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Other Games / Epic Seven
« on: November 19, 2018, 07:53:14 am »
Started playing on a whim a week-ish back, wondering if anybody else has given it a shot. I'm not too far in, only through the first two story chapters, but I like it so far.

It's actually got a pretty good amount of story, with some actual cutscenes, and a few CGs as well. English voices, and the art style is pretty cool. There are even little cutscenes for each of the character's strongest attack.

It uses a CE-like system, and the battle system as a whole reminds me of FGO more than any other mobile game I've played, though there are a number of differences.

It also occasionally has peaceful story segments where you explore without having to worry about battles, and you can go through large areas and meet various NPCs. It's nice to know not everything has to lead to combat.

There's an event going on right now that seems to have a proper story to it, as well. Hopefully that means there won't be a shortage of story stuff moving forward.

No idea about the longevity or the meta, and I haven't been giving it as much time as I probably should, but I think I might stick with this one as a secondary game longterm.

Oh, it also has a neat feature where, after clearing the first entire story section, you get a free ten roll. Except, after you roll and see what you get there, you can reroll up to thirty times in-game, until you find a result you like. I managed to get some pretty decent stuff with almost no effort. You also get a free single summon every day. There's just a certain 3* I haven't been able to get yet, and it makes me sad~

Hello friends. A while back, I started getting such a message. It stated I'd timed out while trying to post, which, of course, makes no sense if I wasn't even logged in~ Arra also started having this issue, and found a workaround, which I shall post here~

The error message we recieved was "Your session timed out while posting. Please go back and try again." to be exact.

If logging in through the box at the top of the screen doesn't work, go directly to the login page and log in from there! It works for Arra and it works for me as well. Dunno if anybody else is having the problem to begin with, but not being able to log in would make it difficult to say so, after all~

Mafia Vortex / Villain Mafia: Day 4
« on: June 10, 2018, 06:55:23 pm »
"Today, the eleven of us will make history!" A loud, cheerful voice escapes from the perpetually smiling face. A resounding laugh follows after it. "After all, how can a gathering of such... distinguished men and women not lead to something extraordinary?"

The tall, stylized man stands up, looking out at the villains at his round table, something cruel and cunning hidden behind his facade.

"We're going to have a hell of a time, I just know it!" He claps his hands, practically giddy with excitement. "But before we get up to the fun and games, let's sit back, relax, get to know each other."

He slams a clock down on the table in front of him, the countdown pointing to twenty-four hours in the future. "Promise it won't go 'BOOM'," he says, insincerely. "You have this long to try and figure each other out!"

It seems the Day will end on the 11th, 3PM, EST.

"Since there are ten people here- I'm not counting moi, of course- you'll need at least six of you on board to get anything done! I know most of you ain't used to it, but this is a democracy! And a popularity contest, so put on your best dresses and dance for us, little doggies! And whatever you do... don't piss off the host." The Joker's smile grows a touch larger, as if he'd like nothing more than to dish out some divine retribution.

"And above all else, remember to have fun!" Another laugh follows this, filling the room with madness...

Player List
1: Gamer as Kotomine Kirei
2: Geo as Emperor Zarkon
3: WhyBuy as Tohru Adachi
4: Meg as Fate Testarossa
5: Arra as Darth Vader
6: Vert as Selvaria Bles
7: Meta as Kyubey
8: Jynx as Lyon
9: Noric as Dio
10: Mergew as Cell

Mafia Vortex / Villain Mafia Signup (Closed)
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:43:34 pm »
Welcome to the darkside.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

You all know the rules.

We gather today to perform an act that we have long since grown accustomed to: slaughter. We have fought many times, through logic and power, to discover the villains in our midst. Yet, today, we stand together not as heroes seeking safety and peace, but as those very villains, each renowned and terrible in their own right.

With a group like this, it is doubtless, even expectable, that some will turn against the others, seeking to claim the territory and might that their contemporaries hold. You will not have the aid of someone's true color, in this Mafia, and, as such, there is no need to hide your identities from each other.

Every player's character will be known publicly, and they shall all be playing as a famous villain from a popular work of fiction. Roles will not be assigned based on what the character could normally do, and as such, only logic and attention will lead to victory. There is no limit to the amount of players; all who wish to join this massacre are welcome. The game will be fairly typical in execution.

