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Wafia 2: The Revontulution | The Conclusion ~
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The Revontulution

Where we last left the *cough* HERO of our story, he had just returned to Waifia from an long vacation and amorous inter-galactic interlude! (,1515.210.html)  Unfortunately, for the incredibly handsome and debonair Rev-kun, his waifu Mio, just discovered that her hubby was being rather - unfaithful right under her nose. Apparently the Waifu Emperor has A LOT of Baby Momas out there....

 Before him stood a LIVID Mio, arms crossed and coiled, her hands clutching her electric bass....just ready to spring.

Mio: Revy....I do believe that you have some explaining to do NOW.

At that same moment in a galaxy far far away, a siren went off.

"Ma'am, the Emperor is in trouble!!!!  Shall we expedite the operation?"

Lips curled in response, as a FTL drive immediately began to initiate.

Fortunately for us and less so for Revy,  thanks to scientific inventions from the illustrious Marx, previous lame plot device hooplah about time change/travel (Many pardons to the Organization), flux capacitors, and inter-galatic forces coming to lay seize to Waifia shall not appear in this episode! Thats right folks, better to focus on important and tangible know the things we all REALLY want to seeSexy Waifus.

Things were obviously intense.  Revon had never seen Mio this angry, and considering some of his antics, that was saying a lot.  His eyes downcast, seems that jig is up - really no other alternative than to tell Mio the truth..., thought Revon.   Sensing the awkward, icy, and likely emotionally painful conversation to follow, not to mention the newly renovated Manse already collapsing from interlopers, onlookers, and winged waifus ~ Chifuyu, Y Buy, and the rest of the House Staff took it among themselves to usher everyone out of the home for the couple to have some private time to chat.

"Everyone, time to leave!", Chi <3 commanded as Y Buy pushed everyone out the door.  It took a bit of an effort on Y Buy's behalf, and thanks to the Town's resident Salty De-Factor Mayor, Y Buy's jostling of his magnificent Great Coat yielded him a black eye.

"....Should we go back in ourselves?," asked Akame.

"No, we should give them some time. I'm sure that this will be a delicate conversation," Chifuyu denoted. Serves that lecherous bastard right- she thought.  "Besides, you three have been slacking off lately. Forgotten your training? This is a golden opportunity to do a perimeter sweep.  Let no one enter the property. Off ya go!"  Grumbling Imca drags Y Buy off, as Akame heads the other direction.

* * *

As one predicts, Revon's confession does NOT go well.

"You DID WHAT?! could you do that to me?!,"  Mio's eyes well with tears as her hand clutches her bass with all her might.  One can see it takes all her willpower to prevent herself from bearing it against Revon's temple.  Hitting his chest forcefully with her other hand, she cries. "Get out! GET OUT! I NEVER want to see you again! I HATE YOU!!," she wails as she flees to the master bedroom, doors slamming behind her.  Its at this point that Revon sees himself out, by the patio.

Talk about a buzzkill eh? Now I'm sure what you all are thinking, "Isn't this suppose to be Waifia?! Notthing Ever Bad Ever happens"....yatta yatta, we all know the motto. Well, I'm getting to the light-hearted stuff in a bit, gotta get some gravitas in here ya know? Seesh~ ::)

Sitting alone in the rose garden, his head in his hands, the man tries to assess the hurt he feels and the consequences of his actions.  "I...would never purposely have hurt Mio..I...I just can't help myself. I'm a man ya know...I got needs...Still, I royalty screwed up this time.  I don't think there is recovering from something like this...." , Revon sighs.

"Oh, I'm not so sure of that...", sounds a voice coming from behind one of the cherry threes.  A spring evening breeze blows through the garden as the moon illuminates the figure of a beautiful red haired woman.

Raising his head dejectedly, Revon looks back at the woman listlessly.

"Eh? Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Without hesitation, the woman approaches closer, and lifts Rev's chin upward to look at him. Her eyes poignantly trails down his body and linger on his pants.. Yes, there is something sacred under those pants. Without a doubt this IS him.  My search at long last has come to an end.  

"You are just too much of a man of greatness for common people to comprehend." she says in a sultry voice that oozes power and command.  "But I recognize it.  In fact, I've come all this way to meet you. You, and ONLY you. Some call me the 'Crimson Ruin Princess,'  but my darling..."

"Revon-", he answers captivated.

"Darling Revon, you may call me Rias.  Although you may call me anything you wish.  I've come here to offer you everything your heart desires.  Power, wealth, fame,"

Blinking in surprise, Revon can't help but pinch himself.  He must be dreaming, right?! Or maybe....just maybe...the horrible things that happened today were just a really freaking awesome setup for one of those 'Goddess Harem-anime' shows. Staring, YOURS TRULY no less! Looking back at the uninviting Manse with a frown, he realizes that there is nothing left for him here to do. He was kicked out. Hes on his own.  Like any self-respecting man, he knew the best way to move on with heartbreak was simply to go out an party and find another lady....and well, of all ladies to come around! Yep, maybe Rias was right? You know, I am just a spectacular guy! Its about time to show it!

With a sly grin, Revon picks himself up and wraps his arm around Rias' waist.  "You know Rias, I'm liking what I'm hearing almost as much as I like what I see...."

Pressing her chest firmly against Revon, she looks deep into his eyes, "I truly mean it darling.  Join me, and together all our dreams will come true.  Only..."

" A Pact? I like the sound of that...although..whats wrong?"

"There is something powerful in this Town preventing me from using my full powers.  Perhaps a Ancient Church or Shrine or something? If you wouldn't mind taking me there...."

" Oh the Waifu Shrine? Not a problem babe, consider it done. Its the least I can do to make my new lady happy!" Revon says brandishing a cheesy smile.

Rias smirks at his response. Simple as he is, he is rather charming... Leaning forward, a promise made, the two embrace in the moonlight of garden.

IT IS NOW NIGHT 0 - The Moon is out, and the weather is cool.  A Crisp Spring evening wonderful to take a stroll with one's waifu...or perhaps stay at home and spend some quality time....

