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Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 18, 2018, 04:08:43 am »
Friend point roll yesterday got me two copies of Leonidas. He's stuck at 35 for right now, but I can see how he may be useful. Also somehow I thought he was a 3*, but this way he'll be easier to get anyway~

Also max limit broke a 4* CE entirely through free quartz, which is pretty cool. It's the one with the Gudao and the Gudako and fish and stuffs. Not the most useful, but certainly nothing to complain about, since I've only got about a dozen gold CE in total.

Kind of wasting some of my AP. Decided it wasn't too important to force myself to spend time doing all these quests, especially since I have all the EXP and ascension stuff I can use right now. Playing 'when I feel like it' is much less stressful. We'll see how that goes once an event starts, though.

Also: used Arash's NP for the first time yesterday! It probably won't be the last time. The poor guy.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:34:06 pm »
Continuing to make progress.

After stuffing myself to the brim with gold EXP, I decided to use my AP on the class dailies. Managed to get enough pieces and ascension materials to promote a lot of people a little higher- of special note is Medea, who is actually now tied with Mash and Jack as my strongest Servant at 60.

Made the difficult choice of sacrificing all of my stocked up bones and Assassin Pieces I was going to give to Jack, but now Serenity, Hundred Faces, and Blackbeard are a bit stronger, so I suppose it was worth it. Shame that literally all of my Assassins currently need more bones to promote, though, since I have a total of one.

Anyway, all this promotion has had another side effect: all my EXP is running low again. So I'll have to switch back to that, maybe after Assassin day ends. Still, burning all the silver EXP I got in the last week or so, I have over five hundred Mana Prisms, meaning some Fou and tickets next month should be pretty easy to acquire.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 10, 2018, 04:15:16 am »
Also you should try Leonidas if you have him. I heard he is pretty good!
I'll definitely keep him in mind if he shows up~ Besides maybe Proto Cu, I can't really think of other Lancers I wanna use much, so he'll fill a good role.

That moment when you get so low on QP you can't even use bronze xp cards
Just wanted to mention that, as my first time seeing her final art: she truly is precious~ Can't wait to get that mask off her face.

On an unrelated note, I have decided to forgo rolling more copies of Jack, and just use quartz literally as soon as I get them. It paid off this time, as I got Partake with the King! Buster damage up, but even better 50% starting NP! That should make things a little easier. Also I realized I need to spend quartz for storylocked 3*s later on anyway, so accepting an NP1 Jack now is better than trying to decide what to roll on later. I mostly just want a certain Avenger in a couple years.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 09, 2018, 05:35:29 pm »
Elvis, let us know how the game goes for you with starting anew with different servants save Jack and Mash.
Can do~

It hasn't been too bad. And I do have a good deal of overlap, since my quartz and FP rolls have been nice to me. Hans, Medea, Ushi, Cu, all my old favorite non-Golds are here to help. Except Medusa and Euryale, the Gorgons are being a bit shy.

At the same time, I've been using some new people as well. Saint George has already proven useful, and I have high hopes for Caeser, Kid Gil, and Fergus. Not to mention Arash, though it is admittedly difficult to get to using any NPs without any sort of starting NP CE.

Right now my biggest roadblock is the lack of Ascension materials. Even ignoring skills for the most part, I just can't level most of my Servants past 40, and some I still haven't promoted at all. Events should help with that, assuming I can get through them at all.

What'll prove really useful is Welfares once they start showing up, since they'll be by far my highest leveled Servants, with how easy they are to Ascend. I should also be able to promote Jack again, if I can get enough stuff from the Summer shop.

All in all, it's mostly a waiting game. Prepare as much as I can now, in hopes I can make good progress once Summer hits. And hopefully eventually be strong enough to tackle Camelot.

