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Other Games / Re: Fate Accelerated - Rosarius: The Looming Shadow
« on: November 16, 2017, 05:57:12 pm »
Interesting. thought Jannti as the dwarven shopkeeper elaborated candidly upon the nature of his items. The sheer nature of coming into a store of such contraband made him uncomfortable, but he was truly grateful to have some disclosure as to his possessions without broadcasting them to the world. The appraisal of the gem was a surprise, but then, he knew that it must have been valuable if commanded by her.  His throat felt dry as he began to secure the stone back into his gauntlet.

"Thank you sir, I do appreciate you spending your valuable time." , he said proffering a respectable bow of the head before leaving some coins as thanks for the effort. He knew that such a gesture wasn't needed, but it just felt right. Perhaps he still thought of the dwarven man who died honorably in Penrith trying to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Pay it forward Jannti, pay it forward for those to follow., he thought.  Death is the inevitable truth for us all, only how we die and what we die for matters.

* * *

Jannti found himself leaning back in a chair of a beer garden across from a garish building which he could have only assumed to be the Dragoncrest Guildhall.  At least he assumed as much by the clientele - clearly paying no mind at the displeased stares he was receiving. He wasn't sure how long he'd been there, but based upon the three empty flagons in front of him, and one half full in his hand, it had been awhile. Not that he cared, but the words spoken to him earlier had cause him to think about matters more than he cared.

"...creatures of hell gives these to their champions..."

Hefting the strange black metal hilt in his sword hand, he took another swig of his drink. Is this what I am now? Without honor, I fled like a craven, not once, but twice because I couldn't affect a change in the outcome. I should have died with my squad that day...I should have died..for her. What have I been doing these past twenty years now?  Given an opportunity for redemption, for honor...and I did it again...  Perhaps it was the drink, or the sting of the memory,  but his eyes and throat burned.  "DAMNIT ALL!" , he roared in an spontaneous outburst, knocking the empty flagons crashing onto the ground.  Recovering from his lack of control, amidst many hushes stares, he decides to take another swig of his drink.

I sought power in desperation, and now that I have it within my hands, I'm questioning my conviction.  Theres no time anymore.  Lunavira, Minnoe......Lady Asahina... Gripping the hilt tightly, he knew he had come to a decision.  If, he corrects himself. If MY Lady Siar desires me as her champion, then so be it.   Having come to his internal decision, his muscles...relaxed and he put away the hilt. 

 Setting down his drink softly, he calls out to a server. "Another...please."

Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia - Evening 0 - Talys
« on: November 16, 2017, 03:47:18 am »

The woman recoils back, first in shock, but quickly collects herself, and puts on a smile to hide her sad demeanor.

"Me- Mila's blessing, you couldn't forget that, yes? Comeon, this is a bad joke.," her eyes narrow and she whispers to Alm quietly.

"Comeon, you had your fun. Don't be this way. You know I don't like fighting."  She leans closer and whispers to Alm, Especially in public like this, don't be a jerk. Jeez...snap out of it you mystic messenger reject - I can't believe I forgave you for incident with that hussy Faye....  I'll let you tell that stupid urn joke again....comeon...>>

His hand still on his hilt, a sad realization hits Celica.

"Wait! This weird place, these people....did...Duma....NO!," he eyes tear up, as she recalls the past, and she quickly moves away. 

General Chat / Re: Mystical Hyperia Kotatsu Shrine: Waifu Claim Thread
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:05:29 pm »
Its that time again....for 2018's Waifu Claims!

If you dont know what Im talking about, thr details are at the original post of this thread.

What I need, is 3 prospective waifus from everyone via pm by the deadline of Dec. 3, 2017. The announcement of new waifus will be in early January (1-3rd) 2018!

Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia - Evening 0 - Talys
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:14:55 pm »
Quickly brandishing her sword Beloved Zofia for defense in a branded hand, the Queen of Valentia and Milan priestess quickly scans her new surrounds. Was her sudden appearance here due to the evil influence of Duma? If it was, the setting sun heralds man auspicious tidings. It pained her heart, as she truly wished that fighting would stop. Why couldn't things be settled peacefully for a change!!? The thought of bring dragged into another conflict made her...angry..but one had to maintain appearances as a royal.  Fortunately, her worries subsided as soon as she made out a very familiar face.

