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WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
« on: March 26, 2016, 07:39:14 pm »
Tis began like most days in Waifia, perfect -  Birds chirping jubilant melodies as the bright morning sun began to fade away the fresh dew on the immaculately verdant grass.  A cool breeze trickled throughout the village where resident leisurely began to rile themselves up, rested from their evening pursuits.  And yet, there looked like there already was some activity going on in the breakfast nook of Rev's manse....

* * *

Mio: “I'm so glad that you you could join me this morning Mugi-chan!  Sometimes it can be lonely without an old friend to talk to.  I know that you've been staying in town for sometime now since you've been seeing Jynx...”   Mio proffers a wry smile; a wink twinkles in her eye. Under her breath she mumbles something about him coming to his senses in finding a real girl instead of floating monsters.

By the way, this Crostata di Frutta is delicious~ it pairs so well with the tea.  Say, why didn't Jynx join us for brunch too?

With polite smile and before she forked another morsel of pastry into her mouth...

Mugi:  “Oh he was busy having 'rumie' time~

Mio: “'Rumie' time?

Mugi:  “Oh yes! Its special time when Jynx and Duke-kun cuddle together and do various activities together.

Looking flustered.

Mio: "A-a-a-activities you say?!"

Mugi: “Oh yes~ They'll be at it for hours.  I didn't think anyone could play a 3DS that long, but they seem to enjoy themselves. Say Mio-chan, where is your hubby at?” 

With a nervous chuckle.

Mio: “Oh...ehehe...I see (Well that proves it, Revy has corrupted me....).  Oh Revy is probably in his study messing around as usual. Want to pay him a visit?” 

* * *

As the two ladies meander through the cavernous hallways of the 'Manse', each opulently decorated more garish than the next, the two find themselves in front of a large cherry door leading to Rev's inner sanctum.  Without a knock, Mio leads her friend into the room where she finds.....Rev sitting in a large executive swivel desk chair in his boxer shorts; his RAWRsome slippers resting on the desk itself as he.....plays with some action figures?

In a strange falsetto voice he continues, “Oh Taku-kun! You single-handedly saved the world from the Third Impact again! What is this, like the 20th time? Waah~  I don't need Eli or anyone else by my side when I have such a cool Niisan like you!

Lifting one of the action figures hand, he pats the other action figure on the head.

Eh?! Nah wurries Pinky-Imouto-chan! 'Dis iz all'en 'a dayz wurk!

A large sweat drop appearing on her brown, Mio puts her hands on her hip frustrated.

Mio: "REVY! Are you playing with toys again?!"

Startled, Rev falls back in his chair and onto the ground.  He peers slowly over the desk.

Mio? You could at least knocked..." -_-;;

With her arms crossed, Mio frowns embarrassed as Mugi pokes her head behind her and waves.

Mio: "We have company...Mugi-chan stopped by to say hello and find out how the plans for the No Waifu No Laifu Mafia 2 campaign planning was coming along.  Have you.... even started?  The game queue is drying up and it seems like people are getting restless.

Mugi:  "Hullo Rev!  There has been some concern that you'll be going all out on this one.."

Brushing himself off and rearranging his robe, Rev gives a cheesy grin and pushes a button on his desk.. Instantly, panels all around the bookshelves in the room open up showing CCTV screens of the entire village ~ tracking all the residents as they go about their activities blissfully unaware.  The two large screens immediately behind Rev showing Merne in his greatcoat doing paperwork and Kurumi Tokisaki taking a bath.

Of course I'll go ALL out, would anyone expect no less from the Waifu Emperor himself?!  There will be prizes even, for top roleplay and the game's MVP.  As you can see, I've been watching everyone since I came back from my little 'sabbatical' ~ far be it from me to get the blame for causing the RPG thread to die.  Shame shame on folks...but then again, know how to get activity? Threaten to steal one's waifu! MUWHAHA!"

Mio: “*sigh* Perhaps asking was a bad idea....

Looking at the screens, Rev strokes his chin thoughtfully for a moment.  Clicking on the intercom, Rev shouts out a command.

Chi<3, Y Buy is being lazy and wasting away playing Team Fortress 2 in his room again.  Promptly
flog him for me and get his butt back to work!  We have a game to run!

It cometh! ANNOUNCING TENTATIVE DATES: Mid-June ~ Early July 2016

Rev quickly smashes a glass panel with the words, “BREAK IN CASE OF WAIFIA 2, ” and pulls out the secret GM gavel that her pilfered & hid acquired in Wooly's dungeon during Waifia 1.

