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Other Games / Re: Fate Deecelerated - To the Victoria Go the Spoils
« Last post by Deeox2 on Today at 05:53:39 am »
You take your Fate Point.

And now I gotta make everything Ezra says a double entendre.


Updated: Today at 05:55:40 am
1. She speaks Auran, not Draconic

Cool cool.

2. Her spell details: Takes a 3-stress hit to use. "Summon Undead - Exactly what it sounds like. Undead can completely absorb 4 stress of damage. Can attack using a 4d6 +1. Summoning more than 1 undead will lead to Julie falling asleep within 5 minutes - 2 actions of 4d6 +3 and then removal from situation."

I'll accept this for now, but let's hold the exact details within a tentative nature. Again. Feeling it out.

3. 2 extra stunts:
+1 when she Sneakily Overcomes obstacles while Damaged
May Burn 1 Fate Point to Summon Undead at No Stress cost.

Cool cool.
+1 fate point to eli for wound reveal to Erza complicated by Thomas going ballistic and turning into a wife-beater over (mis)interpretation.
Other Games / Re: Fate Accelerated - Rosarius: The Looming Shadow
« Last post by woolyshambler on Today at 04:09:57 am »
Ezra drops Elidia's arm as he leads her into his room, the cool sigh of evening wind slapping her cheeks and refreshing her composure.  That and having her motivations called out by Ezra.  Admittedly, his perception speaks more directly to her actual desire than any honeyed words or propositions.  As Ezra closes the window from the night air and brilliant moon, Eli takes her leave to have a look at the various trinkets and mementos Ezra's found value in, abandoning her casual interest as soon as he begins to weave his tale.  She needs not imagine too hard his story of coming into the Sicarius family, nor his conflict in doing so.  She's lived a version of the tale herself, after all, similar in some ways, dramatically different in others.  There was no doubting the bloodied ties that bound every story of the Dark Tide together, nor the universal truth that resonated between each tale.  Nothing had ever been the same since.

As Ezra reveals that the circumstances for his adoption were somewhat more involved than paperwork at an orphanage, Eli feels a small tingle of excitement ripple through her.  The Red Raven and her feud with Hikari Sicarius was the stuff of rumor and legend, joining the shadows and ambiguous veracity of the most sensational Templar and Revenant lore.  Partly for the notoriety in the alleged crimes committed and the dangers posed by the Revenants' failure to return with her head, partly out of genuine admiration for the Red Raven's ferocity and sheer defiance of the odds, most Revenant told tales of Ezra's adoptive mother with hushed, if grudging respect, bordering on reverence.  Almost as a nod to the respect some in the Order held for the woman, the Grandmaster's letter demanding the Red Raven's life was an open one, on display at the Templar Archives, dozens, if not hundreds of the Templar's best walking past the call and recognizing the unfamiliar taste of bile and defeat as they avert their eyes.

In her mind, Elidia weighs her options carefully.  Wounded and fleeing from shadows, she's under no illusions that meeting the Red Raven might be the most dangerous thing for her survival; two decades of broken Templar swords and bloodied Revenant armor suggested the woman had no great love of visitors.  On the other hand, that was exactly the sort of person she probably ought to meet, now that she found herself on the Templar's persistently short list of inconvenient peoples.  She doesn't trust the Sicarius family sense of humor enough to think seeking the Red Raven by herself is a remotely good idea.  Ezra's mother could've also simply passed in old age, but it strikes Eli unlikely; if any of the legendary animosity between the Red Raven and the Grandmaster were true, both would live well into their second centuries on spite alone, waiting for the other to depart first.  But... if she had the proper introductions... there was a chance, perhaps.

Elidia teeters on the border of indecision as Ezra wraps up his tale, seemingly waiting for her response and some indication of what she chooses to do next.  Turning away from the elven man and eyeing the painting that suddenly shifts to be propped against its counterpart, she stalls for time.  She could keep up the pretense of adventure and whimsy, rebuffing Ezra's sincerity with disingenuous laughter.  It would be easier, certainly.  She's loath to ask for help, much less level for it, but the fully risen moon outside reminds her that she's paid yet another night in any head start or grace she has from pursuit.  It wouldn't be long now before she's forced to defend her name as Revenant a second time in the same moon and secrecy becomes a moot point anyways.  Ezra's words are true, even if she's not accustomed to admitting their value.  Damning the consequences, Elidia makes up her mind.  Ezra may be one of the few people on Rosarius she can turn to for help now; if not, she doubts any mistakes made tonight will make much difference to her when the next Revenant blade sinks into her chest or back.  Even Revenant only lived once.

"I wouldn't say ruined completely, no," Elidia speaks with deliberate slowness and tenderness as she smiles to herself in the semi-darkness.  Answers might be worth more than play, but who said a girl couldn't have and give a bit of both?  Without hesitation or pause, her hands release the front of her tunic and unclasp the fasteners holding her curaiss' embrace to her waist one at a time.  The cloth of her outer robe pools at her hips as the leather armor falls to the floor, leaving her back enticingly bare to Ezra, the sight marred only by clean linen bandages wrapped across her front and back, snow upon marble in the silver light.  "I'm not usually this open or revealing," she quips, undoing the bandages from the front slowly, "but I imagine you've always had a way with women." The length of bandage joins the discarded leather chest piece on the floor, stained in parts with reds, browns, and blacks which jarringly contrast with the pale everywhere else.

