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Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Duke Rockhopper on Today at 01:37:37 am »
1.4mil for me too. I'll take that, considering how little I did for the last few days :D
Mafia Vortex / Re: AdEva Mafia- Day 3
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on Today at 01:33:23 am »
The world broke.

No, whatever it was they had been trapped atop, that facade of reality that was everything around them and everything they are.

It fell apart, and with it fell Phillip. But not all of him. Something lingered, not in reality, but in his mind. Memories of a boy no longer there, trying to fight for dominance, joining the cacophony of lives making up his own.

A few hours later, Anatoly Petrov does the same.

He doesn't understand it. He isn't these people. Is that the point to all of this? In the end, when only one of them is left, they'll all be the same? Bits and pieces of each of their souls, conjoined into one-

But that won't be him. He's going to die. Isn't that what they're saying? It seems clear, it seems like such an obvious thing, and those memories, those things that aren't him, they tell him the same.

He's going to die.

But who is 'he'?


No. The name, the image, a tall man with red hair and a sad smile-

No, that's just what Anatoly remembers.


Even farther from the truth. His legs, he has them, he feels them, they're definitely there. He runs his hands across them in a half-mad motion, his mind showing him the distant image of them melting away-

He bites back the urge to scream. What sort of hell is this? Oh, certainly, trapped with these strangers, lost in this empty world, cold and alone, his head filled with other people's dreams. This must be hell. It must be, so what sin did he commit?

The image comes back to his mind. A bloody hand, reaching for him. It reaches, reaches, but then it falls. To the ground, to lay beside a ripped and torn body, in a puddle of blood. He recoils, but the vision was never real. Simply an illusion, but his own. Something he had done? Or something he had dreamed he had done, once upon a time?

Why this? Why now? Is that why he's here, suffering like an animal? Was he paying for the sins he still bared? Perhaps that was the purpose. They were all flawed and filled with darkness, and the pieces left behind of each of them would be the parts that were pure. Whoever survived would carry only the best part of his heart.

Well, it's fine, then, isn't it? Living like this isn't living, and he isn't the one that wins here. That isn't his role, or his purpose. He feels that such a fate has always been true, that he's always been meant for lesser things. Even if it isn't fair.

Another image comes to mind. It doesn't make sense at first. He's on the ground, his leg twisted and broken. Something looms overhead, hideous and gargantuan. A monster. It's coming closer, closer to him, and he won't make it fast enough as injured as he is.

But a hand reaches for him. A hand free of blood and pain, pale and pure and lovely, and it pulls him up, up, away from the terrible thing hunting him. Someone saved him? Thought there was something worth saving? What was her name again?

He hears her whisper. The only words that leave her lips as the world fades away around him.

"Soseki. Komura."

Ah. That name, it carries hate. Not his own. but the hate of everyone inside of him. Why? He wonders, and they wonder with him. Why did it come to this? Why did it end like this? Quietly, he holds his arms across his eyes and blots out the world. He doesn't know these people. Certainly, he doesn't want anything to do with them, and his goals wouldn't be theres. Nobody but... Eli. But even for her, he doesn't know what he wants.

So he'll lay here until they decide his fate with a blade or a gun or a crashing city of dust and dreams. There isn't anything else to say.
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by BlackStarLine on Today at 12:31:19 am »
I need a reliable way to get Octuplet Crystals... Nero being stuck at her 1st ascension is really grating on me...
Other Games / Re: Cardboard Mario
« Last post by WhydidIbuytheunionfrigate on Today at 12:10:02 am »
Ok so... I'm lost. My first impression was that they are trying to somehow emulate the Google Cardboard because of it's "high" demand.

Seeing for what it's supposed to do (inspire creativity though buying more paper products)... Uh... Well, it's innovative. Kind of. In a sad way. But it's still cardboard. Like Geo said, this... this isn't very durable... My guess is that it's an excuse for them to target younger kids and their parents. I mean, who'd buy this going into middle school? And the price? $70 USD for cardboard (and the games to go with it)... Yeah, I don't know. I certainly wouldn't buy this for my kids. Hell if anything, this is regressing from the innovation that the toy industry has made over the last 1000 years...
Other Games / Re: Cardboard Mario
« Last post by Geocorn on January 17, 2018, 11:40:35 pm »
Not so sure about the price for cardboard though... this one does come with 5 templates so that's cool, but that's a lot of money to be paying for a box full of box. They're showing levers and pedals, things that cardboard's durability isn't very well suited for.
Other Games / Re: Cardboard Mario
« Last post by Deeox2 on January 17, 2018, 11:16:10 pm »
Deeox asks... why.

He doesn't understand.
Other Games / Re: Cardboard Mario
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on January 17, 2018, 11:10:37 pm »
This is cool, and dumb, and cool.

Probably won't get it because I don't really like physical things too much, but I fully support the creativity of the idea.
Other Games / Cardboard Mario
« Last post by Duke Rockhopper on January 17, 2018, 10:51:51 pm »
It really shouldn't be a surprise any more when Nintendo do something that no one was expecting. And yet somehow they still manage to think up things that no one would have imagined before. This time, it's...well,'s.......cardboard?

Have a snoop for yourself:

Looks like DIY kits which work in tandem with their corresponding switch games. Looks like all new titles though, so forgive the misleading thread title. The transformers one interested me, as did the piano (for obvious reasons :P)
The big question is, worth it or not? Who knows, there isn't a price tag yet (as far as I know!). We'll have to wait and see.
General Chat / Re: Gun/Sword/Military/things "porn" thread.
« Last post by Charles Flyingpad on January 17, 2018, 08:03:11 pm »

참호전에서 킬트를 입은 채로 싸워 '지옥에서 온 숙녀들'이라는 별명을 얻었던 스코틀랜드 하이랜더 연대들의 군복의 이모저모
Mafia Vortex / Re: AdEva Mafia- Day 3
« Last post by WeAreTheMeta on January 17, 2018, 07:05:00 pm »
"Well, I guess we ARE having trouble gathering the vote, which means he's probably a bad guy indeed. As in, they would probably try to get rid of him"
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