Vets of Waifia 1, the night is yours to rp and enjoy with your significant other.  Perhaps you will even meet some settlers making their way into the Town of Waifia for the first time!  ROLE PMS ARE BEING SENT - KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THEM  NIGHT 0 will end on May 30th 20:00 EST

NOTE: In case there is confusion, many of you won't get your Role PMs until the end of Night. They aren't needed to post in Night 0 though, afterall, you all have official "waifus" listed here:,1616.0.html


1) Deeox 2
2) Pal
3) Duke
4) Arraxis
5) WeAreTheMeta
6) Gamerjunkie
7) Jynx
8 ) Merne23
9) Woolyshambler Woolyshambler
10) Geocorn
11) rellimkram
12) John Titor
13) GreyCat rellimkram
14) mrgw4
15) Kana the Boss
16) Elvis Strunk

Day 1 - Town Square
Night 1 - Eroge Nights~  
Day 2 - Imperial Waifia Academy
Night 2 - Something Something Something BOOM!
Day 3 - Waifu Fantasy LXIX - Rev-Elations!
Night 3 - Waifu Fantasy LXIX - Rev-Elations!
Day 4 - Jigoku Onsen Resort & Timeshare!
Night 4 - Steamy Nights n' Midnight Delights
Day 5 -  Magical Mystery Tour!
Night 5 - Revy's Stag Party
Day 6 - Waifu Shrine
Night 6 - 'Waifu' Kotatsu Shrine
Day 7 - Waifu Wedding Bells
Night 7 - Onward to the Disco Room of Destiny!
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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On the front porch of his house, Merne(23), the man in a greatcoat, Townie of Waifia, and personage of much Salt, sits in a reclining chair, letting the late spring air roll over him. Slowly, he breathes in the scents of the night, before letting out his breath through his mouth. He stares out at the stars, and the other houses of the town. His mind roils, at odds with his steady posture.

"Nothing bad ever happens in this town, huh," he remarks, thinking back to a terrible nightmare-that-was-probably-real due to time and space manipulation, but also had caused him massive distress without that surety of infinite possibility. He regards the clear night past his corrective lenses and ponders several things at once. "Maybe we should have that mean something. But then, most of us think the main draw of the place is possibility and freedom. Then again, one person's freedom is another's oppression."

He rests his cheek on his knuckles. If he were pressed, he would say he didn't really know what he was talking about even though that wasn't wholly true. He just didn't want to beat others over the head with his worldview. Especially not since he, too, valued the freedom and self-expression of the community. If his freedom to raise his fist in the air was where another person's face began, it was better not to make the fist at all. He lets out another puff of breath through his mouth, though in this case it was a sigh.

"Muttering to myself, alone on the porch of my house. What is this, some sort of sitcom?" He shakes his head at the idea, but it reminds him of earlier times. When he had not donned a greatcoat and ventured into the maelstrom of emotions. Before he had grabbed an entire universe by the scruff of the neck and hauled it back into motion. Without a clue, without a goal, without much purpose, he had forged himself a place in that sea of emotions, a port of sorts. With a soft snort that was almost a laugh, he steers himself away from those memories. "I guess it's better to vent my thoughts rather than have them kicking around..."

The wind blew again, though from a different angle. Merne frowns and looks in the direction of Revontulet's, his bosom friend and egomaniac, abode. Nothing bad ever happened in this town... but plenty went on, regardless. Waifus gossiped. Husbandos joked. Powers great and small conspired for good and ill gains. Perhaps another dinner party in the style of the Waifu Emperor? Or perhaps a visit from the pan-universal group of time traveling gypsi-- security forces. Or maybe still an Angel incursion, merely to sow a bit of anarchy into the otherwise steady flow of procedure?

No. There was a feeling settling onto the man sitting on his porch, one that would not be reasoned away by the mundane. It was a feeling of a decisive change, and one he can't decide if he enjoys or hates. It was serious, but playful, but cold, but hot and all a manner of contradictions. Though in the center of all those... there was a distinct powerlessness. Whatever happened, good or ill, Merne couldn't help but feel he would be left out of the limelight, off to one side, a background character. That no matter what he did, it would not be the first nor the last thing to come into prominence, and even then not the most well-remembered.

Another sigh escapes him. This was something he had dealt with before. He always realized it after he'd gotten involved with something bold or new or grand; he was but a cog, a piece, simply there to hold the process in place so that the rest would run as well. There would be little acknowledgement nor much praise. He would merely exist because he existed, and do his best not to fail utterly when called upon.

With an effort, he picks himself up off his chair to stand. "Get a cold if I sleep out here..." he murmurs to himself, sweeping his thoughts away with his bodily desire to relax and rest. All he need do now is turn and stride back into his home, into the comfort that was carved out of this hamlet in the edge of the world. Yet, he takes a further moment to look out at the gathering of houses and hovels, mansions and crennels. His eyes are distant, as if seeing something far away yet right in front of him, something invisible to all else.

Then Merne shivers once with the cold and kicks himself into motion, tearing his eyes away from what he saw to turn and leave the sky and the night behind him. Perhaps it was his imagination. Perhaps it was fate. Perhaps it was nothing at all. Besides, one thing remains prevalent in his mind even as the rest is cut off, shut away with warm sheets and deep breaths.

Nothing bad ever happens in this town.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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"Twenty-third ritual to either escape from or destroy the Waifu Dystopia... failed." Arraxis said, wiping the soot from their face. This time they, along with Caster and Rin, attempted to force open a portal using appropriate astronomical and astrological conditions as a source of power. It had generated a lot of power, certainly, but now they were sure. There was some sort of external force preventing them from leaving this impossible place. It wasn't a horrible realm by any means, but just how much of it was real and what was fake? What about those murders that had happened before but had been forgotten about or ignored? Why did some people throw themselves at others for seemingly no reason at all? Clearly it had a deleterious effect on the mind, so Arraxis had made escape a priority. It didn't matter if it was a return to their own world - just anywhere else would be fine.

"Tis unfortunate, but I can do no more, at least tonight." Caster said, pulling her hood down. She was a rather imposing figure with it up, but without it, she was quite beautiful, with long blue hair and elfin ears. As Arraxis had come to learn, she was actually quite nice when you weren't an enemy of hers - she just treated her enemies exceptionally poorly and was defensive of what she treasured. "I've prepared a feast for us, so we should at least enjoy ourselves and be merry." She was also an exceptional cook, whether she used magic or her own talents.

"I'm still amazed that I'm working together with Caster of all people. Even sharing a table with that witch was unthinkable before..." Rin said, making sure that the woman was out of earshot. Caster was not a fan of being called a 'witch', as the girl had the misfortune to find out. "Cut her some slack. She's been good to us... mostly. And she never killed anyone who didn't deserve it... mostly." There were the Bad Ends, of course, and the whole thing with Elvis. But right now she was probably their best bet to escape, and it was actually nice to be with her. The mage fortress, the food, the many creations she seemed to make with hardly any effort, and importantly, the company she provided.

