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Hyperspace Events / Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
« on: February 06, 2018, 05:29:31 pm »
Valentine's Day is once again upon us, and why it is a day many of us (ie: me) get stuck blowing money on 'romantic' stuff lest I get force to sleep in the dog house (sorry Winter) - it doesnt have to be that way for YOU ALL. Sure its a Hallmark commerical holiday, but it doesnt mean theres no romance right?

Thus, in the spirit of the holiday, Id like to mobilize the forum me just WHO/WHOM is the best Hyperspace Waifu or OTP for Valentines 2018.

Thats right, show your love for a HS waifu or otp via art (original or commissioned), a story, or something else and yours truly, Revy, shall judge (And I will juuudge you) accordingly.

The prize: One item (Worth $50 or less) from Tokyo Otaku Mode, Steam, or art.

When: The winner will be announced on White Day 2018 (March 14, 2018).

General Chat / Taku-Aid 17: Hurricane Harvey Relief
« on: August 30, 2017, 02:33:42 am »
As many of you already know, Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, TX (the 4th most populous city in the US) causing immense flooding and damage. While the storm was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, its lingered in the region and exacerbated the situation. The humanitarian need is great.

Therefore in the tradition of Taku-Aid, im raising a call for those of you who would like to/able to donate in the recovery efforts.

Charity Navigator offered multiple organizations in whichyou can proffer support. Other options might be the American Red Cross  as well as the Greater Houston Community Foundation.The choice is yours ~

For those of you who donate to such cause, I plan tobreward your charity with a small gift of thanks.

For Lvl 1 Donations of $30-49: you may receive 1 art sketch of an original character; OR a copy of 1 IDHAS/Wargirl Games release (on steam).

For Lvl 2 Donations of $50-75: you may receive one colored art headshot OR a pixel doll of an original character OR both Lvl 1 prizes.

For Lvl 3 Donations of $76-100: you may receive a half body art (with simple bg) of an original character

Additional prizes may be added with interest/availability. Participants must show indicate preference as to thier prize of choice for donating.

Total collected thus far: $565
Providing gifts for donations until Sept. 8, 2017.

Thanks for taking time to care and read this!

As promised to GJ for sending me lots of quality Jeanne pics~ I plan to post this in multiple parts, but it shouldn't be too long (Could be 3 parts, depending on how I edit it down). Enjoy!

NSFW - Part 1

“My first Ball!” I leap for joy, my heart still aflutter from the night’s events. Everything had been spiraling straight for disaster once Miss Yuki began to sing, and not being able to dance would totally be a complete loss! But thanks to Sylvia’s clutch performance, in front of that just... HORRIBLE Naurya  Avannaa, I’m celebrating yet another Maho victory!

Ufufufufu~ Merci! Thanks for all the fun tonight, Sylvia. You really made life that much better! I'm sure father will be pleased that I didn't embarrass the Étoile d'Avignon  name. Umm....I wonder if any potential suitors saw?!”

Sylvia elbows my side playfully. “You’re the one who made it so wonderful m'lady. I didn’t know you were such a good dancer.”

“Well, I mean, I’m not that good…my tutors used to get rather strict during rehearsals....but I do love to dance....”

Sylvia just sticks her tongue out. “Says the girl wearing ballet slippers everywhere she goes-”

I didn't know that she could be such a tease! Here I am, trying to be humble, and she’s pushing me closer to arrogance and a totally-non Maho way of life! “Waaah! You were pretty good out there too, you know, We really made that... Naurya look like a fool today! How could she have the nerve to wear my dress to MY Ball on my debut!?! Gah~She rattles my nerves so much!”

Sylvia shrugs in an easy-going manner. “Does it matter? Your true love will only have eyes for you, so if they’re tempted by her, they’re not your true love.”

“Ooh! Really?! You really think so Miss Sylvia?! W-w-w-well, I mean its more than just some family rivalry... “, I said flustered.  Placing the back of my wrist to under my chin in thought, “But what if they’re someone that’s like a sorta-true love and I like them a lot, but they tend to like someone else a whole bunch and I’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place. I don’t wanna be squished like a pancake in love! Why can't Akkirens have some sort of charming white knight prince who only wants to sweep me off my feet?”

“Love can be easy, you know.”

“Waah! Tell me how! Is there a secret potion or something?! I don't recall reading of anything like that in Codex Revysezso~” My heart thumps. Sylvia’s a smart girl, she had to be to have been able to know that Fox person earlier in the day was up to something perverted!  Who knows what everyone has seen and done out in the city while I was stuck inside the manse with my tutors! The thought seems just sooo exhilarating! What if she found a special chemical concoction to change a person’s heart?! Wowza, all the most handsome of the men of the Order would be buzzing all around ^^  Then again, she’s also really pretty, what with her curly purple hair and her nice thighs. I wonder if she doesn't dance as much as I do, how does she manages to keep her thighs so shapely?

“Well, I’ll show you,” she says. “It’s a magical technique.”

“Oh, like Adalsteir Manipulation? You figured out how to do it already?”, I couldn't help but be amazed. We only just received our engines today!

“No, nothing like that. There are only benefits. Let’s start by having you posing next to this wall here.”

“Ufufufu~ Like this?”
I ask giddily with a wink, turning my hands into a gun and pantomiming that suave action espionage guy on all those holonet movies. “Pew pew! Maho shoots you! <3”

Sylvia slaps her forehead. “Um...Not like that. Tell you what, why don’t you make your best pose as a box.”

A box? That’s kind of weird, but I suppose if it gets me the man of my dreams, I best do what she asks. I hold my hand up, forming right angles at my elbows and shoulders (look, I’m using math! Proof I wasn't just sneaking peeks at comics during all my lessons. I’m going to be such a great maid!!)

Sylvia grins. “Good. Then you grab a hold of their hands like this.” She walks closer to me and wraps her hands in mine. “And then you lean close to her, like I’m doing to you now.”


“Whatever you feel like,” she says. “But girls are a lot better for examples.”

My heart races. “And then what?”

“And then you give her the potion.” Her face draws close enough for me to feel her breath. But it does more than that. In an instant Miss Sylvia leans forward and I feel my body pressed against the wall as her soft lips touch mine. They are so moist and smooth, as if they are a river of pink and my lips are sailing on them.

Wait a second. I’m kissing her right now, aren’t I?!! Or more specifically, she’s kissing me!! W-w-why?! D-d-does Miss Sylvia like me...THAT way? If so, its rather flattering, but my heart is racing and my mind is so confused as to what’s going on...  The only thing I can manage to notice is how my legs are beginning to shake and tremble. I'd probably fall if I wasn't pressed firmly against the wall. I have half an urge to push Sylvia off me and tell her that I don’t want this. But, would that be the truth? This is nothing I could imagine on my own....Miss Sylvia has been so nice to me, and she really does look beautiful it her purple gown, an amethyst jewel hanging off that necklace of hers. Maybe she was just trying to help and calm my nerves about the ball? B-b-besides, I suppose a little practice doesn’t hurt. Father won't find out~

But, if I’m this far, I better go all the way and pretend that she really is my lover. Thinking about all the romance stories of Mother's I read....How do beautiful damsels handle being embraced in literature again? Ahh yes~

Coyly, I jut out my chest and wrap my arms around Sylvia and close my eyes so that all my senses are on her. All I smell is her perfume, all I hear is her soft breath, all I feel is her lips on mine. My arms firmly around her, and only her mouth I taste.

I don’t know how long we stay like that. Maybe too long, I'm not positive. Yet when I open my eyes again, she’s gone. I dart my head this way and that trying to find her, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Did I imagine the entire thing?

I’m in a complete daze, my legs still shaking as I stumble towards our dorms. All I can think about it Sylvia and her precious lips. Its almost as if something deep inside me, hidden and dormant, just awoke.  Does....Miss Sylvia, ME?

No, no, no! This isn’t about that. It was practice, and nothing more! I can’t be thinking of lewd and unladylike like things like that! Bad Maho!

Wait....Waaaaaah!!!  That was my first kiss!!! I place my fingers on my lips. Is that all right?  I was hoping for a special first debut ball I now spoiled goods?!  What if I don't match?! Do I really accept a girl as my first kiss? Or did I want it to go further, and...accept her as my own?

Ouin ! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!” I hold my hands to my head. “I-I-I don’t get it!” I burst out in a sprint to my room.

Oh, good. Cordi’s not back yet. Faster than the fastest zephyr, I slip out of my dress and jump into the pile of pillows on my bed, pulling my covers over me. I don’t really feel like putting a nightgown on tonight. Yes its not ladylike, but my mind can barely register much of anything at the moment. Besides, Cordi and I are both girls, so who cares?
I grab my diary off my nightstand. Mother always said the best way to deal with uncertain feelings is to write them down. I hold up the carrot I use as a pen – of course it’s not a real carrot, it’s only shaped like one with the ink side at the bottom. At times likes this, its best to just try to calm down and write. Another Jristen story? Perhaps something different? I press the tip of my carrot pen against my lip for a second before beginning to write~ ( ^▽^)ψ__

“Princess Sylvia always loved swimming. To her friends, she’d say that she loved it for the exercise, but secretly, she had a secret! A secretly secret? (>.<) Well, that doesn’t matter! She actually enjoyed swimming because she got a full view of girls in bathing suits with their chest aching to burst out.”

