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Interesting. thought Jannti as the dwarven shopkeeper elaborated candidly upon the nature of his items. The sheer nature of coming into a store of such contraband made him uncomfortable, but he was truly grateful to have some disclosure as to his possessions without broadcasting them to the world. The appraisal of the gem was a surprise, but then, he knew that it must have been valuable if commanded by her.  His throat felt dry as he began to secure the stone back into his gauntlet.

"Thank you sir, I do appreciate you spending your valuable time." , he said proffering a respectable bow of the head before leaving some coins as thanks for the effort. He knew that such a gesture wasn't needed, but it just felt right. Perhaps he still thought of the dwarven man who died honorably in Penrith trying to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Pay it forward Jannti, pay it forward for those to follow., he thought.  Death is the inevitable truth for us all, only how we die and what we die for matters.

* * *

Jannti found himself leaning back in a chair of a beer garden across from a garish building which he could have only assumed to be the Dragoncrest Guildhall.  At least he assumed as much by the clientele - clearly paying no mind at the displeased stares he was receiving. He wasn't sure how long he'd been there, but based upon the three empty flagons in front of him, and one half full in his hand, it had been awhile. Not that he cared, but the words spoken to him earlier had cause him to think about matters more than he cared.

"...creatures of hell gives these to their champions..."

Hefting the strange black metal hilt in his sword hand, he took another swig of his drink. Is this what I am now? Without honor, I fled like a craven, not once, but twice because I couldn't affect a change in the outcome. I should have died with my squad that day...I should have died..for her. What have I been doing these past twenty years now?  Given an opportunity for redemption, for honor...and I did it again...  Perhaps it was the drink, or the sting of the memory,  but his eyes and throat burned.  "DAMNIT ALL!" , he roared in an spontaneous outburst, knocking the empty flagons crashing onto the ground.  Recovering from his lack of control, amidst many hushes stares, he decides to take another swig of his drink.

I sought power in desperation, and now that I have it within my hands, I'm questioning my conviction.  Theres no time anymore.  Lunavira, Minnoe......Lady Asahina... Gripping the hilt tightly, he knew he had come to a decision.  If, he corrects himself. If MY Lady Siar desires me as her champion, then so be it.   Having come to his internal decision, his muscles...relaxed and he put away the hilt. 

 Setting down his drink softly, he calls out to a server. "Another...please."
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"Grounds for - I wasn't suggesting that war actually be declared. I apologise if you misinterpreted what I said." Sashiel mentally noted that Grigs was up for a breakout attempt. It was certainly something she wanted to do, but if she believed herself capable she'd have tried it already. As is the only fate that awaited her would be imprisonment and/or death. A nearby waitress seemed to be taking an interest in their conversation, even interjecting at points - she sounded incredibly fearful and naive. Why was she even talking about things she didn't understand? "Maybe some other time, Muscles. When we've got the information to find him and make sure we're successful. When that happens, though, I'd be honoured to be able to count on you." She also wanted to meet this 'agent' who was familiar with their work on the Starborn, too. It was always nice conversing with those familiar with their theories and seeing if they had anything to contribute.

Soon enough Grandmaster Nadaarin arrived to take them away, and provided them with food as well. A Sicarius being amongst their number was surprising, to say the least, especially considering he was an elf. However, given his views, it sounded like he was on their side. Introductions were important, and the others took the lead and began explaining things from their point of view. However, there was that waitress again... how and why did she sneak in and just presume that she was a part of this? Sure, she was offering to help with her master's liberation, but who suddenly offers this out of the blue, especially considering she said they should all run away at their very presence? Elidia and Thomas did their bit on explaining things, and then it was her turn.

"My name is Sashiel Kyrren. Cleric of Savras, half-elven bastard, scholar, and teller of fortunes." She said with a bow of her head. "There's not much else to say regarding what the others have contributed, save that the staff the goblin shaman leading the ritual possessed was definitely magical - I'd have kept it for myself but I had already agreed to surrender it to the new goblin chieftain. I did manage to hold on to a few trinkets from the ruins that I have brought with me for study and to make sure the Imps don't get their hairy palms on them." With that she put down the gems she had liberated in front of her. "Although, I must ask... that woman who just left. Why was she here babbling like she belonged with us? She wasn't part of our party and she just... invited herself along without prompting. Is she a bipolar adventurer moonlighting as a waitress?"

