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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"It's a redirector, not a bus driver. What affect gamer affect mrgw. What affect mrgw affect mrgw."

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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Jynx taps his foot, impatiently.

"Your logic is faulty, Arraxis. No one ever said that Roleblocks are prevented by Redirections. As well as I fail to see why mrgw should be at fault. If I had been Mafia, I would have roleblocked Gamerjunkie - especially since I wouldn't have been aware of his target. It's just plain and obvious logic."

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"You do not make more sens that Arra, jynx. Gamerjunkie was stated to be targeted by a vig. Roleblocking him would have been useless since he HAD to use his power on himself. For now that's what bother me : why didn't his redirection protect him? The only answer I see is that he didn't target himself, which is stupid, since Arra said he was going to target him...
Maybe he thought Arra was lying so that mafia wouldn't know his true intention?"

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"In that case, I'd like to ask proof if it was definitely redirection instead of bus driver. And my point stands - if Mrgw were not Mafia, it would make more sense to let the redirection happen so that they could make us look bad or else wait until we try and kill someone they don't want us to kill. They were protecting him."

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"Or making sure we lynch him the next day so that they can kill two people.
Mrgw is suspicious, I agree with you. As to if he will be the one to be lynched today, I'd like to wait. Let's see what other people did before jumping to conclusion.
For now, I can tell that I successfully cheered Wooly last night."

Updated: June 29, 2016, 12:12:17 pm
"BTW, for now, the people I think should be lynched are Mrgw, Jynx, Deeox and Kana.
While I still wonder about what you are doing Arra, a vigilante is almost mandatory in our games, and your claim wasn't contested, meaning I think you are town, just that we don't agree on certain point. As for Jynx, not only does what he claims not pile up with what you claimed, but he has been completely unhelpful, didn't claim anything, and seems really keen on getting you lynched.

You know what? Vote : Jynx
I really have too much reason to lynch him to not vote for him already."
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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Deeox chews idly on the end of a candy cane. "I see everyone's already making assumptions and yelling. I really thought Arraxis would kill me instead. I looked mighty suspicious." He shrugs. "And useless as usual."

He sighs, taking the candy from his mouth. "I am a 2-shot day or night vanillizer or, as my role card puts it,the Prudinator." He waves his hands all mystical like, for all the crap it's worth. "In trying to take away Jynx's role, I took away Gamer's. Which now makes me look like the mafia game's biggest dumb ass. So, in short, Gamer couldn't redirect or whatever anyone because of me. I'm one in the chamber now, and I really don't even care. That's it. I fucked up."

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"Well, at least we know why Gamer died now. Although it's interesting : you were trying to vanillanise Jynx you say? Then, since I doubt Gamer redirected thing from jynx to him, why would he ends up the target?
That just make me want to lynch him even more~

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"Jynx obviously has a passive redirection ability of some sort, and his general attitude made him look like a good vigilante target in my eyes. So I tried to take away whatever abilities he had, but look how that turned out."

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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The pair had retired to their room for the moment. They sat next to a table, a bottle of sake opened, two cups containing a bit of the liquid. “To our continued living,” the man said with a wry grin, clinking his glass against Tamamo’s. They sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping the alcohol in their glasses, before Tamamo spoke up. “Um, Master...?” She began hesitantly. “Hm? What is it, Tamamo?” ”Well... since you seem so sure that… that... you’ll die tonight... would you tell me about... about them? Jibril and Tsuzuriko?”

The man paused, his cup halfway to his mouth. Slowly, he set it back down on the table. “...Yeah. I think you deserve to know.” He sighed. “Well, where to begin... I guess I should start by saying this isn’t the first time the town’s had to go through something like... this.” The kitsune’s brow furrowed in confusion. “But… shouldn’t I remember anything like this happening before?” “...No. If I’m right, that witch with Rev is responsible for this whole fucking mess.” He looked directly at her. “You shouldn’t be here.” He raised a hand before she could protest. “Let me explain. Four… no, almost five days ago, you weren’t here. Not from my perspective. I have no idea how long it’s been since you’ve actually been summoned. For all I know, years have passed since then and someone else took control of my body.”

