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Re-attempt feature?
« on: September 30, 2014, 04:51:29 am »
So some players have said
'What if ur so bad at this game that you waste all your dough on consumable and now you face enemy with minimal upgrade? It becomes inpossible!'
Personally I dont use consumable cuz its a fixed pool game, but

I think we could do something like a ancient relic (stuff like wishfall or whatever) that allows player to sell it or give power to replay a certain battle that player considers to have done poorly, re try it, thus gaining couple more hundreds.

Relic itself ( can be a side system to skirmish if needed)
Consumable and money spent on them due to battle

Spinoff- instead of having player re create it in skirmish, have it as pre-made battles and call it 'recording of the event through sim'

still havnt used skirmish so idk
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