“Yet, even with that, she still had one chest she treasured so dearly. It belonged to a commoner, but this commoner was the most pure and beautiful girl in all of Antiope. A wonderfully charming girl named Maho.”

“Sylvia did everything she could for her treasured Maho. She made her a personal attendant and lady-in-waiting, as well as helped her family achieve a life of comfort and bliss. Yet as her heart ached and yearned, no matter what she did, Maho could never be hers. They were in too different of social circles.  What would Princess Sylvia's parents say?!”

“One night, Sylvia lay in her bed, picturing the angelic Maho. As if against her will, her fingers slid down her body, trying to find the red rose of her womanhood.  If as under the spell of some enchantress, it always came to full blossom whenever she thought of Maho.  Thinking of her body as a flower, her mind filled up with thoughts of giving her beautiful flower.  Yet as her hand found it mark, she couldn't help herself.  It felt so good to rub it there when she thought of Maho, because Maho was her one and only.” (˘∀˘)/(μ‿μ) ❤ 

Oooof, uh... this is getting exciting. Why don’t my stories sounds so as poetic when I’m thinking about two handsome guys? I giggle a little as I think about it.
The door opens. “Oh, hi Maho,” says Cordi. Her eyes immediately take on an amused look as she notices what I'm doing. “Writing again?”

I giggle as I begin to doodle a picture in my diary of Princess Sylvia. “Of course, of course! Maid Day was just so fantastic, there is so much to talk about!”

She slips off her gown and pulls on her uniform. “I’m going out for a run. Too much excitement for me to sleep just yet. Do you need anything?”

“No thank you Cordi, that’s fine.” I continue to write in my diary, imagining all the fun and silly things Princess Sylvia would do to herself. She obviously has a huge fetish with toes, so she’d let them stick out under the covers. Wait, if she has a fetish with toes, why would she wear thigh high socks like me? Well, who cares! She’s cute anyways!
Cordi leaves the room as I get to the good part.

“Maho hears irregular gasps from the chamber adjacent. ‘Oh no, my beloved princess must be having a nightmare!’ She rushes to aid her princess, but instead of seeing her tossing and turning, her eyes are wide open as her back arcs. Princess Sylvia turns to Maho. ‘Please, you must help me!’ Maho, not sure on what’s happening, rushes to her Princesses side. ‘I’ll whatever you ask. You must feel better!’” (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

This is getting far too steamy.... I can barely concentrate anymore, thinking only about the fun things they’d do together. My own body begins to twinges, shooting pleasure throughout.

Wait, it shouldn’t stimulate itself on its own. I pull my covers off, hoping to find Sylvia under there tickling more sweet kisses all over me by somehow sneaking into my bed to turn my fantasies into a reality. But no, it seems as if my non-writing hand has a mind of its own and had begun to caress my breast.

I’m really dirty when I leave my mind wander, aren’t I? You should be ashamed with this behavior Miss Étoile d'Avignon!! Bad Maho!

But it’s not like I can stop now. A... wicked, and devious thought strikes me.  I'm not back home anymore ~ I'm a Maid.  Who would know of one little imperfection? Cordi is gone, so I could let myself run wild. Sliding the satin sheets off, I continue to rub and squeeze my breast, letting myself flicker the tips of my now hard nipples. Yet I keep thinking of Sylvia with each circle. My fingers aren’t circling – it’s her tongue.

It’s not enough., I've clearly started something I need something more. My body twitches, looking for the last thing to put me over the top.  Dropping my diary and pen, I curiously slide my hand down to find my own flower....and just like in my story, the touch sends shivers along my spine and causes me to arch my back.  I barely can control myself, and find myself bitting my own lip to keep from crying out. Either I'm very sensitive or I worked myself up so much that I don't think I managed to stroke myself for more than a minute before I felt a hot wave wash over me! Instantly I feel euphoric, my muscles feel limp.

I collapse in a fit of exhaustion. My satin sheets are now stained, and I am that much dirtier of a person. I'm sure Miho never did anything as detestable.  But in other ways, it feels natural. I mean, I’ve been doing this since I was four, but it never really felt quite this good before. Get it? Four, before? Oh Maho, you’re so clever.
I cover myself up with my sheets and continue my story until I can go no further and fall asleep.

I have no idea when Cordi got back, but she’s a lot earlier of a riser than I am. After a quick shower (don’t want anyone to suspect anything!) I get into my uniform and throw my bag over my shoulders.  I almost forget my diary! I stuff it into the back pocket of my bag and sprint out the door. I can’t be late for lessons!  Wait....where was I supposed to go again? Headmistress Eli and Yuki were preoccupied, and I don't remember what Kurumi-sempai said last night after the Ball.  Oh no...I can't mess up on my TRUE first day on the job! Perfect Maho, you have to be perfect! 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

I nearly skid to a halt when I see Sylvia. The kiss flashes through my mind yet again, along with all the myriad of all my feelings. But that is only a moment, for then her clothes disappear and she’s back on her royal bed. But the vision changes before me, and there I am now on the bed. Princess Sylvia is on top of me, and she licks her lips with a smile as she slowly parts my legs......

, I squeal audibly.  Ooh, this is bad! That was loud and probably caught people’s attention...and sure enough, Sylvia comes walking down the stairwell. If I turn around and go down the other stairwell and then dash quick enough across the Atrium....

I spin and dash as planned. Maho Victory! She’s not here and…

“Oh, hi Maho!” Sylvia runs up to me with a smile beaming on her face.

I fall over backwards onto the ground.

“Oh, Maho, are you all right?” She rushes over to me and pulls me up. “You took quite a spill there, you know.”

Her face is close to mine – close enough that I can smell scented perfume.  Cherry blossoms? I want to feel those lips on mine again. I want her to embrace my so badly....
That’s so wrong!

“I’m fine!” I scramble up and split apart from her. “I’ll see you in class!”

I run away from her, trying to get as much distance as possible. Somehow, I manage to follow upper classmen and make my way into a Skadia classroom, annnnnd I’m safe. Maho Victory number two!

I wonder if she’d be chasing me one day in the Atrium? Normally I would like a chase, but the thought of being cornered again and then her locking her lips on mine. She’d pull off my uniform and ignore my protests, sticking her tongue in my mouth and…

The diary, Maho. Write these things in your diary!

I reach into my bag to pull it out. But the front pocket of my bag is empty. Neither my diary nor my carrot pen is in there.

I forgot to put it in, didn’t I? No, that’s impossible. I distinctly remember putting it in there! Well, it must have fallen out in the Atrium somewhere. I shudder. I can only hope the person who finds it is kind enough to not read it and return it to me. Oh gosh, if someone finds it and reads it, I’ll be labeled indecent for sure!!!!!! ..・ヾ(。><)シ

NSFW - Part 2

The breeze in the Lyceum’s garden terrace whips up my skirt unpleasantly and flutters my now pink pigtails.  I know that I shouldn’t be here, and will no doubt get in trouble for it, but I couldn’t help but be drawn to the view – as terrifying as it is.  Cautiously, I stand as far away from the edge, the very center of the balcony if truth be known, and stand on my tip toes to take the complete view.  To think that far below, everything I had known lays below…they were below.  I wonder, has their lives been since I left?  Eventually I hear the clamor of footsteps behind me. Assuredly it is the Headmistress come to punish me for being such a bother and burden.

Yet as I turn towards the Atrium to spot who has come to punish me for being such a failure, after all, I don’t even know where I’m supposed to be on my first full day as an official Maid…my eyes begin to tear up and….no one arrives to punish me. Instead, it looks as a group of other Maids are moving in the Atrium. I should follow them, but my feet feel like lead.  No matter how much my mind tells me, I cannot move.

How can I tell the nice the people who let have a room by myself that I’m simply afraid of all the peo-ple in the courtyard.  I must be completely useless... I mean, people are scary to begin with – that much is certain, but I never gave much thought before that Maids are all the girls. I mean, I’m a girl too, so there shouldn’t be anything too crazy about it…. But since I arrived yesterday, any time I see a girl, I keep thinking these thoughts. Do they all know? I really deserve to be alone and forgotten.  The thought itself makes me yearn for the peace of my room, and just like that, my feet can one again move.  I begin making my way back to the dorms, head cast down in effort to not bother and trouble anyone who may come across my pitiful self.
As I round the common room, my foot steps on something. “Hmm?” I ask myself as I squat down.