Tamamo frowned, searching through her memories for her summoning, and found... nothing. Even she couldn’t remember her own summoning! “I... I don’t know how long it’s been. I’m sorry, Mas--” He cut her off. “Don’t apologize for whatever that demon did. Anyway... The last time something like this happened... you weren’t here. Jibril, though... She was. She was... Brilliant. In every way possible. A genius, a beauty, raw magical power that outmatched even Servants... Granted, we did even less than what we’ve accomplished so far. At least at first.” He leaned back. “On the third day I was dead. Jibril came for me, though, going so far as to barter for ownership of my soul.” He blinks, confused. “...That’s probably something I should figure out, actually. What did happen to that, now that she’s gone?” He shook his head. “...Getting back on track. It wasn’t a quick thing, and I was dead for about a day. To the outside world, anyway. Time moves strangely when you’re among the dead. Much slower than out here. I was there for weeks before I was freed. While I was down there, though... That’s where I met Tsuzuriko.”

During this entire time, describing his two previous companions, he had a warm smile on his face, thinking of better days. “Tsuzuriko... She’d been down there for decades. Centuries from her perspective. She was a writer. Still is, really. Very enthusiastic about everything. As for how she died... She... She’d been on her way to a friend’s house when... When she was kidnapped.” His face lost a bit of cheer. “She told me about her last living moments, you know. Let’s just say... Duke was lucky in comparison. At least he died quickly.”

He hesitated. “It must have been torture for her, waiting so long while Jibril and I tried to figure out how to bring her back to the land of the living. Anyway, when Jibril brought me back… God. We did such a shitty job. Last time we worked against the town. Both times. The first time we failed utterly. The second time… Well, we only lived another day before we died. That time, we... were kind of like you and me, right now. Just worked a bit differently. The town caught on and I ended up with an anti-tank round through my chest, courtesy of Ybuy and Imca. So I died again. Thankfully, it didn’t take as long to come back that time, because of Jibril having a hold on my soul. Unfortunately, I couldn’t move as I saw fit after that. But it didn’t take much longer for the town to clean up. After that, Jibril and I got to work on getting Tsuzuriko back. It’s incredibly hard when they don’t have a connection to the Throne of Heroes like you do. We finally succeeded about 5 months ago. Since then, we really haven’t been doing much. Until they disappeared five days ago and you were in their place.”

Tamamo shifted, uncomfortably. It hadn’t been intended as an accusation, but it felt like it to her. While he was speaking, she’d seen flashes of what he spoke of in his memories. His two gruesome deaths, both by Ybuy and Imca. An empty space, isolated from the world, filled with souls. Speaking with the energetic, young Tsuzuriko. Jibril and him poring over arcane tomes and massive sheets of notes. Digging through a Tokyo graveyard for what they needed. All contained in his current feeling of wistfulness. And Tamamo... She hadn’t even met them and she’d taken their place. And finally, she understood. Her Master... Those first few days of emotion had been because they weren’t there to keep him alive. His rock and his light. Both gone when he awoke. Taken, and leaving her in their place. She wished she could do something to help him, but she didn’t know what.

“Master... when this is all over... and if you’re still here... Do you want to try searching for them? I’d help if... If you still wanted me here.” That gave him pause. He hadn’t considered that Tamamo would want to help him find, what were for all intents and purposes, her predecessors. On the one hand, she was far more knowledgeable than he on some topic, and would help make the process of searching bearable. On the other hand... If--no, when they found Jibril and Tsuzuriko... He had no idea how the other two women would react. But if it meant he could see them again... “...Yes. Let’s do that. Now, come on. Let’s get back in the onsen. I’m starting to feel a bit of a chill.” He rose, going to the door, Tamamo close behind.

