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Mafia Vortex / Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« on: March 16, 2018, 06:33:31 pm »
The Pantsless Wonder folds her hands on the table, speaking seriously. “Ties? Of course, this idiotic man has ties to the enemy. He was one of them, in the previous war. And I, myself, am a loli. Naturally, both of these things breed suspicion. So, why would we be standing against the side that wishes to elect a-“

“I’ll answer that!” A dramatic voice appears! Well, it’s still merely coming through the earbud. “In this one matter my partner and I are in agreement: we want what is best for lolis everywhere! But, you see, I understand the hearts of the lolis. They want to frolic about, go to school, spend time with friends... be innocent and joyful and have a wonderful life!”

“Well, he’s not wrong.” The sidekick scratches her head. “Even I enjoy that sort of thing, when stupid stuff isn’t happening. See, we’re in support of the lolis. However, that’s WHY we’re on the side of the Liberals. We feel like any side trying to force children into dealing with the stress and terror of running a country, and all the danger that comes with that...”

Must be an enemy!” The two speak in unison.

Chaos Man coughs. “Sure, freeing them from the chains of their pants and underwear is one thing, but making them work-“

“You’re not helping. Anyway, as for what I intend to do... if possible, I want to enact laws that will make things better for lolis, because that makes things better for me!”

“Ah, so you’re ruled entirely by selfishness. Truly a wonderful politician!”

Mafia Vortex / Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« on: March 16, 2018, 12:41:22 am »
“Heh.” The Pantsless Wonder smirks, shaking her head. “If I’m your best option, you know you’re screwed... or something like that, yes? Still, I say you shouldn’t vote for Mergew right now, no matter what. Choose me, or our new standin-“ she gestures to the woman who had just recently joined them- “and it’s all the same to me.”

“I will say, I intend to vote for a Liberal policy, should one be presented to me. I’ll be interested in seeing whether or not that’s the case, of course~ Whenever I get chosen, at least.” She smiles, wearing a cheerful facade.

The earbud buzzes. “Don’t forget me! Anyway, what was that about loli maids? Is Pluto cameoing? Is that even allowed?!”

Mafia Vortex / Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« on: March 14, 2018, 06:04:21 pm »
“Random chaos is fun!” Earbud Man buzzes cheerfully. “In fact, we’ll do the same thing, and-“

“Objection.” The Pantsless Wonder turns the earbud off. “We’ll be voting for Arraxis this time. Consider our debt repaid.” She doesn’t clarify beyond that.

“Well, actually, we sent our vote along a while ago, so whoever’s holding things up... hurry up, or you’ll reach a Bad End~”

The earbud turns itself back on. “Stop trying to seem effective! You’re still a gag character, and you can’t even kill people in this game!”

“S-shut up. Baka.” The Pantsless Wonder isn’t blushing and nobody can say otherwise. “Anyway, people can be killed later in the game, so don’t take my words lightly...!”

“It’ll definitely be you.”

“I said shut up!”

Mafia Vortex / Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:30:02 pm »
A loli sits at the table, eyes narrowed and pants missing. So he sent me this time... that bastard.

"Ahem." She coughs into her hand. "As acting loli-that-isn't-the-'loli', I would like to say... children shouldn't be rulers. They're really stupid and electing them will be bad."

"Don't just say something like that!" A voice buzzes through her earbud. It's exactly who you think it is. "If you take one side so openly, it won't be nearly chaotic enough!"

The Pantsless Wonder smirks, deviously. "Ah, see, I've prepared for this. By the very merit of being a loli, nobody will know what to expect, or how to act. I could be screwing with people, or I could outright be admitting my role. Hehehe... it's perfect."

"If you really are a Liberal, doesn't that just make things harder for your side?"

"Well, of course. But this game is rigged anyway, may as well even things up. Or... is that what the actual Loli would say, while pretending to be a Liberal...?" She laughs again, having clearly given in to the insanity that is her life. The poor girl, where hath her innocence gone.

"He did it." She casually points at Meta, ignoring the fourth wall entirely.