I’ve apparently stepped on some sort of a fancy notebook. It doesn’t have a title on the front, but when I flip it open, I realize it’s a sort of a sketchpad. And on the first page it reads:

“ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ” Maho’s Diary! Keep out or be cursed by the voodoo goddess! (ノ°∀°)ノ⌒・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆ This goes DOUBLE for you Jristen! ( ̄︿ ̄)”

Is this really Maho’s diary? Why would a highborn lady just leave a diary laying on the ground? Based upon the first page, I’m not sure if its genuine…but I really shouldn’t read it. If it is Lady Maho’s, it probably contains her deepest and darkest secrets. I fold it up to bring back to her, but then I spot a car-rot-shaped pen on the ground as well.
“Is this Maho’s too?” I reach down and bring it closer to my face to inspect it. A womanly smells wafts through my nostrils, much sweeter than my own.  Thinking of the lady who called me her little sis-ter…my face beings to turn bright red as my mind begins to wander.

Did she do something dirty with this? I feel ashamed to have even thought it…but the diary would have the answer. I eventually flip the diary open to the most recent entry, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“Princess Sylvia pulled the commoner Maho into her magnificent canopy bed. ‘Maho please come closer. As the most precious, loyal, and dependable of all my servants, I positively must reward you for you service. Yet me treat you with the lavish nectar of royal jelly...’  Maho asked what Princess Sylvia meant by that – for she was just doing her duty and didn’t want to be a burden. Then Princess Sylvia, in all her majesty, guided Maho’s mouth to her womanly place. ‘Lick and you shall find out.’ Maho, wanting only to please the princess, circled her tongue on her most sensitive spot, flicking her tongue as the sweet nectar began to flow. Sylvia cried out, for Maho was a million times better than her fingers. Still, she still wanted more. She wanted Maho to feel good with her.”

I cover my mouth. To think Maho could write something this lewd is inconceivable.  I hate myself for reading it, but at the same time, I can’t control myself. My hands are already under my skirt and rub-bing against my panties.  I really shouldn’t be doing this right here, right now. Anyone could walk out into the common room and see me.  Part of me resigns myself, I am a horrible person and I need more.

I pick up the carrot pen. If this sweet smells is that of a lady, and Maho wrote with it yesterday, then my mind races imagining what she might have done with it. If… I were to take it… that would be like indirectly being with Lady Maho, right? It’s too tempting to resist, my body feels hotter as the pressure the pressure builds. I pull down my moistened panties and flip up my skirt – they’re only getting in the way. The large carrot hurts, but as I keep reading about how Maho and Sylvia grind away, it slowly eases into me.  I tell myself constantly that its wrong to do this, but with each motion of my bandaged hand holding the carrot, I feel something awaken in me. “Uh…..aaaaaah!,” I let out a diminutive cry as I feel my hair begin to stick to the back of my neck due to droplets of sweat. With that cry I feel the flood of my first orgasm in the middle of the empty common room, my body’s juice blended with Lady Maho’s. I’m positive the other maids must know now…it is only a matter of time before I’m thrown out again to fend for myself on the street. No home, no family…and yet how could I ever look back upon Katherine?

The Ball draws to a close, and I place my hand on my chest. I had all night to ask Maho for a dance, yet I let my opportunity pass me by. She looked so eager to dance too! I feel foolish that the purple haired one was her partner – was she a close friend too? Of course, I imagine Lady Maho would have lots of important friends, and it’s nothing more than what a friend should do, yes? Still, I hate myself for feeling too shy to bring myself to the dance floor.

“I’m sure a horrible person,” I whisper my disappointment aloud. The crowd disperses from the ball-room after Sharon’s dance, leaving me for the most part alone with my thoughts. I could have been her hero, like the Maid I always wanted to be. I could have been her knight in shining armor, who saved the maiden from the dragon in her time of need like in stories of old. Not only that, but she’d seen me as the loyal friend more than the purple haired girl. My dance would show her how the purity of my heart, and she’d agree to be closest of friends.

Jane, you idiot! You can’t keep being so shy. You must stick your nose in things and let Maho know how you truly feel. Let her feel your passion, or she’s going to be swept off your feet.  If there is any saving grace, it is that Maho didn’t dance with Cordelia!

“The Ball is over, Jane.  Do try and get some rest, you won’t be fit for serving with anyone if you spend the night just staring at the wall.”

I grit my teeth at that voice. She must always think that she’s some big important boss because she in-herited a corporation. Well, respect is earned, not given, Cordelia!
I lift the corners of my mouth. I’m gritting my teeth, so this should appear as a smile, I’m sure. “Fare-well.” That’s all I can get out. I know better than to fight her in either case. My hand still hurts from when she crushed it early in the day- I don’t really want to deal with that pain again, so it’s best to lis-ten to what she asks of me for now. If only Maho knew that her friend is a horrible person!

The ballroom fades in the distance. I don’t really feel like going to bed just yet. It’s too early for that. Elise told me that Lyecum demands that all student maids be in bed by ten. Ten? Are they serious? What self-respecting girl goes to bed at ten? Besides, I still feel worked up by my disappointment and that damn Cordelia Wakefield.
Two girls silhouette against the far wall of the Atrium. Oh, that’s cute. I wonder who they are?

I hide a pillar and tip toe my way forward, trying to see more clearly as to who the two girls are. But when they come into focus, my heart drops.
One of the girls is that purple haired girl, wasn’t it Sylvia? I never really talked to her before..but she seemed a bit too straightforward for my tastes and considering she seemed to be kissing someone, I can see exactly why.

Wait…..!! The girl being kissed was none other than Maho. MY Maho! Worse still, her eyes are closed, and she seems to be actively enjoying the kiss. My heart felt as if it was ripped into two.  Was Sylvia taking advantage of a pure maiden like Maho? There were a lot of alcoholic drinks being served, was she trying to intoxicate her?

“Unforgiveable,” I mutter. That Sylvia… who would think I could hate someone more than Cordelia! How dare she try and steal a kiss from Maho right from out of my arms. Taking advantage of her no less!!  MY hand clenches into a fist, and I wish I had my swords with me at the moment.

I can always confront them and pull them apart. I can always make Maho choose between the two of us. She’ll choose me, of course.  That’s obvious.

But at the same time, what if she says no? What if she really does like Sylvia? I reach for the lily Maho placed in my hair earlier in the day.  She woudn’t have done so if she didn’t like me, right?

I steel my heart against Sylvia even more. She’s got to pay for her impudence. I have to get her out of my way.

I storm back to my dorm room, where I keep my eye focused on the peephole focusing into the dorm hallway. Sylvia can’t be out there for too long. Likely she’s going to go back to her dorm room, and knowing her, plot even dirtier things she can do with Maho.  Its up to me to protect Maho’s purity.  Although, I must have been tired from Maid Day activities as I woke up the next day with my back against the doorframe.

Nevertheless, the only thing I can think of is my revenge. When night sets and we’re all in our rooms, it’s time to take action. Maybe I can find a club in the Lyceum’s martial training room to use? No, I won’t kill Sylvia. I’m not that kind of a person, even if she deserves it for the nasty thing shes done. Maybe if I take a nice whack at her kneecap, she’ll realize that she’s got to go away from Maho? Per-haps Maho will realize that she was being used? I could lend a helpful ear and shoulder, and she’d feel even closer to me! That’d work out so much better.

“Maho, I’m coming to save you from her evil clutches.”

Fortunately getting a club was not hard! The martial arts instructor was away, apparently as the rumor goes, responding to some request of Headmistress Eli. I step out of my dorm room and begin searching for Sylvia.

“And where do you think you’re going with that?”, Cordelia sneers.

Oh, come on. Of all the people to have stopped me, it has to be her! “None of your business, Cordelia.”

She snickers. “It is my business. A bat is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, and you’ve proven that you’re certainly not the right hands.  Put it back now, you wouldn’t want the Headmistress to hear about this would you?”

“……..It’s Sylvia’s hands I’m worried about. Don’t you dare threaten me!,” I reply. “Back off and get out of my way…..or… I’ll add you to my list with her tonight!”

“You really want to challenge me?” She flashes in front of me. Of course, she’s much stronger than any of us here, but I have a weapon and she doesn’t.

“Of course, I do! Now move before I smash your kneecaps in!”, I shout swinging wildly at her.

The fight is over in ten seconds. I wish I could say that I’m standing over her as she grabs her kneecaps and howls in pain. But instead, I’m lying on my back, Cordelia pinning me to the ground.

“Terrible, just terrible. Now, why don’t you calm down?” asks Cordelia. “Tell me whats this horrible fuss about Sylvia. Don’t dawdle now.”
“Get off me!” I shout. I struggle, trying to break her grips, but she’s simply too strong. All I manage to do is make her white ponytail fall off her shoulder. “I’m not your servant! I’m not your slave!”

She grins. “Don’t flatter yourself, I have excellent eye for help, and you don’t come close. Now tell me what is going on. If you keep struggling, I’m going to have to report you to the authorities. You were conspiring to assault a fellow maid.”

“Shut up!” I try to free myself in vain. “I hate you! Let go of me!”, I begin to scream.

Cordelia sighs. “Well, I was trying to avoid having to use this as a resort, but I guess I have no choice.”