After some more time soaking in the springs, the man inhaled sharply. “...Tamamo. It’s time.” “...Master...?” He stepped out of the spring, and raised his left arm. “They’re here. Now… By my first command seal… I order you, do not protect me.” One of the three triangles on his wrist flashed and faded. She froze, in the process of reaching for her mirror. “By my second command seal, I order you to live on in my stead.” The second triangle once more flashed and faded. Tamamo felt like crying. He was about to die right in front of her and she couldn’t do anything! She couldn’t even die with him! “And by my third command seal… I order you---” An arc of light cut through the darkness, and his neck. ”No… no… Master… MASTEEER!” Tamamo screamed, tears flowing freely from her eyes as she rushed to him. His third command, whatever it might have been, was stopped before it could pass his lips. “You… why did you…” She fell on top of him, soaking wet, her ears and tail drooping as her body shook with her sobs…

It had been hours since then. The images of his body, lying dead on the ground, would not leave Tamamo’s mind. Every time her thoughts drifted in that direction, all she could see in her mind was his head, floating in the water, and his blood, pooling out from his severed neck. She was still in a state of shock, keeping to her spirit form to conserve her energy, and thus follow his second command. She sighed, where no one else could see or hear her.

Looking over the remains of the town… It didn’t look good to her. Although that might have been just because her Master was gone from their number. She stared incredulously at the... abomination against nature that accursed van now looked like. It had held that man, the “doctor”, who accused her Master of being an enemy, and now that woman expected them to travel in it looking like… this? She would follow the group if they went somewhere, of course, but as a Servant, she could certainly keep up with whatever vehicle they chose to use.

She watched as the survivors argued, debated, and fought with each other. She wished she could help, but… she got the feeling that she shouldn’t. That something… bad would happen, for lack of a better word. So she watched. She thought back to before...that happened and remembered her Master mentioning something about his soul. Perhaps there was a chance he wasn’t gone forever? Even if he wasn’t... how would he escape the realm of the dead without Jibril there to help him? So she waited. And hoped.


He was falling. He’d been falling for miles. Falling since...

He couldn’t remember. It might have been forever. It might have been seconds. Remembering things was hard. He wondered why that was...

Oh. That’s right. He died. He supposed it might have been his own fault. But maybe it wasn’t. Details really didn’t matter to someone dead on the... what was it called again? Ah. Ground. That was the word. He wondered how he got here. He’d died before. He didn’t remember all of it, but it certainly hadn’t been like this.

Something itched at the edge of the horizon, except there was no horizon, sky, or ground. Just... falling. It was... ethereal, really. Pink and shimmering and palest blue and feathered. There was a name for this and he knew it like his own.


Someone was screaming. He was falling into the screams. Or… No. Away from them. Yes. Away. He recognized them. It was the howling of someone that had lost everything. Orange and fuzzy and blue and soft. This, too, had a name.


In the plane of existence that should not exist, something bothered him. There was something... missing. He tried to think of what it could be. It was... Black and energetic and white and friendly. And even this had a name.


Ah... How he missed them. Missed? Was that the right word? He thought so. It sounded right. He could take no comfort in the fact that he remembered their names. All it did was make him miss them more. He... sighed. Sound. That was something he hadn’t expected here. But what had he been expecting from this place? Anything?

He’d been falling for miles. Falling since... He couldn’t remember. Well, since he couldn’t do much else other than make sounds... He hummed a slightly melancholy tune to himself. Was it… Yes. It was Like this. He could remember the music.

And the spirits fly away... yet we wanted them to stay...
Tell us why we look outside... when it’s all inside our minds...
Carry us to cradled coves…

He stopped his humming. What... was that? Something else had started… singing (Was that the word? He thought it was.) with him? In his own mind? It... continued without him...

Bury us beneath the hands… of a monster who can dance…

He gasped. He remembered everything.

