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Other Games / Cardboard Mario
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:51:51 pm »
It really shouldn't be a surprise any more when Nintendo do something that no one was expecting. And yet somehow they still manage to think up things that no one would have imagined before. This time, it's...well,'s.......cardboard?

Have a snoop for yourself:

Looks like DIY kits which work in tandem with their corresponding switch games. Looks like all new titles though, so forgive the misleading thread title. The transformers one interested me, as did the piano (for obvious reasons :P)
The big question is, worth it or not? Who knows, there isn't a price tag yet (as far as I know!). We'll have to wait and see.

Other Games / Moar Higurashi Time
« on: December 22, 2017, 08:07:45 pm »
I'm pretty sure that most people here have Higurashi by now, but for those of you who don't, or for those who know someone who doesn't, I have keys for the first two chapters knocking around and got nothing to do with them. They're free to any old good home, so don't be afraid to speak up if you forgot to get someone a VN for christmas yet~

Other Games / 2 The Moon - More Action, More Explosions, More Loot Boxes
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:21:15 am »
It hasn't really come up before, but I'm wondering how many of you have played To The Moon. Name ring a bell? That really emotionally driven, story-heavy feels trip about granting the elderly their last wish inside their own minds? Two scientists playing Boke and Tsukkomi through the memories of a guy who's wife loved origami rabbits? There was also a bit about fighting a pokémon battle against a squirrel, so revon might have played it.
Well! After years and years and more years of waiting, we finally have a trailer for the next installment of the story!

I'd be interested to know people's thoughts on this. Personally, I can't wait. I've been yearning for a sequel to the original for a long time and it looks like at last I'm getting what I so desperately wanted ^_^

Other Games / Science Adventure Series Bounty!
« on: June 01, 2017, 01:58:56 am »
Rejoice, ye fans of science fiction visual novels! Our lords over at the SAT have seen fit to grace us with a treasure trove of new titles on everything from your home consoles to your handhelds - even your microwave!

Okay, maybe not your microwave. But we've screwed around with those enough already, I'd warrant.

Anonymous;Code is now coming as a Switch release as well as the PS4 and vita, while Occultic;Nine is hitting 4, vita and xbone. Even robotics;notes is finally getting a sequel!

Now, on to my main point of interest: Steins;Gate Elite. Coming to a "range of platforms" including the switch, it's apparently a "majorly updated" version of the original - something I'm hoping means we're finally getting the side stories in english! Even if it isn't, any excuse to buy it again is a good one for me. And don't worry PC elitists, while specifics have yet to be mentioned, some more Science Adventure games are also headed in Steam's direction too. What's not to love?!

Other Games / Hyperspace Minecraft Server/ Multiplayer Games Thread
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:54:39 pm »
Wahey, Duke got bored again. Too much free time, that's what it is!

So I was going through my games and stumbled across minecraft. which got me to wondering if anyone here would be interested in hosting a group server for people here? I don't know if many people here play it (or have the time to play it), but we're always looking for more games we can play as a group, and this would be something that I at least would be interested. We could add mods and the like, but really this is just to generate interest in the concept. Alternatively, if anyone has any other suggestions for multiplayer games, you can throw them on here too~

* Duke Rockhopper goes back to browsing mods...

Other Games / Corona Blossom: For all your space-machine-waifu needs
« on: June 22, 2016, 05:50:04 pm »
The good people at Front Wing have announced a new series, vol.1 of which is coming out for everyone this summer. Rather than provide a summary, I thought it best just to copy and paste their own description~

Meet Keiji Osaki: a young man who hates dealing with machines, despite being very skilled at working with them. That's just the kind of guy he is.

After failing his college entrance exams, he begins helping out at his grandfather's workshop, which specializes in repairing VORKS, heavy-duty industrial robots. For a while, he enjoyed a quiet life in the countryside, doted on by the workshop's regular patrons.

One day, however, his life suddenly takes a turn for the strange, when he encounters a metallic lifeform attached to a meteorite that fell from the sky.

To make things even more complicated, the organism he rescues takes the form of a forgotten girl from his past.

This is how his life with the metallic organism known as R-ne begins. But after a while, R-ne learns how to speak, and tells Keiji that she wants to go back to her home planet. Moved by her words, he sets his mind on sending her back into space, no matter what.

This may prove difficult, though, when a female space pirate - also known as a rare metal hunter - appears out of nowhere, and gets in his way.

Caught up in this whirlwind, will Keiji and his friends be able to send R-ne safely back to her homeland?

