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Some code suggestions
« on: September 16, 2014, 07:07:23 pm »
I know I’m asking for too much… However if the main program could make some part of coding as below, it would help much with my translation MOD.

1.   In “screens.rpy”, if the menu hotspot could be made at same size as below
Code: [Select]
        hotspot (80, 405, 208, 50) action Start()
        hotspot (80, 472, 208, 50) action FileLoad("1", page="quick", confirm=False)
        hotspot (80, 537, 208, 50) action ShowMenu('load')
        hotspot (80, 598, 208, 50) action ShowMenu('preferences')
        hotspot (80, 666, 208, 50) action ShowMenu('bonus')
        hotspot (80, 730, 208, 50) action Quit()
Then I will be able to get rid of this file from my patch.  The only thing I need to change in this file is this hotspot thing because Chinese characters are not the same size as English ones.  I guess making every hotspot a little larger (actually longer) won’t change the visual effect for English menu.  But this means a lot for my translation otherwise I need to include this file in the mod for these hotspot thing.

2.    I had the problem with tooltips translation.  I wonder if there is a chance to make tooltips as pictures.  That would be the simplest way to avoid the Unicode problem.

I have advertised this game with my translation on one website I often visit.  People are interested in non-Japanese Visual novels.  However I haven't got any feedback about the game itself yet. 
What I thought was use the excuse of translation to cheat for a beta access.  The new public release is around the corner so that doesn't matter now 8)

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Re: Some code suggestions
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 07:17:00 pm »
These are the most simple words and why not leave it as it is?  :P
Even japanese vns make it like that sometimes.

Anyway you always can propose it by yourself via pull request  :P