Yes, they may be living in a dystopia of sorts, but that didn't mean that they couldn't make the most of it while seeking escape.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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The man let out a long breath. It held in the air as if waiting ,like it's creator, for the news to come. His hand rolled around his fob watch as he watched the air dissipate. It was a night like this in which he had been attacked last time...body swapping and hiding had bought him time but it seems he was still trapped. The moon bore it's sorrowful light upon the earth and another puff of steam escaped him. Perhaps this time would be different...perhaps he could...No, no time for dreams. To much to do and too little to go on. The metallic clack of his watch being shut shattered the peaceful silence that had engulfed him. Tonight there were people to meet, faces to relearn and foes to deliver the blade of merciful justice. For really who was the victim? The one forced to hide from his friend or the one forced to destroy his friends happiness. The question wandered it's way around Mergo's mind as he pocketed the watch, adjusted his hat and made his way towards the meeting place. He wondered which love would greet him, the cheerfully smiling face of the student rep or the mischievous grin of the man who knew everyone's secrets. But despite the brief joy he knew seeing them would bring he also knew this game, like the other he had seen it before.

This time would he be forced to hunt his friends? Would he be forced to cower from the hunters? Perhaps he would be forced to kill an innocent like so many had before him. He sighed to himself and look down the moonlit street. Soon he would know...Soon he would learn the hand fate had dealt this puppet of it's whim...Soon that puppet would dance it's merry dance and sing it's merry songs...soon that same puppet would despair as the lives of his friends were thrown away like discarded toys from a crib...soon...soon...soon...
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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"It's different here." Three words, quiet, confused, exhaled from the lungs of a man who had never considered himself wise. The town of Waifia stretches out beyond his sight, Elvis Strunk standing atop a cliffside, overlooking the majesty below, his petite wife stopped a few feet behind him. Idly, the man scratches at an itch on his wrist, absorbed in the beauty of the place he had once called 'home'. Below, he can spot several of his oldest friends, milling about, some putting the finishing touches on the days' work, others summoned from slumber by some enigmatic force. Shivering lightly against the cool breeze, Elvis smiles, a warm, comfortable expression, thinking of the many, happy times they had shared, laughing over dinner and wine, though he hadn't drank any, or dancing and singing for the amusement of themselves at others.

"From Hinamizawa? Or from what it once was?" The blue haired child crosses the distance, her gaze falling on the darkened streets. She shivers, and not from the cold. Without hesitation, she slips her hand into that of her husband, the warm embrace of skin against skin, the comforting pulse of his heartbeat, assuring her that, finally, he was alive, alive and happy, distracting from the blood-soaked memories threatening to break of the levees she had forced upon them. For a single moment, if nothing more. She waits for the man's answer, the silence of the night somehow both peaceful and unnerving, yet he does nothing to break it, merely tightening his grip, as if afraid that she would vanish entirely, were he to let go for a single instant. Exhaling softly, Rika turns to the man she had sacrificed so much for, her face breaking into a large, overjoyed smile. "Our friends are still our friends. That never changes. I'm sure they'll all be very happy when they find out you're back."

The young man laughs, lightly amused at the childish optimism his wife still showed with such reckless abandon, in spite of the countless catastrophes she had suffered. He had always known that most of it had been for his sake. She didn't want him to worry, about her, her happiness, or the misery that had been her existence for so long. Yet, he had learned to understand her better than that. They had only been together for the blink of an eye, compared to the millennia she had lived before him, yet it seemed as if he had known her for twice that, at least. While she often forced her smiles and the hopeful words she spoke, he could tell that she had never stopped being an optimist at heart. Beyond the pain and the memories, she truly believed that everything would be all right. That had never stopped him from worrying, of course. As often as she assured him that she was merely content to be at his side, he had never felt like he could do enough for her, to make her feel like she belongs. He pulls the girl close, his arms wrapping around her, gently. "Yeah," he breathes. "Everyone will be happy to see both of us. And to meet Hanyuu."

At the mention of her name, a young-looking girl picks herself up out of the grass nearby. Horns stick out of her head at strange angles, the guise of a shrine maiden covering her frame. Her hands tremble, even as her face takes on a blush. "I don't know how everyone will feel about me," she begins, as the couple separate, turning to regard her. "I already feel like I know all of them, since I spent so long watching, but that just makes it worse. None of them knew I was there at all..." The girl mumbles awkwardly, quickly rushing to join the others, a magnifying glass held tightly in her grip. "I never really took the time to look when we were here before, but they have some strange bugs and plants here." Looking around, she takes in the multitude of winged creatures, high overhead, only some of which she had even heard of, less of which exist. "This place really is magical. It'll be strange being around so many powerful beings..." More to herself than either of the others, she chatters on, Rika smiling at her friend's exuberance. "At least they're not Witches," Hanyuu finishes, with a shudder. "They always try to recruit me to play really scary games."

Elvis sighs, amused, reaching his free hand out to rub the Goddess's head, making the exceptionally old and comparatively powerful being blush furiously. "It'll be all right," he assures the girl. As always, her demure, shy state somehow manages to make the young man feel more confident in contrast. "You're really impressive yourself. I'm sure everyone will be amazed to have Oyashiro-sama around. You might even be worshiped." He smiles, to let her know he's joking, scratching right at the base of her horns, something she found oddly placating, for whatever reason. "Besides," he adds, wrapping his arm around the girl and pulling her close. "Rika and I made it out just fine, without any special powers. They might be a crazy bunch, but I think everyone here is nice enough. They would never do anything to hurt you." Ignoring the odd, dark dreams that had plagued him, the man speaks confidently, assured in his words by the bright, happy memories he knows to be true.

Feeling the warm, soothing presence of those he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt he can trust, Elvis counts himself lucky. It hadn't been long before that he believed he would never find love, or even friendship, on a level he could consider real. As much as he tried to set it aside, the man had a long history of burying everything about himself, afraid that saying or doing the wrong thing would make people consider him a freak, or monster. There had always been a doubt, in the back of his mind, that those that he cared about were secretly annoyed, or disgusted, by his presence. With Rika, he had been sure she accepted him entirely and completely as who he is. Despite the lack of romance and lust in his relationship with Hanyuu, he got the same feeling from her. Some men would consider themselves lucky to be around two amazingly cute girls all the time, and many would likely try and take advantage of the odd union between the three of them, but Elvis himself had always been content to share his bed with Rika alone. Blushing softly, he tries to suppress the knowledge that Rika and Hanyuu had been a little less strict in that regard.

