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but it was really unoptimized to me. Maybe it was my computer at that moment, I will check it later, or the big number of projectiles but it basically ran at jumps, with no smooth transition at any moment (I literally saw the screen jumping whether zooming, moving or simply seeing the missiles come).

Can you upload the output_log file inside the data folder so I can look at it, usually there's an error being triggered every frame when the lags happens.

For the rest, I'am going to try and sort them out. Thanks for the input.

P.S. I still can't believed the tutorial didn't worked I even added an unlocked flag for that T_T.
Turns out I forgot to set it to true I hate myself.....

News and Updates / Sierra Ops Update - December 2015 (Tired elf edition)
« on: December 24, 2015, 07:36:07 am »
Merry Christmas from the Innomen group!

Your VERY tired elf has a little something for the forum peeps this yuletide season.
(since Santa is busy gorging himself with cookies and milk)

Another battle build! (It didn't even take 3 months this time ;) )

The build is essentially a quick start of sort where the player will be guided to the devscreen instantly. After clicking start on the titlescreen, and tinkering Sierra's stats and whatnot you can then proceed playtest it on a demo stage.

New stuff from the last battle build: (assuming anyone actually notices it)
- Ability platforms : these are platforms that don't have any weapons attached to it, instead they perform certain specific functions to help improve Sierra's survival.
- Added 2 new sliders for en allocation the first one affects platform efficiency (as of this moment it only affects the rof of weapon platforms). The other one activates Sierra's self repair modules (the catch is it can only repair sierra to a certain threshold (100%-60%-30% of hitpoints)
- You can now see the remaining hitpoints and shield when hovering over a battle icon
- All tutorials are unlocked and can now be accessed in the escape menu scene (So if you guys have any gameplay question just give it a visit)

The demo stage is not meant to be balanced in any sort of way, it was made solely for prototyping purposes only. Though our UI designer has reportedly managed to finish it by spamming a certain ability >_<. At any rate I hope to hear more inputs now on the system so I could ironed out any more quirks if any.

==Known bugs and quirks==
- There are certain weapon combinations that when put together effectively pierces the target platform during the preview mode.
- Remember to named each new created weapon differently otherwise the game will get confused when you apply the said weapon.
- You can rename the weapon by clicking on the Weapon Name in the weapon stat preview window during crafting.
- Feature to assign the weapon group when adding new weapons (<= currently they all get assigned to 1, forgot to take this up with the ui guy)
- <to be expanded as inputs comes>

And with that I'll will now be stuffing myself with holiday foods, drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols until the new year.

Woot a plot discussion I never thought we'll see one until a proper release. lol

On the topic if you guys are feeling like that then the writer is doing a pretty good job thus far hahaha. Since the idea is to have all of the factions to be morally gray. 

Game Discussion / Re: Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:53:26 pm »
Lol I might need to adjust the range of the drones for that one. As for the flight pattern, I dunno if making them harder to hit is a good idea. My plan was for them to overwhelm the player with numbers, making them harder to hit might make them too op.

Well the defense platforms weren't made to engage the enemy directly, they're like additional weapon slots that are outside the ship. Hence the feature where you could attach platforms to allied units and they follow it around.

The deploying one at a time and switching is a bug, there was supposed to be a limit cap depending on the sierra stat limiting the number of platform you can deploy at any given time guess it needs a check when switching the ui back and forth for that.

I'll think about color coding the damage text.

Thanks for testing and listing out the bugs much appreciated. I'll just forward your comments on the sfx to our audio guy.

One thing though what did you mean by the tutorial slides not appearing on the menu I pressed escape and click the tutorial button and the tutorial appeared, it does have a bug though when you click to remove a tutorial slide and the cursor happens to be over a button.

Game Discussion / Re: Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: November 20, 2015, 08:48:33 am »
And yeah, on weapons I though so too, but then mind you giving me a short intro? Now I'm curious...

Hmm okay I'll give a brief description on what is currently equipped.
Group 1: CIWS nuff said
Group 2: Kinetic cannons equipped with flak warheads has a bonus against drones and missiles
(probably a wee bit overpowered still against ships because of the splash damage)
Group 3: VLS missiles with mirv body, fires a missile that splits and homes around a target
Group 4: Rockets dumb missiles that doesn't home but fires en massed.