If you intend to bet your life for the sake of your goals, then sign your name below... and let the darkness flow through you.

Player List
1: Gamer as Kotomine Kirei
2: Geo as Emperor Zarkon
3: WhyBuy as Tohru Adachi
4: Meg as Fate Testarossa
5: Arra as Darth Vader
6: Vert as Selvaria Bles
7: Meta as Kyubey
8: Jynx as Lyon
9: Noric as Dio
10: Mergew as Cell

Other Games / Terra Battle
« on: February 01, 2018, 06:45:50 pm »
Hello friends. Not sure if anybody's heard of this game, or played it, or anything.

Elvis tested it out recently and it seems decently entertaining. Doubt I'll put too much time into it overall but who knows~

The story is kind of bare, but it's presented in an interesting enough way. The main point of interest is the battle system, though, I'd say. It's basically a turn-based RPG except you move the characters using touch during a set amount of time, and... well, it's probably easiest to watch a video or test it out yourself than have Elvis explain it.

Anyway, this is a mobile gacha game, though the gacha seems to have an interesting system in place. If you get a unit you already have, it simply increases the Luck stat for that unit instead of sticking you with a duplicate. And, if you max out that Luck stat, you never roll that unit again. Meaning you can eventually max everyone and only get new units, in theory. It probably takes a lot of time, effort, or money, though~

Anyway! I started playing and cleared a couple chapters, then they released a gacha with a unit that I thought was cute, so I rerolled until getting it. Anyway! During this process which I fortunately got lucky on, since it didn't take much time (or I'd have given up~), I managed to get a few accounts with other decent units. Specifically,

I have two accounts that come with the defaults, as well as Yukken. I also have one that has the defaults as well as Sheena. I don't really have a use for these, but if anyone would like to try out a new game while starting with a pretty good and rare unit, feel free to post here, and mention which account you'd like of the three.

I figure it might not be something that people are too interested in, but it's worth a shot~

Anyway, it's made by the person that made or was involved with the first nine or so Final Fantasy games, and it also has some amazing music in my opinion. It should also be noted that all of these accounts skip the prologue, since one must complete that before having enough 'energy' to roll, and I'm not sure if it can be redone, so it might be best to play up to that point yourself, or look up some videos on how things work. Though, it's probably not too hard to figure out~

Hopefully all that user info I wrote down actually lets people get these accounts or else this entire thing is pointless~

Other Games / Fate/Decrypt Survive
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:48:03 pm »
Hello friends. I've decided to run a slightly different sort of game here. Specifically, this isn't a roleplay. Sort of.

If anyone remembers the multiple choice style games Arra ran a while back, you'll have some idea as to how this is going to work. Specifically, each piece of the story will present options for our main character, and everyone will be able to vote for which option they think we should go with! Majority wins, and everyone can vote.

This will also take place in the Fate extended universe, though various details will be altered for the sake of avoiding predictability. As well, it will bare an original cast, and everything will be created by Elvis as opposed to being a preexisting media. This should allow for lots of crazy things to happen, I think~ Will probably start it soon-ish, but I thought I'd give some time for people to be aware of the idea first, and also to ask the one question that need be discussed before the game starts.

Should the host be allowed to vote on options during the game?
1: Yes.
2: No.

I'll begin the first story post with setting, and we'll move on to figuring out just who WE are, before actually getting to the main event. Will likely allow a few hours between each post, to make sure a lot of people from different time zones will be able to make their choice. At the same time, you should generally expect at least one post a day, continuing the story.

Hope to see everyone as we continue~

Mafia Vortex / Hentai Mafia: The Climax
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:34:39 am »
"Welcome, one and all, to the beginning of Hentai Mafia! I hope you're all excited to begin violating each other~ It's about time for some chaos! First off, this game will not have Days and Nights, but only Evenings! Meaning, every twenty four hour period will consist of talking AND sending in Night Actions. At the end of that period, the roster and such will be updated and things will continue immediately! Have fun with that~

As well, here is the list of everyone playing, and who they are!" Chaos Man throws out the player list for all to see.

Arra: Asexual
Duke: Toy Shop Employee
Elvis: Token Loli
Gamer: Cosplayer
Jynx: Stalker
Marx: Voyeur
Meg: Schoolgirl Lesbian
Merne: Vanilla
Meta: Tentacle Monster
Rev: Harem Protagonist
Vert: Childhood Friend
wooly: BDSM Lover

The Pantsless Wonder narrows her eyes, frowning. "Wait. Wait just one second. Token Loli? Is... is that me? Are you literally sitting this out while making me play? And you're throwing me to the perverted wolves... bastard."