Squeezing his hand once more, Rika offers another warm, bright smile, to both of them, before pulling away. "I think we've kept them waiting long enough. The sooner we meet everyone, the sooner we can start having fun.' Elvis nods, Hanyuu whimpering nervously. The couple lock eyes, nodding to each other. In one smooth motion, the man reaches down, scooping Hanyuu up in his arms, carrying her like a princess, in spite of her protests. Likewise ignoring the flailing Goddess' complaints, humming a barely-remembered tune as she begins walking toward the path to the city. Following the sweet sound of his love's melody, Elvis finds the smile on his face growing wider with each passing step, the worries and insecurities melting away, taking the subtly dark and foreboding feeling with them. Ushered forth with a song of love and the winds of change, the three finally enter the city proper, lost in the illusion that the world could be what they wanted, not knowing that the end of their happy days together had already been decided.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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"Well...that could have been way worse..."
Standing at the entrance of his room, Meta starred at the mess that was everywhere, the girl that was sleeping on the sole non-messy part of his bed, and finally, the one who was currently using his computer.
"Still, I was wondering, how can you reach in one day what I usually reach in a few months? Are you using your clones?"
Taking her eyes off the screen (currently showing what is definitely absolutely not a NSFW scene at all) Kurumi looked back at Meta and raised an eyebrow at him before answering. "I'm not sure what you mean, what you reach reach in a few month? I thought you finished that game quite quickly...really quickly in fact, a week-end if I recall correctly. If that worry you, I did wait for Akatsuki to sleep, she's still more like a kid after all, and even if I didn't wait at least she would know what you like~", she then pointed to the screen (not showing a scene of femdom AT ALL...really, I'm not lying....'s monster girl quest) with a mischievous smile.
"I hope! Even though she's 85 she still act as a kid, that would be just wrong for her to see that!"" Meta shout back, before quickly worrying over the fact Akatsuki was still sleeping just next to them, and sighted in relief as he saw she didn't wake up.

"Anyway, I was referring to the mess in my room, there are manga everywhere!... and I don't even own any manga!(scan FTW)"
"Oh yeah, my clones bought and read them while I was playing to your games, used the money you won through that time when you started building thing under wooly's order~"
"The money I won? I was being used! I didn't have any pay!"
"Oh...well it's not like the bookstore is going to do anything against us for not paying, for now their nemesis is still Jibril after she stole all of their books~" Shrugging, Kurumi then lost all interest into Meta, and went into otaku mode again, continuing to play her (totally safe for work) game, while Meta took Akatsuki back to her room. Once he had finished, and as he was going to go to sleep, using Kurumi's room since she was using his, one of her clone appeared from a shadow before him. "A problem?"
"Yes" the clone answered, "I was wondering why you said that your room became a mess in only one day."
"Because last time I left the house was this morning, when I was kidnapped to take part in a trial which ended with a lot of death, including mine."
At his answer, the clone sighed in exasperation, and said to him the same thing she had to say every day since more than a month : "Meta, whrightfia ended long ago, then you learned there was no more mafia planned for a while, got depressed, went out of the house suddenly, and calme back in the evening, spoke to me a little, then when I asked what you did while you were out, you said exactly the same thing you said just now. Really, if I wasn't able to manipulate time I would have thought someone had put me in a temporal loop."
"Wait, you mean...NO MORE MAFIA???"
Tired after only the 7th repetition of event, Kurumi left Meta as he froze with the usual traumatized look on his face. "Addiction really is dangerous uh..."

Elvis Strunk [Aug 10, 2016, 12:40:11 am]:   Meta is eternally a loli~
Arraxis [Sep 23, 2016, 11:37:43 pm]:   Love you too Meta

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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In a massive subterranean library, during the wee hours of the morning, a man sits at a table, his shaggy brown hair tied back into a short ponytail. He types at a laptop before him, with glowing red-orange lights built into it. Perhaps twenty feet over his head, an angelic being, with long pink hair trailing behind her, floats among the shelves. Her looks do not give any clue as her true age,  At the table with him, a young woman leans over a spread of various papers, each covered in her own distinctive scrawl. Her short, messy black hair shifts as she turns her head to look at her previously written pages.

The man pauses in his typing. There is a change in the air. Slowly, he closes his laptop, and brings his hands to his face, hiding his features. Not again. He thinks to himself. Why now? The nightmares of his death, rebirth, and subsequent re-death have never left him. Slowly, his hands move down his face, and his fingers split apart to reveal his grey-green eyes, blinking open. His arms drop to his chair's armrests, and he slumps, almost in defeat. He raises his head to look at the pink-haired angel above him. Finally, he speaks. "...Jibril." Her attention caught, the Flugel turns her head, floating down to his side. "...It's happening again." A short intake of breath from Jibril. "Are you sure?" "...Yes." Her eyes slowly close, and open again. "I see. Have you told her yet?" "No... I didn't think I'd have to..." The dark-haired girl looks up from her writing. "Eh? What are you on about now? What didn't you tell me?"

The man sighs, and slowly rises from his chair, moving to the edge of the library. It has a circular shape, and slowly, he begins to walk around the edges. "...One of the town's oldest traditions, Tsuzuriko. One wrought with murder, subterfuge, paranoia, strife... and most important of all, of love." As he walks, he recounts his memories. His independence from all others, his untimely death at the hands of a soldier, his revival into a group of those who would have torn the town apart, and the downfall of their plot. Throughout it all, Tsuzuriko can tell he speaks with the utmost seriousness, and refrains from interrupting. When the man finishes, he turns to Tsuzuriko. "Well?" "This is... a lot to take in. It almost sounds like something I would write." The man shrugs. "Maybe you could. If we survive the coming weeks." Tsuzuriko chews her bottom lip in thought. "Do you at least know what to do now?" "No. Not yet. But the information will be here soon, I expect." "Well, then... How can you know for sure it's happening again?" "It's just... one of those things."

"Now come. It has yet to truly begin." The man heads for the exit. Jibril follows, and Tsuzuriko moves to do the same. "Where are we going, Master?" The man continues walking through the hallways of the underground complex. "First, breakfast. If we're going to die, we can at least die with a full stomach." "And then where to?" At an intersection in the tunnels, the man pauses. A smile grows on his face. "Then... we're going for a walk." The two women behind him shiver at the tone of his words, but follow him anyway. To the depths of hell they may go, but they've all been there once. They can make it out again.
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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Deeox stands in the centre of town. His face is grim and serious, an apparent departure from the fear ridden child of the first Waifia incident, and quite different from other jovial incarnations. He’s been gone, gone for awhile, and perhaps for too long. In his hands is a thin leather bound journal, which looks like more of a notebook than a fully fledged diary. He reads, running a black gloved thumb over calm words that eventually become mad ramblings, the screams of the damned written down clearly on the page. Deeox closes the journal firmly, binding it together with a bright red string. The second Waifia incident was just around the corner. He sets the journal within the confines of his coat, bringing out a small eyeglass case and setting the dark magnetic sunglass lenses atop his usual prescription pair.

