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  • Some weapons will be upgradeable. Not all. It seems to simply to be IS' response to their own powercreep with the latest prf weapons. I fear however it will end creating even more powercreep (seriously, some of the bonus there appear insane) and in some months it's likely a lot more weapons end up being upgradeable.
  • Book 2 of the story. If you didn't get it already that heroes was a reenactment of Ragnarok with all the references, now it basically hits you on the nose. The CGI scene though is very cool
  • Dorcas is in the game and he talks about mutton and trusting nobody. Oh, and Mia, Lute and Joshua are in too (Joshua is ironically a free reward in the next Tempest Trial)
  • A new Choose your Legends contest soonTM
  • Healers get buffed by strengthening their healing and attack skills (they still do half-damage though), and some other skills are also buffed.
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On the topic of Fire Emblem Heroes, Great Googly Moogly, Alfonse is terrifying as long as you can keep magic users away from him.

Level 32 5-Star stats with Fˇlkvangr (but no Sacred Seals):

HP 39
Atk 47
Spd 21
Def 26
Res 16

Add in the fact that he gets Atk+5 at the start of the turn if he's at or Below 50% HP from Fˇlkvangr, and the fact that he gets Death Blow 3 for +6 Atk if he initiates combat...

That's 58 Atk, and he's still got 8 levels to go before he maxes out...

I'm going to have to Pair him up with Gunter for that  +3 Atk Boost Gunter gives out like candy.

At level 40, I have him at (without Seal or Support bonuses)

HP 43
Atk 51
Spd 25
Def 32
Res 22

I've seen him do 128 total damage on a double attack thanks to Gunter's +3. Granted it was a level ~37 Green mage, but whatever.

I've given him Summoner support and a Speed seal, as well as Support with Gunter.

Unrelated, but tfw you summon and get 4 4 stars that you didn't have before, and one of the 5 star focus heroes.

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Only 5* I've got recently is Klein. I didn't even know you could summon him at 5* o.O (got like five 4* kleins which have now all been outdone >>)

I'm glad to see they're adding weapon refinery. Finally, Lyndis shall be good again :D

Alphonse is VERY strong at max level. So are Sharena and Anna, but Alphonse is far better, and Sharena doesn't get a crit skill through regular levelling >>

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