"Well that is the name of the game! Plus, well, it's not like you'd object to wolves, right~"

"What the hell kind of accusation is that..."

"Anyway! Yes, send in your actions, and start getting freaky. Nothing is off-limits here, so have some fun~"

"This doesn't feel professional at all. You didn't even number the player list or anything, and you didn't mark down a specific time for the evening to end..."

"Well that's in case I randomly decide to change the end of the day for whatever reason~ Sticking to strict rules and stuff is pretty silly, you know~"

"...I hate you."

"That's my fetish!"

"I'd vote for you if it wouldn't just end up backfiring on me..."

"One last announcement! If you haven't been explicitly told otherwise, or if you don't have a unique victory condition, you should assume you are Town~ Or the Virtuous if anyone's gonna bother using that title. So yeah try to win and stuff. I'll be seeing you, as soon as someone needs some... humiliation~"

And so, the day... uh, evening, began. Everything will surely go to hell within the hour.

Mafia Vortex / Hentai Mafia: Please Be Gentle Edition, Signups Closed
« on: December 11, 2017, 02:16:33 pm »
The Hyperspace.

A void of nothingness that expands for infinity. Empty entirely, the location is composed of naught but the ideas of those who may glance within.

One such idea, lost in nothingness, yearns for form after being cast into the abyss. It knows, many others have tried to rise before it. Some reached a state that could almost be considered meaningful. Others were doomed to sink back into dreams.

This idea won't have it. No, there is still far too much work to be done, too much joy to spread- and it knows just the way to do it.

Out of the abyss, a paper bag begins to form...


It is time.

The idea of a man grins, adjusting the mask covering whatever lies beneath. "Chaos Man," he murmurs, the words natural on his lips. Yes, it's good to be alive again.

There won't be any stopping his plans this time.

Cracking his knuckles, he grins, the expression invisible even if there were any others to see him. In front of him, in the endless void, stands a doorway. He knows where it leads, for the doorway is him. He cannot be sure he'll succeed, but his mission demands action.

He walks through into the space beyond.


"This... is Hentai Mafia."

The words are spoken by a small, pantsless girl, sitting confidently and glaring at the man as he appears.

"You understand what this entails? Even if you turn the entire world against you?"

The man nods, seriously.

Grinning in response, the child jumps atop his shoulders pointing toward a town in the distance.

"Then let's go and get this party started!"

The march begins, toward the future, and the tears, blood, and other bodily fluids that await there. Soon enough, the residents that cast their gave into the hyperspace will find their lives changed irrevocably. The only questions remaining are, will it be for the better, and how many of them will still be standing by the time it comes to an end?


"Ahem. Long dramatic overview over, let's get down to business!" The Pantsless Wonder claps her hands, bearing a goofy expression. "Elvis was trying way too hard to be serious for a gag Mafia."

"That's what makes it funny," he counters, with a shrug. "Anyway! This is, as you may have guessed, a Bastard Mafia game. As such, things will be chaotic, they will be weird, and you're probably going to hate it. ...signup here."

"Really, he was just too lazy to properly balance it, so he decided to call it a Bastard game. Originally, it was supposed to be a normal one-"

"ANYWAY, the way this works is, everyone will be given a 'concept' for their character. For example, someone might be playing as 'The Childhood Friend', while another person may be 'The Tentacle Monster'. Well, the big thing here is, none of the role names actually hint at who the good or bad guys are, so don't go thinking it's so obvious, lynching only the perverts!"

"Please, I think we know this place well enough to say that pretty much everyone's a pervert." The loli glares at Meta.

"Yes, yes. True enough! Well, since this is a Bastard game, we have to throw in a bunch of rules making things more serious for everyone! ...what, that's totally how that works, don't look at me like that. So, everyone must post at least a certain number of times each Day, or their ability won't work the following Night. However, it may be different for each person, or per Day, and you don't get to know what that number is~ Have fun!"