“I saw you in the light… You fell from death, and all its neighbors…”

Tentatively, he reached out. “...Jibril? Can you hear me?” He got the impression that the being he addressed... was startled. For the first time in her life. “M-Master?! What-- How-- Where--” “Those are all excellent questions. But first... were you... singing?” He got the impression that she was... blushing. “I-- it-- you heard that?” “Yes... I thought it was pretty good, actually. Might be something for you to look into eventually...” “Master, focus. Where are you?” “Falling. That’s actually the best I can give you. There’s nothing here. I died again. But this doesn’t look like hell to me. Or anywhere, really.” The impression of a frown. “That... shouldn’t be possible. How long have you been dead for?” He shrugged, before realizing that she still couldn’t see him. “I dunno. Couple hours, maybe? Couple days? Time is weird when you’re dead. I’ve told you that. What happened? What’s the last thing you remember?” She hesitated. “I... I don’t know what happened. But something separated us. I haven’t seen Tsuzuriko since then. But there’s… some sort of barrier over the town. I’ve been trying to breach it for the last few days, but I don’t think I can blast through without leveling the town. What’s been happening inside?”

He contemplated what to say. “Well, let’s see... after we were separated, I... was with someone else. It’s been hell. It really did happen again, but this time it’s different. Rev did... something. I don’t know what happened to Mio, but there’s some bitch named Rias with him now. She’s probably the one at fault here. I wasn’t trying to kill the town this time, thankfully, but someone killed me. Pretty sure I know who it was. Don’t think I’ll be getting a second chance like last time. It’s a bit late for that. I think Tsuzuriko is inside somewhere, but I don’t know where. Probably Rev’s fault.” “I see. Well, I think I know how we can talk like this, at the very least. I have your soul, remember. That’s probably how we can talk. But as for where you are... I have no answer.” Silence for a few moments as the two pondered. “Wait. The barrier. It’s completely isolated the town. That could include the afterlife, so with the absence of a body, your consciousness might be trying to return to your soul’s keeper, which is me. Outside of the barrier.” He nodded, slowly, in understanding. “So if we were to--”

“GRRRRRAH! That egotistical, pretentious, idiotic lecher! What the fuck does he think we are, his personal attendants?! Won’t even give us the time of day and he brags about how ‘satisfying’ he is to all of us when we can all see how fucking short of a leash he’s on!”
The man and Jibril listened in a combination of shock and fascination. When they got the impression that the third voice was pausing to take a deep breath... The man took a gamble. “...Tojiko?” ”And my name is NOT TOJIKO THANK YOU VERY- Wait, what?” And like that her train of thought ground to a screeching halt. Only two other people alive knew that little nickname she had during her life, and also just how much she despised it.

“...Fascinating.” Jibril mused at the sudden emergence of what seemed to be Tsuzuriko’s newfound psychic abilities. The man marveled at just how much of a rage the third person of their little group could work herself into. “Tsuzuriko, it’s me! And Jibril! I’m sorry it’s been so long, but we kind of have a bit of a problem right now.” “And just what sort of problem keeps a knight in shining armor from rescuing his princess? “Well, being dead for one.” That brought her up short. “Wait, again? Really?” “Yes, really. And Jibril can’t help, either. Something’s keeping her from getting into the town.” “It must be Rias. She’s given some sort of power to that damn lecher and holding it over his head in case he gets any ideas. He hasn’t done anything to us, aside from make us his damn slaves because of that.” “Hmm. That explains quite a lot, actually. Rev had a bit of a hissy fit yesterday.” “Good. That asshole needs to get what’s coming to him.” “Oh, I’m sure he will, soon.” “Good. Now, once he’s dead, you and I are going to have a talk about you using THAT name to address me.” The man shuddered. He didn’t look forward to that. At all.

