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General Chat / Re: The almighty SPAM TOPIC!
« Last post by Geocorn on Today at 05:48:58 pm »
Yes! Glory to the squirrels! I've even changed my avatar for the gospel!
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on Today at 05:30:02 pm »
David, eh? I'll look forward to using another Archer~ I imagine Gil will still be the main one on the team, but options never hurt~

Shall continue looking forward to more story content!

Probably won't roll the gacha this time. With Boudica and Ishiwakamaru, and also the obvious fact that I'll also be using Santa Alter come Christmas, neither of the high rarity Riders seem necessary to me. Even if half of one of them is a loli.
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Revontulet on Today at 05:12:00 pm »
Medea Lily here I come! :3
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Gamerjunkie on Today at 04:23:45 pm »
...Whoever is translating things... I really want to punch them... Drake's Noble Phantasm name has already been localized since Extra...

Anyway, full list of new Servants to be released with Okeanos:

Francis Drake (5* Rider)
Anne Bonny and Mary Read (4* Rider)
Euryale (3* Archer)
Hektor (what the fuck) (3* Lancer)
David (3* Archer, free copy given in present box once the main quest is completed)
Medea Lily  (4* Caster, Story locked, only available in the story gacha once you complete the main quest missions for Okeanos)

Also! New Craft Essences!
Victor From the Moon, 5*, Buster and Crit damage up
Another Ending, 5*, Arts and Crit damage up
Code Cast, 4*, Attack and Defense up for 3 turns
Anchors Aweigh, 3*, heal 100 HP at the end of every turn
Mafia Vortex / Re: Death Note Mafia - Night 4
« Last post by Verthand on Today at 06:08:38 am »

Its 3am for me, i was in bed and got up just to write this bk this game rly got me worked up. Has been long I didnt have so much fun in a mafia

Anywayz it was fun playing with you ppl, I hope no hard feelings, especially towards you Meliran, we didnt get to talk much before mafia, and well meeting new ppl in mafia can have a bad outcome if ppl take what is said there as personal. Note that everything i wrote was alway with " ", pretty meaning it was part of the game. Same to anyone else that felt unconfortable with anything i wrote.

Glad to be back and have fun with you guys. I will be following the game and hope you ppl get the bad guys somehow! And Elvis, do your cells have a pc with lots of eroges in it? I think i gonna need it lol
Mafia Vortex / Re: Death Note Mafia - Night 4
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on Today at 05:35:54 am »
The decision comes well before the clock runs out.

Twelve stand together for the last time, though, for the first, six of them stand united.

Though the member bearing the alias 'Verthand' seems clearly displeased by the events, they don't resist arrest.

Together, everyone walks along silently to the floor dedicated to housing prisoners. While it takes a while to get through the various security measures, and open the gates leading inward, they quickly run out of any reason to hold off.

However, it is at that moment that a voice begins speaking. That of 'L'.

"It seems you have managed to apprehend a suspect. Once they are secured inside, they will be brought to a private cell, and their identity will be confirmed by the automated network. However, once inside, they will not be able to be freed until this ends, and you will be unable to contact them for any reason. Rest assured that they will be given the best care possible in the meantime, however."

The recording cuts off, leaving a heavy blanket of the soundless corridor. Verthand takes a few steps, looking back only once, before slipping away beyond their reach.

A few minutes pass as a nearby monitor relays information- then, with a loud chime, displays what it has learned.

Verthand was Light Yagami, Task Force-Aligned Strategist.

As everyone left begins to process this, one of the members hands the Death Note to Geocorn, and they shuffle back to their rooms for a time; there isn't anything left to say.

Vote Count
Verthand (7): Meliran, woolyshambler, Arraxis, Geocorn, Revontulet, Gamerjunkie

Death Note Vote
woolyshambler (2): woolyshambler, WeAreTheMeta
Jynx (2): Jynx, Revontulet
Geocorn (4): Arraxis, Verthand, Duke Rockhopper, Geocorn

Finger of Suspicion
Verthand (2): Gamerjunkie, Merne23
Meliran (1): Pal
Merne23 (1): Verthand

It is now Night 4.
Deadline: September 27th 2:00 AM EST. Please send your Night Actions to me within that timeframe. If you choose to do nothing, please inform me of that decision just the same.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Death Note Mafia - Day 4
« Last post by Gamerjunkie on Today at 05:13:37 am »
"Well, then, Verth. It seems you're in a lot more trouble than you thought. Let's see who you really are."


"Geo, take the Death Note. We know whose side you're on for sure, at least."
Pal, give me an Athletics roll to Overcome the speed of your quarry.
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