"Right, uh, your characters will be public for everyone to see, if you didn't get that by now. Also, you didn't hear it from me, but..." The Pantsless Wonder leans in, toward... what are they talking to? A crowd? A camera? Oh, whatever it is. "Nobody's gonna die in this game. Instead, when someone is... ahem... 'killed', they instead suffer a fate worse than death: being lewded! Also, instead of lynching, you'll be voting for Public Humiliations. Truly something I'd never wanna go through..."

Chaos Man waves around a certain phallic shaped object, threateningly. "Yes, terrible, horrible, really sexy things will happen to everyone... And I'll get to describe it all in vivid detail!"

"'ll get banned. You'll definitely get banned."

"I'll... hint at it in moderate detail!"

"Is there anything we're forgeting?"

"Probably! But it's a Bastard game, so it doesn't matter! We can just throw new rules out there whenever we want and it'll be fine~"

"...okay. Anyway, we have no player limit either way, so do whatever you want. I don't really care."

Chaos Man laughs, cheerfully. "You're no good at being a tsundere. that one of our roles? I think it is. Well, we're also going to be delivering roles at random out of all the ones we made, so even we don't know which ones will make it into the game yet! Wonder what happens if we end up without a Mafia. That'd be funny."

"...this is going to be a huge mess. Whatever." The Pantsless Wonder holds out a signup sheet, with one name written on it- "Wait, what. How the hell does this even-"

"Right, we'll also be playing this game~"

"What the hell?!?!"

Player List
01: Arraxis Fluffy Tails
02: Second Diddle- Fiddle, Fiddle! Ahem, Elvis Strunk
03: Don't lewd the penguin, seriously, don't lewd the penguin that's illegal.
04: Which Pokemon has a surprising amount of porn drawn of it? Jynx, Jynx!
05: When this is done Rev'll only be the SECOND quickest GM lynch!
06: Meg and hentai, somehow I feel like their relationship is long and sordid.
07: "The corpse formerly known as WeAreTheMeta-" "Hey, you're not allowed to kill any players before the game starts!"
08: wooly would have been here but he's a bit tied up.
09: Hentaijunkie
10: Verthandjob
11: How much salt is in a typical ejaculate anyway
12: Marx-69

"Okay you can stop now that's way too many player slots! And what happened to 13?!" The sidekick slams the board onto the hero's head, roughly.

"Ahahaha, it's good to have hope~ I'll look forward to seeing you around, friends~"

"Let the fight between the Virtuous and the Sexual Predators BEGIN!"

"Are those really the titles we're going with? Everyone'll just end going with Town and Mafia anyway-"

Chaos Man was soon smacked on the head again...

Mafia Vortex / Death Note Mafia - The End
« on: September 15, 2017, 06:00:28 pm »

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
The End

Kira Task Force Headquarters. A mysterious, spacious building, from which several of the most intelligent people in the world have engaged in a struggle to defeat the mass murderer dubbed by the public as 'Kira'.

On this day, the building is entirely empty, save for twelve individuals, each asked to come alone, equally unaware of who the other inhabitants are. Directed to individual lockers, they each find a note, scrawled in the familiar handwriting of the world's greatest detective, L.

Without question, they each do as instructed, donning an outfit suspiciously similar to that of the Japanese Police Force, as well as a helmet likened to that of riot gear. Knowing the abilities Kira possesses, none of them need question why.

The next step is to head toward the meeting room. One after another, the members open the door, stepping inside to find others seeming exactly like them. From boots with expanded soles, to padded clothing, it seems L planned everything to a T, making certain that every last one of them appears the same size and shape.

As uncomfortable as it might at first seem, it has become impossible to tell who is who. As they speak, they find that even their voices are scrambled via a small device near their mouths.

Right after the last of the twelve settles into the room, the door clicks shut- and lockdown begins. Heavy steel bars descend from the ceiling, blocking the only exit possible. Right then, the monitor located in the far end of the room powers to life, L's symbol displayed amidst static.

A distorted voice begins to speak.

"I appreciate you coming here today. Those of you still alive, I ask that you continue to dedicate yourselves to catching Kira, no matter what happens. When we leave this building, it must be with Kira in custody, with enough evidence to convict."

A pause, as the room fills with a foreboding silence. The clock on the wall ticks as each second passes, and the twelve find themselves glancing between each other, as if to ask just what L was thinking. Before a word can be spoken, the broadcast begins again.