She grabs the hem of my dress and lifts it up so high that my panties would be visible to the rest of the world.

“W-What are you doing?” I demand.

She grabs the club. “You were going to assault her with this, so I’m going to punish you in turn with it. And I’ll have to continue until you calm down.” She holds my arms down and bends me over, the club presses firmly against my buttocks.  I feeling completely helpless. I don’t know why I feel so wet now, but it’s enough to make Cordelia notice.

“Disgusting-” she sneers. I shriek as she gets to work spanking me with it.

“I’m a horrible person!” I cry. How could I do that with Maho’s pen while reading Maho’s diary? I’m supposed to be Maho’s little sister, not lust over her. If she knew…she would absolutely hate me. I can envision the disgust in her eyes now….

There’s only one thing left to do. I need to go to Maho’s dorm and give it back to her, it’s the right thing to do. She might be a bit embarrassed knowing that I touched her pen, but that doesn’t matter. She’d be happy enough if I simply lied to her and said I didn’t read the diary.

I hear a soft shrieking from around the corner. Oh no! Is someone in trouble? After all those times hear-ing bad things on the streets, I knew the sounds of someone who needs help.
I rush and turn the corner, mostly out of curiosity when I see it….

A woman lies on her knee, her arms being held by the larger woman on top of her. She’s firmly spank-ing the other maid with a club, the red marks covering her butt and thighs, almost as dark as the panties that wearing since her skirt is pulled down around her ankles.

“Will you calm down now?” asks Cordelia.

“Will…. that….. make you stop?” asks the girl, who I recognize now as Jane.

“Of course,” says Cordelia. “I’m a woman of my word.”

Jane gasps. “…….No. I….I…can… keep going.”

I hide behind and alcove in the hallway of the dorm and stare as they go at it. Pleasure spreads around my thighs.

“No....Again?” I whisper, seeing my hands already moving between my thighs. This is bad. I promised my-self I’d only do this once, but this is already twice. Even worse, it’s feeling better every time I do it – making me want it even more than before.  I drop to my knees and grab that carrot as tears begin forming in my eyes.

NSFW - Part 3

“Thanks for attending my lecture. Dismissed,” Commodore Erik says as he bows to us – something all good maids are expected to return.  I can’t say I really was paying attention considering my mind has been on other matters , but one thing is for sure, Commodore Erik let us free for the rest of the day. It is not even dinner time! This never happened back at home with my tutors. Truly Lyceum is glorious. Glo-rious freedom!

Finally, a chance to search for my diary! I’ll have to retrace my steps – cautiously of course. If I make a scene, somebody will know something’s happened!

As the classroom begins to shuffle, I made a startling revelation.  Apparently Sylvia sat  in the back of the room for the same lecture! As I watch Sylvia gets out of her chair and begin to pack up her bag I begin to panic. Oh no! I need to get out of here! If Sylvia catches me, it’s game over! She’ll be on top of me, begging her poor common Maho to make her feel even better than last night.

“All I’ve been able to think of is you, my precious Maho,” she’ll say. “Please, kiss me again.”

“I… I’m not sure if I’m ready for this! Please, give me some time!”

“A princess’s orders are absolute. You don’t have any choice in the matter.”

I’ll search for an escape, but finding none, will have to submit to her. Her tiara will fall as she lowers her lips to mine, and she’ll reach her hand up my skirt and...

“Maho? Is something wrong?”

Waaaaaah! Did I space out again? I pick my head up, and there she is, Princess Sylvia right in front of me! Her lips move softly as she speaks, bringing my attention straight to her tongue inside.

She leans casually on my desk. “Do you need help with today’s homework?”

\(º □ º l|l)/ KYAAAA! I scream. I sprint out of the room and turn to run down the stairs. No, that’d be stupid. I need to get some distance from her, or I’m never going to escape her! I struggle, but I eventually throw open a window in the Atrium leap out, getting ready to sprint back to the dorms. Or…at least I think it leads towards the dorms, I’m not really positive! What I do now, is attempt to muddle her in case she follows. I’ve got enough curves in my route to lose her and her… curves… Her soft breasts which curve with the most perfect arm, leading down to her subtle navel and widening hips. No, Maho! You must be pure! You must be perfect! Be perfect! What would Father say?! And my prospective suitors within the Order? I can’t besmirch the Étoile d'Avignon name! 

“Did she jump?!” shrieks a girl in the hallways, pulling me back to reality.

Yes, I did jump. Windows are faster than hallways and… stairs?

I look down and realize that I just leapt from like…a twentieth-something story window. Maho, you silly silly goose! I keep forgetting that I’m not back at home~

Wait, I have Joyuse! I flip it open to reduce the force of gravity – my number one enemy right now! Well, except maybe string beans and celery…yuck! The mere thought of them makes me >.<! But it’s not quite enough, and I land on the ground below much harder than I’d like. Fortunately, a couple floors below there is a sky garden-terrace, wrapping around the spire of Lyceum. Even though no one believes in my amazing luck, I guess I got lucky this time~ Maho Victory! (o˘◡˘o)

I push myself back to my feet and begin to run back inside and towards the dorms. Whats that phrase Miss Jane said when she ran away from Cordi and I changing? Oh yes~ ‘gotta go fast’!  You are so very right Miss Jane ^^ Sylvia’s likely going to be running after me, trying to catch me and ask if I’m all right again! Of course then she’d be all like, “Oh, Maho, you’re always doing such reckless things. You need to be more careful, or you’ll never be able to dutifully serve your princess.”

Her soft lips would draw close to mine, and her beautiful lavender scent would waft over my body. I’d lose control, and I’d be the one wrapping my arms around her and kissing her!
My ankle burns as I run. Did I twist it when I fell? That’s what Maho gets for not thinking! You big dummy! How will I ever be as great of a maid as Miho at this rate?
I eventually make my way to somewhere recognizable – the Atrium! Wasting no time, I sprint up the stairs to the dorm, my ankle hurting more and more with every step. Why? Why do you have to hurt me so? Oh, I wish Jristen was around.  I’d have him bring some frozen peas from in the freezer! If I put them on it, it’ll be so much better!  Wait…..did Jristen even pack me any appliances?

I throw open the door to my dorm room and fling open my massive suitcases, which are still laying on the ground from Maid Day (Lyceum really ought to hire some porters, someone could trip on them!) Wowza! Sure enough, there IS a mini fridge and… Yes! They’re still here! I grab the package of frozen peas and lay them on my foot. Wait, why aren’t they moving? Oh, don’t tell me they’re completely fro-zen!

I groan and put them in the microwave, fortunately also packed in my luggage (a lady must surely have all modern luxuries, yes?) to defrost. I give them a few seconds and pull them out.

“You’re that hungry?” asks Cordi.

I fall backwards at the sound of Cordi’s voice, who stands bemusedly in the entrance hallways.

“Waaaah! This… this isn’t what it looks like Cordi!” I hide the bag of peas behind my back. Caught snacking before High Tea, how scandalous!

She taps her chin. “So it isn’t that you jumped out a twentieth story window for reasons yet unknown, twisted your ankle, and wanted to use a bag of peas as an ice pack?”

Non non! A-a-a-absolutely not!” I protest. “Oh, wait, not. That’s exactly it….”

She chuckles. “Let me take a look.” She squats down and squeezes around my ankle. “How’s it feel here?”

“Ow ow ow! Oooooo...its hurts! Maho’s in pain!,
” I whimper, tears in my eye.

She nods. “And here?”

“Ooh, soothing.  Merci! Thank you so much Cordi, that feels much better. :3.”

She smiles. “The pain’ll go away. You need to walk it off. I’m going for a walk myself, probably won’t be back for a couple hours. I’m going to try and speak with Dorian in the holonet fixture in the Library. I’d like to see if I can how to keep tabs on the Four Corners Emporium while away. I know how much you like reading, wish to join me?”

I should if it’d make my ankle better. But on the other hand, what if Sylvia’s there? She’ll lure me in with her lips and…

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” I wave her off. “I’ll study here in a bit.”

“You? Study?” she laughs. “Well, see you later!”

She leaves the room, and me, alone.

I hobble to one leg and jump towards my amazingly cozy bed. Either the fall jostled me more than ex-pected or I must’ve laced my maid outfit up improperly this morning, because it’s coming undone or another sign of my bad luck. When I take the final jump into my bed, it fully unties itself and unfurls, falling to the floor. Well, naked Maho is the purest form of Maho, so I shouldn’t be ashamed. Besides, I’m in the comfort of my own room and Cordi won’t be back for a few hours.

I lie on my bed. Imagine what Princess Sylvia would do in this situation.

“Oh no, my precious pet, Maho, are you hurt?”

I avoid her eyes and put on my bravest facade. “It’s nothing much. I’ll get over it.”

“No way! It can’t be ‘nothing much’. It hurts, and I’ve promised to make you feel better.”

She’ll trace her fingers up my legs and touch my flower. “This always makes all pain go away.”