Chaos Man laughs, through the earpiece. "Now, if only we remembered how to play the game~" It's really his own fault for not looking, right...? The Pantsless Wonder nods in agreement.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:18:36 pm »
Imgur version incase Dee's image doesn't load for anyone else as it didn't for me~

Other Games / Re: Fire Emblem
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:12:42 am »
I could definitely still see it coming out quite a bit before the end of the year. After all, we’re only three months in, so it’s not like we’re running out of time~ Guessing they’ll show the game off a bit at E3, and from there it could release anywhere from that day to a year and a half later. Hopefully closer to the former!

Other Games / Re: Fire Emblem
« on: March 08, 2018, 06:46:59 pm »
Elvis thinks he’ll probably like the new Fire Emblem game no matter what, but can definitely agree that a smaller cast is something he’d prefer. Go all in, even: twenty characters! Develop all of them massively and make everybody really deep and likeable! ...that might be a bit much, but it’s good to dream~

Also sorta hoping it’s not connected to anything Except maybe The Sacred Stones, that game deserves love too and that we only really have one game this time. Fates was interesting in design and even execution, but perhaps one solid story could be better.

Also hoping maybe to have the Lord not be a sword wielder? Not a big deal either way, but it’d be a nice change of pace! A female Lord as the solo main character would also be neat.

Planning to watch the direct, will probably be fun regardless of what gets shown, and I won’t be too disappointed if Fire Emblem isn’t there, but it’s definitely one of the things I’m looking forward to most~

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:43:12 am »
Nice guide~

And yes, Mona Lisa left. I was watching closely so I could get the new CE right afterwards, but then it didn’t show up, leaving the Mana Prism shop with no CE at all...

Might try and get some copies of that health boost CE. Elvis does love his stalling after all. Not super interested in rolling for Servants right now; Herc is way too close to Bond 10 to put any eggs in Evil Cu’s basket. For Helena, I’ll probably just hope to get her in Illya’s event.

Still, above all else, more story content will be cool~

Other Games / Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
« on: March 03, 2018, 09:16:14 am »
Before the last minute votes came in Dee was the selected choice but the news has won~


You stop playing and check the news app.

A generic, if catchy tune begins playing in the background, the developer apparently looking for something soft and uplifting rather than dark or brooding- or, as one might otherwise expect, silence. Likewise, most of the information displayed on the front page seems fairly positive; you don't see anything awful going on, on a global scale. It only starts seeming odd when you're moving into the later pages, and the trend continues. Perhaps the world has suddenly decided to be nice to itself for once?

Whatever the reason, there isn't anything depressing going on. Instead, you're met with headlines discussing the on-the-verge breakthrough a company in Japan has been working on, relating to hyper-realistic rendering software. It seems like a new level of gaming immersion may be on the near horizon- as in, within a decade or so, for easy public access. Likewise, it seems average living conditions in North America and Europe have been on a slight increase over recent months, according to several studies. Lastly, the front page boasts of an upcoming satellite launch by a joint team headed by members from Australia and Germany, allegedly capable of scanning the interior makeup of the moon.

Later pages are more of the same, discussing scientific and economic information that might otherwise be missed. Bee populations on the rise; cloning technology advanced to the next stage of testing; cancer-related deaths at the lowest point in thirty years. It seems, compared to the situation you've found yourself in, the rest of the world is doing pretty well. Perhaps you'll even live long enough to enjoy the fruits of some of their labor.

You do find one message around four pages deep, that seems a little off compared to the rest. What sticks out first is the title, "Dreamscape has expanded". It isn't written with quite the same flair and energy as the others, and it's by-far the shortest title. Inside, you find that the author's style and prose are also entirely different, though you know the producers of the app have a variety of writers on-hand. However, it's the contents of the article that seem strange, speaking about concepts you've never heard of before, and offering little to no explanation for what they mean, as if expecting whoever the target is to know the ins and outs of what seems like a very complex... program? It seems to be something akin to one, based on what you can gather.

You decide to...

1: Dig deeper, research this 'Dreamscape' article and see if you can figure out what any of it means.
2: Keep going through the pages, try and find anything else that might seem unusual or eye-catching.
3: Stop checking the news and look into the Holy Grail War.
4: Stop checking the news and do a search on someone you know.
5: Stop using the computer for now and do something else.


As a side note, you still have time to accomplish a little more with your day, most likely, but you should make careful use of your time from now on~

* Elvis Strunk quietly signs up for the Loligarchy.