People would ask him where his waifu was, why he had chosen to show himself in such a way, and why his posts were written a certain way. People always looked in the strangest of places to lay down their suspicions, but people were scared, always looking to shift suspicion. He didn’t care about that today. If he died, then so be it, as he had died numerous times prior. Deeox clicks his tongue, settling his hands in his pockets as he let the magic words spill out of his mouth.  “Nothing bad ever happens in this town.

But lies… Lies would not protect this town. People would. Bravery would. Deduction would. Unity would... Deeox laughs at the thought, trying to apply such descriptions to the individual members of the town. “We’re all going to die.” What was actually going to save the town? Luck. Plain, simple luck.

And they would need as much as they could get.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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rellimkram steps out of a hotel room, still not fully sure how he got there. His memory is hazy, at best. He had been hunting in some woods with Blake, aiming to take down a beast sizable enough to pay off some old debts. Then there had been a storm, lighting the sky with crimson lightning. They ended up running... somewhere? A vague thought of a sign saying "Waifia" crosses his mind, but that's all he can remember before his memories go dark. Glancing behind him into the room, a beautiful blonde woman dressed in all black sat in a long coat, a low-cut v-neck shirt, and a finely-tailored pair of slacks that managed to accent her figure nicely, despite the loose boot-cut. It seems this woman, Cynthia, had found him out in the street before taking him back to the room she had gotten as shelter when she became lost in seemingly the same storm. Despite her only being in her early twenties, Cynthia was apparently champion of the Sinnoh region (wherever that happened to be), as well as being a well-renowned archeologist. Strong, smart, and beautiful. If there was a woman he'd rather have been rescued by, he couldn't think of them at the moment.

Eventually his thoughts drift back to his true waifu, Blake. She's now missing, lost to him during the storm. Hopefully he can find her again soon, but for some reason he fears that he won't be seeing her for a while. tossing one more glance back at Cynthia, he closes the hotel room door and makes his way to the lobby, finding a stack of travel brochures. Plastered across them is a phrase that seems to stand out from the rest of the town's so-called 'highlights:' "NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS IN THIS TOWN".

"Well, I guess technically I wasn't in town when I lost Blake, and screwing up on that hunting job definitely wasn't in town, so nothing bad has happened so far..." Voice trailing off, he looked back down the hall toward the room where he left Cynthia, a small smile creeping its way onto his face. "Heh, I guess the only thing that's happened IN town has been meeting Cynthia, which is pretty damn nice. I guess I should be getting back to her, before she thinks I ran out on her after her kindness to me." Merrily strolling back to the room he is now sharing with Cynthia, rellimkram finds her laying on the room's one and only bed, coat hanging over the back of the chair she had previously been sitting in upon his departure a few minutes earlier.

"Been looking into the local area?"

"What?" Glancing down, rellimkram realizes he brought one of the pamphlets back to the room with him. "Oh... Yeah, something like that. I'm not really sure where we are right now, so I wanted to try getting a bearing on things."

"Smart man. It's wise to keep track of where you are and where you've been if you want to keep sight of where you're going. But enough of that for now, there will be time to explore the town and take in the people and places tomorrow. For now, let's get some rest." Rolling onto her side, back to him, Cynthia made some extra room on the bed for rellimkram to join her. "I trust you'll be gentleman enough to not try anything inappropriate."

Crawling onto the bed beside her, rellimkram strokes her hair a single time before turning the other direction and laying back-to-back with his new found friend, a grin splayed across his face. "Wouldn't dream of it."
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Duke Rockhopper [Apr 04, 2016, 03:59:55 pm]:   People are gonna get hit with sticks
Geocorn [Sep 12, 2016, 01:41:44 pm]:   skipping class is as american as calling football soccer
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The man, the woman, and the Flugel stood in an elevator, moving towards the surface. "You said we're going to have breakfast. What are we having?" "Hm. I was thinking a Western-style breakfast." "With what?" "Pancakes, maybe? Bacon, for sure. Omelets, too." "Master, isn't it a bit early for breakfast?" "Nope. I don't know if we'll be coming back here for a while, so let's eat what we want while we can. Besides, I'm hungry." Tsuzuriko thought for a minute, and asked, "Can you make some sausage, too?" "Sure. Jibril, any requests?" "No, Master." "Well, then. There's our menu." The elevator slowed to a halt, arriving at the surface.

To the kitchen they went. For such an elaborate complex underground, the house's kitchen was relatively simple. Cupboards were mounted on the walls, each stocked with food or dishes. A stove sat in one corner, next to a cabinet containing pots and pans. Opening a drawer, the man took out a fork, a spatula, and a hand mixer. From another, much larger drawer, Tsuzuriko retrieved a large metal bowl, while Jibril disappeared to retrieve the necessary bits of food for breakfast. The Flugel returned; floating beside her were a package of bacon, a package of sausage, an egg carton, and the ingredients for the pancakes.

Throwing the dry ingredients into the bowl, the man began to mix them together using a simple wooden spoon. He measured out some milk, and poured it into the bowl, before cracking open some eggs to add to the mix. By this point, the man had switched to the hand mixer, and soon the batter had a smooth consistency. Grabbing a package of chocolate chips, he poured out several piles. One for the pancakes, one for him, one for Tsuzuriko, and one for Jibril. He tossed some of his own pile into his mouth, chewing on the chips as he swept the pancake pile into the bowl, mixing them in. Over at one of the counters, Jibril had gotten out an electric griddle and turned it on. At the stove, Tsuzuriko had begun frying the sausages and bacon. In another pan, she had begun cooking omelets, stuffed with ham and cheese.

Moving to the griddle, the man took a ladle and began pouring batter onto the hot surface. After he had made four circles of batter, he grabbed a spatula, and ate the rest of his chocolate chips. Jibril took the excess ingredients from the various components of the feast and returned them to storage. Returning, she snatched her own pile of chocolate, and began removing plates and cups from a cabinet. From a drawer, she took forks and knives, and set them all on the table in the center of the kitchen. A smell that could only be described as "breakfast" had permeated the kitchen. An additional plate sat next to the griddle, where the man placed the cooked pancakes into a pile. Over at the stove, Tsuzuriko had finished cooking, moving her own creations to the table. One one plate sat greasy, red-brown bacon; another held pale yellow omelets; the final held small, round sausages. Jibril occupied herself by making a pot of tea.