Finally, I'll mention how glad I am that I started at a time with half AP on story, followed shortly after by half AP dailies. This would be way more difficult otherwise, and imaging someone having to start without that, and without a Servant on the level of Jack... sheesh.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:49:00 am »
Decided to take advantage of the 3x success and half AP. Rolled a bit for new Servants and hit the JACKPOT: Lancer Cu, Medea, Kid Gil, Ushi, Fergus! Well, I mean, that's not terribly impressive I guess, but I desperately needed more Servants~ Looking forward to the 100k FP too, and while I should save it for an event or something, I'll be rolling it ASAP~ Got a couple new CEs, though no Gold Servants to burn. Will need at minimum one more Rare Prism to get the Beginning of the Journey CE when it becomes available, not to mention the Mystic Codes... alas. Shall hold off on more rolling until later on, I suppose.

Of course, I shall be skipping the guaranteed gacha. Good luck to everyone else, however~

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:25:50 pm »
* Elvis Strunk cheers! ...for all the free stuff that'll come with it. He seriously needs more FP, Mana Prisms, EXP, everything... having no resources is scary~

* Elvis Strunk would also like to be able to promote anybody beyond one time, maybe~ Aside from Saint George oddly enough. Alas, at least he got a Serenity. She is a cute.

Mafia Vortex / Re: Sailor Moon Mafia (Signups)
« on: July 02, 2018, 10:13:22 pm »
Actually being a player? Sure why not.

I call dibs on Pluto- I mean, just give me whoever.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: June 30, 2018, 07:18:46 pm »
Just completed America chapter, not going to try Camelot until I manage to get my Servants to a decent level. Jack hit Bond 6 after the very last fight, so that's cool timing~

I never, ever stopped getting more AP than I was using- I have seventeen hundred right now. My goal for the rest of the day is probably to farm a lot of gems and pieces and such, since it's Assassin day and Jack will appreciate it. Then, maybe get enough exp to get Kiyohime and Mash to a much higher level.

Honestly, I think I just enjoy the combat routine in FGO, since playing through literally everything didn't quite get boring. Even using the same three Servants all the way through. ...Cu Alter is completely broken.

My FP roll yesterday got me Arash and Mozart, neither of which I ever got around to using before, but I think I'll give them a shot this time around. Also got Jekyll and Geronimo, but I'm less certain of using them. Got 131 Quartz so far. Could get some more doing all the Free Quests, but... I'll hold off on that for now~

I think, so far, things are going well~ If anyone wants to add me, my code is 534,775,597.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: June 29, 2018, 09:00:21 pm »
So within the last few days I decided to give this another try.

Picked up a level one account with no Servants aside from Mash and Jack, been charging through the story since it turns out there's a half AP event for it. Haven't been below 400 AP in days...

Feels weird not having my Servants, but what's really odd is lacking my CEs, strangely. Had a Kaleidoscope since my first couple days on my original account, so farming exp without it is painful. But I have gotten Mash to 40, and Jack to 60 (that's as high as I can get either of them so far). Soon I'll need to start raising some others. Though, all I have is Caster Cu, Kiyohime, Boudica (including a second copy as the only Servant from FP gacha, how helpful...) and a recently gained David. All except Boudica will definitively be useful, at least. Who knows, maybe I'll even use her, though I'd rather have Ushi and Medusa.

Thankfully I managed to get befriended by someone with a Cu Alter and Volumen Hydrargyrum, which helps with basically everything. What was really surprising when I got the account was that it contained a copy of Volumen Hydrargyrum itself, which I never had on my old account. My only 5* CE, but it's helped a lot keeping Jack safe during battle.

I don't plan to post a friend code here yet. Wanna make sure I'll continue playing longterm before doing anything like that. My goal right now is to not spend a penny from this point on. All of my Quartz are just going to be saved until the Christmas rerun, so I can get more copies of Jack. With the exception of Welfares and possibly Nursery Rhyme, any other gold Servant is getting burned. If I accept outright that I won't be keeping any gacha Servants, I can't very well feel the desire to roll for them.

Part of what pushed me to start again now is, I haven't technically missed anything so far. Every event still has a rerun coming, so as long as I'm ready to clear stuff by Halloween's rerun, I can still get every single Welfare, Grail, Lore... So, I think this is a good time for it.

Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« on: June 19, 2018, 05:22:40 pm »
she was forced to die

Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:42:45 pm »
The Joker claps, something sarcastic in the motion.