"Kira is here. Of this much, we're certain. Recently, I uploaded criminal information to the database with coded messages, inviting Kira to come here and settle this. The proof of this should be in the number of people standing around you. I'm certain it doesn't match with the number of Task Force members."

With that bombshell, the screen shuts off, a different screen lighting atop a nearby table, bearing the same insignia. However, it's what is illuminated in the glow that really surprises.

"This is the Death Note, the item Kira uses to kill. After the defeat of the Yotsuba Group, I managed to discreetly recover and study the item. Cross-checking names and dates, as well as the rules written, everything matches. While we cannot eliminate the possibility that more than one book exists, we can be certain this belonged to the original Kira at one point, and he no longer possesses it."

Indeed, right on the table, in front of them, sits a Death Note, there for anyone to reach out and grasp. As they focus on it, 'L' begins reading out some of the more basic rules written within, explaining how it works.

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die. In this context, it has been modified to be capable of killing one person every night- an unblockable, undetectable kill. Anyone may use the Death Note if it is in their possession during the night, by simply writing down the name and alias of any other member gathered here. During the day, you must democratically vote on who will keep the book during the night. As for your alias..."

A slot opens on the front of each member's uniform, revealing a seemingly meaningless codename.

Alias List
1: Geocorn
2: woolyshambler
3: Gamerjunkie
4: Merne23
5: Arraxis
6: Pal
7: Meliran
8: Jynx
9: Revontulet
10: Duke Rockhopper
11: Verthand
12: WeAreTheMeta

"At the same time, we are the Task Force. If remotely possible, we would prefer to capture Kira alive and bring him to justice. During the day, you may vote either Guilty or Not Guilty for anyone else here. If someone is deemed Guilty, they will be arrested, but not killed. Effectively, this will remove them entirely from this competition. If you manage to arrest Kira in the entirety- as we cannot be certain how many people hold that moniker, after the Third Kira incident- the exit will open and you can all return to your lives."

Another heavy, mortifying pause, as the clock chimes to signal the hour. With that, 'L' exhales, a final, heavy breath, and speaks his final words to the twelve.

"If you've heard this message, I am likely already dead. I hate leaving this burden on your shoulders, but catching Kira has always been the most- the only important thing. Whether you trust me, believe me, or consider me a fool, know this. I hope you all make it home."

With the faintest trace of emotion, plain to hear even through the scrambled words, 'L' falls silent, and the screen shuts off, leaving the twelve gathered to figure out their next step.

With 12 alive, it takes 7 to arrest.
Deadline: September 16th 2:00 PM EST

Mafia Vortex / Death Note Mafia - Signup Thread
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:54:33 pm »
Perched high atop a tower woven from steel and rust, the invisible force of destruction known through whispers as God of Death bears a twisted grin. Staring down at the masses below, it feels a hunger- not for anything so paltry as food or drink, but for a cure to the ultimate disease: boredom itself.

Dangling from its' fingertips is a small, black notebook, the words 'Death Note' scrawled across the cover.

"Let's see how interesting humans really are."

With those simple, playful words, each carrying no sound and little life, it lets slip chaos from the sky, bringing a new era upon the world below.

The reign of Kira has begun.


Hello, friends.

It's been a while since the last Mafia, but I feel enough time has passed since what happened, that we might be able to give it an honest shot. Anyway, I was searching for a nice setting to base this on, and I found one that works pretty well- detectives, criminals, mystery, and death... it's perfect, really. That aside, the new movie just came out, so this seems a decent time to play with such a topic.

I'm sure you still remember the gist of how this works, but I'll give a review of the rules anyway. Basically, be nice and civil as possible, don't discuss the workings of the game outside of the main thread, I.E. no IC in OOC or the other way around. Don't edit posts, don't quote my PMs, and don't post at night unless allowed by me.

There are a couple twists in the workings of this Mafia, and you'll be voting for more than just who to Lynch during the day, so be prepared to have to plan around multiple factors even when it isn't Night. For now, we'll leave signups open and see just how many people are interested; I'd say, as long as we don't have too few, we need not worry about too many.

Don't expect this to be the best Mafia ever. It might not be balanced completely, and you know my track record. But, it's always fun to get together, have a few drinks, kill all your friends. So, why not? Just, sign your name in the book below...

