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News and Updates / Sierra Ops Update - December 2015 (Tired elf edition)
« on: December 24, 2015, 07:36:07 am »
Merry Christmas from the Innomen group!

Your VERY tired elf has a little something for the forum peeps this yuletide season.
(since Santa is busy gorging himself with cookies and milk)

Another battle build! (It didn't even take 3 months this time ;) )

The build is essentially a quick start of sort where the player will be guided to the devscreen instantly. After clicking start on the titlescreen, and tinkering Sierra's stats and whatnot you can then proceed playtest it on a demo stage.

New stuff from the last battle build: (assuming anyone actually notices it)
- Ability platforms : these are platforms that don't have any weapons attached to it, instead they perform certain specific functions to help improve Sierra's survival.
- Added 2 new sliders for en allocation the first one affects platform efficiency (as of this moment it only affects the rof of weapon platforms). The other one activates Sierra's self repair modules (the catch is it can only repair sierra to a certain threshold (100%-60%-30% of hitpoints)
- You can now see the remaining hitpoints and shield when hovering over a battle icon
- All tutorials are unlocked and can now be accessed in the escape menu scene (So if you guys have any gameplay question just give it a visit)

The demo stage is not meant to be balanced in any sort of way, it was made solely for prototyping purposes only. Though our UI designer has reportedly managed to finish it by spamming a certain ability >_<. At any rate I hope to hear more inputs now on the system so I could ironed out any more quirks if any.

==Known bugs and quirks==
- There are certain weapon combinations that when put together effectively pierces the target platform during the preview mode.
- Remember to named each new created weapon differently otherwise the game will get confused when you apply the said weapon.
- You can rename the weapon by clicking on the Weapon Name in the weapon stat preview window during crafting.
- Feature to assign the weapon group when adding new weapons (<= currently they all get assigned to 1, forgot to take this up with the ui guy)
- <to be expanded as inputs comes>

And with that I'll will now be stuffing myself with holiday foods, drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols until the new year.

Game Discussion / Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: July 23, 2015, 09:35:24 am »
Battle build V2 (Sanda panda battle SFX Edition)

Disclaimer: this build/thread is entirely dedicated to the battle aspect of Sierra Ops. The idea is
to quickly test the features and give feedback to help us better improve the battle system aspect
of the game. The build will instantly put you into battle mode battling a set number of enemies,
with a set number of allies and escorts.

Default keyboard commands:
- Keyboard commands:
  - F1-F3 Eneygy allocations mode, Platform Mode, Target mode
  - Target Mode
     - 1-10 weapon groups
     - Q,W,E,R,T Projectile,Drone,Ships,Debris,Structure target types
  - Allocations mode
     - QWE Increase EN Alloc for (Weapon,Shields,Engine)
     - ASD Decreases EN Alloc for (Weapon,Shields,Engine)
     - ZXCVB Abilities shortcut button 1-5
  - Platform mode (No shortcut keys have been assigned yet)

New features on V2:
- New weapon and explosion sfx
- Platform mode is now fully functional
Refer this picture for a brief tutorial on how it works:

Any comments/criticism and suggestions are most welcome, just try to limit it to the battle build/ gameplay aspect.
This will not be the last build so long as comments/interest keeps coming.

Other Games / Seven Kingdoms II HD
« on: February 05, 2015, 12:52:13 pm »
Steam link :

I was wondering if anyone here played this gem before. It was one of my all time favorite strategy game ever, I was quite surprised that it received an HD treatment now after all these years. XD

To the uninitiated Seven Kingdoms is a kingdom simulation real time strategy game.  Its one of the very few 4x real-time games that caught my attention way back in 1999. As with any typical 4x games you can engage with diplomacy and espionage with enemy kingdoms, research technologies for war machines (catapults , ballistas), train units for war.

What is different here in this game is the way it handles things, in Seven Kingdoms you have villages which produces villagers those villagers are the building blocks of your kingdom, the idea is to link relevant buildings to the village (research lab for research, war factory for producing war machines, fort for training soldiers). You also have to balance things out since unused villagers  are farmers that also produces food which is one of the vital resources. (every unit in your kingdom eats) You also have to manage the village happiness so that they produce more villagers.

What sets apart Seven kingdoms from other strategy game is the emphasis on soldiers, forts have to be manned by Generals with high leadership afterwards you train some of your villagers into soldiers. The soldiers inside the fort improves their skill overtime depending on the General's leadership. Soldiers also learn skills depending on their race, Normans for example can learn to use shields and crossbows depending on their skill level while Japanese can do a berserk attack(critical hit) on later levels.

Races are also quite varied, each one of them has a seat of power, a special building that gives special passive buff to the kingdom who owns it and the ability to summon the race's god that can cast different powers. The races are also not set in stone, during the course of the game you can actually have different race of people join your kingdom, the only thing unique about choosing your race is the starting seat of power and the race of your first King.

To top it off, there are also Frythans races which is a whole different world from human kingdoms. Frythans takes the role of monsters in the Seven Kingdom world, they usually take the role of plunderers in a normal game, killing them nets you a hefty reward via treasures. However, they can also function like a kingdom, in fact you can play as a Frythans from the get go if you want! The unique thing about Frythans is that apart from the Frythans tech tree you can also climb the human tech tree if you managed to capture some villagers (you can't do this if you're a human kingdom).

Anyway I hope some forum goers try it, (It's dirt cheap) I don't usually go out of my way recommending games but I felt that this one is definitely worth it. Word of caution though, it takes a good while to get into (as with any 4x games) but just give it time to sink in. XD

Sunrider General Discussion / MOVED: Gaming Get Together
« on: March 30, 2014, 01:03:27 pm »
This topic has been moved to [Other Games].

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