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At Grigs’ use of Infernal, Fortune smirks. “This will be interesting…” He says nothing else besides that.

To Sashiel’s words, Fortune shakes his head. “I meant my words in the broadest sense. War, meetings, political action… Our enemies must be fought in some manner.

At the table, Nadaarin takes Grigs handshake and retaliates with a strong grip of his own. The grandmaster is no weak man… perhaps not as strong as Grigs, but certainly not one who would not show a strong man his own strength. One should know where they stand, after all.

Byron remarks in the background at Elidia’s comments on Jannti. “I hope the samurai does eventually join us. A military man’s perspective may be helpful.

Beatrice looks at Byron. “Father, you were a military man.

A Tavaniran military man…” he appends to his first statement.

Ezra catches Eli’s gaze and places a finger against his lips before he casts a directive glance at Thomas. Your boyfriend’s watching, he seems to say. Maybe Eli was right about all the Sicariuses all along. Maybe he’s just screwing with her. Perhaps we’ll never know, or perhaps Thomas is a soon to be cuckold. Poor Thomas.

Nonetheless, the table waits in silence for everyone’s testimonials. Grigs’ words mostly confuse the table and they don’t seem to take him very seriously at all, mostly sneaking glances of confusion or amusement at one another. When Elidia dumps the spotlight upon Thomas and he clears up most of the confusion, Byron nods. “After that, the templars kidnapped a barmaid and Aubron. We have no clue where they went.”

Nadaarin nods, considering all he has heard. As Grigs reveals an entire roast duck, Nadaarin begins to once again address his audience. “This is truly grim. Both the actions of these templars and these goblin cultists pose a great threat to the Dagger Coast, if not all of Rosarius. We are not but twenty years past the events of the Rosarian Upheaval and the Dark Tide, and yet here we are presented two interconnected events that threaten renewed war and disaster.

It is not exactly a great surprise,” Fortune remarks. “We have seen the signs.

Yes,” Nadaarin agrees. “Long have we feared the increasing independence and political power that the Templar Order has garnered. The actions of Grandmaster Sicarius are but the most recent in a chain of events that stretches back decades. Increased collusion with the warmages of the Luirenmere Dominion…” He gives a glance to Ezra, who looks to his hands nervously. “Horrible things have been done.” Nadaarin takes a teapot from the centre of the table stylized in the traditional fashion of the Tavaniran province of Keimeyo and quietly pours a drink for himself. “Empress Vitale herself has expressed an interest in meeting with the Dragoncrest Guild, as perhaps you have heard. I will endeavour to bring up this topic to her hastily.

As for the cultists, this sort of thing is quite a new development. The unorganized and non-city dwelling creatures of Rosarius tend to act as little more than a particular flavour of bandit. Cult fanaticism and kidnappings are not a particularly new occurrence, however, you’ve presented three very troubling items. The movement of a goblin clan coming to Penrith as you have stated, Ms. Elidia, does indicate forces in work we are not privy to. The ‘big eyeball zombie’ as Master Grigs describes most brings us closer to this conclusion. No simple goblin tribe would possess the ability nor the magical capital for that. Finally, this orcish prophet… That truly is the key to this. I wish you were able to capture him, the information we may have been able to glean…” His eyes shine with the sort of resolve a man of his position must have. “We must ensure a second Dark Tide does not occur.

When Sashiel places the gemstones upon the table, Ezra motions for a closer look. He takes one into his hand, rotating it for a close examination. “I feel as if I have seen this before… but I can’t place it.” He hands it back. “I trust in a cleric of Savras’ intuition, but maybe someone at the magical academy here in Cazavir will be able to help with the…” He finds the word. “... intellectual side of your endeavours.

Elidia’s tidbit about Commander Sicarius causes him to stop as he brings the teacup to his mouth. “You mean to say they were… sent there exclusively on Grandmaster Sicarius’ orders? It was not a response to a reading?” He looks worriedly to Fortune and Ezra, beginning to speak of some other topic. “Neither of you have had any word with them?

Ezra simply shakes his head, whereas Fortune replies vocally. “They value their independence, Nadaarin.

What of Aldanae?

Ezra replies to this one. “She said she was coming back. I don’t know when she left Kazfar, but she may be back tomorrow or within the week.

