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Other Games / Re: Monstere Revolution Chapter 1: The Awakening
« Last post by Charles Flyingpad on Today at 10:07:18 pm »
Archibald went downstairs. He looked around the main hall. Soon, he saw a tall red-headed noblewoman, sitting with some merchants. Hinlanderr went to them and sit in front of his sister.
- Morning, Meredith.
- Good morning, Archie. What happened last night?
- Huh? What do you mean? - as soon as he spoke those words, he more or less realised it's about that little quarrel with Destoryer. Next words only confirmed that.
- Well, I've heard that last night, a half-naked man, wearing only a checked skirt and scabbard with a sword went down and challenged some unpleasant person to a duel. However, he... - She looked into his face, smiling and wondering what she should say - backed down after inn's owner and Destroyer's companion intervened.
- Ah, this. Don't worry about it.
- Archibald, listen - Meredith bent down to look directly into his eyes. At seven feet tall, she towered over him even while sitting. - You challenged one of the most dangerous people in the world. This duel could have ended with your death!
- He was just a cocky asshole.
- A cocky asshole that kills huge monsters on everyday basis!
- You're overreacting.
- Maybe. I just don't want to lose you.
- Neither do I - he smiled into her face, holding her hands. Seeing that Meredith calmed down, he decided to take care of something else. He took out two maps: one of the local area and one of the earldom and placed them on a table.
- Looking on the maps, there is nothing interesting here. Just few villages and a castle, not far away from Festleton. There is however city of Warkworth, earldom's capital, about two days of travel from here. I've heard that there is a beautiful temple of Windelheim. They also have impressive river port.
- And will we find a husband for me there?
Archibald averted his eyes. Looking for a husband for Meredith was like searching for a needle in a haypile. He then noticed Caius, talking with some kid in a hood.
- Well, we surely will have bigger chances than in this shithole - responded Archibald to Meredith, watching carefully the Destroyer. Grumbling in his stomach stopped his observations. Esmeralda came to him and asked if he wanted anything to eat, on whch he responded that he would have eggs with pork.
- Well, I guess we'll be leaving this village as soon as I finish my breakfast - Archibald said.
Archibald watched with interest as Caius approached two women and went with them and the kid upstairs. Soon, his breakfast came, which he swallowed in very short while. Hinlanderr decided to listen to conversations in the inn. Maybe those will advise him where he should go next?
Other Games / Re: Neko Para
« Last post by BlackStarLine on Today at 10:00:53 pm »
Volume 3 is out now by the way.
Why are you scrapping Archie's attire?
Mostly his armor. It was based on XIIth century, so now it's horribly outdated, as it was only chainmail with flat-top helmet. I'm also wondering about reworking his civil attire, but situation there doesn't look horrible. Well, I know I'm doing fallacy with using kilt, but I decided that it isn't that much of a deal. I might change bonnet on chaperon, but that's it.
Why are you scrapping Archie's attire?
*Throws Archibald's design to trash bin*
*Thinks how to rewrite Archibald's attire and gear*
*Frantically looks for sources*
*Founds something on Pinterest*
*Lights up a smoking pipe*
*Few deep breaths*

I do remember that you saying we're doing High Medieval.
Yes it's late medieval.
Hold on, I have 2 more pages of trying to understand what exactly is happening.

Updated: Today at 08:04:30 pm
Also, I assume from now that we're doing Late Medieval after all, seeing that plate armor is already introduced (and is so common that some backward village has some on stock)
Then take him downstairs....>_>
As of now, my second character has been waiting a month to get on fucking downstairs. And fuck me if I gonna lose some action.
Why do you say that?

And you can do whatever you wish.
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