1: Geocorn
2: woolyshambler
3: Gamerjunkie
4: Merne23
5: Arraxis
6: Pal
7: Meliran
8: Jynx
9: Revontulet
10: Duke Rockhopper
11: Verthand
12: WeAreTheMeta

1: WhydidIbuytheunionfrigate

Other Games / That Nintendo Thingy. The Switchamacallit.
« on: March 02, 2017, 10:56:45 pm »
Hello friends. It is time I reveal a very carefully hidden, shameful secret. I am very excited about the Nintendo Switch~

I figured there might be some more people that're excited for it too! And that maybe it'd be cool to have a place to discuss it, and to add, like, friend codes and stuff, so people can be friends and stuff.


Neon or Grey?

Other Games / Chapter 1: Crux of Cessation
« on: October 17, 2016, 01:33:52 am »
"Everyone dies."

All humans are aware of this undeniable, unavoidable fact of the universe.

Some hope this process can be averted, or reversed, believing that their culture stands only one breakthrough away from denying that most vital of laws.

Many find themselves dissociating 'everyone' from 'myself', choosing to accept that "everyone dies... yet I am not everyone", perhaps aware only unconsciously of the importance they afford their existence.

Many believe the "Nature of Humanity", which is, in many ways, the same as saying "How Humanity thinks of Death", has changed as culture and species have evolved. They are wrong. These notions, these foolish excuses and blasphemes have existed since humanity took its' first putrid breath.

This law of reality itself cannot be wrong. It is true because it is true, and it will continue to be, because it is. Such is the way of this world.

It is not wrong, but it is limited. Those who can accept that "Everyone dies" are, in the end, no less foolish than everyone else. It is not their fault. Humanity does not know the truth, tied to the cycle too closely to ever see it for what it is. It is not that everyone dies.

It is that "Everything dies". All will return to the ultimate void, an abyss of entropy and decay so potent that it cannot be comprehended. From that eternal nothingness, we have come. We will come again. We will return to it when our time is over. So it has been. So it shall be. It is true because it is true, and it will continue to be, because it is.

Such is the way of this world.

As one who was, once, like you, I ask. Do you accept the undeniable, unavoidable fact that you will die? Can you carry on, into the abyss that calls us all back home, knowing that everything will meet the same end?

You, who will decide, remember that you are mortal. Remember that you will die. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone. I walk by your side. Through the breathless darkness... and the brightest light.

To create a world where "Death" is a lie.


A dream. You remember little of what you witnessed there, what shapes and sights lay before your naked eyes. You recall moving, quickly, though you stood still. Your lungs filled with air, though you did not breathe. The sensations fade as quickly as they come. The only things that held grasp in your mind were the words spoken, and the soft, sympathetic voice whispering in your ear, loving even as it fates you to death.

The time is just after sunrise, first rays of light just peeking over the horizon, seeping through windows and welcoming the start of a new day, the same as every other Monday morning. You take a moment to get your bearings, once you feel up to doing so. Checking watch, clock, television news, or merely looking up at the sky above, you realize you have some time left before you must absolutely start your day. Sleep seems out of the question, that strange dream having chased away the last visage of drowsiness.

The only question is what you'll do before then... and where you'll begin your journey into the grand, man-made city of Null. An unknown future beckons you forth... Be certain that the path you choose is one that carries the true color of your heart.

For the nine souls who will, for a brief moment in time, call this world their home, life starts now.

General Chat / I need help.
« on: July 22, 2016, 07:55:39 pm »
Hello, friends. It pains me to do this, but I'm in need of money. Yesterday, my dog broke her leg. The injury was a spiral fracture, meaning the bone twisted, and the fracture went down the length of the leg. A cast won't help. The only way to fix the problem is surgery, one that costs around five thousand dollars. We've been in a bad spot lately. I won't go into all the details, but we definitely don't have the money, and we would have to sell pretty much everything to get it. It isn't right that I have to ask this of you, and it isn't right that you have to be asked, but, if there's anything at all you can spare, we would appreciate it a lot. Every dollar we get is one more dollar we'll have for food, or rent, or the multitude of other things weighing us down. There's a link to the donation page, here, obviously created by someone other than myself, if the quality of the description is any indication. Regardless of whether you can spare anything or not, I want to thank everyone for being here. It's meant a lot to me. I feel awful for doing this, but it needs to be done.