“Jibril, I want you to figure out something to take that barrier down as soon as you can. Preferably without leveling this chunk of planet entirely.” “Yes, Master!” the Flugel replied in a cheerful voice. “Tsuzuriko, I have no idea what’s happening in the land of the living, so try to keep us updated. If it doesn’t look like things are going well... Then Jibril can nuke it all. Otherwise, try to hang on while we figure this mess out.” “You got it!” And like that, the conversation ended. They might not be able to see each other, but at least they could talk now. That, at least, was a vast improvement over the last few days of silence. Separated though they may have been, they were still a group with a mind of its own. Wherever that mind took them, who could say.

Now, if only he could do something about all this damn falling...
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"Everyone, if you could become mute only AFTER we've killed Revon, that would be wonderful.""

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* WeAreTheMeta shouts in anger at everything and everyone, and start accusing everyone of being born from Rias' illicit relationship with penguins
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 4 - Jigoku Onsen Resort & Timeshare!
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Merne wanders to the others, looking over everything. Then he sighs and takes out a flask, taking a long pull from it. When he finishes, he takes a gasp and shakes his head.
"I'm not sure what I expected. Probably something reasonable like only one Townie dying at Night. I guess that was just too much to wish for. Maybe like waiting for everyone to come to the table with a post before flying off and trying to end the Day before we know anything." Merne swigs his flask.
"Now I may have rushed things a bit yesterday, but that was within reason. Dokker had fakeclaimed and kept on slipping up his defense. Moving just as fast from the start of the Day is reckless. Let's look over who's fishy.
Jynx, for obvious reasons that I'm going to reiterate. He's been aggressive all this time, refuses to even claim a Role, and seems to have been the source of much kerfuffle from last Night. An obvious choice for a bandwagon.
Kana. Now while RP-themed powers sound very nice, they also sound very comfortable. Simple to claim whatever power you can derive from the scenario at hand. I don't like it. Kana's also only tried logically sussing out what's what when provoked to do so, mostly having a grand ol' time in his own right. Doesn't seem much like him.
rellimcram(2) who's here by default. Claiming an Independent when two have already died is somewhat suspicious. Maybe it's right? Iunno." Merne burps into his hand.
"Lastly there's MerGew. Would having a One-shot Megaman be nice? Yes. If the Megaman would use their powers. Though I suspect MerGew will either have tried Investigating Jynx to hit Gamer or have simply 'gone hunting' again. Then again, he's the last one on this list."

Merne hurrumphs at Meta. Then he swigs his flask again. "I'm going to speak up as I choose to, Meta, not because you're flailing around trying to blind the Town in reckless abandon. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get progressively more drunk. This whole thing is bonkers.
Oh and by the way Takao, I ain't gettin' in that junker."

Player -- Player Role Claim -- Night 1 / Night 2 / Night 3 / Night 4

1) Deeox2 -- Vannilizer, Waifuless -- Abstain / Abstain / Abstain
2) Pal -- Nyan Pimp (Watcher) -- Visit Merne / Visit Elvis / ? / ?, Died
3) Duke -- Cannoneer -- ? / ? / ?
4) Arraxis -- Mage's Triumvirate (Killer) -- Cockblocked / Nope / Target Jynx / Target Gamer
5) WeAreTheMeta -- Cheerleader/Cheerleader? -- Cockblocked / Cockblocked / Visit John / Visit Wooly
6) Gamerjunkie -- Redirector -- From Gamer to Axis / From Gamer to Meta / Gamer to GreyCat / Gamer to Jynx?, Died
7) Jynx -- Nope -- ? / ? / Abstain / ?
8 ) Merne23 -- Armorer, PGO -- Armored Self / PGO, Shot Wooly / Armored  / Armored ?
9) Woolyshambler -- Mental Model Investigator -- Seduced Titor / Visit Merne, Died / Rez'd / ?
10) Geocorn -- Lupide Kinda Big Deal -- ? / ? / ?, Died
11) rellimkram -- Pokemon Master (Serial Killer/Jailer) -- Target Gamer / Target Gamer, Died
12) John Titor -- Tracker/?? -- Target Wooly / Target Elvis / Target Duke and ?
13) GreyCat rellimkram(2) -- Nope (Angel-like) -- ? / ? / ? / ?
14) mrgw4 -- Megaman? -- Abstain / Follow Wooly, get "magnifying glass" / Follow Geo, get "mayor badge" / ?
15) Kana the Boss -- Versatile Kanmusu (RP-themed powers) -- Starflare? / Self Defense? / Cute at John? / ?
16) Elvis Strunk -- Sorcerer, Poisoner/Telepathic Miko -- Inform Merne / Inform Arraxis / Sacrifice Self