This has that curious Dagashi Kashi feel for me of smalltown guy suddenly meets bigtown scenarios, and if Front Wing's previous games are anything to go by, this promises to be quite an interesting tale.

Link to site:

I'll be keeping an eye on this one to see how it goes from here. It certainly looks as though they've covered most  bases with their waifu choices, at least...

The collection of people wake up individually on their floors. Individually they look around at their new surroundings, and universally decide that this is what the inside of a prison cell looks like. Blank, bored walls only highlighted by the cracks running through them; a surprisingly clean bedspread on the mattress and a naked bulb hanging on a white wire. One at a time, each of the game's players examine their new living quarters and check that everything is at least within the limits of what they need to survive. Some complain, some are confused, some treat it like being back home. As time passes, the more curious of the collective eventually discover that despite being in a cell, the doors are not locked. Cautiously opening them, they peer out and see a long corridor leading to a large set of thick wooden double doors at the end of the hallway. One by one, members walk without knowing why towards these doors and stand there, just watching. Eventually more and more people arrive at the door, until everyone is present. As soon as the last of them reaches the group, the doors heave and slowly swing open, revealing a brightly lit yet strangely familiar courtoom.

The light is blinding compared to the dimly lit stone rooms, and the majority blink and shield their eyes. At the end of the courtroom, high up in a great wooden throne, sits a grand penguin with a long beard and a gavel. He opens his arms in an expansive gesture. "Come in! Find a place to sit and we can begin with the proceedings..." People sit either on their own or in groups of two or three, and notice in the light that they are all wearing masks...the same mask. A bizarre, smiling badger's face which stared out unblinkingly.

One of the group stands to address the judge, and asks about the headgear. "Oh, just a security measure," he assures them. "For your safety, it may be best to keep those on for as long as you can! Wouldn't want happen, would we? Ahh, I see that we're all nice and comfortable. Very well, let us begin. Court is now in session!" He bangs his gavel down loudly and two silver robotic penguins rise from the floor, one at the prosecution's bench and one at the defense's. The prosecution speaks first. "These people have all been gathered as suspects in the murder of Heinrike Fey. She was struck over the head with this statue of The Thinker, killing her instantly, as shown in the autopsy report. Through extensive investigation already, we have concluded that this murder was the work of several people. It is the prosecution's intention that we should find her killers and see that they receive justice. That is all." Once it had finished speaking, it sank below the floor once more. The defense penguin then speaks, "The prosecution has made its intentions clear, as shall the defense. We believe that there are many innocents gathered as suspects today, and we shall not stop until we have acquitted every last one." The Right Honourable Duke closes his eyes for a moment and nods. "So you now all see why you are here. Among you, there is a violent network of individuals who would do anything to get away with this crime. It is our intention to separate the wrong from the right, but as to who will prevail we shall see. Due to the nature of the crime, everyone is being held in the prison cells, as you are no doubt aware. But the doors are old, and some locks are easier to pick than others, so watch out. Oh, and don't worry about the three day trial limit. We've been given special permission to continue this as long as it takes! Now then..." He scans the suspects with a wry smile, "if any of you have anything to say in today's proceedings, the stand is yours!"

You may have noticed in your introductory role messages a small line regarding "killing at night" and "leaving things at the scene". Not all of you have killing roles, obviously, but it always pays to know your friends as well as your enemies...

As well as this, one of the mafia was personally responsible for the death of our victim, and they know who they are. At the end of each day, the autopsy report and witness testimonies will be summarised into a few key points which may help you deduce whodunnit...but watch out! Facts get remembered wrong, and sometimes you miss something while making assumptions. Through my judgly powers of plot convenience, I can predict that one of the facts presented each day will either be irrelevant or fake. You each have one guess as to who this person is which should be PM'd to me when you want to "play detective" like this: "Guilty: _____".  As our trial proceeds, it can only become more and more clear to you who this person is. (Naturally you can't go calling it after they die, that's cheating :P ) The first person to get it right gets a special bonus, so get those thinking caps on!

1. Deeox2
2. Arraxis
3. Jynx
4. Meta
5. Pal
6. Kana The Boss
7. Ybuy
8. Verthand
9. Woolyshambler
10. John Titor
11. Merne23
12. Marx-93
13. Revontulet
14. Mrgw4
15. Elvis Strunk
16. Gamerjunkie27

Day 1 has started, and will last until 10th March at 23:00 GMT

Sunrider General Discussion / Update!!
« on: March 06, 2016, 09:34:59 am »
Just popped up on steam, so I figured I'd post it here too. Rejoice, lovers of the english VAs!

