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July 2019 Update
« on: July 29, 2019, 03:45:06 pm »
Hello there,

I'm... now a production manager for all future games of InnoMen.
I mean I've always been, but I did wanted to hog a few more roles for myself, only to realize I can't really do it all my own.

So the director role has been passed over to Youko, because she is a film graduate and has created awesome mini-games during her free time.
Even her resume is a game itself, which you can play here:

She'll benefit the title of a director more for her career, and I feel we can work together up til the final arc more realistically this way.

It took a while realizing my specialty being... just an admirer of Visual Novels and Animations in general, and promoting them to others.
I'm not a good director, our first demo was just full of technical stuff / showing off Live2D, camera work and all that. But they were just met with harsh criticisms everywhere.
Even if we finished this with me as a self-proclaimed director, people will just recognize me as someone who finished a Visual Novel, but director/artist and all that jazz? I doubt it.
It's all mediocre as I can't really focus on each of the roles I've burdened myself with.

We want to sell the game, so I really need to communicate more with our backers and fans who have been interested in our project.
I'm sorry to those who have been disappointed with the lack of communication.
Honestly, I've got really nothing to say, the only reason I'm still here is because Youko, Glean, Tooaya, Shroud(composer), Jester(UI guy) sticked around working with a manchild like me.
I need to repay them somehow and hopefully along the way, people would regain trust in our team.

So what will change exactly?
Me and the entire team will be assisting Youko to whatever she needs to finish the scenarios.
The attached footage is her direction, and as you can see, a million times better than the original.
See attached (2019-07-29_15-19-45.mp4) or this link

Glean/Kemeo is still helping with the programming.
Jester for the UI, like this one - (music is a placeholder)
Tooaya for the CGs, she has done quite a lot despite her busy schedule and fan art works.
Shroud/Arvin for the music.

I'll stick to marketing/communications and also assisting with programming/battle script editing (where I'll follow Youko's storyboards)
I need to keep in touch with people since we're selling a game. Youko can't be bothered to promote since she just want to be in her cubicle working on games non-stop.

That's all the update for now. Feel free to talk to me on Twitter as I'll be replying much faster there.

Cheers and have a great day.

Updated: July 30, 2019, 07:52:34 am
Sorry for the low quality,
I was only meant to share this with the team (specifically asking Shroud to replace the last placeholder bgm)
But yeah... it's still going!
Credits to Youko for the scene direction. She's still getting a hang of the camera work and all.
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