Yellow-Orange = Independent
Green = Confirmed townie... as far as you can confirm anything in this world of shenanigans
Blue = solid claim with no good counter arguments.
Red = Scummie
Maroon = weak claim

Today's Music
(Whoops. Forgot to post it Day 4.)

Winry looks down at Waifia, the flames visible even from this distance. She wonders how many people are down there, crying out for help. Help she's too far away to give, even if she could.
She slowly sits on the ground and lowers her head, obscuring her eyes with her hair. She could never help in these situations. Not even when she was given the power to protect people. Why couldn't she help? Why was she so weak?

Teto steps up, looking around at everyone. She seems particularly annoyed at Arraxis and Jynx. Then she humphs and glares at the fires of Waifia. She was gonna need to put on a heck of a concert to cheer up all her fans from this. Not that she wouldn't, of course, just that this one needed to be extra-special.
She clears her throat, and starts on a tune she thinks will ease the deceased in their passing.

woolyshambler [Aug16, 2015, 10:13PM]: ah Merne, they should give you the RP guru badge. Deeox2 [Feb26, 2017, 02:03am]: SO WE GET ON ANOTHER BOAT AND FUCK OFF TO ANTARCTICA.  Elvis Strunk [Feb05, 2018, 01:31am]:   "Two Pilots and all the Eva just died." "Oh. ****." Revontulet [Feb05, 2018, 04:11pm]: That KOTATSU be miiine Deeox2 [Feb28, 18,12:53am]: I'm gonna give Bea a dong.
Choice Music:

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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WoolyShambler examines the van's new paint job, peering under the chasis for a moment before Takao yanks him up by the scruff of his neck, blushing furiously.  "Wooly, behave yourself!  That's no way to act in public," she hisses.

"So I can act like that in private?"

Takao rolls her eyes and turns to everyone as WoolyShambler grins stupidly, arm around her supple waist. 

"I can confirm that Kana is town aligned and that his role is consistent with what he told us previously.  I can also confirm that Deeox's role is that of the 'Prudinator'."

"Sounds awfully ominous to me..." muses WoolyShambler in a brief window of lucidity where he's not distracted by Takao's figure.

"I rather think some of the others might be more suspicious dear," cautions Takao.  "If we're right about there being 2 mafia remaining among us, we need only look at those who have no confirmation as town.  Deeox, Arraxis, Jynx, Relli, mrgw.  Deeox has been truthful about being a prudinator, so that's at least one point in his favor.  Arraxis and Jynx have so far given compatible night action claims and powers, a dangerous thing if they were both mafia since one falling would drag the other down by implication.  Which leaves Rell and mrgw.  We've got decent chances just in terms of numbers to get a mafia, so I think it's wisest to lynch someone today.  Of the two, I find mrgw's claim most suspicious.  If we have a jack of all trades with Kana, why would there be a one-shot megaman role?  I'd like, however, to hear either rell or mrgw say something in their own defenses."

WoolyShambler mimes an "I'm with her gesture"; it's clear as day who's the brains of their operation.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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The, very dead, magical double fades back into the ether from whence it came. Pal groans and places a hand on his head. It might not have been him, but it still hurt, what with the whole 'magical connection' thing and all.
The neko sits down for breakfast, or whatever meal it was at 10:30 in the am. He was, as always, safe at home in his old, underground, gothic castle, inside a volcano, at the bottom of the ocean, on the moon. (Yes, ALL the clichés!!! ALL OF THEM!!! >:D)
His direct link to the girls in town now dead, quite literally!, pal uses a more archaic form of communication; he borrows a cell from one of the girls in the room.

