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Re: CPs at the end of MoA
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Difficulty: Captain until mission 4 of chapter one, then to Visual Novel (after repeated defeats). Same goes for Chapter two, upped to Captain after which I descended back to VN after the 4th battle (again, after repeated defeats).

Command Points by the end of the game: +/- 47k

Problem is, I always forget I have executive powers hence stockpile the thing like crazy. Aside from the Vanguard Cannon, I've only used "Pull Forward" and "Short Warp" once. Reckon the lesser players such as myself can't really familiarize themselves with the combat unless they consult the wiki or engage in a few skirmish games thus most of the glory of combat just swoops right past us.
This is my issue.

In a good number of the later, bigger battles, the additional CP you receive by using Full Forward (+20% damage, +15% accuracy for 5 turns) thereby resulting in faster completion, compensates for the cost of Full Forward quite adequately, which resulted in it becoming an automatic choice. Since then there have been suggestions to tone down Full Forward to (+10% damage, +15% accuracy for 4 turns), but did not make the v7.2 release, so FF is still as spammable as it was before.

As for being more new player friendly, I think we've discussed having a tutorial on it for a while. Maybe a short training mission in Cera or a simulation similar to Chigara's skirmish setup before Kayto gets assigned. Its sometimes hard for people who designed the game to come up with what vexes the players, as the designers know the system inside out, so its good to have some feedback as to which parts of the combat system require further elaboration.

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Re: CPs at the end of MoA
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With the 8.0 available I finally got around to playing the last few battles of MoA.

I played about half of the game on Captain but had to switch to Ensign after that.

I'd been using CPs quite sparingly, sometimes using Vanguard when there was a good opportunity, Full Forward every now and then, the opposite one a few times and Repair Drones once.
I had ~50k CPs at the end.