"...Alm? Yes, IT is you.," she says running over to the man.  In her haste she trips, but does her best to hide it.




Wrapping an arm comfortingly around his own, she relaxed and sheathes Beloved Zofia.

"Do you know whats going on husband?," she says with a smile for all to see  before she whispers sweetly, quietly to him "If we are in this situation do to more of your boneheaded stubbornness, you-will-be-in-the-doghouse<3"

Mafia Vortex / Re: Mafia Queue
« on: November 15, 2017, 01:35:07 am »
Didnt Wooly say Rabbit would kill us all earlier today? <<

Other Games / Re: Fate Accelerated - Rosarius: The Looming Shadow
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:32:01 pm »
"House Lishka of Anglica province...hmm...", Jannti repeated to himself, both for confirmation and to memorize the information. For his recent years in Catarina, he couldn't say the name was familiar to him. While possible that House Lishka had designs on the holdings of House Asahina, it was entirely possible that the Silver Fins were just being activated for in their service for some other purposes. He'd inquire more about House Lishka, but given his Coaster environment, he didn't think it would yield anything fruitful.  Still - given the letter he received, he had to assume any reply he sent would not remain solely for Minnoe's eyes alone. That settled the debate on what to write at least.

Maj. Akiyama -

While traveling southward I came across a small contingent of goblins attempting to raise the dead.  They were mostly eliminated by a faction of Templars led by one named Sicarius, quite possibly the same given special privileges by Lady Harunya.  Yet based upon my brief audience with my Lady and her new Adviser before my departure, this gravely concerns me. Dark arcane forces appear to be involved.

I would have gladly taken action to protect Lunavira if able, but if the city is now cordoned off, then I assume my fears are realized. I'll do what I can to rally strength, and return.

Another Tide may be looming, and we all are in peril. Please be careful Minnoe.

Having written his letter and given it to the lieutenant, Jannti decided to leave the consulate to clear his head and find a nice, quiet place to have a drink and decide the path forward.

While walking through the marketplace in the merchant district towards the inn that he stayed during his previous visitation, a strange shop selling exotic "artifacts" likely of the magical variety caught his eye.  Hmm, couldn't hurt to inquire about Yoshio...or perhaps, the stone?   Sure he could have sought out the Free Mages, but he didn't trust them. It was one thing to solicit expert opinion, but given their attempts degrade the Empire's security structure and the events in Penrith, he couldn't see anything fruitful coming out of it.  Especially not with the eventual disclosure of dealing with....the infernal. As beautiful as she was, he tried not to dwell to much on the memory - lest his muscles flare up in pain again.  Still..he needed power and he needed it now.   

What about others? Master "Gregorious" didn't know anything about Yoshio.  Outside of his deceit he seemed like a likable enough person, but he fully expected him to join the Free Maqes if he hadn't already. Had he not risked his life to rescue the villagers Jannti would have reported him, but good deeds beget good deeds. Parson Kyrrin on the other hand...left a sour taste in his mouth.  A cleric of the divine studying the arcane would have been an ideal person to go to, but that was before she spontaneously snapped into a ungrateful raving lunatic. Women..., he groaned to himself.  He for one enjoyed the uncomfortable silence on the road northward.

Although he had no intention to sell, he needed more information.  "Excuse me." , he spoke. "I have an item I'd like appraised that I'm considering to sell."

Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia (2) - Signup Thread
« on: November 14, 2017, 11:40:06 am »
;__; Never liked Alm, Conrad was better~ thobit shouls be interesting.

Other Games / Re: Meido RPG- A Wool-E Korp Experience!
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:34:05 pm »
As I finish my character sheet, have some Maho "Korean" fashion~

Other Games / Re: Fate Accelerated - Rosarius: The Looming Shadow
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:15:07 pm »
Upon entering the consulate, Jannti immediately raising an eyebrow at the small gaggle of newly minted lieutenants idly playing cards. Ahh, at least somethings never change. , Jannti thought remembering his days at the Academy and as a lieutenant fondly.  He never was a great at the game of cards, preferring dice with the NCOs, but then at least these troops had sense enough not to mix their game with hooch in the middle of their shift. Another "fond" memory of cards, drinking, and a half-clothed Minnoe came to mind -  a rather sportive and volatile combination. But that felt like an age ago, and attentions are better focused on the present. Pointing at the soldiers still huddled around the crate, "Since you all appear to be idle on the Empress' time, I suggest you all find something productive to keep yourself busy.  In fact, I have a tasker.  One of you, if they haven't already been informed, let the Consul know that he or she will likely have to respond to a gaggle of angry Coaster officials.  Seems there was some Templar special operation down south that has not been received.....well. NOW.," he emphasized. 