( Flashback: )

Raising the Gavel upon high~


The gavel strikes down on the desk with a sharp and ominous knock ~ one that chilled the hearts of all in town.

* * *

Rias: "Hello everyone.  If you don't know who I am, you soon will! Just thought that I'd mention, that now is your opportunity to catch my attention.  Thats right, its a 'Notice Me Senpai' contest!  Post something Waifia related and creative enough to catch my attention, and that individual will get a special in-game artifact from yours truly.  There is no limit to the amount of posts you can make in the thread, each will count towards the contest.  The contest ends May 28th.  The winner will learn of their prize when they get their role PM."

Rias: "Good luck to all of who sign up (you'll need it)....


(Mostly Unrepentantly 'lifted' from others~)

1. No Outside Communication

Do not discuss the game outside the game thread with other players, unless you have a role that allows you to do so.  We've typically been lax on this, but..... *raising the gavel upon high* you shall 'respect my authority!” :P  Seriously, you've been warned~

2. No editing posts

Do not edit your posts. Reading over people’s posts is crucial for allowing players to scrutinize each other. If you edit your posts repeatedly, you will be removed from the game.  If you need to clarify or correct something, double post rather than edit.

In this game ANY post editing will also result in a post restriction or MOD death.  I'd say I'd steal your waifu for all time, but your waifu is already mine  8)

3. No quoting PMs from the Moderator

Don’t quote a PM that you have received from the GM, whether it be your Role PM or an action result. Do not fake one either.

4. No posting after death

After you are dead in the game, you may no longer post in the game, except to make ONE “goodbye” post which reveals NO game info. You may not communicate with any player still in the game either.

5. No posting substantial to the gameplay during the Night

Unless of course I say you can.  Expect Night as a time for general role play.

6. Bold your Votes and make them red

To vote for a player, make sure to highlight your vote by making it bold. You should also change the text color to red. This is to ensure that Y Buy or myself sees the vote when making a count. It should look like this:
Vote: WoolyShambler

To unvote a player, make sure to bold your vote and make it blue.
Unvote: WoolyShambler

You can also point a "finger of suspicion" which has no bearing on the game itself, but is hilarious and can be used as evidence.  Please bold and make orange.
FOS: WoolyShambler

7. Send PMs to the Game Moderator

Send any Night actions to me within the time limit.  If I do not receive your night action PM by the deadline, it will be considered abstinence by default.  If you have any issues or questions concerning the game or roles, PM me.


Seriously mang....why play if you aren't going to put the time and effort into it?  Ruins the experience for everyone and makes your waifu/husbandos sad. 

9. I reserve the right to arbitrate any unforeseen conflict/paradoxes that may result at night.


(There is no player limit for Waifia 2~)

Clarifications: If you have waifus listed in the Waifu Shrine Claim Thread ( ) there is notthing else you need do except sign up.  Those of you who are entitled to another waifu can PM me your claims for this year.  New players (aka new to the thread/ never played Mafia) can also PM me a list of three potential waifus for the game/and for the claim thread.


1) Deeox 2 - The Prude-In-Chief, who is totally going to die first since he posted first~
2) Pal - Strutting into the thread with the power of gender-bending confusion~
3) Duke - Appears! Clearly having a ready supply of scones is welcome (As Rev could use the extra energy when he hes hard at work late night with Makise~)
4) Arraxis - Gamemaster (....and fine music aficionado ~)
5) WeAreTheMeta - Hmm a Loli? Well I don't discriminate! Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a~
6) Gamerjunkie - Notthing can stop the Revy Rape Train~
7) Jynx - Mio, it seems Mugi will be sleeping over at the Manse for the duration of her visit~
8 ) Merne23 - Reluctantly henpecked into submission~
9) Verthand - Attempting to seek justice, and so he shall have it. Rev-justice!
10) Woolyshambler - Whats this? Laura not getting enough attention at home? Oh, I'm sure I can do something about that~
11) Geocorn - Just sealed his fate~ now he just needs to figure out what waifus he'll bring for me 8)
12) rellimkram - Finally joined! A perfect example of the power of nagging death~
13) John Titor - And heres Johnny ~ lucky #13 no less!
14) GreyCat - May yet get some special attention from Rias....I hope ::)
15) mrgw4 - Is coming out.... to play! 
16 ) Kana the Boss - Is predicting that his ship girl will have an accident on the way to Waifia ~ time to call Teruzuki in as a substitute! 
17 ) Elvis Strunk -Last, but certainly never forgotten~
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Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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Count me in, brother!