Chaos Man rides again!

...what do you mean, I’m guaranteed to die?

Hyperspace Events / Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
« on: February 28, 2018, 02:32:39 am »
Oh hey look it’s my FEELINGS.

How dare you wake them up

It is a really sweet image though

Other Games / Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:26:16 am »
You ask who it is he's talking to. You didn't know Yoshi was such a player! Aside from, well, games.

"What? What?! No, no, no no no! Don't think of this situation that way! Ignoring how extremely popular with the ladies I actually am, this isn't that kind of thing!" Yoshi's tone goes back to something approaching an actual person, even if he sounds about as frantic as that time a Vail boss spawned near the beginning of a match. "This here's a family member who popped up without warning and is now freeloading off of my cash! There's nothing romantic at all! Sure, I wish she would wear more than just panties around the house, I am human after all, but-"

"Is my attire not to your satisfaction?" Another curious question, from the soft-spoken female. She entirely ignores any concern over 'freeloading'.

"That isn't what I said- that isn't NOT what I said, either- why are you undressing?!" At around this point, you hear some muffled shouting, and the audio feed shuts down. You're left in silence for a long stretch.

In the chat, the third member of the party types. "people in this game r weird." At least they haven't left yet.

After a few more seconds, Yoshi speaks again, sounding a little more composed. "Ahem! Everything's fine, don't worry about my end anymore! The problem has been dealt with- and kicked out of the room- and I'm ready to crack some demonic skulls together! I could definitely burn off some adrenaline at this point!" It's around that point that he notices that the party's still down one member. "Why are the servers so slow lately... it's always like this on weekdays! If it were always the weekend, this wouldn't happen! But, wait, people should be playing now anyway, since everyone should be free tomorrow..."

As Yoshi continues to babble to himself, the third member comments again. "this guy talks alot" You can only confirm.

Finally, the game announces that you found a match! A fourth player joins the game, audio blaring with rather heavy metal, as opposed to actual voice. In the chat, the other party member contributes again: "think I prefer the chatterbox to this." Immediately, the music gets louder...

The match itself goes well enough, at least at first. The metal soundtrack isn't too distracting once you lower the volume manually. Yoshi is performing admirably, as always, and, while the text-based companion seems to be rather new and unskilled, your team catches a few lucky breaks, with weaker combinations of enemies spawning while you get yourselves set up for harder encounters.

That is, until the musically-inclined teammate shoots Yoshi in the back, sparking a rather nasty PVP conflict and allowing the enemy to completely overwhelm everyone. The match ends rather quickly, after that.

"God damn it!" Yoshi curses, kicking the fourth member from the party entirely. "Waiting all that time just for this! That really grinds my gears! This game is full of nothing but trolls anymore!" He goes on for a couple more minutes...

"sorry have 2 go." The third teammate logs off, but sends a friend request, if nothing else. However, you and Yoshi seem to be back where you started, minus ten minutes and plus quite a bit of upset feelings on at least one of your accounts.

"Sometimes I wonder why I play this," Yoshi mutters. "But at least you're here. Got a few other friends too, maybe we could all actually play together sometime, not worry about the losers in the common pool." He's discussed that idea a few times before, but freetime just doesn't match up for everyone, unless you want to stay up all night just for that.

You hear a knock at the door- Yoshi's, not your own. "I told you not to come in until- what? Oh, okay, ma, I'll be down in a second!" Another huff. "Look, sorry this wasn't the best, but I gotta go take care of some things, okay? We can try this again some- I said I'm coming! See you later, bye!"

Yoshi's microphone shuts off, his character disappearing from the screen. You're taken back to the previous screen, showing the list of players, your own screen name the only one present. However, after a second, Yoshi's name reappears, though he doesn't type or say anything. It seems he might have clicked the wrong button.

Still, you could potentially get some practice in, while he's away. If he doesn't react for a period, the computer would take over, so it's entirely possible to grab a couple more players and spend some more time in the monster-slaying world, if you want. Still, Gabriel-Blood is far from the only thing you could spend your time engaging with...