Turning back to the officer at the desk, "Yes, I'm here for the letter. Thank you lieutenant., " he speaks normally as he is handed the parchment.  He pauses for a moment looking at the seal, clearly it wasn't the pinion of Maj. Akiyama's person or the silver tetra fish of the company.  Strange.. was his only thought as he opened the parchment and began to read. He wasn't sure what to expect from Minnoe, but one thing was for sure, this was not it. DAMNIT ALL!", he cursed smashing a fist on he desk in anger.  Bad as the shame of leaving his home once again, he knew there was little he would be able to do to stop things if he did - but he certainly did not expect things to be happening this quickly.  Also intriguingly was the name Sicarius again.  Wasn't that the name of the Templar in Penrith? What was happening in Penrith and Lunavira, was a not a pleasant coincidence given what had become of his beloved Lady Harunya Asahina... He was certain High Lady Yukaira would never permit the Templars such authority. What had happened to her?  He had to let Minnoe had to know that she was in grave danger.....but then, what of the seal? Was this, a veiled threat? As long as he had stayed in the Capital, he never could get used to all the politicking. He was a soldier damn it.  He pinched his nosed and closed his eyes at some sort of unseen pressure.

"Tell me lieutenant, how long have you been at this post?  Do you recognize this seal and know of its bearer?" Whoever it was, they were right- he would return, but first he needed to write back.  And perhaps a stiff drink too.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Rebuild of Stupidity!
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:33:58 am »
Should have been reflexes~ I thought it was included already, but I could be wrong.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Rebuild of Stupidity!
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:24:32 am »
I didnt know I get another increaae to strength, rounds of power, etc. If i had to choose, Ill go with reflexes.

Hmmm Touched ia just ego damage? I might just go with Mildly doomed.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Rebuild of Stupidity!
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:05:41 pm »
I dont  think i ever figured out my drawback x_x Things have been happening rather fast for me to slog through the books...

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Rebuild of Stupidity!
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:31:12 am »
Thoughts on me moving back and forth between Raz? Even if I dont hide to ambush (which allows me to attack as ofbhes helpless and execute), I also get AoO with pike and backstab.

Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia (2) - Signup Thread
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:41:48 am »
Arya? *tips his hat in salute of Titor* Excellent taste sir 8)

Other Games / Re: Fate Accelerated - Rosarius: The Looming Shadow
« on: November 10, 2017, 08:51:19 pm »
Frowning, Jannti took in the sight of the Southern Gate once again.  How long had it been?  A week or so?  The city of Cazavir looked unchanged.  He never did find Master Yoshio again, and while he expected a long quest for a possible solution to his dilemma, things sort of fell into his lap rather quickly.  Reminded by the touch of the crystalline stone stored in his gauntlet, he wasn’t sure to laugh or cry when thinking about his encounters in the Violet Fields and Penrith.  One thing was sure, this was a time for action.  Perhaps shes already written me back? Nevertheless, Minnoe needs to know what happened…, the samurai thought.  Yet- how much should I tell her?

The enthusiasm of the large fellow beside him broke his thoughts.  He seemed like a jovial enough fellow, but he only ever seemed to think of eating and fighting.  What was his name again? Grigs was it?  In many regards, he seemed like an ideal soldier.  No drinking, no woman, just work – Jannti could respect someone like that.  Now if only he would learn to wear some bloody clothes.

With a shake of his head, “Thank you for the invitation Sir Byron, but given what we discovered in your fair hamlet, I have some other pressing matters to attend.  Anymore unsanctioned participation in the Guild may yield poor optics.  That said, I would be game for a nice meal later after business is taken care of.  Best of luck with your guild matters,” he proffered a simple bow before walking away, and heading towards the Tavaniri Consulate. 

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