It tingles so much. “Please, Princess Sylvia, not there!”

But she doesn’t listen to the cries of a commoner. She spells out the alphabet on it, each letter making me gasp a little more. Pleasure fills my body, giving the princess exactly what she wants.

“Princess Sylvia!” I cry out. But it’s the only words I can get out, so I cry them more and more. “Princess Sylvia! PRINCESS SYLVIA!”

“Princess Sylvia?”

My eyelids peel back, and I’m back in my dorm room. One of my hands is on a breast, and the other is between my legs, playing with my real pleasure area. Well, that would explain why that fantasy felt so good. Maho, you’re turning into a perverse improper dirty girl!

But that’s not the worst of it. Standing in front of my bed is the girl with that messy purple hair, the soft lips, and the body of pure gold.  Does no one knock in the Lyceum!?

“This… this isn’t what it looks like!” I shriek to Sylvia, as I clamor to cover myself in my pile of sheets and pillows.

She sits down next to me on the bed. “Oh, really?” she asks, her eyes tracing every inch of my body, hungrily. “Then what is rubbing yourself while shouting ‘Princess Sylvia’? Though I don’t recall ever being a princess before.”

Sweat beads flow all over my skin. No, this can’t be real! She’s found me out. I’ll be labelled as a tawdry destitute, a vixen of ill-will, a pervert for sure! Miho, I’ll never live up to your standards!

I cover my eyes with my hands, not wanting to see any more. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。o”, I can’t hold back, and begin crying.

“Maho, Maho, Maho,” she gently pulls my wrist away from my face. “Did this all start from last night?”

I give her a curt nod, between my sobs.

She places her hand on her cheek. “That’s because I love you, Maho. I want to be with you both now and forever. You’re my one and only, my special person. I want my heart to be yours, and yours to be mine. Is that too much to ask?”

If anything, I feel another abrupt shock from such an admission! Yet, I feel so happy to hear it; my chest feels to warm…so very warm.  I can’t help but stop crying out as my eyes water silently.

Sylvia leans in and locks her lips on mine again, her eyes closed. She’s so warm, and so tender. She protected me and helped me defeat that HORRIBLE Naurya….She’s such a perfect person in every way, and yet, she loves….me?

That’s right. What was I running away? Why was I avoiding her? For the Order? For Father? My heart is beating so fast…this feels so nice to be wrong. I need to accept fate and move forwards. “I love you,” I say.

She smiles upon hearing my words, and I feel as if her face could warm the sun in its splendor. “I love you too, my subject.”

“Subject?” I cock my head confused.

She grins. “I’m your princess, remember?” She crawls to the bottom of my bed. “And it’s your princess’s duty to ensure that her people are happy.”

“Ufufufufu…..Sylvia…” I say, covering my mouth demurely as I let out a happy giggle.

“No, I’m not just Sylvia. I’m your princess.”

“Princess Sylvia,” I correct myself, smiling more and more. “What are you doing?”

With what seems like one swoop of her arm, the curtains on the bed close and Sylvia pulls off the blanket. I feel really bashful and nervous, but I just admitted that I love Sylvia…no Princess Sylvia.  As I lay there, I’m willing to give her anything and everything; all of myself.  Holding onto my ponytail to calm my nerves, Sylvia begins to spread my legs.  Just like in my fantasy, she sticks her tongue between them, deep inside. Waves of pleasure wash over me, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I can’t help but moan loudly.  I forget who lives in the adjacent dorm rooms, but they must surely be hearing it!  While embarrassing, the thought also makes me feel happy – knowing that I’m in a very loving relation-ship with my girlfriend.  The thought doesn’t last Sylvia lets go of the spot and throws off her clothes, revealing the perfect body I’ve dreamed of for so long. If a day is so long. “Come on, Maho. Let’s go at it!”

I nod curtly as she places her own nakedness against me and starts to grind.
All right, Pluto. You’ve had a fairly bad string of luck coming here. Finding the diary and losing your-self to lust was inexcusable, but you made it through it all right with nobody finding you. Then you saved that baby bird from drowning in the fountain – he was pretty cute! Then you tumbled into the lake yourself – that was not so cute. Then you arrived to the wrong classes with half the day already over and had to stand outside holding buckets of water as punishment from the Headmistress. Then you went to return Maho’s diary and saw that girl spanking the other and lost yourself again.

But you’re almost there now! Maho’s room is right around the corner, and you can give her the diary once and for all. She’ll be so happy that you brought it back, she won’t mind at all about the couple of small spots I made on it from watching…. Will she call me her little sister again?

Finally, I’m at her door! I take a deep breath. I only need to walk in, hand her the diary, and walk out. That’s it. It’s a small mission, and I can do it if I try.  Do this, then I can go back into the peace of my own room…

I know its bad to go into someone else room, and if Maho found out about it that she’d probably hate me….so I pull open her door as quietly as I can. Hopefully she’s asleep, and I can slip this next to her bed and get out of here without confrontation.

A soft gasp comes from the room. Was I discovered?

I sneak down the entranceway to the room, trying to keep myself quiet.

Maho lies on her bed completely naked, and Sylvia is on top of her. She has one knee between Maho’s legs, and has her hands down and feeling around Maho’s womanly region. Maho gasps. “Princess Sylvia.” She reaches up. “Please, accept my pleasure too!” She places her hands-on Sylvia’s breasts and begins to massage them.

My legs tingle, and moisture builds between them. No, am I really doing this again? Sure enough, my panties are on the ground and my fingers are between my thighs, feeling my soft tunnels and pleasurable button. As Maho and Sylvia gasp, so do I, but I cover my mouth so they don’t hear me.

I hate myself.....Three times today already? How could I have ever become this dirty?

Other Games / Dearest Genevieve - Diary of an MRPG Maho Shoujo!
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Entry 1: 17th of Kelda, 1214 of the Third Age

Page I

Page II

Page III

Page IV

Page V

Page VI

Other Games / Trails of Dawn
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So ive been lagging in checking out Falcom's japanese website, so I had no idea this game existed. Anyone have some  story details? Im wondering where in the timline and geography it takes place~

Here a link:

Hyperspace Events / Art Secret Santa 16
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Greetings ~

Tis that time of year again, so you know what that means, festive cheer to our fellow forumites! Now I know some participated in a physical Secret Santa last year, but I felt that having things sent via snail mail left a lot of people unable to participate. So one might ask, how can I do something constructive and thoughtful for a gift instead of just buying a game on someones Steam wishlist? The answer is art commission. *shoots himself up to sustain his addiction* The thought goes that since rpgs and VNs are very character centric, perhaps people will enjoy this.

Heres how it works, from now until DEC 12, reply to this thread with:
1) Your intent to participate
2) Preference of an game, waifu, or original character to have art commissioned of them (reference pics help)
3) Any particular theme you'd enjoy

From the 10th and onward, Ill PM people with who they are to get art for. The point being, that a surprise peice of art (character, artist, theme, etc) will be something someone enjoys.

Artists can be found on Deviantart, Pixiv, or whever youd like. As for a price range, please, no one spend more than 50 USD.

From Dec 24 an onward (or such as when the art is completed), simply post the pictures to the thread and merriment abound. Sound easy?

Any additional questions, please PM yours truly. 8)

General Chat / 2017 Waifu Claims
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Its November already so that means...

New Years Waifu Claim day is almost upon us~

For those of you who have no clue what this means, essentially you now have an opportunity to claim a waifu as official yours, either to incite hatred and jealous, end a waifu war conflict, or just enjoy a little quiet time ;)

For those interested, please referred to the Shrine thread for additional details and list of waifus already claimed:,1616.0.html

-Please PM me a list of your top 3 waifus (with pictures, names, and series info) for consideration.
- Those who already were able to make an early claim due to being on TOWN in Waifa 2 need not apply (because yours have already been posted. If yours hasnt already, Ill post it on New Years with everyone elses)

Questions can be directed to me in this thread or via PM.

Goodluck, and remember, All yer waifu are belong to me~

Mafia Vortex / Wafia 2: The Revontulution | The Conclusion ~
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The Revontulution

Where we last left the *cough* HERO of our story, he had just returned to Waifia from an long vacation and amorous inter-galactic interlude! (,1515.210.html)  Unfortunately, for the incredibly handsome and debonair Rev-kun, his waifu Mio, just discovered that her hubby was being rather - unfaithful right under her nose. Apparently the Waifu Emperor has A LOT of Baby Momas out there....

 Before him stood a LIVID Mio, arms crossed and coiled, her hands clutching her electric bass....just ready to spring.

Mio: Revy....I do believe that you have some explaining to do NOW.

At that same moment in a galaxy far far away, a siren went off.

"Ma'am, the Emperor is in trouble!!!!  Shall we expedite the operation?"

Lips curled in response, as a FTL drive immediately began to initiate.

