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Mafia Vortex / Re: AdEva Mafia- Day 3
« on: Today at 01:33:23 am »
The world broke.

No, whatever it was they had been trapped atop, that facade of reality that was everything around them and everything they are.

It fell apart, and with it fell Phillip. But not all of him. Something lingered, not in reality, but in his mind. Memories of a boy no longer there, trying to fight for dominance, joining the cacophony of lives making up his own.

A few hours later, Anatoly Petrov does the same.

He doesn't understand it. He isn't these people. Is that the point to all of this? In the end, when only one of them is left, they'll all be the same? Bits and pieces of each of their souls, conjoined into one-

But that won't be him. He's going to die. Isn't that what they're saying? It seems clear, it seems like such an obvious thing, and those memories, those things that aren't him, they tell him the same.

He's going to die.

But who is 'he'?


No. The name, the image, a tall man with red hair and a sad smile-

No, that's just what Anatoly remembers.


Even farther from the truth. His legs, he has them, he feels them, they're definitely there. He runs his hands across them in a half-mad motion, his mind showing him the distant image of them melting away-

He bites back the urge to scream. What sort of hell is this? Oh, certainly, trapped with these strangers, lost in this empty world, cold and alone, his head filled with other people's dreams. This must be hell. It must be, so what sin did he commit?

The image comes back to his mind. A bloody hand, reaching for him. It reaches, reaches, but then it falls. To the ground, to lay beside a ripped and torn body, in a puddle of blood. He recoils, but the vision was never real. Simply an illusion, but his own. Something he had done? Or something he had dreamed he had done, once upon a time?

Why this? Why now? Is that why he's here, suffering like an animal? Was he paying for the sins he still bared? Perhaps that was the purpose. They were all flawed and filled with darkness, and the pieces left behind of each of them would be the parts that were pure. Whoever survived would carry only the best part of his heart.

Well, it's fine, then, isn't it? Living like this isn't living, and he isn't the one that wins here. That isn't his role, or his purpose. He feels that such a fate has always been true, that he's always been meant for lesser things. Even if it isn't fair.

Another image comes to mind. It doesn't make sense at first. He's on the ground, his leg twisted and broken. Something looms overhead, hideous and gargantuan. A monster. It's coming closer, closer to him, and he won't make it fast enough as injured as he is.

But a hand reaches for him. A hand free of blood and pain, pale and pure and lovely, and it pulls him up, up, away from the terrible thing hunting him. Someone saved him? Thought there was something worth saving? What was her name again?

He hears her whisper. The only words that leave her lips as the world fades away around him.

"Soseki. Komura."

Ah. That name, it carries hate. Not his own. but the hate of everyone inside of him. Why? He wonders, and they wonder with him. Why did it come to this? Why did it end like this? Quietly, he holds his arms across his eyes and blots out the world. He doesn't know these people. Certainly, he doesn't want anything to do with them, and his goals wouldn't be theres. Nobody but... Eli. But even for her, he doesn't know what he wants.

So he'll lay here until they decide his fate with a blade or a gun or a crashing city of dust and dreams. There isn't anything else to say.

Other Games / Re: Cardboard Mario
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:10:37 pm »
This is cool, and dumb, and cool.

Probably won't get it because I don't really like physical things too much, but I fully support the creativity of the idea.

Other Games / Re: AdEva: Wahrheit
« on: January 15, 2018, 07:37:52 pm »

Other Games / Re: Shadowrun: [Snazzy Title Pending]
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:49:29 am »
I read that as ‘because of time travel’ and was slightly disappointed to correct myself.

That said, it’s fine~ Elvis will have more time to consider his options and stress out over everything until then.

Other Games / Re: Shadowrun: [Snazzy Title Pending]
« on: January 13, 2018, 08:02:49 pm »
Can't get back to sleep, so I've been working on a couple other character ideas just. in. case.

In Shadowrun everyone is sort of the rogue. Except, this character is the rogue.

Character is a Night One/Nocturna Elf, coming with keen-eared, low-light vision, allergy (common, mild) (sunlight), nocturnal, and unusual hair (colored fur). Bought qualities are acrobatic defender, ambidextrous, catlike, and home ground (on the lam).

Maxed agility at 8, blades (knives specialized), throwing weapons (blades specialized), and archery (bow specialized), alongside very nice ratings in sneaking, palming, gymnastics, perception (searching specialized), tracking, first aid, and survival. Earlier mention being a little higher than later. Also 6 charisma, 5 strength, 4 body and edge, and 3 in everything else. Knowledge skills are black markets (Seattle specialization), and area knowledge: Seattle. They know a lot about their home turf.