V2.00 will be a fully FREE update which adds the following new features.
-MORE story content after the current ending which will answer some of your most burning questions and clear up any mistaken impression that this is the end of the series
-The return of the ship map
-MoA battle voices can now be toggled on in the preferences
-Of course regular bug fixes

Create n' Share / Uni drawings
« on: March 02, 2016, 11:19:57 pm »
A few pictures I did for my recent assignment regarding the character Andromeda. She is, in fact, the basis for my Maid RPG character and looks the same too, because I am milking this idea for all it's worth ^.^
The character was based loosely on SAO's Asuna (as shown in one of the poses) and the twins Alicia and Beth from Claymore, though ironically I didn't discover their teamwork ability until after making Andromeda. Scarily similar!
Also, none of them are coloured. I ran out of time and didn't like doing it, so I skipped it. Deal with it :P

First, a little bit of explanation regarding the character herself and the game world she comes from. In her world, humanity abandoned technology in favour of magic, living a largely peaceful life in their small communities and towns which skirt the Eastern borders of a substantially sized forest. This forest is easily the size of an average country, and contains all kinds of terrains from the Ice Plains in the North to the thick jungle in its centre. Because of its diversity, all manner of creatures (both real and mythical) can thrive within it's woods. It is into this forest that human children are sent as a rite of passage into adulthood. At around the age of 10 (though the number is not fixed or the age particularly a requirement), they are sent in with nothing save a crystal. Children are expected to stay within the forest for as long as it takes to learn how to survive for themselves, and find an animal with which to "bond".

Bonding uses the crystal that each child receives and detects particularly strong animal instincts. It also uses a little bit of the rule-of-cool, or at least the rule-of-mildly-interesting-to-play-as within its workings. When it detects the instincts, the crystal vanishes, binding the souls of the human and animal together as one being. One of the two will then enter a ghost-like, yet still corporeal, state. In this state, they cannot harm nor be harmed, nor do they require food or drink. The entity can switch which form is "real" and which is "ghost" at will, allowing perhaps for the human aspect to climb onto the back of (for example) the tiger aspect and cover larger distances more quickly than running. This new being learns to work as a team to survive, and hopefully find a way out of the depths of the forest. Most children stay in the forest for at least 2-4 years.

Right. Now it gets complicated.

Andromeda is an anomaly. Though none will say it to either of her two faces, because they know very well what she can do. She was raised as a well-to-do only daughter in a rich estate, knowing many words and courtesies by the time she entered the woods at 11. While there, she encountered not an animal, but another human.

Thus, she was also born on the streets, and learned to fight people twice her size in order to get by. During one brawl, she was hopelessly outnumbered and ran into the forest, where she met another girl her age.

Despite the crystals not being designed to react to other humans, the two bonded and their features combined to form two identically looking children. This also combined their strengths; now masters of word and power. When applied to the magic that the entity learned, it found it could control the very placement of matter with rapid speech, allowing both forms to exist "in reality" at the same time. One girl could literally control the fighting movements of the other with this magic, granting noticeably accelerated movements and force over short periods of time. Because this was not sustainable for very long, she also learned the sword and forged one for both her forms at a master blacksmith at the age of 14, each called the Thorned Lotus.
This clash of personalities brought about a surprising result; a quiet pair who rarely spoke unnecessarily, which she claims (when she does talk) is because words carry a lot of power. She is a generally peaceful and calm being when not fighting, and shows signs of enjoying the things that her well-to-do member liked in the past, such as afternoon tea and long sessions of reading. At the start of the game, she is 19 years old. The most frequent sleep-talker.
Both her forms stand at 5’9”, with long purple hair down to the waist which covers her right dark-blue eye. She always wears the same outfit; well-fitting clothing with triangular pauldrons and half-tight but manoeuvrable trousers, though she has many copies of the same set.

I tentatively refer to the pair as "strength" and "knowledge", based on their upbringing, though really there should be no difference between them in appearance. In the image with both girls sat down back-to-back, Strength is on the left and Knowledge is on the right. You'll also have to forgive the awful image quality, our scanner isn't working so I had to upload photos from my phone.

Original designs of Andromeda
I used Asuna's pose for this one. Looks verrrry similar
Eh, the less said about this one, the better. I don't really like it
My favourite one so far. They look so peaceful :)

I quickly threw together a little sketch of an environment area. This archway is the entrance to the forest in a nearby town from which one of the characters originates. The game's main party enter and leave the forest via this passageway.