Sierra Ops weapon system are subdivided as follows:
1) CIWS (Close In Weapon System): Rapid firing weapons that are usually used for point defense.
2) Kinetic Cannons: mid tier weapons that deals good amount of damage but can missed depending on the distance with the target (capped at 70% miss chance)
3) Rockets: Artillery that fires multiple dumb-fire rocket ordinance that deals good damage but can be shot down and evaded.
4) Missiles: Artillery that has longer range than rockets and can home to the target can also be shot down.
5) Special: Special weapons are weapons not under the 4 categories above.

Game Discussion / Re: Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: November 20, 2015, 02:02:05 am »
Updated the first post for the default keyboard commands:
You can access the tutorial slides by pressing the escape button and clicking on tutorial.

-Yep Sierra is much much stronger than the usual due to the new weapons. I just added them to test the sfx it is by no means the default weapon. It would have made the game a walk in the park lol.

- Do try to listen to them closely, I was talking to the audio guy and we're contemplating if the overall feel is legit enough to be called a strategy game with all the sfx flying around, or are the sfx too much that it drowns other stuff.

-HP bars on platforms huh, okay will keep that in mind.

-With the weapons I was thinking the dev screen was enough for the player to know what the weapon does since there would be a preview of it firing and parts descriptions as you assemble it. It just so happens I put a lot of new stuff here in Sierra on the go.

-There's no friendly fire, are you sure the drones aren't hitting it with something? (Are all the damage 1?) I might change the damage numbers so that they wouldn't fly away while on command mode.

*I knew you'd be my only tester hahaha

Game Discussion / Re: Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: November 19, 2015, 02:29:04 am »
Updated the first post with new battle build.

Audio guy wants to know if the new sfx are good so try to listen to them. (hence sfx edition) :D

Oh and try not to kill the first 2 enemies quickly as it will end the stage prematurely without the reinforcement spawn.

News and Updates / Re: Sierra Ops Update - August
« on: October 06, 2015, 03:37:42 am »
^ What he said. Progress have been purely internal involving battle systems and what not, which is why I couldn't technically post updates since it probably wouldn't make any sense 90% of the time. Also, I haven't yet reach a stable point to release another test battle build.

Game Discussion / Re: Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: July 23, 2015, 04:13:57 pm »
Actually the battle assessment is still not calculated correctly (Calculations still need tweaks). Hahaha.

Did you use the command mode a lot? or just take pot shots at them in real-time (which is quite a feat,if you did it that way)
How was the overall feel? Was the combat chaotic? since you had to juggle around multiple units. You can actually have up
to 4 escorts during a battle in the future, that and there would be deploy-able platforms from the Sierra too. I'am worried that
the player might get confused a lot with so many things to juggle around.

The 2 escorts in this scenario are meant to be fragile, however they move a LOT faster than Sierra. My idea was to have the player
use the way-point system to make the escorts move around evading stuff.

Camera buttons not working during command mode is probably a bug. The Carrier CIWS probably bugged out too if it cut you like swiss
cheese within 5 seconds. XD

I think I'll just have the max zoom out option to cover the whole battlefield, regardless of field size.

Game Discussion / Kemeo's Battle build corner
« on: July 23, 2015, 09:35:24 am »
Battle build V2 (Sanda panda battle SFX Edition)

Disclaimer: this build/thread is entirely dedicated to the battle aspect of Sierra Ops. The idea is
to quickly test the features and give feedback to help us better improve the battle system aspect
of the game. The build will instantly put you into battle mode battling a set number of enemies,
with a set number of allies and escorts.

