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[LibDay:2.02] Movement and Wreckage mods
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Movement Directions Mod
Ships Leave Wreckage Mod

Movement Directions Mod:

This mod introduces the revolutionary idea of *Turning*
When you move the Sunrider if it moves "backwards" then the label changes!
This same mysterious magic happens when a weapon fires.

Ships leave Wreckage Mod:

All ships (bar ryders and specials) create cover that is colour-coded to its faction (Player, Union, Alliance, Pirate, PACT).
Depending on the ship, the cover has a set chance to block, a variable HP and when made from large ships, damages ships when it is destroyed by weapons. It also degrades over time with the image changing to match.

Cover Stats:

Cover is different depending on the ship but categories are roughly similar. Cover HP is currently 10% of the Max hp.

Frigate: Timer: 3, Chance to block: 10%
Cruiser: Timer: 4-6, Chance to block: 15%
Destroyer: Timer: 4, Chance to block: 13%, Detonates if destroyed (200dmg)
Station: Timer: 6-12, Chance to block: 40-60%, Detonates if destroyed. (200dmg)
Carrier: Timer: 5, Chance to block: 30%
Battleship: Timer: 7, Chance to block: 40%, Detonates if destroyed. (200dmg)
Assault Carrier: Timer : 5, Chance to block: 40%, Detonates if destroyed. (200dmg)

Cover starts off looking like the far left, over time it fades until it is destroyed.

To install, just drop the files into the LibDay game folder and put the ModFramework file from in there as well.
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