"Looks like that's a wrap, compadres!" He walks over to the condemned man, leaning down in front of him. "Oh, but you look so glum, chum. Here... let me put a smile on that face.


Jynx was Mafia Ninja.


The remaining villains are freed from their bonds, one by one, and ushered back to the meeting room they'd started at.

"Well, our staff's a bit lighter than expected, but we'd be happy to welcome you to our club! You're all, now, honorary members of the Legion of Supervillains!" Cards are handed out, declaring this, and clapping can be heard from the many dark corners of the room. It seems they weren't as alone as they had been led to believe...

"Now once and for all for the folks at home, let's let everyone know who you are!"

Arra is Darth Vader, Town Vigilante.
Vert is Selvaria Bles, Town Detective.
Mergew is Cell, Town Watcher.

"Yes... YES! We'll be able to crush those dastardly heroes easily with your powers!" The Joker slips into a bout of insane laughter, imagining the glorious future to come.

Just then, several attendants come out, ushering the new recruits out, toward their new rooms within the den of evil and debauchery. There, left to his own devices, the clown just continues to laugh...




Welcome to the end of Villain Mafia, friends! Honestly, I said to expect a short game, but this is a bit ridiculous~ I feel I underpowered the Mafia a bit, my bad on that account, but at the same time, things just did NOT go their way. Special shoutouts to Meta, who blocked a Mafia member every single night he was alive- sadly not the right one to save himself- and to Vert, who literally only investigated the bad guys. You two can probably expect an award to pop up at some point.

Hope you guys had some fun, even if I know it wasn't the most thrilling game. I'll plan something a bit wackier and weird next time, assuming there is a next time. Might be a little while, but hey, this went well enough, and there was more interest than I'd thought. Who knows what the future may hold~

Night Actions, sorted badly~
1: Gamer as Kotomine Kirei = Abstain - Heal Vert - Timed OutDEAD
2: Geo as Emperor Zarkon = Track Meta (Killed)DEAD
3: WhyBuy as Tohru Adachi = Abstain - Call Jynx - Call ArraDEAD
4: Meg as Fate Testarossa = Abstain (Blocked)DEAD
5: Arra as Darth Vader = Abstain - Kill Noric - Kill WhyBuy
6: Vert as Selvaria Bles = Investigate Meg - Investigate Noric - Investigate Jynx
7: Meta as Kyubey = Block Meg - Block NoricDEAD
8: Jynx as Lyon = Abstain - Kill Meta - Ninja Kill GamerDEAD
9: Noric as Dio = Kill Geo - Abstain (Blocked)DEAD
10: Mergew as Cell = Timed Out - Watch Vert - Timed Out

Other Games / Re: Fire Emblem
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:35:34 pm »
Found a Sacred Stones save file a couple days back with Super Trainees unlocked. Started playing the game earlier today. The mission: get through all of Normal Mode using literally every character (potentially barring prepromotes), always choosing the units at the lowest level, and not promoting anybody ever. Only about four chapters in, but I got Ross to ten and he's become a Super Journeyman! Working on leveling some of the others that popped up recently, like Lute, Vanessa, Colm. So far not a single unit is above level four~

I would have gone with Hard Mode, but it's been a long time since I played this game so I don't remember much. I also haven't played Fire Emblem in general in a while. That aside, while it's easy enough so far, I expect not promoting anybody to make the game more and more challenging as I go. Plus, always using the weakest people... yeah. Don't know if I intend to post any updates as I go, since I dun think anybody'd be too interested, but! Might at least post when or if I actually finish the run. And who knows, maybe I'll try Hard Mode once that's done...

Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:11:53 pm »
Six of the villains are seated at a table, several of them stirring slowly awake. "Ah, it seems the drugs are wearing off! Wonderful!"

The Joker, standing at the head of the table, smiles deviously. "I know it looks like not much has changed since yesterday, but allow me to draw your attention to two of the objects before you." The clown walks over to two of the seated guests, placing down a couple plates, the contents of each concealed from view by a large metal top.