The man brought the finished pancakes to the table for his companions to begin eating while he finished making the pancakes. After five more minutes, the remaining pancake batter was depleted, and he moved the second half of the pancakes to the table. Jibril had brought over the pot of tea, and poured it out into the cups present. The man removed his phone from his pocket, and set it next to him, as he began to eat, putting various bits of the food before him onto his plate. The trio ate in silence, with only the sounds of silverware and dishes in the kitchen.

Now, all they could do was wait... and hope.
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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The IJN non-kanmusu transport ship Tanaka was sailing slowly across the night sea. The night was calm and peaceful, so Admiral Kana just leaned on the railing on the ship's deck and watched the stars. Such a beautiful sight! Kana was glad there was no light pollution in the sea. Most constellations were visible to the naked eye. Kana easily found Ursa Major's most famous asterism, the Big Dipper, which is quite useful in celestial navigation.

"Imagine the line connecting the two front stars of the Big Dipper, Dubhe and Merak." Kana remembered. "If you continue this line, the first bright star you come to is Polaris, the North Star." And there it was, pointing to the north, as always.

Kana looked for more known constellations and soon found himself thinking about his own existence, the few stuff he knew about the theory of relativity, the Milky Way, the outer space and the universe's infinity... Who knows? Maybe there where waifus on spaceships out there... Light-years away... Too far away for Kana to reach them even if he had a spaceship... "Just try coming to the Moon by boat!" Said a famous scientist once.

"Well, it's not like space is a safe place anyway. It's full of space whales and meteorites and stuff, it is known. Space is dark and full of terrors. I'm okay here. At least I have the sea and my ship girls." Kana thought.

Suddenly, Kana felt a chill go down his spine and shivered.

"It's getting cold here. I should get a coat."

Kana left the ship's deck and entered the ship's cabin. The light inside the room partially blinded Kana for a second, but his eyes adapted quickly. The engine's noise didn't disturb him at all. On the contrary, it was nice and relaxing. Such a noise means the engine works correctly and everything is okay. Believe it or not, it is many sailors' favorite lullaby and they can't sleep without it.

Tone seemed to like it, too, since she was sleeping peacefully in a bunk bed even though her younger sister Chikuma wasn't with her. When Tone was told that Chikuma couldn't come along she spent the whole day crying and calling for her, so Kana decided to deploy Chikuma as well, just in case she was allowed in the end. For now, Chikuma was aboard the transport ship Kensuke, 50 miles behind them, and would sail back to the Naval Base if she wasn't allowed to enter the town of waifia, where nothing bad ever happens. It might seem crazy to transport ship girls on non-human ships, but it's a more fuel-efficient way , actually. Besides, the ship girls can get a rest since they aren't forced to stay awake while traveling at night. Kana put a blanket on Tone and moved on to the operations room.

There were no new telegrams from Revontulet ("Silly Rev, I can't work like this! Where are my orders?"), so Kana put his coat on and returned to the deck. It wasn't too noisy out there, so Kana could hear a few buoy bells in the distance. "We're approaching the coast... I'll have to turn the ship into manual mode soon."

Kana watched the sea's horizon one more time. Above it, the sky was full of stars. Below it, there were no stars, no lights. Nothing. Just darkness. Kana thought about the Abyssals. They had been quite calm, recently... Maybe they were taking a rest, too. They still were very dangerous and might attack at anytime, but Kana didn't feel like dealing with them. "Do not disturb the water." he remembered. The upcoming mission didn't involve Abyssals, but it was much more dangerous than any ordinary sortie and event.

"I barely survived last time... This could be my last mission" Kana thought "and this could be the last time I see the night sea..."

Kana hoped that, wherever she was, Sendai was looking at the stars in the sea's night sky, too. The other girls would be probably asleep. Well, maybe Ooyodo was working overtime again, but she wouldn't waste her time just looking at the sky and thinking banal stuff.

"Such a diligent and reliable girl. She deserves a reward for her hard work." Kana thought, but for now the most important thing was to help his friends and protect Tone.

"Waifia town's lighthouse! I should start the docking maneuvers now." thought Kana and moved to the bridge.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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The night is calm, over Waifia.
A man rides up, in the sky, free and untamed. He's not alone - on his right, an octahedron tall at least as a skyscraper floats, idly. It is strangely beautiful, looking like a single opaque crystal. Even the dim light of the moon perfectly reflects on it, giving it an almost ethereal appearence.
On his left, a much more sinister sphere. The strange white pattern over his black surface is almost unrecognisable, given the scarce source of light - but it emanates an almost natural terror. It doesn't even seem it has a material consistence - almost as if it was a shadow of something else.
Only the finest of observers, however, would notice a shadow darker than all the others, exactly below the sphere itself.

The man hums to himself a beautiful tune from a distant world. If someone was up there, near him, he may recognise the theme from the Goldberg variations. Of course, it's almost undistinguishable - the man's not really good at singing.
Actually, such a close observer would notice that he isn't really a man. More of a boy, his appearence and manners betraying the lack of experience.
His craft is probably at least as interesting as his companions. It's more of a strange contraption than everything - looking exactly as if someone had linked a jetpack to a Segway. No one can really tell if the boy really did such a thing, though.

Jynx looks below. Friends from all over the world have conveyed to Waifia. A few houses are still lit, betraying the secret occupations and affairs of his inhabitants. Some roam through the streets. A fleet made out of outdated ships comes from the sea. A trio of figures, two significantly shorter than the third, observes the town from a cliff.
All of them looking at the same sky, at the same earth, at the same mansion - the one where Revontulet lives, the center of all; what made all of them come back.

It seems that it's time for another game of murder, deceit and death. He can't really say he had much fun, the last time. Dying, that was a whole lot of pain. Being revived, it was even worse. All his bones ached for at least a week, as he was trying to get used again to living. He tried to sue Waifia and its mayor for its obviously false and ominous motto - Nothing bad ever happens in this town - but apparently the judges didn't agree. He secretly blames himself - penguin attorneys aren't probably the best choice if you want a refund. Apparently, they excel in murder cases. Or so his roommate says.

The young boy looks below again, sad. He reminds all the happy times he had with a nice girl. He could almost say he was in love with her.
Then, one day, she was gone. She went to be with a friend of her. And she never came back.
He isn't entirely sure whether Tsumugi was just fascinated by the natural masculinity of Revontulet, or if the man just indulged in his own tastes - ah, he looks so much like King David with Bathshebah sometimes, Jynx thinks bitterly.