Nadaarin leans back in his chair, running a few fingers through one of the tendrils of his beard. “Our chessboard is missing its rooks…” He looks to the party, examining each of them for a moment. “Perhaps…” Fortune leans over and whispers into Nadaarin’s ear. The dragonborn nods once Fortune is done. “You have all done the Dragoncrest Guild, and perhaps all of Rosarius, a great service by coming forward with this information. You have put us one step ahead of those who would wish to do harm to our world, and as such, you will all be rewarded handsomely. For now, please fill yourselves with wine and meat. I am sure the trip was rather exhausting for all of you considering the circumstances.

With Julissa out of the room, Nadaarin coughs lightly into his hand. He is about to be a bit ruder than he usually lets himself. “She seems the more… eccentric type, yes. A recent hire to the canteen staff. The barkeeper often says she sees or hears things that do not exist. It is either a malignant spell upon the mind, or the imagination of a child - I do not know which is worse for her health.

As for all of the party beseeching Nadaarin pull the bounty… “I’ll see to it that Penrith’s stability and that bounty are taken care of. I think that goblins will be the least of Penrith’s concerns, especially if these templars are still in the area.

With that, Nadaarin lets things commence without further ado.

Jannti’s alcohol fueled excursion is brought to an end as the sword hilt glows the faintest bit with impure energy. “Jannti…” a voice calls with all the flirtatiousness and sensuality of a sophisticated prostitute, yet still filled with a deep and malcontent power and commanding presence of a power hungry general. “The time lies now for the continuation of our dark communion, but not within the bottom of your drink. Find yourself some place where we will not be disturbed.” And that is all she says as the sun begins to set upon the city of Cazavir.

Whether Jannti stands to leave immediately or not, he gets the distinct feeling someone is watching him within this tavern’s enclosure. This person is not Siar.

The banquet or party, however one would like to describe the dinner Nadaarin had brought them into, lasts a considerable time. Nadaarin seems intent on keeping the party within the confines of his dining hall. If the reason for that be some scheme or simply a love for guests, it is not divulged to the group.

Nothing particularly interesting happens as the meal drags on, except perhaps when Ezra seems to get drunk and tries to hit on Elidia, Sashiel and Thomas all at the same time with a set of rather cheesy lines. Grigs is left out. Perhaps he just isn’t into muscles upon muscles. The rest of the meal seems to be small talk, trying to eek out the small details upon each of the group’s lives. With “Where are you from” and “Were you always the adventuring sort” kind of questions. The other side of the table as well seems to be catching up. Maybe, just a little, this was all an excuse for old friends and family to reconnect. The end of the world seems to enjoy doing that.

It takes some time for Julissa to go about the docks of Cazavir and find the perfect place to find some quality armour. At one particular establishment, a rather effeminate elven man seems to get caught up in whether or not Julie should wear dark or light brown leather armour or if she should wear one belt or two belts for style. Not to mention at the end of it, his prices are absurdly high and Julie cannot afford any of it. At another place, a dwarven woman scoffs at her. “Leather! You humans and elves… all you care about is moving around! In the army, I fought a troll on my own and the only thing that kept me alive was my armour!” She doesn’t even carry any leather armour in stock.

The last place she goes to is one run by a calm and elderly half-orc man. He doesn’t speak much, mostly relying on the communicative properties of bodily gestures. When she asks for leather armour, he beams, giving a toothy grin, and sets her in a set of leather armour that fits extraordinarily well. He rings her up for a very modest sum and sets her on her way once she has it all paid for. It’s dark now. The shopping adventure took quite a long time.

Julissa notices something out of the corner of her eye as she makes her way back to the Dragoncrest Guildhall. A flicker of swift movement and the flash of fine steel reflecting lantern light in one of the Guild’s alleyways.

At some point, Fortune looks to Nadaarin. “It’s getting late.

So it is,” Nadaarin says, looking upon his empty cup. “Well, I think it would be good for us to retire for the evening. If you would like, we can supply accommodation within the guildhall, or if you would prefer, we could pay for lodgings across the way in the local inn. I would suggest against simply sleeping outside, however, the night can be fairly dangerous in the city.

Whatever it is you decide, you are free to leave and do as you choose. I believe I have much to discuss with Sir Byron and our privacy may be of the essence.