Cupping herself with one arm across the chest and turning around, Elidia faces Ezra, moonlight catching with a muted glint upon the obsidian wing hanging from her pendant. She takes a step closer without shame or fear, the merest hint of challenge in her voice as though daring him to ignore either what he expects to see or what she intends to show.  Between her breasts and cringingly close to where her heart beats beneath, a dark wound festers with shadow and barely staunched blood, the pale of shattered rib grinning back unsettlingly in the dark.  It's not quite open, it's not quite closed; the wound is deep and pulses as though her heart is but a large breath away from impaling itself upon sharpened bone, yet she stands before him without so much as a flinch.  "Now if a woman bleeding doesn't ruin your mood..." Eli does her best to grin, but it's no more a shadow than the darkness lurking within the wound.  "Perhaps these words will: I'd like very much to meet your mother."
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by mikebrand83 on Today at 02:33:24 am »
The advance notice added some details on the availability of the Mona Lisa CE after the next update. You'd need 1000 Mana Prisms per copy, and they'd be available to claim till Feb 22, 2018, which is ~93 days from now.

Sure wish they just kept them in permanently. :-\
Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia - Day 2 - Ostia
« Last post by mrgw4 on Today at 02:22:08 am »
Erk limps in, it seems he'd been hit by a servant delivering breakfast given the pastry stuck to the side of his head and the slight limp in his step where he might have been tripped over. Standing slumped before his master he gives a slight bow. Addressing the master formally despite the great rings under his own eyes. 

'Master, I'm pleased you survived this night. I was-' Erk staggers, forced to rest his hand heavily on a table to keep himself from falling. 'Doing, my best to protect you...But...I...can't understand it master...There was overwhelming force used on the victim.'

Erk coughs lightly taking a drink of water from a glass, or a flower vase. Exhaustion blurring his vision to the point he couldn't tell. 'And none are more powerful than you...Also...Last night I used my magic to temporarily change your name and that of the blue haired swordsman Alm...Redirecting all that thought to target you to him and those that thought to target him to you...' He slowly seems to regain some of his energy.

'Whats more it seems the dark blue haired girl was following the man named Alm...hense now associating that name with you,  she followed you...right to the scene of the murder of this seemingly beloved person...I'm sorry for inadvertently attaching onto you a stalker...But' Erk looks pleadingly at his master still panting from the excursion of his spell. 'You didn't do this...did you?' The sugared pastry slides down his hair and bounces on the table with a wet sound.
Other Games / Re: Meido RPG- A Wool-E Korp Experience!
« Last post by woolyshambler on Today at 01:56:58 am »
Excuse me while I edit my list of favoritest maids.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia - Day 2 - Ostia
« Last post by Jynx on Today at 01:52:00 am »

Alm (1): Celica

Fingers of Suspicion:

Beruka (1): Matthew
Serra (1): Tharja
Alm (2): Beruka, Matthew
Leif (2): Beruka, Serra
Ephraim (2): Beruka, Serra
Nephenee (1): Beruka
Pent (1): Beruka
Erk (1): Serra
Celica (1): Alm

With 13 alive, it takes 7 votes to lynch.
Other Games / Re: Meido RPG- A Wool-E Korp Experience!
« Last post by Jynx on Today at 01:45:35 am »
Wow, I really like this one. A bit lolified, but very dynamic in pose and expression.

Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia - Day 2 - Ostia
« Last post by woolyshambler on Today at 01:40:56 am »
Honestly I can't make much heads of tails out of what Alm's trying to say; how does challenging to a duel keep someone from acting?  Usually it ends up with someone dead.  It might still end up with someone dead.

I'd worry more about the presence of 3 roleblocking roles, frankly.  2, maybe.  3?  Well that's just funny.  Especially since it seems fewer than 3 people per night have been blocked.

As for myself, I can only say I have no information to contribute at this time that would be helpful to us in finding the culprit.  I will support that Serra was able to visit me and keep me safe two nights ago; for that I'm appreciative.  A shame the same couldn't be said for Robin. 

I'll also opine that the PGO should consider the value in staying hidden.  Our real cop is dead; on the balance between an ersatz investigative role and one of our enemies slain in their haste, it may be worth considering the relative risks.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Fire Emblem Mafia - Day 2 - Ostia
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on Today at 01:29:18 am »
Matthew stays stock still, not dignifying that woman with a response, hoping futilely that she'll forget he exists if he waits long enough.

And then... she does?

That worked?!

If he'd known it was that easy, certainly the last few years of service would have been a drastically different matter!

...still, freedom from clerics aside, he knows there's still more that needs done, and said. He can't quite rest in blissful anonymity, hidden from Serra's voice.

"Okay. I could easily enough believe we'd have both a Jailer and a Roleblocker. I could even believe that neither of them is an enemy. Not saying it's likely, mind you. Definitely suspicious. But I could at least believe it possible. However! I find it very suspicious, too much to believe, that we would have a third role that does the exact same thing. Especially as Dueling doesn't hold any real reason for having such an ability that I can think of, from a logical standpoint. Especially as Lewyn's power has already been confirmed to work. I'll wait on him to confirm whether or not Celica's speaking the truth, though from Robin's investigation, and lack of suspicion afterwards, I'm willing to venture a guess as to what he'll say."

"However, Alm, you just so happened to target someone that can't confirm your action, both nights. Since Celica claims not to have acted the first night, and Robin is dead. At the same time, this ability of yours that you claim can block someone's action? You used it on the only person that had even the slightest real confirmation is to being Town. This is literally the least useful thing you could have done if you're on our side. Either you're an enemy, or just a liability. Beyond that, the idea of Duelest, or whatever official name you may have, seems suspect as well. It seems almost like you aren't interested so much in helping Town, but finding a certain person, perhaps? It reeks of Indie at best, and Scum at worst."

The thief shrugs. "That said, it's not confirmation of anything. Still yet, I'm quite suspicious of you, even more so than our other claimed blockers. I'm sure you can understand my reasoning; even without knowledge of who you are, logic is something hard to forget, should you have any to begin with."
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