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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Meh, why not...

*walks in and signs up, dressed as a rule63 version of rias*

Heinrike [Nov 10, 2016, 11:00:11 am]: I'm bored too, but otherwise bored  Elvis Strunk [Dec 14, 2015, 01:43:59 AM]: Would make it easier to keep track of all the characters, at least. "They're all dead."
Eonymia [Dec 15, 2016, 10:14:17 pm]: Losers don't win, do drugs Arraxis [Feb 18, 2017, 03:12:47 am]: Slither me timbers

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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Suddenly out of the blue, a dramatic figure explodes onto the scene - dramatically!

"Augh...the road was clear last time I tried that..."
Dusting himself off, the figure walks over to the nearby local noticeboard. Pulling off a sheet of paper, he inspects it closely.

"Hmmm...a second waifia, eh? Well, I know JUST who would be perfect for that!"

"Me, of course! I'll show you all how it's done!"

The man opens his bag and rummages around, looking for his notebook of things with which to charm the ladies.

"Whoops, dropped it! Wow, that has more entries than I remember..."

He picks up the book, and flips to a certain page. A happy smile plays upon his face, and he looks up.

"Ahh yes, this one should do nicely. After all, there's nothing a refined lady loves more than..."


A moment later, a lifesize statue of Revon had been wheeled in, made entirely of chocolate.

"Happened to have one of these lying around. Each area is a different flavour. You're going to love some of the combinations I came up with..."
Extracting a small pink card and a high-class biro from his pocket, he flicks his signature onto the surface.

"You may take this as my willingness to participate in your wonderful game. See you there~"

With a wink and a small wave to the crowd, the figure vanished, leaving behind a trail of roses and elegant harp sound effects.

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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*Totally wasn't playing TF2... ok maybe...*

Ah, so special things are planned and even I don't know all of them! Needless to say this is an intense push from Rev to make Wafia a annual (or biannual... how about once in a while?) thing we do here! If you didn't know, I'm co-GMing, so expect the game to be super... special... How special you might ask? Ok, here's a small mechanic spoiler, everyone will get a custom role PM from me tied to the game story itself! What does that mean? Well, you'll all see! Anyways, get your friends, get your enemies, get every damn person you can think of to join the mayhem know as... WAIFIA 2: THE REVOLTULUTION! Hope to see you all there!...

And no, I can't GM kill everyone as much as I'd like to extend that kill streak (4x!). I'm thinking of you Gamer!
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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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I'll sign up, for the art of playing games. I look forward to seeing what everything's about. Oh, and Rias, I won't be competing for the artifact, but I would like to say that you play the violin really well. Your theme wouldn't sound out of place in Arcanum.

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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and Kurumi Tokisaki taking a bath.

"...I'm the only one allowed to watch my waifu taking her bath...

"You started speaking french again"

"Kurumi! Ready your gun!
Akatsuki! Same for you!"

"Okay AdMeta!"

"Since when do you give order to ME?"

"You really want to be remembered as 'the one who didn't kill anyone'? "

"Fair point."
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Arraxis [Sep 23, 2016, 11:37:43 pm]:   Love you too Meta

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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A man strolls in, flanked by two women. One wears a white school uniform and stands on the man's left. Her hair is dark and cut short, while her eyes appear to be a shade of purple. She has an energetic air about her as she looks curiously about the room, possibly looking for inspiration for a story.

The other woman is literally inhuman. White wings grow from her lower back, and she floats on the man's right. Her pink hair reaches down almost to her feet, while a halo of some sort sits at an angle on the left side of her head. Her eyes, a shade of orange, contain a glowing cross in them as she gazes over the other people present, and anyone who observes her gets the feeling she considers herself to be above everyone else.

The man speaks.

"Gamerjunkie, reporting for Waifia."
Arraxis [Oct 05, 2016, 07:24:37 am]:Boob poke super effective
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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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Jynx appears.

Next to him, his official waifu.

"Hello, people. Leliel pays his homage."

"That is correct. I will not call Mugi-chan to my side for Waifia 2. I think... It's better if she does not participate in this."

"I shall join this gathering, known as Waifia 2."


