you guys!

Drath: Pulse shots were OP?!  These are strange times we live in.

Yeah that buff stacking is great, I got quite a bit of mileage out of it especially in Mission 2.  And good to know about the repair costs, it was a bit tedious and a bit hack-ish waiting until everyone gets patched up at the end of the mission anyway. :p

Akio: Another familiar face!  Good to see you.

Marx: I see both you and Drath caught my topic in the other forum too.  I think I'll move this topic over there since I made an account over there already.
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Re: Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2016, 07:32:41 pm »
Drath: Pulse shots were OP?!  These are strange times we live in.

Well not Pulse shots per se. In v7.2 MoA, Pulse energy cost upgrades were increased to 7.5% per upgrade from 5% and the upgrades slightly cheaper as well, which made it possible to have a Sunrider with OctaPulse in the endgame. Coupled with extremely cheap damage upgrades that scaled 10% per upgrade, this resulted in a Sunrider capable of dealing 4k+ Pulse damage per turn on Captain (quite obviously overpowered... and that's not factoring in Blackjack's pulse)

Vaen has since reverted Pulse energy cost back to 5% in Liberation Day and they are also no longer cheaper. However the cheap damage upgrades are still an issue. Vaen chose to keep the 10% per upgrade scheme for damage to allow Pulse to be still effective against damaged capital ships after a good number of upgrades. To curb the excess damage, he opted for shot reduction for Pulse. And that's the story of how things ended up this way.

More details/analysis here:

Glad you feel the same about repairs :)
Be sure to back Vaen on it if the issue arises (pretty sure there will be some complainers). Marx and I have already thrown in our lot with him on it.

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Re: Graph's playthroughs, Liberation Day edition
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Oh ho ho? Look who has returned.