Comes with four combat knives, bow (rating 10), form-fitting body armor, and a cloak/cheap suit/cheap dress for whatever occasion is needed. Add on to that a low lifestyle and have exactly 0 Nuyen left over.

For contacts there's two. Dr. Mokie T. Ripper, Street Doc with Connection 3 and Loyalty 6. He's a foster parent for those who would otherwise be orphans, and the character was raised by him, hence the connection, and the reason the character knows first aid.

Next is Queen Rapier, code name of course. Fixer, Connection 4 and Loyalty 5, has a gambling addiction and was also raised by Mokie. They were close when growing up, separated after a while, ended up meeting up and having a relationship, broke it off, separated again, and nowadays... it's complicated. Don't ask. The doc is an old male ork, the fixer is a young female centaur.

The idea is that the character was part of, basically, a modern day freak show, due to the unusual even-by-metahuman aspects of the variant, but the show got shut down and that's how they ended up with doc. The skill with knives and bows probably started there, either target practice as part of the show, or, perhaps more darkly, gladiator matches. Sneaking around is just part of life on the streets.

As they got older they decided to stop being a drain on doc's resources and moved out on their own. The current goal is to just make enough Nuyen to survive, and longterm, perhaps give doc and the kids a proper place to settle down, and enough money to prosper rather than get by. Probably a Neutral Good character, if alignments were used here.

No name decided yet. In more ways than one. This would be the easiest character, as well as the one that would get over any handicaps most easily, player-side if not character-side. I've also played as this archetype before and it's legitimately doable and enjoyable, if handled properly.

Human, regular. Negative qualities are amnesia (surface level), blank slate, and oblivious 1. Ah, what this means should be obvious. They have no real will or personality at all. They'll do as told, and will mostly speak when spoken to, unless a personafix is implanted. Positive are astral chameleon, blandness, and technomancer, which is also the class here. Yes, this is our hacker, if we need one. And a hacker that not only doesn't notice things, but doesn't get noticed either.

Logic is maxed at 6, while edge is maxed at 7. Body and agility are 5, resonance is 6, strength is 2 and everything else is 1. No reaction, charisma, instinct, or willpower left over. For skills, there are very high ratings in hacking (devices specialization), cybercombat (devices specialization), medicine (extended care specialization), first aid, electronic warfare (jamming specialization), computer, hardware, software, and sneaking.

Not too attached to any of the specializations here if there's a better choice, and I have 11 points actually left right now that I haven't decided what to do with. The basic idea boils down to being very good as a hacker and healer and not really knowing anything else. And being able to sneak around, because she's so unnoticeable to begin with.

Have no idea what items a technomancer needs and I'm still working on it. Contact is one, Babyface Smith. A basic thug with Loyalty 1 and Connection 2, but that's still about the best she's got. He gets her to do jobs for him and gives her enough Nuyen to eat with, but doesn't give a damn otherwise. Even then most of the Nuyen he gets out of it just feeds his drinking problem.

Her story doesn't start so long ago. She remembers staring at a screen with the words 'it's better this way' typed on it. Not waking up or focusing on it, but as if she'd been staring at it at length, and everything before that moment of doing so was cut off. She was in a bunraku parlor, and everyone else was dead. Eventually, the cops came and took her away. They asked questions that she had no answers for, and, when they tried to find out who she was, everything came up blank. They also found no evidence she had caused the deaths, and she was eventually released.

Wandering aimlessly, she was eventually discovered by Smith, who learned of her ability on the matrix. She would often access it without prompting, either via device, or... otherwise, but would then proceed to do nothing unless given a command. Deciding she was useful, if slightly, he began subleasing her for runner jobs, and eventually, she started becoming more known, if as a tool rather than a person.

She has no goal or motivation. She eats because she was instructed to, and keeps herself alive for the same reason, but most things that could be considered 'human' have been erased- seemingly by choice. But perhaps someone like this can have a future, after all...

Anyway, neither is entirely finished yet, but there's enough progress to mention them here if nothing else. I'm tired~ So I might hold off a bit before doing anything more. Since Arra's a mage, Gamer's a driver, and I think Merne is going with a fighter, I feel confident I'll be able to fill whichever gap seems most important between face/hacker/stealth and extra combat power.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Rebuild of Stupidity!
« on: January 13, 2018, 02:50:22 am »
Chibi Takuhara, they’re so precious~ Chibi axe also! And Ishihara’s super spicy surprise! Is it chibi? How does one tell, with food... hmm.

Other Games / Re: AdEva: Wahrheit
« on: January 12, 2018, 08:47:15 pm »
Threat assessment? Is that like a real scary test or something?