"You see, the two seated here? They're already dead! But who, and what, were they? Let's find out!" With a mad, gleeful laugh, he pulls the lids from the platters, revealing the severed faces of the fallen, crumbled within.

Gamer was Town Doctor.

WhyBuy was Town Daytalker.

"A shame, such wonderful candidates for chaos and mayhem, cut down in their prime. It seems our new group won't have terribly many members left by the time we're through, but that's the price of showbiz!" He pulls a watch from his pocket- still attached to the severed arm of whoever he got it from- and grins.

Day 4 will end on June 20th, at 2PM EST.
With four alive, it takes three to lynch.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do from here on out. No mistakes available; it's do or die. Have fun, kiddies- I know I certainly am!"

Player List
1: Gamer as Kotomine Kirei: Town Doctor
2: Geo as Emperor Zarkon: Town Tracker
3: WhyBuy as Tohru Adachi: Town Daytalker
4: Meg as Fate Testarossa: Mafia Strongman
5: Arra as Darth Vader
6: Vert as Selvaria Bles
7: Meta as Kyubey: Town Roleblocker
8: Jynx as Lyon
9: Noric as Dio: Mafia Godfather
10: Mergew as Cell

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: June 18, 2018, 02:39:29 am »
Hell, your post even helped me to finally make up my mind about making a clean break from DanMachi Memoria Freese (deleting account recovery info and uninstalling the game). I had been noticing that I was just repeatedly skipping the story parts of events just to grind Iris to roll the gacha, and repeatedly find myself stopping just short of buying Iris to roll paid gacha, for a game where I no longer even bothered to slow down and enjoy the story bits.
Glad it helped even a bit. This is a serious sort of thing, even if I didn't take it seriously enough for a while. I played a few gacha games myself where I just kept logging in and collecting stuff to roll with, rather than playing, because I didn't really enjoy what the game itself was about. Probably not too good to get into that mindset. Games should be fun because they're fun, after all~

As a side note, I'd have recommended seeing if you could have sold the account to someone. It wouldn't have made up for what you spent in any way, but there are people who would pay for what you've got. Recoup things a bit.
Honestly the idea did occur to me, while I was in the process of unlocking everything. But I figured, if I took the time to do anything other than just finishing it then and there, I'd talk myself out of it. And then who knows how much farther I'd go before I decided to stop the next time. If at all. It was hard enough already. Turns out, if you try to burn your Servants, it not only gives you a popup for all your high-rarity Servants, but a separate one for just grailed Servants. So, like, do you want to burn Jack and Nursery Rhyme specifically? Okay, you clicked yes, now do you want to burn them with everyone else?

Maybe it would have been smarter to just sell it, but at this point future saved money is more important than getting anything back right now. I've still got enough to take care of what I need to and more. The bigger issue is that I still want to play. I keep thinking: if I started a new account, I'd have no reason to spend anymore, since everything I sought after and achieved is gone. I could just play with low rarity stuff, and not worry about the rest. Get to keep experiencing the storyline, and enjoying what I originally enjoyed before the problem started. But I don't know if that'd work. Could just find some way to entirely block purchases with my card, or bank, or something, but... I dunno.

For the meantime, I'm gonna just find other things to play and enjoy, and see what I'm feeling like in a month or so. Not done with Fate as a whole, no matter what; still got lots of media to enjoy. And I found a channel that seems to be uploading Onigashima story content, and if they keep it up as the game goes on, I might be able to read stuff without playing, maybe.

I do miss my Servants, and my game. If I ever do play again, I'll miss using Jack most, I think, and maybe that's good enough reason not to try. I'd always want to get her, and then I'd always want to get her to NP5, and unless I made that my literal only goal, I don't think it's feasible without spending money. But I do keep thinking about it.

* Elvis Strunk shrugs.

Other Games / Re: Moar Higurashi Time
« on: June 18, 2018, 02:16:25 am »
Thanks for the mention~ I picked it up. Looks quite nice next to the others~ I'm glad they settled on the sort of theme they did, for the game icons.

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