Jynx was in the room, Duke peacefully asleep, far from him. He knew what was going to happen, and he was looking at a picture.

Tsumugi Kotobuki. Keyboardist in Afternoon Tea-Time... An adorable girl with an adventurous spirit.
She lived an amazing life in a sweet and cute world, where nothing bad ever happened - for real. Why would she even come to this place, one with such an ominous name? Yet... He had called her, as countless others had done before him - and she had appeared. Merely an image in his heart, nothing more than a shadow.
But he knew he still liked her - and he really didn't want the girl - not even her simulacrum - to be involved in a game of death.

He had already been part of it once, and he had failed, miserably. He had hoped to win and save as many friends as possible. He had seen too many of them dying - before eventually meeting that same fate.
Now he would have the chance to redeem himself. Last time, a woman had been involved. This time, he wouldn't make the same mistake. He wouldn't bring with him somebody who could mourn his inevitable death. There was no need for more tears.
No. He wouldn't bring her. He would bring an instrument. Something that could help him to solve the riddle and save as many people as possible. Maybe... Even himself.

Out of a conveniently placed window, Leliel idly floats over the lake.

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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A disturbance in the air. A shudder up my spine. My face planting solidly onto my desk, despite most of the force going into my nose.
"Damnit. Damnit damnit damnit. Damnit, damnit damnit, damnit," I gripe as I roll my head from side to side. There are several sighs, one resounding clap of a hand into the frame, and several seconds of glaring at the camera Rev had insisted be installed. "Damnit."
After that I just sit back up and go back to working, even as the door is boisterously opened.
The intruder wastes no time striking the best pose available for bossing, and wastes no time apologizing. "Hey, you! I feel an adventure going on, and you're coming--"
"Nope." I scribble something onto a form, and shove it neatly into a stack of similar busywork.
Teto takes a moment to be taken aback, before becoming annoyed. "What do you mean, 'nope'?! I'm bored and I want to do something with you! Stop working yourself into an early arthritis and come on!" There is a small stamp of her foot for emphasis as she crosses her arms.
I carefully gather myself, set down my pen, and swivel my chair around to face mai waifu. "I said what I meant and you know what I mean. Something is happening and that means it's Rev, and when it's Rev that means that it's suspicious. I'm going to barricade the windows and seal all the entrances, then tunnel down until nothing random can explode me and dig my way out of harm's way, with everyone in this house in tow. And what that means for sure is no adventures, no announcements, no rituals, no nothing, just getting out of town." I glare again at the camera. "With any luck, I'll make it out with all of you before anyone can get past the walls, not the least of which is the guy who wants to rule the world and the person to crotch-shot whenever he rubbernecks too hard."
"You want me to sit out on an opportunity to both impress everyone and get new fans?" There is a mighty harrumph, and twin drills twirl as Teto gets touchy. "Absolutely not! Danger or no danger, I'm going to get out there and make a lot of people happy and prove that Kasane Teto is the best idol to ever grace the multiverse!!"
"If you don't get captured by sleazebags, if you don't get killed by murderers turned wild, if the multiverse doesn't tear asunder, if everything goes smoothly, and if I don't duct tape you to the wall to prevent all the shekainery, I would be inclined to agree," I say, forcefully asserting that all that I had listed were exponentially more possible to occur than any delusions of grandeur that Teto was thinking of. I stand fully and open up a drawer of my desk, then shortly present a small unmarked book. "It's happening again."
Teto regards the book seriously, but looks back to me defiantly. Something about her bearing changed, and all hope for keeping a personal bubble of peace spirals down; down into the deepest pits of improbability. There was no way she was going to change her mind, and there was no way I was going to leave her. "We came back from that stronger, and I came back from that more popular. You grew a spine when you had to, and I gave an amazing concert. There were sad times, and dark times, and scary times, but you've got to take those with the happy and the bright and the friendly times, otherwise you'll forget what it means to live!"
Teto tromps right up to me and jabs me in the chest with an accusatory finger, saying, "If that's what you're gonna do, then fine! Take your stupid coward hide and dig a hole! Put your hands over your ears and hide from the scary things! I'm gonna go out there into the unknown and make someone smile, and there is nothing you can do to stop me." With that, she turns on her heel and storms away, though as she turns out the door, a distinct grumble of 'idiot' can be heard.