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Julie can’t wait to get back to the guild hall. She doesn’t know what kind of a person Grigs is in regards to a woman’s appearance, but it can’t hurt to look good if he does actually care! Some of the things that stupid elf had tried to sell her were so ugly! Who would want to wear brown leather of all things? At least learn how to dye it and make it look nice.

The feel of leather against her bare skin really does feel weird, though. She’s worn nothing but cloth for her entire life, never having a need for any real armor. Why should she? She was just an innkeeper’s assistant, a tavern hostess, and now a barmaid. But if she’s going to go breaking someone out of prison with Grigs, she was going to need something sturdier that a cloth gown created specifically to expose her cleavage.

Not that this does much better. She had heard about female armor before, and how little it actually covered. Her shoulders are completely exposed, and there is a cutout specifically for her chest. But Shion had always told her that there is a certain kind of magic in these armors, which redirect even the strongest attacks from the exposed areas to the armor. Whether there was any truth in that was yet to be seen. Then again, Grigs is still alive, right?

She wasted far too much shopping. There were too many armor shops in town, and their owners were as awful as their patrons. But at least she got to buy this cute outfit from the half-orc. He may not be the prettiest humanoid is Rosarius, but at least he was the nicest of the merchants. Some people would have scoffed at even thinking of visiting a half-orc for anything but a target to spit at, but Julie doesn’t like that. Nobody should be judged for being different.

She should have just enough time for a bath before she has to meet up with Grigs, and anyone else who might want to come along. Her heart sings with giddiness as she wanders the streets.

But it’s interrupted. A shiver crawls up her back, much like she felt any time she heard a mention of the Cult of Doriath or the Templars. It isn’t them in particular, but rather people she feels want to take her away.

There’s someone, or something, in the alleyway. Almost by instinct, she whips out her bow and notches an arrow. Shion had taught her that trick a long time ago – the necessity of notching a bow while readying her weapon. Swordsmen only need only step to unleash their weapons, he had said. Archers need two, unless they can do it all at the same time.

She can’t waste any time in aiming. Instead, she lets the arrow fly. All she can do is pray that her target really is a foe and not simply a bystander. But if she has to kill a bystander in the name of protecting her secret, so be it. The truth must be kept hidden at all costs.

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When Julissa fires off an arrow, the figure ducks down suddenly and the missile goes over their head. It may seem like an absolute miss, but then the figure stands up again and the arrow rebounds off a nearby wall, smashing the figure in the face with the fletching side of the arrow. Something crunches. “Hells!” the figure shrieks and collapses upon the ground. Behind the figure, two more appear, brandishing more fine steel.

What happened?” one of them asked. The other looks into the street and catches sight of Julissa and her bow. In an instant, they disappear in a burst of black mist and appear much closer to Julie. It’s a woman, eyes angry and deadly, cloaked in shadow and leather. She hefts her sword into the air and brings it down upon Julie, but the girl’s moved off to the side. The blade sticks between the cobblestones of the street and the woman exerts herself to pull it free, tired for but a few precious moments.

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Julie gulps. In her fear, she's done the one thing Shion had told her never to do - rush her actions. Even in the heat of the moment, she shouldn't panic. Attacking the person was the right thing to do, but she should have at least taken time to aim.

She's managed to stay safe for a few moments. But there is this weird woman with the sword near her. Based on the way they moved so quickly in the black smoke, she understands flight isn't going to be an option. This is either kill or be killed.

Her hands shake as she notches another arrow. Her expert dodging bolsters her confidence, but not by much.

The woman is tired. Julie has time. She carefully takes aim, and looses another arrow. Shion would be proud of her.

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Julissa’s arrow flies true, but the woman throws up her hand wildly and the arrow scrapes against the leather of her armour. The tip of the arrow scratches against her head and a nasty gash opens up in the side of her face. She growls in intense anger.

Her partner, a man in similar dress and personality, appears out from their original position. They advance, but Julissa brings out a creature of undeath in both visage and body. He panics for a brief moment, but his sword crashes into the being’s skull, sending it hurtling into Julissa.

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Julie falls flat on her butt. God damn it! How could this be going so horribly? One of them she could probably deal with on her own, but two? Two is a bit of a stretch.

She's trapped. How can she survive something like this? And to make matters worse, she panicked and summoned an undead creature. She hadn't even been here much longer than a year, and she's already creating a cause for persecution.