Other Games / Re: AdEva: Wahrheit
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:49:27 pm »
I would go with 1 because, even though I firmly believe Azami can take care of herself, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

That said, Phillip would probably be more willing to leave Azami to Azami, for the same reason. 4 isn’t an option here, and between 2 and 3... well, we don’t want to hit any bystanders, even if they’re just CRG goons.

For all we know they’re not even involved in this mess. So let’s go with 3, and wait for an opening so we can hit the actual bad guys.

Other Games / Re: That Nintendo Thingy. The Switchamacallit.
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:37:07 pm »
Looks like I’m getting Dark Souls.

Also The World Ends With You has amazing music and I never beat it and I will definitely get it and beat it.

Mafia Vortex / Re: AdEva Mafia- Day 2
« on: January 09, 2018, 02:55:48 am »

A beautiful word, the way she spoke it. But is it right? He doesn’t feel... recognition. He doesn’t feel... belonging.

Yet that name seems so familiar, somehow. He can see it, that, something. In his head. A folded lab coat, stained with blood and riddled with bullets.

No, that man is dead.

But does that matter in a place like this? How many of those around him are corpses walking? What makes him any different, the way he was before? Lost, drifting... maybe he is.

Maybe he could be.

Would it make her happy? Does he even want her to be? To see her face break into a smile-

He clutches his arms with his hands, backing away a few steps. “Sorry,” he whispers, moving away to find someplace else to sit. Alone. At least for now, until he has some answer to give.

Until he knows for sure just who, and what, he’s meant to be...

Mafia Vortex / Re: AdEva Mafia- Day 2
« on: January 09, 2018, 02:39:56 am »
The world is blood. Or, it had been. Something has changed, shifted, into something else, but somehow this seems even worse than what came before.

The man shivers, rubbing at his stained, soaked skin, and looking around. ‘Everyone’ is here. Nobody left or disappeared, and nobody new came. Was this what they were waiting for?

So far, nothing had been accomplished bytheir waiting, waiting, waiting... all they could do is guess at names and wonder why. Is this really what their life is now?

He shakes himself off, as if to free himself from some invisible weight, and walks over to her. To ‘Jynx’.

“Eli.” His voice is quiet, confused, as if he barely understands the words. “I found you, last night. I don’t know why I wanted to, or why it makes me happy, but somehow I know I can trust you. I’m sorry, if that’s... a problem. May I sit with you, for a little while?”

He hesitates, looking away awkwardly, as if still trying to figure out just what it is he wants.

Other Games / Re: AdEva: Wahrheit
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:16:50 am »
4. They're not worth our attention~ Besides, maybe us ignoring them will piss 'um off and we'll get an excuse to kick 'um out. And if all else fails we can shoot 'um 'till they die.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:00:32 am »
You give an honest yet friendly answer; you have no reason to ignore your friend.

"I'm happy you could make it back so soon," Feather says with a smile. "My cousin fell ill a few weeks ago, and he's still feeling miserable..." She sighs, shaking her head. "Seems like it's that time of year again."

There's a bit of a ruckus on the other side of the classroom, several of the boys playing around with a small white ball rather than paying any attention to the class at large. You glance at the door, half-expecting the teacher to walk in and catch them in the act, but again, nothing happens. The clock says a quarter of the period is over already...

Feather draws your attention again, holding out a bottle of ginger ale. "You can take this if you want it. I can't stand the taste, and I think it helps with colds? It could be a rumor, of course." She sets the drink on your desk, before covering her mouth and yawning. "Ah, if I'd known Ambrose wasn't coming, I'd have slept in more. I stayed up far too late last night."

A couple more minutes pass before, finally, someone you recognize walks through the door. However, it isn't the teacher, but your principle. An old stocky man with a noticable hairline, you see him so seldomly that you barely know a thing about him. He's normally a jolly enough person, but today his face is grim. Without hesitation, he calls loudly for everyone's attention.

"Students, it seems your teacher, Juniper Ambrose, has been in an accident. She is headed to the hospital and won't be coming in today." He runs a hand over the bald part of his head, frowning, and you feel certain there's something he's not saying. "As there is no substitute available right now, consider this a free period. Please consider your schooling and use it to study responsibly. We will keep you all informed as we learn more." He takes a deep breath, and offers an awkward wave before exiting the classroom, not waiting around for a single question.

"That was odd," Feather murmurs, staring at the door. "An accident? It must have been something bad, given how pale he looked." The girl shrugs, turning back to you with a small smile on her face. "Well, it's a free period, so nobody will notice if we leave. We should take this chance to go out and do something fun. What do you say?"