Misaki's phone rings, "Hello?"
"It's me."
"I'm shocked." The girl's response is dry and unamused. "You sure the rest of the players aren't going to hate you for weaseling out of your death?"
"Yeah, yeah. Not like they can do anything about it now." Pal's tone is casual, almost flippant. "Are the other two there?"
"Want me to put you on speaker?"
There is beep and pal's voice comes through for all three to hear.
"Good morning angels."
Misaki rolls her eyes, but joins the other two, who seem to be enjoying themselves, in the appropriate response. "Good morning Charlie."
A delighted chuckle is heard before pal continues in a more serious tone. "Well, since I'm out of the 'game,' I can't point fingers at my suspects, or vote, or share info, or anything."
"What's your point?" Misaki interjects.
"That means I can't tell people I suspect kana, and detox, and jynx, and face, and meta, and axis, jon-"
Lucy blatantly interrupts. "We get it, you don't trust anybody. What else is new?"
Pal 'harrumphs' at being cut short. "Well, you guys can look at this as a vacation. Feel free to have fun with whatever time is left before this farce ends."
The catgirl speaks up. "What if someone tries to bring you back in?"
Misaki looks at the ninja and nods her head in agreement.
"You girls are intelligent, you can make your own decisions." Pal's voice carries trace amounts of sarcasm and dismissal, it seems he does not take the possibility of being returned to play seriously.
"So unless you just want to talk, I can't see any reason you should need to contact me again before this is over." There is a wistful melancholy to the neko's words as he hangs up.

The three girls stare at each other as misaki closes her phone.
"So, now what?" The question hangs heavy in the air before anyone offers an answer. "Go with everyone else?"
A long moment of silence later, the trio goes out to join the rest of the town.

Heinrike [Nov 10, 2016, 11:00:11 am]: I'm bored too, but otherwise bored  Elvis Strunk [Dec 14, 2015, 01:43:59 AM]: Would make it easier to keep track of all the characters, at least. "They're all dead."
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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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Mergo sits in his chair with a dumbfounded looks on his face. 'Ok Pal...What the heck...You have 3 powers...and one of them is to make keys...revy won't tell me what they're for so I assume that means someone has a lock?' Looks round hopefully. 'Well I'm sure it will come up.' Looks round to see if there are any chests seeming way too excited about this.. 'Oh Pal also could watch people and do role restrictions.' Shrug. 'Either way I'ma make a key tonight so I'd prefer not to die for the shear desire to see what happens...Or if you want to be boring I could watch someone...Or investigate someone of your guys choice as I can't think of anyone other than Jynx to Investigate and he seems to bounce things. :-\ I could also remove someone's vote if you want immediate proof of power but doing that stops me from making the key...and I think the key works as the one Evils used (Still a guess :-\ ) so it will be an obvious thing.' Looks at Deo curiously. 'Interesting power, though another one that is normally mafia in nature...Revy's being awfully mean with the power alignment thing.' Ponders Deo nonchalantly as he lights a pipe. 'As to everyone else...nothings really changed in my mind...Relly seems odd due to the shear quantity of Indies, though I guess I'll see how the day unfolds before making more judgments.' (I am also checking if I can give out the key to others and I'll update that in me next post. If so who would you like me to give it to if not myself?)
yes everything I say can and will have a typo in it.

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Re: Wafia 2: The Revontulution | Day 5 - Magical Mystery Tour!
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"I believe the keys were stated to be able to prevent the Imprison effects that were happening earlier on. Anyway, I urge people to actually state what it is they've done and share information, and get your votes in! There's only a limited amount of time and as unhelpful as Jynx has been, him being a redirector of everything means he can't tell us anything. It also means that I suspect I may have killed someone at random on the day I targeted Jynx."