Fortunately for us and less so for Revy,  thanks to scientific inventions from the illustrious Marx, previous lame plot device hooplah about time change/travel (Many pardons to the Organization), flux capacitors, and inter-galatic forces coming to lay seize to Waifia shall not appear in this episode! Thats right folks, better to focus on important and tangible know the things we all REALLY want to seeSexy Waifus.

Things were obviously intense.  Revon had never seen Mio this angry, and considering some of his antics, that was saying a lot.  His eyes downcast, seems that jig is up - really no other alternative than to tell Mio the truth..., thought Revon.   Sensing the awkward, icy, and likely emotionally painful conversation to follow, not to mention the newly renovated Manse already collapsing from interlopers, onlookers, and winged waifus ~ Chifuyu, Y Buy, and the rest of the House Staff took it among themselves to usher everyone out of the home for the couple to have some private time to chat.

"Everyone, time to leave!", Chi <3 commanded as Y Buy pushed everyone out the door.  It took a bit of an effort on Y Buy's behalf, and thanks to the Town's resident Salty De-Factor Mayor, Y Buy's jostling of his magnificent Great Coat yielded him a black eye.

"....Should we go back in ourselves?," asked Akame.

"No, we should give them some time. I'm sure that this will be a delicate conversation," Chifuyu denoted. Serves that lecherous bastard right- she thought.  "Besides, you three have been slacking off lately. Forgotten your training? This is a golden opportunity to do a perimeter sweep.  Let no one enter the property. Off ya go!"  Grumbling Imca drags Y Buy off, as Akame heads the other direction.

* * *

As one predicts, Revon's confession does NOT go well.

"You DID WHAT?! could you do that to me?!,"  Mio's eyes well with tears as her hand clutches her bass with all her might.  One can see it takes all her willpower to prevent herself from bearing it against Revon's temple.  Hitting his chest forcefully with her other hand, she cries. "Get out! GET OUT! I NEVER want to see you again! I HATE YOU!!," she wails as she flees to the master bedroom, doors slamming behind her.  Its at this point that Revon sees himself out, by the patio.

Talk about a buzzkill eh? Now I'm sure what you all are thinking, "Isn't this suppose to be Waifia?! Notthing Ever Bad Ever happens"....yatta yatta, we all know the motto. Well, I'm getting to the light-hearted stuff in a bit, gotta get some gravitas in here ya know? Seesh~ ::)

Sitting alone in the rose garden, his head in his hands, the man tries to assess the hurt he feels and the consequences of his actions.  "I...would never purposely have hurt Mio..I...I just can't help myself. I'm a man ya know...I got needs...Still, I royalty screwed up this time.  I don't think there is recovering from something like this...." , Revon sighs.

"Oh, I'm not so sure of that...", sounds a voice coming from behind one of the cherry threes.  A spring evening breeze blows through the garden as the moon illuminates the figure of a beautiful red haired woman.

Raising his head dejectedly, Revon looks back at the woman listlessly.

"Eh? Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Without hesitation, the woman approaches closer, and lifts Rev's chin upward to look at him. Her eyes poignantly trails down his body and linger on his pants.. Yes, there is something sacred under those pants. Without a doubt this IS him.  My search at long last has come to an end.  

"You are just too much of a man of greatness for common people to comprehend." she says in a sultry voice that oozes power and command.  "But I recognize it.  In fact, I've come all this way to meet you. You, and ONLY you. Some call me the 'Crimson Ruin Princess,'  but my darling..."

"Revon-", he answers captivated.

"Darling Revon, you may call me Rias.  Although you may call me anything you wish.  I've come here to offer you everything your heart desires.  Power, wealth, fame,"

Blinking in surprise, Revon can't help but pinch himself.  He must be dreaming, right?! Or maybe....just maybe...the horrible things that happened today were just a really freaking awesome setup for one of those 'Goddess Harem-anime' shows. Staring, YOURS TRULY no less! Looking back at the uninviting Manse with a frown, he realizes that there is nothing left for him here to do. He was kicked out. Hes on his own.  Like any self-respecting man, he knew the best way to move on with heartbreak was simply to go out an party and find another lady....and well, of all ladies to come around! Yep, maybe Rias was right? You know, I am just a spectacular guy! Its about time to show it!

With a sly grin, Revon picks himself up and wraps his arm around Rias' waist.  "You know Rias, I'm liking what I'm hearing almost as much as I like what I see...."

Pressing her chest firmly against Revon, she looks deep into his eyes, "I truly mean it darling.  Join me, and together all our dreams will come true.  Only..."

" A Pact? I like the sound of that...although..whats wrong?"

"There is something powerful in this Town preventing me from using my full powers.  Perhaps a Ancient Church or Shrine or something? If you wouldn't mind taking me there...."

" Oh the Waifu Shrine? Not a problem babe, consider it done. Its the least I can do to make my new lady happy!" Revon says brandishing a cheesy smile.

Rias smirks at his response. Simple as he is, he is rather charming... Leaning forward, a promise made, the two embrace in the moonlight of garden.

IT IS NOW NIGHT 0 - The Moon is out, and the weather is cool.  A Crisp Spring evening wonderful to take a stroll with one's waifu...or perhaps stay at home and spend some quality time....

Vets of Waifia 1, the night is yours to rp and enjoy with your significant other.  Perhaps you will even meet some settlers making their way into the Town of Waifia for the first time!  ROLE PMS ARE BEING SENT - KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THEM  NIGHT 0 will end on May 30th 20:00 EST

NOTE: In case there is confusion, many of you won't get your Role PMs until the end of Night. They aren't needed to post in Night 0 though, afterall, you all have official "waifus" listed here:,1616.0.html


1) Deeox 2
2) Pal
3) Duke
4) Arraxis
5) WeAreTheMeta
6) Gamerjunkie
7) Jynx
8 ) Merne23
9) Woolyshambler Woolyshambler
10) Geocorn
11) rellimkram
12) John Titor
13) GreyCat rellimkram
14) mrgw4
15) Kana the Boss
16) Elvis Strunk

Day 1 - Town Square
Night 1 - Eroge Nights~  
Day 2 - Imperial Waifia Academy
Night 2 - Something Something Something BOOM!
Day 3 - Waifu Fantasy LXIX - Rev-Elations!
Night 3 - Waifu Fantasy LXIX - Rev-Elations!
Day 4 - Jigoku Onsen Resort & Timeshare!
Night 4 - Steamy Nights n' Midnight Delights
Day 5 -  Magical Mystery Tour!
Night 5 - Revy's Stag Party
Day 6 - Waifu Shrine
Night 6 - 'Waifu' Kotatsu Shrine
Day 7 - Waifu Wedding Bells
Night 7 - Onward to the Disco Room of Destiny!

General Chat / Taku-Aid 16:Kumamoto Earthquake Relief
« on: April 16, 2016, 09:10:23 pm »
Taku-Aid 16:Kumamoto Earthquake Relief  

As many of you may already know, within the past couple of days powerful earthquakes ranging from 6.5-7.3 in magnitude have struck the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan destroying countless homes, injuring and killing numerous people, and damaging cultural treasures such as Kumamoto Castle.  Although the media is quiet as to whether these events were influenced by anything unworldly - Needless to say, as  Kumamoto is the home town of Takumi Kyosuga and Kurumi Ishihara (thus- sorta my adopted Japanese home~), and this being a forum strongly influenced by Japanese culture, I've thought maybe this is a golden opportunity to give back!

Here is what I propose:

Using the honor system, for those of you who donate a certain amount of money to assist the emergency relief efforts, I will offer rewards:

$1-5: Taku and Kurumi will forever be grateful and shall send you some mental snuggles through the web.
$20: 1 Chibi commission of your choice.
$50: 1 full body commission of your choice.
$75-100: 1 full body commission (or a couple 1/2 body commission) + 1 STEAM game of your choice.
$150: The right to claim an ADDITIONAL Waifu at the Waifu Shrine for this Year (Only 1).
$200+: A anime figure from Tokyo Otaku Mode or Ani Ani (Price amount of figure is up to myself: PM for details) + Additional Waifu Claim (1x) .

To claim, just post your donated amount.  Thats it~

Some charitable organizations:

Disclaimer: This campaign is independent and not initiated by The Hyperspace Forum or its administrators.  Individual charities have not been vetted by myself. This event will last until May 1, 2016. 

Happy Giving!

Mafia Vortex / WAIFIA 2 - Mafia (Signups)!
« on: March 26, 2016, 07:39:14 pm »
Tis began like most days in Waifia, perfect -  Birds chirping jubilant melodies as the bright morning sun began to fade away the fresh dew on the immaculately verdant grass.  A cool breeze trickled throughout the village where resident leisurely began to rile themselves up, rested from their evening pursuits.  And yet, there looked like there already was some activity going on in the breakfast nook of Rev's manse....

* * *

Mio: “I'm so glad that you you could join me this morning Mugi-chan!  Sometimes it can be lonely without an old friend to talk to.  I know that you've been staying in town for sometime now since you've been seeing Jynx...”   Mio proffers a wry smile; a wink twinkles in her eye. Under her breath she mumbles something about him coming to his senses in finding a real girl instead of floating monsters.