Default keyboard commands:
- Keyboard commands:
  - F1-F3 Eneygy allocations mode, Platform Mode, Target mode
  - Target Mode
     - 1-10 weapon groups
     - Q,W,E,R,T Projectile,Drone,Ships,Debris,Structure target types
  - Allocations mode
     - QWE Increase EN Alloc for (Weapon,Shields,Engine)
     - ASD Decreases EN Alloc for (Weapon,Shields,Engine)
     - ZXCVB Abilities shortcut button 1-5
  - Platform mode (No shortcut keys have been assigned yet)

New features on V2:
- New weapon and explosion sfx
- Platform mode is now fully functional
Refer this picture for a brief tutorial on how it works:

Any comments/criticism and suggestions are most welcome, just try to limit it to the battle build/ gameplay aspect.
This will not be the last build so long as comments/interest keeps coming.

Game Discussion / Re: Demo Feedback
« on: July 12, 2015, 03:17:33 pm »
Yep double left click is focus fire, and it should actually only function for the current selected weapon's group. If you happen to be in the rocket launchers group and the CIWS also focused fire on the frigate then that probably is a bug. (In the demo's case group 2, the one with 2 weapons only is the default rocket launcher group for Sierra)

It's a good strategy to focus fire on one frigate out of 3, but if doing so means your CIWS do not defend you of the enemy drones then some other way is needed.

On the current build you actually now have the ability to assign a target via right clicking the enemy(movement method), its functionally similar to normal rts games, and the selected ship will actually try and chase its target. Also all weapons not assigned to drones or projectiles will be use to "focus fire" the designated target, wonder if that works?

On the build part I'll probably upload one and post it on another topic like with what Youko did, so as to sort them out better.

Game Discussion / Re: Demo Feedback
« on: July 12, 2015, 09:47:36 am »
I don't know how it worked, but when I actually targeted a frigate, the CIWS would aim at it and mostly forget about drones until they would come to its front (despite the fact that their weapon grouping didn't have frigates as possible enemy targets).

Did you try to focus fire the frigate?(based on what you said I think you did) it probably had overridden the targeting system into frigate. Focus fire is kinda like forget every thing and just fire this target with this weapon group. If the target type for frigate did not turn on, its probably a left over bug. After the frigate is destroyed, the weapon will try to reacquire a new target randomly depending on the type set.

because the second I turned the shield off the armour was lowered at a continuous rate (indicating continuous fire) a lot faster than the enemy frigates.

If the text is in red it does not inflict damage.

On another topic should I upload a separate battle only build? To quickly test the battle systems. if there is interest that is.

Game Discussion / Re: Demo Feedback
« on: July 11, 2015, 05:59:15 am »
Can someone help me with the CIWS(point def gun) problem. As far as I'am concern the current settings are working near perfectly (I said near because I did tweak the bullets to be faster and increased the lead aim).

The idea of the CIWS was to be a spray and pray weapon, the turret rotates near instantaneously (its faster than the drone velocity at least) and tries to aim the lead up position of the target (usually the front of the target). In the missiles/rockets case the weapon would almost always 100% hit its target since projectiles travels in a straight line, not so with a drone where a sudden turn can cause the lead aim to effectively miss.

With that said what aspect of the weapon should I actually improved on, without effectively making the drones moot? (do you think the drones are actually a threat btw?) Keep in mind that its an early game weapon.

Also how exactly did you noticed the problem, was it because the drones don't die that quick? Or was it because they hit like a truck despite being low in numbers. At the current setting the drones will die in about 5 shots from the CIWS.

P.S. Other concerns regarding the battle system have mostly been addressed we added attack-lines and range indicators to weapon groups as well and I'll be working with our UI guy for the reload indicators.

Other Games / Re: Endershadow's Game Giveaway
« on: February 13, 2015, 05:17:23 pm »
Those bundles must be an American only thing, because I don't see any of it on Steam. Either that or they're hidden (or have already ended...).

I think they're talking about Humble Bundle not a steam bundle.

Other Games / Re: Seven Kingdoms II HD
« on: February 06, 2015, 01:21:58 am »
While it does seem interesting enough, my ability to purchase anything from steam has ended for the time being.
So the only way I could get it is through a gift. :-\

Well you could always try the first game in the series, since it was made to be open sourced.

Gameplay is almost basically the same with a lot less of depth but still fun, also in this game you get to have naval units that were non existent in Seven Kingdoms II.

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