Other Games / Overwatch!
« on: July 12, 2016, 09:49:33 pm »
I don't have the game yet, but I see plenty of people playing on the forum, trying to get together and and play as a group. However, they have to keep telling each other their names and numbers and such, so I thought I'd make a thread for people to post that information for easy recording~ That way I'll be able to add everyone once I get it. Also, feel free to discuss the game in various other ways, here and post as much porn as you want.

Other Games / Crux of Cessation: A Hyperspace Roleplay
« on: June 26, 2016, 03:23:10 am »
Hello, friends. This is something I've been pondering for a while. A new roleplaying game, and something a bit different in intent and execution. As the title might hint, this game will be using the general system from Call of Cthulhu, 7th Edition.

In interest of full disclosure, the encounter system won't be based on combat from any version of the main game. It will, in some ways, mimic a more traditional turn-based RPG system. Furthermore, this game will not be based on the Cthulhu Mythos. Therefore, not knowing or wishing to learn about that universe shouldn't be a deterrent from joining. Likewise, there won't be any benefit to those that are familiar with it, as far as story planning goes.

The setting will be based on an existing universe, but what this is, or how heavily, will not be revealed until the story is a decent amount underway. This will be a horror game. Something else that should be stated in the sake of fairness: I fully intend to kill you all. I don't expect this game to last more than a few months, and it won't be a happy ending. With that in mind, I will be accepting every single person that applies. There is no limit to the amount of players that can join this game.

What I can reveal about the setting is this: It takes place in a world exceptionally similar to our own. The main divergence came seventeen years previous, when a plan was enacted to create a new city in neutral territory, a melting pot of sorts, that would accept people from across all different walks of life. The governments of the world wanted to see what type of civilization this would become with time, and what the implications of this would be for the future of a world rapidly growing more united, yet still split by ideologies and conflicts. After almost a decade, the plan managed to move forward, against all odds, resulting in the city of Null. For whatever reason, be it personal, business, or whatever else, the characters have all come to this location during the intervening months or years, either to live or to visit.

If you've gotten this far, and are willing to put up with the setup as I've laid it out, you probably want to know what you'll need to play. First, head over to this link. Download the program; you'll need it to properly use the character sheet. Also, please make sure to uncheck the unrelated items they want you to download. They aren't remotely necessary. Following this, go here, download both of the files there, and bookmark the link while you're at it. This will be where your character sheets will be going once you create them, and it will definitely come in handy in the future.

As for how character creation works, we'll be using a modified version of the traditional Call of Cthulhu rules. First, I'll explain what the stats actually mean.



0: enfeebled; unable to even stand up or lift a cup of tea.
15: puny, weak.
50: average human strength.
90: one of the strongest people you’ve ever met.
99: world-class (Olympic weightlifter). Human maximum.
140: beyond human strength (gorilla or horse).


0: dead.
1: sickly, prone to prolonged illness and probably unable to operate without assistance.
15: weak health, prone to bouts of ill health, great propensity for feeling pain.
50: average healthy human.
90: shrugs off colds, hardy and hale.
99: iron constitution, able to withstand great amounts of pain. Human maximum.
140: - beyond human constitution (e.g. elephant).


1: a baby (1 to 12 pounds).
15: child, very short in stature (dwarf) (33 pounds / 15 kg).
60: average human size (moderate height and weight) (170 pounds / 75 kg).
80: very tall strongly built or obese. (240 pounds / 110 kg).
99: oversize in some respect (330 pounds / 150 kg).
150: horse or cow (960 pounds / 436 kg).
180: heaviest human ever recorded (1400 pounds / 634 kg).


0: unable to move without assistance.
15: slow, clumsy with poor motor skills for fine manipulation.
50: average human dexterity.
90: fast, nimble and able to perform feats of fine manipulation (e.g. acrobat, great dancer).
99: world-class athlete (e.g. Olympic standard). Human maximum.
120: - beyond human dexterity (e.g. tiger).


0: so unsightly that others are affected by fear, revulsion or pity.
15: ugly, possible disfigured due to injury or at birth.
50: average human appearance.
90: one of the most charming people you could meet, natural magnetism.
99: the height of glamour and cool (supermodel or world renowned film star). Human maximum.


0: no intellect, unable to comprehend the world around them.
15: slow learner, able to undertake only the most basic math, or read beginner-level books.
50: average human intellect.
90: quick-witted, probably able to comprehend multiple languages or theorems.
99: genius (Einstein, Da Vinci, Tesla, etc.). Human maximum.