He's come back. He's brought his friends. And he'll have answers about Mugi's fate. If she wants to abandon him, be it! But he wants to hear it from the girl herself.
His eyes become two fissures, as he decides it's time to give news of his presence.
"Ramiel, give our welcome to Revontulet."
The octahedron emits an inhuman shriek, far too acute for any human being to bear (but Jynx doesn't care. He's smart! He's wearing a double set of ear caps!) and starts changing repeatedly into various other forms, far too fast for a human eye to properly catch, but all giving an odd sense of harmony, the crystal looking almost like clay in the hands of an able - and inhuman - artist. Finally, it gets the shape of a circular crown, a single red orb clearly visible in the middle.
A single, small, innocuous ray flashes, making the night almost as bright as a day, without causing any visible destruction.

Time to have fun.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Night 0 - Prolouge
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The trio of the man and his two companions consumed their early breakfast. As the man reached for a few more slices of bacon, his smartphone, resting on the table beside him, chimed once. Everyone at the table froze, their eyes going to the phone. His hand halfway to the bacon plate, Jibril mid-sip of tea, Tsuzuriko reaching for her napkin. Slowly, he withdrew his hand, and picked up his phone. He unlocked the phone after several attempts, his hand shaking too much for him to do it with his typical ease. He sighed at the sight of the new email, locked the phone again, and set it back down. “False alarm.”

“Let’s finish eating. Don’t want to let this go to waste.” Hesitantly, the two females in the room resumed eating. With the sudden alert, the rest of breakfast was a tense affair. Slowly, they cleaned the dishes used for the meal, after which they entered the house’s living room. The furniture here was more elaborate than that of the library, with large leather armchairs, a couch in the same style as the chairs, and a large, finished oak table. The man sank into one of the chairs, the leather squeaking beneath him. Tsuzuriko hesitated, before joining the man, hugging his side in what might be one of their last opportunities to do so. Tall though he might be, he still had a slender build, and there was certainly enough room for them to share the chair. He listlessly reached up with his free arm and turned on a lamp sitting beside the chair, proving a dim yellow glow to the room, throwing shadows into relief.

Tsuzuriko looked at the man, concern in her eyes.. Ever since that feeling had come over him, he had… changed, for lack of a better word. While not the most cheerful person, normally he wasn’t this bad. If she had to describe him, she would have gone with weary, subdued, or perhaps despairing. He had saved her, given her a new start in life, even after that monster in human skin had murdered her and decorated her limbless torso for practice. And he, with that other woman she could only describe as an angel, had gone out of his way to pull her soul from death. Hers, among the billions of other women. They’d even recreated her body for her. Limbs and all. She had no way of telling how much time in the land of the living had passed since her death, so it had come as a shock to find out she had been dead for more than half a century.

Recently, she’d taken up the pen again. Before her death, she had written murder mysteries, and even tried to help out an actual detective in his investigation. Even though she hadn’t awareness of time, she’d been dead plenty long enough to come to terms with the fact that she had been butchered. Not murdered, butchered. She had been alive while that thing had hacked off her arms and legs. After so long outside the land of the living, she’d come to terms with her own death and the circumstances surrounding it. She was comfortable enough writing her mysteries again.

She hated to see the man like this. This was not him. She rested her head on his shoulder, and reached her left arm around his back to rub his other shoulder. She felt like she should say something, but didn’t know what could be said to lift his spirits even the tiniest bit. Finally, she settled on whispering to him, ”Are you okay?”

Jibril did not sit. Rather, she hovered at the side of the man’s chair. She gazed at her master and the second female of their little group, whispering her question into his ear. She had heard of, and met, at least two other women that had gained his attention, but they were not here. She did not understand why or how this young human had captured the man’s attention, but it was not her place to question. It had taken some effort to save her from a grisly death; indeed, Jibril had needed to bargain with the Shikigami again for her soul. Even that had not been enough. Tsuzuriko’s body had long decayed since her death, and there was no restoring it from what little was left. Jibril had needed to create an entirely new body from the genetic material they could find that remained after sixty years of decay.

He was her master. Plain and simple. He might not have been the most intelligent of his race, but he certainly sympathized with her general disdain for humanity. The man had never betrayed her, and she would never betray him. No matter how many times that pretentious lecher her master called a “friend” tried to… acquire her as something he considered to be his.

She would stay by his side, for better or worse, through thick and thin. She had no words for him, and no words were needed. She would wait for his commands until he gave them. Regardless of his mental state.

After a few minutes of silence, the man finally spoke.“...Yeah. Yeah. I’m okay. Jibril. I’m going to need the tablet and the laptop. Can you get them from the library?” “Of course, Master.” A magic circle appeared, and Jibril disappeared to the library in a flash of light, before reappearing moments later, holding the two requested devices. He adjusted his posture in the chair, leaning against the back of the chair. Tsuzuriko shifted with him, her arm now draped loosely over his shoulder.  “Both of them? I thought you hated using the tablet?” “I do, but it’s more convenient. As much as I’d prefer to type on a real keyboard, that’s just not feasible all the time. I’m sure we’ll have opportunities to sit at least a few times during this mess. If not… Well, I guess I’ll just be carrying ten extra pounds with me.” Jibril spoke up. ”Master, you should consider the possibility that the information might arrive through less conventional means.” “I have. No reason why it couldn’t come through this, either.”

He took the laptop, and placed it in a black backpack, before starting up the tablet. After tapping away at the tablet, and opening up his new email, his eyes narrowed in focus, scanning the contents of the message. The two women read with him, Jibril behind the chair, looking over him, and Tsuzuriko from her position leaning on him. The email was nothing major, just correspondence with an old friend, far from the peaceful town. After a few minutes, he put the tablet in sleep mode, rising from his seat. Grabbing a black leather duster coat, he pulls it onto his arms, and slings the backpack over his shoulders. He sighs once, checking his pockets to make sure he’ll have what he needs. “Let’s head out.” And with those words, the trio departed from their home, the doors sealing behind them. The man tucked the tablet under one arm as they moved, heading into the night. Overhead, the stars shone down on the town. In the distance, he saw two massive shapes, and paused, sighing. “Well, looks like Jynx is here.” He flinches at the sudden, piercing shriek, audible even from his own house on the outskirts of town. He rubs his temples, trying to rub away the spike of pain, shooting through his skull. Jibril is unaffected, having dealt with auditory attacks during the time of war in her world. Tsuzuriko jumps, and lets out a small yelp of surprise and pain at the sudden sound. ”Owww… You know that guy? How is he not deaf yet?” “He probably did that on purpose. Now, come on.”