I stare after her. I look back to the book, then toss it neatly into the trash. I look to the camera once again, and narrow my eyes at it.
"Piece of shit."
Then my gaze is turned back to my desk. I clear it off with one expedient sweep, and stare at the map of the town. "Well," I mutter to myself, "at least we're not alone."


I would love to not be involved, but I'm getting dragged into it. So set me up, bro.

woolyshambler [Aug16, 2015, 10:13PM]: ah Merne, they should give you the RP guru badge. Deeox2 [Feb26, 2017, 02:03am]: SO WE GET ON ANOTHER BOAT AND FUCK OFF TO ANTARCTICA.  Elvis Strunk [Feb05, 2018, 01:31am]:   "Two Pilots and all the Eva just died." "Oh. ****." Revontulet [Feb05, 2018, 04:11pm]: That KOTATSU be miiine Deeox2 [Feb28, 18,12:53am]: I'm gonna give Bea a dong.
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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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I'm a maybe. Depends on whether anyone can drag me onto the forums often enough...  :-\
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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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I will do whatever I can to pin you to this forum... At least stay for the whole game of Wafia 2!
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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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Dont forget me plz! Time to avenge my dead waifu!!

woolyshambler [Sep 09, 2015, 04:28:48 PM]:   don't let anyone say i don't love you vert.
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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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Player list updated! More slots available~  8)
Deeox2 [Feb 14, 2018, 08:33:51 pm]:   I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
Milten [Sep 13, 2016, 03:31:18 pm]:   Come on, Rev's soul is 99% lewd, 1% Kurumi
Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
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"I don't know Mio... things... just haven't been the same in a while..." Laura mumbles as she listlessly stares down into her cup of tea.

"B-but you and Wooly have been together for so long!" Mio stammers, trying not to sound too interested in the bit of gossip... and failing.  Not that she would ever betray the confidence of her friend, but still!  It wasn't every day in Waifia that one of the waifus would admit to marital issues.  "What's changed?"

"Well... ever since he resigned from being Mayor, he seems a bit... preoccupied.  He's spending a lot of time tinkering around with those stupid goggles of his; I think he's convinced they'll be Wool-E Korp's next big product.  Sometimes I think he's forgotten why we moved out here in the first place.  And then there's all the time he spends over at Arraxis's cottage... always talking about giant robots or some other stupid fantasy of theirs..."  Laura sighs deeply, swirling her tea with a lady finger until the pastry simply soaks through and breaks up into a thousand little pieces.

"Well..." Mio scoots her chair over to Laura's side, putting a comforting arm around her shoulders.  "It sounds to me like Wooly's just gotten a bit bored around here.  Not of you of course; everyone know's he's as dedicated as a waifu could hope for, but... let's face it, Waifia hasn't been a very exciting place lately.  You two should find a hobby!  Do something new for the both of you as a couple!"

"I suppose..." mumbles Laura in agreement.  "Maybe you're right... with all the corporate intrigue and backstabbing Wooly had to put up with when he used to work, it's probably not surprising he finds a town like this dull...  I still miss using my IS from time to time; he probably feels the same."

"Well..." Mio leans in with a conspiratorial whisper.  "Between you and me... I've noticed Revy acting a bit strangely lately.  Nothing concrete... but I just have a feeling you know?  Something big's about to happen to the village..."

Rolling her eyes, it's clear what sort of "big changes" Laura imagines the new Mayor enacting.  Would it be yet another gilded statue of himself in the village square?  Or perhaps he'd pass a new edict requiring some kind of absurd dress code for the waifus to adhere to.  With a shudder, she remembers the narrowly avoided "Waifu Health Clinic" debacle as Revontulet applied his own brand of "Universal Healthcare" and "Routine Health Visits" to the village's waifus.  Deciding that silence was golden, Laura merely smiled/grimaced at Mio's earnest expression and drained her teacup to the dregs and soggy crumbs at the bottom.


Elsewhere, WoolyShambler looked up from a table piled high with strange looking mechanical tools and various circuitry parts, focusing crystals, and polished lenses, his face obscured by a monstrosity of a pair of goggles which looked for all the world like he'd strapped a projector around his head.  Something tingled down his spine, something... electric.  For a moment, WoolyShambler pauses, feeling the shadow of fate and anticipation looming in the distance.


The moment passes and WoolyShambler slaps the goggles with a frown, tightening a connection or two and unplugging and replugging the device with a huff of frustration.  Must have been a loose fuse or exposed wire... after all:

Nothing bad ever happens in this village...