The first attacker's sword lies nearby her. If Julie could just get it down to one assailant, she might be able to create an advantage.

She grabs the sword and lunches at the injured lady.

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Unexpectantly, Jannti sees a flash of… something emanate from the hilt.  Normally he’d chalk it up to his drinks, but the sultry and confident voice is unmistakable.  Rigidly, his muscles become taunt, and he comes to attention in his seat.  He was unsure if this was due to his surprise, the fact that he had mentally committed to obeying her as his mistress, or perhaps….remebering the pain from his last encounter  Yes, my lady., he answered back in thought. Clearly she had been watching him this entire time….had others heard her commands too?  Even disregarding his Tavaniran sensibilities to magical matters, how would others react if they knew? He didn’t want to stay around and find out. 

Quickly putting the hilt away, Jannti decided to down the last of his drink (if he was to endure more of the special treatment he had as last time, he might as well) as he scanned around to see if he could place a face to the unease he had.  Leaving his payment, he decided it best to depart.  His hand on the hilt of his nodachi warily, he began walking to the inn near the SE gate- where he stayed previously.  He had no idea what was to be expected from him in this “dark communion”.  Whether this would suffice for his mistress’ wishes, he did not know.  It certainly was not as isolated at the dolemns of the Violet Fields, but it was a familiar place and one safe from whatever or whoever else was watching him. 
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Julie tries to hit the woman with the man’s sword, but the man gets in the way. Julie stays upon her feet, but the man falls to the ground. The woman sees her opening, and lunges forward with a strike of her own. Unfortunately, Julie gets out of the way, and she misses.

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I can't win, Julie mutters to herself. It's impossible. Two people are simply two hard to beat, and this armor really did nothing against that undead crashing into me.

Seeing the undead still lying there, she waves her hand to desummon it. It's bad enough she summoned it, but if she left it as evidence of her actions, it might be even worse.

She thinks for a moment. Her options are to kill both of them - something she knows is impossible - or to flee. But that lady was so quick in that black cloud. If only she could learn that ability too. It seems so close to the skills she already knows, so maybe if she just spent a few moments to think on it, she could get something.

She collapses on the ground and starts crying. Please, don't hurt me! It's just a feint, of course. For hopefully, in their few moments of confusion, or pity, she can discover the method of that motion.

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Elidia's eyes glint with equal measures challenge and amusement as she holds Ezra's meaningful glance for the duration of his opening move in a dance neither of them are unfamiliar with, it seems.  The cocky confidence playing about the corners of his lips piques her intrigue, at the very least, as she weighs whether she's to lead the steps or him.  She's been privy to enough court maneuvers and noble parlor games to take Ezra's flirt with no more seriousness than Thomas affords hers, but as she knows well, the authenticity of an act is in the grain of sincerity at its heart.  At any rate, the night is young and she's among "friends"; it would be poor sport indeed to turn down the Ezra's invitation to come out and play.  As the party's testimonial ends and before the conversation gets too heavy with intrigue and conspiracy, Eli throws caution to the wind and joins the dance.  The vamp of her boot silkily tracks down the inner side of Ezra's shin under the table, smooth leather taking its time along the fabric of his britches before the gentle tension lifts.

The fun and games are, thankfully, put on hold for a moment as the Grandmaster and his coterie exchange words meant for one another more than their guests.  It's clear to everyone, however, that a chill wind blows, air stirred by actors unseen.  Everyone except Grigs, probably, who's understanding of the conspiracy is likely limited to the now revealed roast duck so nefariously concealed from him moments before.  Eli listens and gleans what little she can from the words and between them; the pattern would emerge once she had enough pieces of her own in play and she holds her tongue with studied boredom to the outside world so as to not tip her own hand in matters such as they are.

Eventually, an impasse is reached and the Grandmaster extends his hospitality in full.  A goblet of wine lifts and frees Eli's spirit through the meal; she banters, feints, and spars with the rest of them, doing what she does best and setting aside thoughts of tomorrow to enjoy the moment.  Bringing more blush to Thomas's face than wine, supplementing Sashiel's tarot readings with her own interpretations, playing along with Ezra's show of inebriation, and tossing grapes into Grigs's gaping maw, Elidia laughs and sings her way through the eve as the moon rises into the night sky.

