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In-Game Credits
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We've posted an update regarding the game credits, and we'll keep updating the following list:

Desmond Chieng
Sam Garamy
Christopher Punska
Michael Brand
Simon Bulens
David Mendez
Tim Reilly Jr
Erwan Hellouin
Nathaniel Pahl
Timmothy Clarke
Seto Konowa
Angelus Luminous
Kay Elspas
Christian L.
Grzegorz (ggamer2) Kucharski
Bruno Alves Marques
Adam Nogowski

If you have contributed in Sierra Ops, email us using the website contact form or directly at [email protected] the following details:
1. Email which you used to contribute to the campaign or donation link for verification purposes.
2. "Displayed Name" - the name you wanted to show to the credits.

If we do not receive any email, we'll end up posting your real name (or email name without the @mail-service-dot-com/net if we can't find your name at all in the IndieGogo contributor details).

There are no deadlines, we can update the build and change/remove your name anytime upon request.
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