1: Stay here until the period ends. You have a lot of work to catch up on already, anyway.
2: Head to the school library. There are a lot of old books there, and perhaps you could find something to help keep you safe.
3: Head to the student council room. You never did make it over that night, and there are still plenty of things you don't know.
4: Head to the principle's office. You should see if you can find out more about your teacher, and about what happened to her.
5: Head to the nurse's office. You have been sick, and you haven't been to the doctor; perhaps a professional opinion could help.
6: Head to the gym. The best way to fight off a lingering cold is to sweat it out, and you've been slacking too much lately.
7: Leave the school and find something fun to do outside. You heard the shops are pretty nice, though you might run late.

As well, you should decide whether you want Feather to come with you or not.

A: You invite her along.
B: You choose to go alone.


What's this, two choices at once?! Madness! I wonder if these ones will be as unanimous as the last... shame we didn't end up spilling all the beans, though~ That'd have been... interesting.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
« on: January 07, 2018, 09:28:10 pm »
More ties! And me without my fancy suit. I flipped a coin (online) with heads as 2 and tails as 3: heads won. So we'll be going out today. How tragic~


You tell him you're feeling better, if not entirely recovered. You should be able to manage as long as you take it easy.

He looks you over for a long moment, as if judging whether you're merely putting on a brave front. However, it's clear you're telling the truth. Your father nods, slowly, and turns away. "All right. Come down and have breakfast, then. We should do at least this much, and I'm sure you need something in your stomach after this long."

He heads downstairs and, once you're prepared for the day, you follow. The dining room is still and quiet, as he sits at the table patiently. The television is on but muted, turned to a news station, though the only thing displayed currently is the weather. On the table sits far too much food for two people, the different items each chosen from among your favorites so you can have whatever you want today. It's an odd, if kind move, but somehow it almost feels like goodbye.

The meal progresses with a mostly comfortable silence, your father scanning the television occasionally. The only other words exchanged are requests for something to be passed across the table, or a comment on how something tastes.

When you've had your fill, you look up to find your old man smiling at you. "You've grown up well," he says, breaking the silence. "As hard as everything will be, I believe you'll make it through. You've always overcome the things that tried to hold you back. You can do it again."

Standing, he pulls a small box from his back pocket. "I have a gift for you. Something I've been holding on to for a long time." He sets the box down and slides it across the table toward you. Inside you find a dagger, bearing a strange, ancient yet sturdy design. You feel distant magical energy emanating from it, though only when the lid of the box is removed.

""Keep this on you. You aren't trained to fight, but this blade has killed before, and it remembers how. If you end up in a situation like before, it may give you at least a chance to get away, though that doesn't mean you should try to defeat a Servant with it. Remember; no matter what, a human cannot match a Servant. There are limits to what we can accomplish, but staying safe is possible."

He puts away the remaining food as you place the lid back on the box and stash it away. Your father walks you to the door, and you can sense that he still isn't entirely comfortable letting you go, but he doesn't say anything else to dissuade you. You've made your decision, and he'll respect it. He does provide one last piece of information before you head to school, however. "Keep your phone on. I've been looking into what you spoke of last night, and I believe I'm close to discovering something. I'll tell you what I find."

With everything taken care of, you say your farewells and head to school, wondering what today will hold in store for you.

You arrive, a little late, but in time to avoid any trouble. On the way, you didn't feel any eyes watching, didn't see any ghastly figures ready to tear you limb from limb. For whatever reason, the specter from before seems to have deemed you unimportant for the time being.

Several students eye you as you enter, before quickly turning back to talk among themselves. As you sit down, it quickly becomes apparent what subject they're discussing: you're not the only one running late today. In fact, the teacher, Miss Ambrose, hasn't shown up. Definitely an oddity, as you can't recall a time when you've ever arrived before her.

One of the students does seem to pay more mind to you than the missing instructor, however: Feather Ashling, the girl who sits next to you in first period. "Welcome back," she says. "I heard you were sick." She's someone you don't share too many classes with, but you're aware that she enjoys reading, and games- anything with an interesting story- and spends much of her time at the book store or coffee shop downtown.

She plays idly with a strand of her long, blonde hair, eyeing you carefully. "How are you feeling?"

1: Shrug her question off. You know the teacher will show up the moment you start talking, and get you in trouble.
2: Give an honest yet friendly answer; you have no reason to ignore your friend.
3: Remain silent. You have no particular interest in talking to this person.
4: Recount the dramatic and shocking tale of what happened to you! In this case, you don't even need to make anything up.


You have received friend request, what do? Also missing teacher, probably not a Bad Thing.

Other Games / Re: Meido RPG- A Wool-E Korp Experience!
« on: January 07, 2018, 09:32:58 am »
Lots of nice Maho~ Yaoi Maho, dress Maho, but especially adorable teacup Maho! Joyeuse is looking pretty nifty, too.

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