When the hour is struck, she rises from the Grandmaster's table and politely curtsies in thanks to the Dragonborn's hospitality.  Setting her hand upon Thomas's upper arm, she smiles mischievously for everyone's benefit.  "Don't wait up dearest, you know we Elves don't sleep much."  Gently lifting her goblet of wine from the table by the rim, she tops off a nightcap before coming around the table.  "Your offer is appreciated Grandmaster, but I find the snoring of mercenaries and merchants to be an ill fit for the night's meditation."  Arching an eyebrow with laugher and challenge in her eyes, Elidia throws down the metaphoric gauntlet at Ezra's feet before taking her leave.  "If this one isn't too wine-sodden to sheath his rapier, perhaps he would be so polite as to escort me to the study~" 

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Julie is unable to discern whatever technique or magic is responsible for their abilities, and while Julie is upon the ground, the man dives for her and tries to get her into a headlock. Luckily, she makes it out. The woman once again tries to bring her sword down upon Julie’s head, but she too dodges out of that conundrum. When Julie tries to run for it, the woman is on her heels immediately. With a burst of black, she reappears closer to Julie and attempts to put her sword through her. It, once again, misses the mark.

When Julie jumps into the bay, the woman spots her, but does not pursue. Instead, she places her sword back within her sheath and then she disappears in another haze of onyx void.

Julie has escaped. For now, at least.
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Julie lets the river carry her away while she catches her breath, thankful Shion had taught her how to swim back in Albia's ocean. Her usual spunk and energy is drained, leaving her time to think on things.

She never expected such a fight from trying to kill someone clearly after her. He was after her, right? Was he? It didn't make any sense anymore. Nothing did.

She stares up at the stars. What is she doing? More clearly, what was she going to do? She had summoned an undead, and the people who saw her use her powers were still alive. She could deny it, of course, but it wouldn't take long for the people of Sunjin, or of Lakinberg, to corroborate their stories. Then she'd be on the run again, or cornered and die.

The clock tower tolls, signifying the time she meant to meet Grigs at the front of the guild hall. Did she really want to do that anymore? Charging in recklessly almost got her killed back there, and the guards in this town are a lot stronger than she thought - if they were guards at all.

She pulls herself out of the river. Not exactly what I was planning for a bath. Her leathers are absolutely soaked, her bow string might snap if she pulls it improperly, her hair's a mess - she has no idea where her hair tie has gone - and her heart is broken. For Grigs is not there waiting for her.

Quietly, she pushes open the door to the guild hall to head up to her room. But she's not going to be able to sleep - at least not yet. And as such, there is one thing she has to do.

The guild library is a large expanse of books, containing knowledge on all sorts of topics - from arcane magic to divine magic to weapons to fiction to lustful erotic books she's not too prideful to admit she's read. But she's mostly interested in one topic.

She pulls down a book named "On Magical Transportation of One's Self." She's not sure if she's going to be able to do it or not. It seemed like magic, and all magic she's been able to do since the Cult of Doriath's corruption has been summoning the undead. But maybe there was someone here who could understand her. Somebody who at least had her same sort of disposition.
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Ezra seems more than pleased that one of his targets was receptive. He places both his hands upon the table and pushes himself to his feet. “There is no state of drunkenness that would allow me to deny a lady’s request,” he says and winks at Thomas.

Beatrice gives Ezra a displeased look as if to say… Really, Ezra? Really? He pays her no mind as the two leave the room. In the upper halls of the Dragoncrest Guildhall, Ezra asks, “You say your destination is the ‘study’, but whether that is code or not eludes me. Simply ask or lead on, and our escapades can have a direction.” That is, unless Elidia jumps him right here in the hall in a burst of passion! How scandalous, when Thomas is but a door away! Or perhaps Thomas enjoys such acts to be in his view! Even more scandalous…

Hopefully Elidia isn’t going to try and stab Ezra though. That would be unfortunate.

The feeling of being watched does indeed continue as Jannti makes his way out of the tavern and towards the inn of his destination. He is unable to see anyone in particular who would be giving him this feeling. The shadows give him nothing but more fuel to the fire of this paranoia.

He reaches the inn without any fuss, and the woman behind the guest book’s desk seems to recognize him. “Back so soon?” she says. “Another room then?