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I've still yet to finish the manga of Arpeggio, but yeah, in my opinion the manga was fairly superior to the anime: while it's not exactly as moe (the order of some events is changed so Haruna loses screentime), Takao is equal or better, and the plot improves four-fold.

It however has long-ass battles (the battle I think it was of Tokyo bay? lasts 8 chapters despite starting at chapter 7 I think), which are mostly awesome, but the pacing around them becomes a little more difficult, so if you have to mind money and can't buy volume after volume maybe you won't like it as much,

Bigger battles? This could be good.

Well, they are not bigger per se, but it's juts that things that in the anime were relatively simple, like juts Ionna launching torpedos, the enemy counter-attacking until everyone uses their super-cannon are explained with a lot more detail (and pages are also cluttered with extra-detail of the mechanical designs, firing the super-cannon can take up to 3-4 pages due to them drawing a lot of the process). It plays a lot with hide-and-seek, like the anime, but probably from the fact that it's a manga it feels more suspenseful.

I had heard the battles were more detailed in the manga, so I assumed that that's what you meant. I'm actually looking forward to it more now. I like when books or shows show/describe how something works.

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Re: What are you reading?
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Just finished reading Log Horizon Vol.2 I loved the anime and I think I prefer some of the names that were changed in the anime from the book. One such example is the name of the Elder Tales expansion from "Homesteading the Noosphere" to "Novasphere Pioneers". The latter sounds much better than the former.