By the way, this Crostata di Frutta is delicious~ it pairs so well with the tea.  Say, why didn't Jynx join us for brunch too?

With polite smile and before she forked another morsel of pastry into her mouth...

Mugi:  “Oh he was busy having 'rumie' time~

Mio: “'Rumie' time?

Mugi:  “Oh yes! Its special time when Jynx and Duke-kun cuddle together and do various activities together.

Looking flustered.

Mio: "A-a-a-activities you say?!"

Mugi: “Oh yes~ They'll be at it for hours.  I didn't think anyone could play a 3DS that long, but they seem to enjoy themselves. Say Mio-chan, where is your hubby at?” 

With a nervous chuckle.

Mio: “Oh...ehehe...I see (Well that proves it, Revy has corrupted me....).  Oh Revy is probably in his study messing around as usual. Want to pay him a visit?” 

* * *

As the two ladies meander through the cavernous hallways of the 'Manse', each opulently decorated more garish than the next, the two find themselves in front of a large cherry door leading to Rev's inner sanctum.  Without a knock, Mio leads her friend into the room where she finds.....Rev sitting in a large executive swivel desk chair in his boxer shorts; his RAWRsome slippers resting on the desk itself as he.....plays with some action figures?

In a strange falsetto voice he continues, “Oh Taku-kun! You single-handedly saved the world from the Third Impact again! What is this, like the 20th time? Waah~  I don't need Eli or anyone else by my side when I have such a cool Niisan like you!

Lifting one of the action figures hand, he pats the other action figure on the head.

Eh?! Nah wurries Pinky-Imouto-chan! 'Dis iz all'en 'a dayz wurk!

A large sweat drop appearing on her brown, Mio puts her hands on her hip frustrated.

Mio: "REVY! Are you playing with toys again?!"

Startled, Rev falls back in his chair and onto the ground.  He peers slowly over the desk.

Mio? You could at least knocked..." -_-;;

With her arms crossed, Mio frowns embarrassed as Mugi pokes her head behind her and waves.

Mio: "We have company...Mugi-chan stopped by to say hello and find out how the plans for the No Waifu No Laifu Mafia 2 campaign planning was coming along.  Have you.... even started?  The game queue is drying up and it seems like people are getting restless.

Mugi:  "Hullo Rev!  There has been some concern that you'll be going all out on this one.."

Brushing himself off and rearranging his robe, Rev gives a cheesy grin and pushes a button on his desk.. Instantly, panels all around the bookshelves in the room open up showing CCTV screens of the entire village ~ tracking all the residents as they go about their activities blissfully unaware.  The two large screens immediately behind Rev showing Merne in his greatcoat doing paperwork and Kurumi Tokisaki taking a bath.

Of course I'll go ALL out, would anyone expect no less from the Waifu Emperor himself?!  There will be prizes even, for top roleplay and the game's MVP.  As you can see, I've been watching everyone since I came back from my little 'sabbatical' ~ far be it from me to get the blame for causing the RPG thread to die.  Shame shame on folks...but then again, know how to get activity? Threaten to steal one's waifu! MUWHAHA!"

Mio: “*sigh* Perhaps asking was a bad idea....

Looking at the screens, Rev strokes his chin thoughtfully for a moment.  Clicking on the intercom, Rev shouts out a command.

Chi<3, Y Buy is being lazy and wasting away playing Team Fortress 2 in his room again.  Promptly
flog him for me and get his butt back to work!  We have a game to run!

It cometh! ANNOUNCING TENTATIVE DATES: Mid-June ~ Early July 2016

Rev quickly smashes a glass panel with the words, “BREAK IN CASE OF WAIFIA 2, ” and pulls out the secret GM gavel that her pilfered & hid acquired in Wooly's dungeon during Waifia 1.

( Flashback: )

Raising the Gavel upon high~


The gavel strikes down on the desk with a sharp and ominous knock ~ one that chilled the hearts of all in town.

* * *

Rias: "Hello everyone.  If you don't know who I am, you soon will! Just thought that I'd mention, that now is your opportunity to catch my attention.  Thats right, its a 'Notice Me Senpai' contest!  Post something Waifia related and creative enough to catch my attention, and that individual will get a special in-game artifact from yours truly.  There is no limit to the amount of posts you can make in the thread, each will count towards the contest.  The contest ends May 28th.  The winner will learn of their prize when they get their role PM."

Rias: "Good luck to all of who sign up (you'll need it)....


(Mostly Unrepentantly 'lifted' from others~)

1. No Outside Communication

Do not discuss the game outside the game thread with other players, unless you have a role that allows you to do so.  We've typically been lax on this, but..... *raising the gavel upon high* you shall 'respect my authority!” :P  Seriously, you've been warned~

2. No editing posts

Do not edit your posts. Reading over people’s posts is crucial for allowing players to scrutinize each other. If you edit your posts repeatedly, you will be removed from the game.  If you need to clarify or correct something, double post rather than edit.

In this game ANY post editing will also result in a post restriction or MOD death.  I'd say I'd steal your waifu for all time, but your waifu is already mine  8)

3. No quoting PMs from the Moderator

Don’t quote a PM that you have received from the GM, whether it be your Role PM or an action result. Do not fake one either.

4. No posting after death

After you are dead in the game, you may no longer post in the game, except to make ONE “goodbye” post which reveals NO game info. You may not communicate with any player still in the game either.

5. No posting substantial to the gameplay during the Night

Unless of course I say you can.  Expect Night as a time for general role play.

6. Bold your Votes and make them red

To vote for a player, make sure to highlight your vote by making it bold. You should also change the text color to red. This is to ensure that Y Buy or myself sees the vote when making a count. It should look like this:
Vote: WoolyShambler

To unvote a player, make sure to bold your vote and make it blue.
Unvote: WoolyShambler

You can also point a "finger of suspicion" which has no bearing on the game itself, but is hilarious and can be used as evidence.  Please bold and make orange.
FOS: WoolyShambler

7. Send PMs to the Game Moderator

Send any Night actions to me within the time limit.  If I do not receive your night action PM by the deadline, it will be considered abstinence by default.  If you have any issues or questions concerning the game or roles, PM me.


Seriously mang....why play if you aren't going to put the time and effort into it?  Ruins the experience for everyone and makes your waifu/husbandos sad. 

9. I reserve the right to arbitrate any unforeseen conflict/paradoxes that may result at night.


(There is no player limit for Waifia 2~)

Clarifications: If you have waifus listed in the Waifu Shrine Claim Thread ( ) there is notthing else you need do except sign up.  Those of you who are entitled to another waifu can PM me your claims for this year.  New players (aka new to the thread/ never played Mafia) can also PM me a list of three potential waifus for the game/and for the claim thread.


1) Deeox 2 - The Prude-In-Chief, who is totally going to die first since he posted first~
2) Pal - Strutting into the thread with the power of gender-bending confusion~
3) Duke - Appears! Clearly having a ready supply of scones is welcome (As Rev could use the extra energy when he hes hard at work late night with Makise~)
4) Arraxis - Gamemaster (....and fine music aficionado ~)
5) WeAreTheMeta - Hmm a Loli? Well I don't discriminate! Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a~
6) Gamerjunkie - Notthing can stop the Revy Rape Train~
7) Jynx - Mio, it seems Mugi will be sleeping over at the Manse for the duration of her visit~
8 ) Merne23 - Reluctantly henpecked into submission~
9) Verthand - Attempting to seek justice, and so he shall have it. Rev-justice!
10) Woolyshambler - Whats this? Laura not getting enough attention at home? Oh, I'm sure I can do something about that~
11) Geocorn - Just sealed his fate~ now he just needs to figure out what waifus he'll bring for me 8)
12) rellimkram - Finally joined! A perfect example of the power of nagging death~
13) John Titor - And heres Johnny ~ lucky #13 no less!
14) GreyCat - May yet get some special attention from Rias....I hope ::)
15) mrgw4 - Is coming out.... to play! 
16 ) Kana the Boss - Is predicting that his ship girl will have an accident on the way to Waifia ~ time to call Teruzuki in as a substitute! 
17 ) Elvis Strunk -Last, but certainly never forgotten~

General Chat / Mystical Hyperia Kotatsu Shrine: Waifu Claim Thread
« on: December 30, 2015, 06:53:57 pm »

Greetings friends, welcome to the Mystical Hyperia Kotatsu Shrine.  It is here that once a year devotees make a pilgrimage to usher in the New Year by ~ No, not making a New Year’s resolution or wish, but rather by making a claim for a waifu or husbando.  All are recorded by, none other than ours truly (~_^) on the Legendary Waifu Stele. I'd have cute mikos do the work but......they are busy with other..."taskings" for me...

The Rules:

- Everyone is entitled to have one waifu/husbando.  Initial claims (counting for the 2015 year) were based upon the Waifia Mafia game, located here:  Those of you who participated, fret not, they are securely yours (unless you don’t want them any longer).