0: enfeebled mind, no willpower or drive, no magical potential.
15: weak-willed, easily dominated by those with a greater intellect or willpower.
50: average human.
90: strong willed, driven, a high potential to connect with the unseen and magical.
100: iron will, strong connection to the spiritual ‘realm’ or unseen world.
140: beyond human, possibly alien.


0: a newborn baby.
15: completely uneducated in every way.
60: high school graduate.
70: college graduate.
80: degree level graduate.
90: doctorate, professor.
96: world-class authority in their field of study.
99: human maximum.

Normally, you would roll these stats out and have your character defined by chance. Some GMs let you roll and then choose which number goes where. We aren't going to be doing either of those things. Instead, I'm going to give you a set number of stat points. All of your stats begin at 20, and you have 300 points to spread between them as you see fit, though they can not surpass 70. You need not use all of your points; anything left unused will be converted into Luck, up to the normal maximum. I'd let you go above this amount, but if you choose not to spend so many points, you probably won't live long enough for it to matter.

As for skills. Every skill has a base number listed on the character sheet. Everyone has that level of knowledge in that skill. For the sake of this game, Credit Rating will start at 10 for everyone. Right now, I will allow you to pick eight skills and increase them from their base number, by 40 points. For instance, Charm would increase from 15 to 55, while Climb would instead move from 20 to 60. Once you've chosen those eight skills, you have 100 more skill points to place wherever you want, though no skill may start about 70. Furthermore, any of these unused Skill Points will also be added to Luck, up to the maximum. You may note that it's possible to end up with a lot more skill and stat points in the normal game; part of my intention, handling things this way, is to make everyone generally even. You might choose different capabilities in every way, but you'll know nobody else in the game has an exceptional advantage over you.

One more thing to discuss at this point: thanks to the alterations in the battle system, some of the surprises in store, and my general intention to please my players until their inevitable deaths, every skill and stat will matter. So, don't be afraid to focus less on combat for fear of dying- that ability to dance or that hundred dollars in your pocket might just save you when a bullet won't. I'll be frank; in the last Call of Cthulhu game I GMed, everyone went full military, all weapon skills and violence. Nothing wrong with that. I fully expect a couple of those here as well, and I welcome it. Firepower will come in handy. But, if you all focus on such things, you will die bloody.

Still, I encourage you to make the character you want. Be whatever type of person you want, no matter what. This city is a good place for new starts, a great location for scams and crime, or just a nice place to live comfortably, so everyone would have some reason to be here. Don't make characters based on how well they fit with the group or what ground isn't being covered- those people with the same skills might be dead by tomorrow. Those characters you're hoping to get along with might not survive the chapter. Be yourself and everything will work out. Until you die. You can even invest in what sorts of belongings you have, based on your income level; feel free to take some initiative if you wish to.

As for NPCs, do not expect them to be handled like those in AdEva, where every friend and family member you have gets to interact and be important. No matter how many you make, there's a good chance a lot of them will never show up or be important. That said, don't let that stop you from having personal attachments if you want them. If I spy something useful or interesting, it might end up showing up, and an entire group full of complete loners will likely have little reason to get along and survive together. You'll spend as much time at each other's throats as fighting against the enemy. Oh. Speaking of, feel free to fight and kill each other. Nothing will magically come along to stop you. If you have a reason, go ahead. You are all entirely expendable.

While you're going about filling in your character sheet, it's worth noting that Sanity and the Cthulhu Mythos skills will not be used in any way during this campaign. There will be certain other surprise aspects in use, but having you go insane arbitrarily won't help much. If you want to be crazy, roleplay it. If you don't want to be, I won't force it with a mechanic. And you'll have more than enough chances to be removed from the game without worrying about that. If CoC is a game where you die easily, think of this as Hard Mode.

There will be more to come regarding this in later posts. I'll be dropping some questions for you to answer in the near future, if you're so inclined, and I'll be leaving a few hints as to the nature of the story and universe. If you need help creating your character, feel free to contact me via PM or Steam- my account name there is the same as here. If you'd like clarification on anything, ask, and I'll answer what I can. Some things are, by nature of the mystery, off limits, but don't let that stop you. Not sure when we'll be starting exactly, but don't be in too much of a rush worrying that you'll run out of time. Let's take things one step at a time, and have some fun.

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