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Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Gamerjunkie on Today at 02:41:54 pm »
Ok maybe I lied a bit. Some stuff here.

New Servants
5* Rider: Ozymandias
Single target Buster NP. Seal enemy NP, lower defense (Overcharge)

Skills: Charisma, Imperial Privilege, Protection from Ra (Party NP charge/Buff success up)

Cards: QAABB

And thus we have a new 5* Rider. A good one! Murder all the Caster bosses!

4* Caster: Nitocris
AoE Arts NP. Chance to instakill.

Skills: Egyptian Magecraft (Heal self, self instakill rate up), High Speed Divine Words, Affection of Horus (Guts, cleanse self debuffs)

Cards:  QAAAB

Don't have any input for Nitocris. She's one 4* Caster I have never gotten. God why are there so many Casters. On paper she looks decent at least. Also cute!

4* Saber: Lancelot
Single Target Arts NP. Arts up for 1 turn (activates first), deal damage, increase enemy damage taken (Overcharge)

Skills: Knight of the Lake (30% NP Charge, gain crit stars), Eternal Arms Mastership (omnom stars), Knight of Owner (stars per turn, crit damage up for 3 turns)

Cards: QAABB

The new critmonster arrives. This one makes his own stars!

3* Archer: Tawara Toda
AoE Buster NP. Increase damage against Demon enemies for 1 turn.

Skills: Protection from Divine Dragon (Buster up for 3 turns, heal), Protection from Arrows, Bale of Inexhaustibility (Party Max HP up for 3 turns)

Cards: QAABB

Another one I don't have anything to say about. Yay another Archer I guess?

3* Assassin: Hassan of Serenity
Single Target Arts NP. Poison, chance to seal skills and NP. Chance to Instakill.

Skills: Shapeshift (Infiltration) (Enemy crit chance down, reduce enemy NP gauge), Throwing Dagger, Silent Dance(Instakill rate up, Debuff success rate up for 3 turns)

See Nitocris and Tawara's notes.
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Meliran on Today at 02:00:18 pm »
...yeah I already got my 200 million so now I'm just running the 3 million one. Herc/Lancelot/Double Waver with plugsuit. Herc gets the mega damage boost CE, just needs to get 10% NP charge, after which point Waver uses his stuff to charge NPs (crit buff on Lancelot), switch out Wavers, continue buffing. Lancelot uses NP, kills Crystal's and gives a lot of stars. Herc uses HIS NP and then... really just start whacking Ushi really really hard.

Updated: Today at 06:40:42 am
So, Camelot coming soon. I'll make one of my mega-info dumps for this because I'm hyped for everything from Camelot. After I get back from work, though, so expect it in like 12-13 hours.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by BlackStarLine on Today at 01:52:58 pm »
Mike, your Raikou is OP. Buffed up with the red beans and a load of other boosts her NP will deal around 700k damage at 300%...
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Gamerjunkie on Today at 12:06:54 pm »
So, Camelot coming soon.
"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. Tis a silly place."
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by mikebrand83 on Today at 10:26:44 am »
Anime/Manga / Re: Steins;Gate 0
« Last post by Geocorn on June 19, 2018, 11:53:07 pm »
oh I want to write about the last two episodes. I think I can talk without needing a spoiler tag. They're mashing stuff from about 3 routes if I'm remembering correctly. certain things have been skipped as a result (well hard to say skipped if it's not clear what worldline we're in). There was one scene in particular I was looking forward to seeing in the anime, but it got reduced to a 30 second conversation with Mr. Braun. One month in particular was also skipped over. Interestingly, a lot of what's happening right now seems to be Maho's route. I'm glad to see that because the first anime didn't show anything that happened outside of the common route and Kurisu's route, so I just assumed the side paths would be skipped totally.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« Last post by Geocorn on June 19, 2018, 09:28:16 pm »
Yes! I support somebody other than me having died night 1! lol.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« Last post by Arraxis on June 19, 2018, 09:03:12 pm »
Funny thing is, I very nearly decided to kill Meli on Night 1 because 'Fate isn't a villain'. Ultimately I decided it wasn't really fair and has a higher chance of hurting us than them. I suppose that sort of informs my actions later - Noric was suspicious, act immediately. YBuy was suspicious, act immediately. I wanted everyone to reveal so as to force the Mafia to lie and give us more information. Hiding at that point was detrimental. I was worried YBuy was the PGO, but also rationalised that even if he was and was active it would give info to the town and take away something for them to claim to be.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« Last post by Verthand on June 19, 2018, 07:00:40 pm »
"The power of the valkyrur has triumphed again. All glory to Prince Maximiliam!"


Yay, thanks Elvis for hosting and  everyone for playing! It was fun, I was surprised when meg turned out mafia. Then it led to Noric acting suspicious on purpose to make me investigate him, I fell for it but Arraxis killed him right away lol. Nice move Arraxis!

And with people coming clean things got rly bad for Jynx, and there wasnt much left to do at that point.

I like how on start of day 2 all mafia was alive, and on beggining of day 3 we had only one investigated mafia left xD
Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Day 4
« Last post by Jynx on June 19, 2018, 06:08:35 pm »
Ybuy, the point is, no matter what I tried, what could have changed? Day 3, 5 v 1, no safe role claim while everyone else has (PGO? Jailor with a Roleblocker? Seriously?). Give me even a slight hope and I will try to cling to it, even if it's probably a false lead. It worked way better than expected.
As for my choice on the last day, there was really no option for me out of that one.

Congrats for Vert finding out all Mafia members, tho~ I will say it was our intention to have you investigate Noric, but apparently we attracted a Vigilante kill as well. Didn't really foresee that coming, and it was the only mistake I can really say we did as a team.
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