1: Keep playing. You haven't had enough actual fun with the game yet!
2: Stop playing and check the news app.
3: Stop playing and look into the Holy Grail War.
4: Stop playing and do a search on someone you know.
5: Stop using the computer for now and do something else.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: February 27, 2018, 10:47:25 pm »
Also yes that Jack is adorable please post more


Let the massacre begin~
Here we go: the cool!

Take that! The adorable!

Yes, this will do: the dressup!

What do you think? Are we cute?

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 27, 2018, 09:40:54 am »
A figure rushes into the room, holding a gun in one hand. “I said, on the ground!” they shout again. Without any warning, the gun is pressed against Anatoly’s chest. He grits his teeth, waiting for the bullet.

Bang,” says Azami, now standing in front of Anatoly. She brings her hand up to her lips, blowing imaginary smoke off the tip of her finger. “Did I scare you?” she says from behind the sunglasses. “I thought Miss Yuki Minase was practically fearless. My apologies.

She gives White Rabbit a little wave and a small laugh. “We sure got them.

You all should be more careful. There are security cameras, practically everywhere. Who knows who could be watching.” She points over at the general location of where she saw the camera looking in. “But please,” she begins, saying this much more pointedly, as she loses the air of playfulness. “Be more careful.


Moments ago...

"Ah, I didn't do that," Mathias says, absently. "So, it must have been..." He trails off, watching as the gears and tindons of the electronic contraption finally unseal the office, and reveal the fates of those within. However, at that moment-

Azami springs forward, lunging into the room and shouting commands. The doctor can only watch from the outside, both confused and generally understand what's going on at the same time. Perhaps I don't want to understand, he muses, letting the Children have their fun. So long as they don't get to breaking any of his stuff. Actually, maybe he should stop them...


Rabbit blinks, watching events unfold. "Is this part of the game?"

For his part, Anatoly switches his tense expression to a slight scowl, directed more at himself than Azami. "I can't believe I fell for that... well, I should have known it was too odd of a reaction, even for NERV." He turns, then, narrowing his eyes at Rabbit. "I also should have known you'd be in on it... but I'd have expected better from Azami." He trails off, huffing. "Gerard, maybe, but you?" With a shake of his head, the Pilot lets his voice fill with disappointment. "I guess even a Neo Spartan is still just a weirdo at heart." Still, he sounds almost happy about that, somehow... if still unappreciative of getting fake shot, perhaps.

"Are you mad? Was this a bad game?" Rabbit's head tilts slightly, her face and voice both clear with confusion. "I didn't think it would be that mean. I'm sorry!" She begins apologizing rapidly, in one language after another, including several he's fairly certain she made up. Anatoly manages to maintain his upset expression for a few seconds, before his composure breaks, and he just shakes his head again, wearing a bemused smile.

"I guess it's fine, I don't mind. So stop... doing that." He refuses to admit that it's kind of charming. The AI has enough power over him as-is... Stuffing his hands back into his pockets, he steps a bit away from Azami, patting Yuki on the head. "Guess you're off the hook. Didn't seem like something you could've caused anyway, but at least now Mathias will have someone else to get upset with! Where is that guy, anyway... actually, I wonder if he was in on it, too..."

"Don't lump me in on something so casually!" calls a voice from outside.

Anatoly leans over to see what's behind Azami, and finds not only the doctor, but Elidia, and even Phillip, standing outside. Literally everyone's here... how did a casual, two-person checkup turn into something like this... and, how many laws did we manage to break during the last ten minutes... He briefly wonders what chance humanity has to survive, if these are its' champions.

Rabbit switches to a smile, entirely oblivious to any hostility that might still exist now that her crimes have been pardoned. "Hmmmm. Everybody's here, so we should all meet properly! Come in, come in!"

Mathias frowns, peering into the room, but not entering. "It feels wrong to be invited into my own office. I wonder where my respect went."

Knat shrugs. "I'm not sure I'd come in if I were you. Rabbit might lock everybody in this time."

"I won't! I definitely won't!" The AI answers a bit loudly, as if insulted that such a thing would be suggested at all, and also begging for trust, at the same time.

With that, it seems everyone's finally together, and, for now, nobody's in explicit danger of getting shot. Only time will tell how long either of those will last...

Other Games / Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
« on: February 26, 2018, 09:59:27 am »
"Why not both."

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