 A small, humorless smile flickers onto his face, his eyes half-closed. He begins his walk, once more.

“You know the saying, girls. No rest for the wicked.”

“And the righteous don’t need it.”

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The sound of the Angel’s cry blew the town’s windows out before the beam struck. The aftershock of the blast rattled the mansion causing tremendous damage to the various wall paintings of Revontulet.

Chifuyu: *Coughs* “What the fuck was that?! Akame! Status report!”

Akame strips off her maid uniform and gazes at her wrist tablet.

Akame: “Cause of the blast. Unknown. But we have a bearing on the direction of where it came from.”

Chifuyu: “Get your gear ready.”

Chifuyu turns on her own wrist tablet and heads towards the armory.

Chifuyu: “Imca, YBuy, you two still here? Head towards the armory ASAP. We have a problem.”

Imca: “Reading you five-by-five. Confirmed location.”

Chifuyu: “Aye copy. YBuy. Respond.”

Silence fills the channel. Chifuyu tries to find the location of YBuy, only to find that the man left his tablet in the Armory. Attached to the the tablet was a note:
I can’t accept our orders. Sorry.
Chifuyu crumples the note and radios the remaining Reapers.

Chifuyu: “Specialist YBuy will not be joining us. If found, he is to be treated as a rogue agent.”

Imca and Akame reach the armory and stare at Chifuyu. With a scowl, Chifuyu loads her IS and runs towards the main doors. Imca and Akame look at one another for a second then grab their weapons before heading out.


Akame: “The target is roughly 80 meters in diameter and fired a shot over 1 km away from the blast zone. Currently we cannot analyze what the object is, but judging from its size, we could probably see it safely farther than 1 km.”

Chifuyu: “I’ll see what I can do in the sky. Keep away from large buildings in the meantime and watch for energy fluctuations.”

Imca: “Don’t we have those recon drones we keep in the backyard shed? Can’t we send those?”

Chifuyu: “Good idea, but I’d rather see this thing myself.”

Flying towards the moon, Chifuyu gazes upon the shining image of a… Geometric thing… Confused, but confident, Chifuyu sends her findings to Akame.

Chifuyu: “We can’t engage that thing without more support. We should try to instead minimize the casualties by evacuating the civilians away from the Mansion and areas that are the most populated. Akame, take the city center. Imca, head back and clear the areas around the Mansion. I’ll take try to distract that thing far away from here.”

Nothing bad ever happens in this town? NOTHING? Damit! Bitchy citizens are one thing, bitchy citizens with large ass toys of destruction? Not happening! Not under my watch!
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Walking up slowly up a poorly light, barely maintained forested mountain path in the dead of night wasn't easy, in fact, it was darn right hard.  Not to mention annoying~  Forcing himself to not voice his complaints outloud, Revon painfully pulls out some burrs lodged onto his arm after taking a misstep into patch of bushes.  Not to mention his foot hurt as he was pretty sure he stepped on a thicket of thorns – his RAWRsome slippers just not yielding enough foot protection.  Yes sir, not his finest hour.

Oh the things we will do to make our partners happy....Oh look, there appears to be some lanterns in the distance..., he mused.

“Hey babe, the Waifu Shrine should be right right past this copse of trees. TADA~!”

With a grand flourish, Rev pulls back some branches of a young sapping to reveal the Mystic Waifu Shrine in the close distance....

….the sapling immediately snaps back and slaps him square in the face~!

“@(*$&^$(*^*@#!!" , Rev curses rubbing his cheek.

“.......” , is all Rias can muster as she looks intently forward. I feel it.  There is indeed a powerful force resident here....a different power than those already congregated in this town. Interesting...”   Without even turning to face Revon, Rias rubs his cheek softly.  “ Thank you darling, you have done well.”

“Eh....say, what SPECIFICALLY did you want to do here again Rias?  No one really ventures to this musty place except around New Years for annual wishes...and that itself is a pain.” , Rev grumbles something about lots of people appearing out of the woodwork and crowding the town.  “Not to mention that usually means everyone has to keep their wits about them because of that  damn ecchi fox..”

Abruptly, Rias turns her head alarmed towards Revon, “!!! An ecchi fox, you say?  Perhaps a powerful youkai ?”

Giving a nonchalant shrug, “Er...I'm not sure what that is but – sure, lets go with that.  Lord Fox is control of this place – has some sort of magical kotatsu or something....”

Perfect – exactly what I needed to hear. Rias grins as she takes a deep breath and juts out her chest confidently.  Revon's eyes follow suit..

“So........”, the sound of a horrific shriek echoes off the mountain walls a second later.

Rias doesn't flinch at the sound. Instead, her eyes act like magnets and compel Rev's focus. “You've done well my Emperor.  Let us go take care of this little task, and then we can go about...” , an uncharacteristic red hue shades her face,  “committing ourselves to more - enjoyable pursuits.”

* * *

Although it was approaching midnight, The Waifu Shrine was quite and calm.  A true paragon of a tranquil Shrine paradise on a cool spring evening!  Nothing was stirring.... except of course Lord Fox himself. 

Having just finished his dinner of tangerines and tofu, Lord Fox was preparing himself in his usual way of evening entertainment – a bottle of hand lotion and a oppai hentai doujin at the ready as he lounged under the Mystic Waifu Kotatsu!


Just as he opened his 'reading material' to a rather dramatic picture of Ayame from the Dead or Alive series....a loud series of 'bangs' could be heard from the large wooden temple door. 



Figment of imagination?  Possible....after all, who would visit at this hour....

BANG BANG BANG!!!, the door shutters again.


Grrr.....someone is THERE.  No one...I mean NO ONE interferes with happy slide knuckle shuffle time...


Grumpily, Lord Fox slides out of the kotatsu and makes his way to the massive temple door.  Peering out the peek hole to see who could possibily be interrupting him at this hour....he sees only things...


@[email protected]

“TIDDES!”, he decries with glee~  “Gib me a sec...enter enter!,” as Fox hurries to fiddle with the door's lock.

Immediately, Lord Fox bursts the temple doors wide open to invite his OH SO VEEEERY WELCOME guest!!

“Greetings scoundrel.  Thank you for the invite...” , Rias states as she infurls a barrage of magic – in which Fox is caught horribly off guard.

* * *
In an impressive display of magical power of clashing red lighting bolts and a massive red flare illuminates the sky!  Blindingly power it radiates~ fading into a shower of red lights.  The red lights fall, and some residents of Waifia look upward with the horrid recognition of seeing something similar quite recently...

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