-  If you’ve been active in the Forum for most of the year (at least six months), you may claim/reserve/ and additional partner.

-  New claims are NOW open for 2016, and must be made before the end of January 2016.  For those who have missed the initial deadline, please PM me for a claim.

-  To make a claim, one simply needs to PM me their wish ~ Send me the name of 1-3 perspective partners complete with photos.  Listing 3 helps deconflict, and makes it fun to see who you end up getting.

-  Characters can be from any anime, manga, visual novel, video game, or role playing character from this forum .

-  As his temple is under the majestic jurisdiction of His Fuzziness the Lord Emperor Fox of the Majestic Kotatsu Empire, he declares the right of repossessing your claim to your waifu.  If a member has disappeared for the forum for a years time, Lord Fox with his sticky sticky paws (which I want to hope is from eating so many oranges), will reposes your waifu into his cozy kotatsu.  That simply means, that the reservation of rights are null and void, and they are now free game for someone else to make a claim.

- The Legendary Waifu Stele essentially acts as a ‘waifu bank’.  PM me the results of any transaction, but the transactions themselves are the responsibility of the parties.

Now, why pray tell would anyone do this?  Well simply, there are lots of reasons:

1)  Much like the Geneva Conventions, it lessens suffering.  How terrible the Waifu War of the past have been. Now, a chronicle can be maintained to record “dibs”.
2)  This listing is useful for all sorts of Forum activities games such as Mafia or Role Playing.
3)  Frankly, it gives many of us an excuse (or a friendly push) to change our avatars from time to time.
4)  Is an incentive to keep active in the forum/community.
5)  What you do with them is up to you.  One can build a harem (Gotta catch them all!), or one may utilize them as a commodity to trade with other members.

As always if you have any questions, drop me a line!  May all your New Years dreams come true!


(2015) Takagaki Kaede ~ THE [email protected]: Cinderella Girls
(2016) Aegis ~ Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

(2015) Medea ~ Fate/Stay Night
(2016) Tohsaka Rin ~ Fate/Stay Night
(2017) Holo ~ Spice & Wolf

(2016) Chitose ~ KanColle

(2015) Takao ~ Arpeggio of Blue Steel
(2016) Saber Nero ~ Fate/Extra
(2017) Yatorishino Igsem  ~ Alderamin on the Sky

(2015) Melwin ~ Cat Planet Cuties
(2016) Rem ~ Re:Zero

Colonel Flyingpad
(2017) Satsuki Kiryuin ~ Kill la Kill


(2015) Ruri Gokou ~ Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
(2017) Michiko Sumeragi ~ Hyperspace Adeptus Evangelion

Duke Rockhopper
(2015) Kurisu Makise ~ Steins; Gate
(2016)  Shiro ~ Deadman Wonderland
(2017) Akiha Rumiho~ Steins;Gate

(2015) Tiara ~ Fairy Fencer F
(2017) Kusakabe Misuzu  ~ 11eyes

Elvis Strunk
(2015)  Rike Furude ~ Higurashi When They Cry
(2016) Hanyu Furude ~ Higurashi When They Cry

(2015) Jibril ~ No Game No Life
(2016) Yosomiya Tsuzuriko ~ Kara no Shoujo
(2017) Tamamo no Mae ~ Fate Grand Order

(2017) Ako Hayasaka  ~ Chōjin Sentai Jetman & Chōjin Sentai Jetman Toki wo Kakete

(2015) Yayoi Kunizuka ~ Pyscho-Pass

Inaho Rowe
(2016) Yun ~ OSO
(2017) Yurippe ~ Angel Beats

John Titor
(2015) Cherche ~ Fire Emblem: Awakening
(2016) Hiyou ~ KanColle
(2017) Fusou  ~ KanColle

(2015) Leliel ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion
(2016) Ramiel ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion
(2017) Tsumugi Kotobuki ~ K-On!

Kana the Boss
(2015) Sendai ~ KanColle
(2016) Tone ~ KanColle
(2017) Chiyomi Anzai ~ Girls und Panzer

(2015) Cordelia ~ Fire Emblem: Awakening

2015) Teto Kasane ~ UTAU
(2016) Winry Rockbell ~ Full Metal Alchemist
(2017) Stephanie Dora ~ No Game No Life

(2017) Sakura Kinomoto ~ Card Captor Sakura

(2015) Kurumi Tokisaki ~ Date a Live
(2016) Akatsuki ~ KanColle
(2017) Hibiki ~ KanColle

(2015) Sachi Komine ~ The Fruit of Grisaia
(2016) Izaya Orihara ~ Durarara

Napsy NAPS
(2015) Flandre Scarlet ~ Touhou

NEET Detective
(2016) Claiming Alice ~ Kamisama no Memochou
(2017) Kazuki Kazami  ~ Fruit of Grisaia

(2015) Washu Hakubi ~ Tenchi Muyo
(2016) Zoe Hange ~ Attack on Titan
(2017) Ritsuko Akagi ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion

(2015) Blake Belladonna ~ RWBY
(2016) Motoko Kusanagi ~ Ghost in the Shell
(2017) Akeno Himejima  ~ Highschool DxD

(2015) Mio Akiyama ~ K-ON!
(2016) Rias Gremory ~ Highschool DxD
(2017) Haruna ~ KanColle

2015) Ava Crescentia ~ Sunrider
(2017) Mio Kusakai  ~ Keijo!!!!!!!!

The Nothing
(2015) Yuno Gasai ~ Future Diary

(2015) Azula ~ Avatar

(2015) Imca ~ Valkyra Chronicles 3
(2016) Nachi ~ KanColle
(2017) Natsuki Minamiya ~ Strike the Blood

(2015) Laura Bodewig ~ Infinite Stratos
(2016) Angela Balzac ~ Expelled from Paradise
(2017) Alice Liddel ~ American McGee's Alice


(2015) Kotonoha Katsura ~ School Days
(2016) Belldandy ~ Ah!Megami-Sama!

Other Games / Adeptus Evangelion - SDAT Playlists
« on: December 13, 2015, 05:50:07 pm »
Yo folks! Since Shinji's SDAT was displayed prominently in the original series, and  having ordered an Evangelion themed SDAT MP3 player from Japan - I thought it would be fun to create playlists of music our characters would be listening to (That and it gives me something to do as I watch the game unfold from the sidelines- didn't even get to be interviewed! *shakes an angry fist*) ;_;. 

Anyway, without further ado - Taku's Playlist follows!  As you might notice, its primarilylate 90s -2000s Jpop (much of it tunes I listened to alot during highschool) with mandatory dramatic classicial music.   Also for contiunity, I've included some songs from Shinji's original SDAT playlist.  Enjoy, looking forward to seeing everyone else's playlists.

Richard Addinsell – Warsaw Concerto

Every Little Thing – DEAR MY FRIEND

SPEED- Go! Go! Heaven

Ken Hirai – Sweet Pillow

Every Little Thing –  For the Moment

Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1

ラブ・ストーリーは突然に - 小田和正

Lilia ~from Ys~ - 01 you are the only one

Lilia ~from Ys~ - 03 blue legend

E.S. Posthumus – Ebla

Mr. Children – Tomorrow never knows

MAX – Give me a Shake

Evgeny Kissin – Rachmaninoff Piano Concert No. 2

宇多田ヒカル - COLORS


J.S. Bach - Partita No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006: Gavotte en Rondeau

宇多田ヒカル - Final Distance Remix feat. M-Flo

SPEED – My Graduation

宇多田ヒカル - SAKURAドロップス

Shiroh Sagisu – Thanatos

宇多田ヒカル – AUTOMATIC

E.S. Posthumus –  Nara

浜崎あゆみ - Depend on you  (Svenson & Gielen Radio Edit)

JDK Band –  Endless History

Other Games / Pillars of Eternity
« on: August 25, 2015, 08:21:55 pm »
So I just received a notice Pillars of Eternity is have a 33% price cut on Steam for the next couple of days. Anyone else have it/interested in it? I heard it has a multiplayer feature, and figure it would be fun playing with people on the forum. Im looking to kill a few hours this weekend, so if your interested let me know.

General Chat / The Floating World: Woodblock Prints
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:51:09 pm »
Since much of this community is famillar with japanese pop culture, Im curious as to who here are also interested in ukiyo-e/shin-hanga/etc.?  Ive been collecting art for sometime, but In terms of woodbloc prints I usually seek out rain scenes and bijinga (beautiful women). Would be thrilled to find I others interested in it - the picture below is one of my favorite peices.

General Chat / Soundtrack - of your LIFE
« on: August 23, 2015, 09:06:08 pm »
So with everyone asking favorite songs in the Hot Seat, I thought it might be interesting to have a thread where people can make mix set playlists of the top 20 songs that represent something special in thier life - either they evoke a memory, a emotion, or some other significant.

Its pretty simple- just list twenty songs and thier artists (with links)! Although not required, you can also elaborate with information for why you chose a particular song.


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