Such grass. Very tree. Wow

This last one is a bit different. Or rather, GIFferent. Hahaha. It requires a little exposition, so here goes. The gif is in the Ice Plains, following the end of a mission. The Ice Plains are prone to magic storms, because all magic residue somehow ends up in its atmosphere, creating lethal storms of ice lightning, which strike the ground and leave impressive statues of frozen lightning strikes. Because of the hostile environment, using magic in the area is basically like targeting the storm's effects to you, which will turn you to ice and shatter you instantly if you're struck. Big no-no. The gif shows Andromeda being sneak-attacked by a surviving enemy unit, and she involuntarily raises a magic shield to block the incoming sword. Naturally, this causes a lightning strike, and she and her adversary disappear in a thick cloud of snow and dust. As to what happens after that, well maybe when the game is made properly I'll upload it somewhere, but that won't be for at least a year yet ^.^
You ain't never seen animation like this

Other Games / The Start of Steinuki: Main Event!
« on: February 13, 2016, 08:58:06 am »
February 13th, 09:00
"Steiner?! Really?" Eli sat in amazement at her friend's revelation. When Yuki called her to talk about something important, the girl had been expecting an in-depth discussion regarding what was going to be for dinner that night. She certainly wasn't expecting to be pulled into plans for Valentine's Day. Love was probably the topic she had the least expertise in giving advice on.

Yuki nodded.

"Tomorrow's the best chance I'll have. The problem is, I don't know of a way to do it that isn't totally cliche!"
She buried her head in her hands, sighing loudly.
"How funny, the world-famous idol doesn't even know how to confess to a boy properly!"
Another thought came through her mind, What would the studio do if everything tomorrow went as she hoped?
She shook the doubts from her mind and looked imploringly at Eli. A smile broke down the girl's defenses and she sighed, leaning back in her chair, hands behind her head.
"I suppose I could help you with your love problem. The sooner we finish, the sooner we can plan what's for dinner!" She purred in Yuki's ear, who batted her away with the back of her hand good-humouredly.
"You've only just had breakfast! At least think of lunch before skipping ahead!"
An idea came to her suddenly. A perfectly-formed strategy that was sure to win the love of a growing boy. So perfect, she wondered how she hadn't thought of it already. After all, they do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...

The two girls were sprawled across a large sofa they found in a disused room in the old accommodation areas, scrolling through pictures of cakes by the dozen. The place had become a sort-of secret hideout ever since the previous occupiers left. Yuki's requirements had been very specific, and finding a match was proving to be a bigger challenge than either of them had originally anticipated. They had looked at everything from cupcakes and muffins all the way up to large wedding centrepieces. Nothing had quite fitted what the idol wanted.
"I want something that's simple but effective. It's got detail to it, but it's not over the top. Cupcakes and small things are out, I think I'd like to do a larger cake for this. Oh, and it has to be pink!"

Eli nodded, "So that you can give some to your little helper too?"
Yuki gave her a nudge.
"Maybe. It depends how well my little helper does!"
"Well, how about this one then?"
Eli handed her tablet over to Yuki. The girl wasn't sure whether to laugh or not.
"With a name like that...?"
"Aww c'mon! I think it's cute! Plus, it does fit all your needs."
Yuki looked at the cake in the picture. Certainly, it was a convincing match with the original criteria. And it was cute. She smiled.
"Yes, I like it. This will do wonderfully! Thanks Eli!"
She pulled her friend into a hug, who muttered "So now that that's sorted, can we start thinking about dinner now?"

What will happen on the traditional day of love? Will Yuki's plan come together, or is Steiner too stuck in his ways to open his heart to the chance of love? Find out very soon!

Keep your objecting fingers sheathed; court is not in session yet! But before we can start this trial, we're gonna need a cast. Anyone in?

Characters will be taken from any game in the Phoenix Wright storyline, except those introduced in the Edgeworth Investigations games. Sorry, Kay fans :P
If you aren't familiar with the series but just want a mafia game, worry not! Each role message comes complete with a link to your character's wiki so you know which side of the courtroom to stand on ^.^

Now, if you've read GJ's sign up sheet (or indeed any sign up), this next part's going to look a bit familiar...

1. No Outside Communication

Do not discuss the game outside the game thread with other players, unless you have a role that allows you to do so.

2. No editing posts

Do not edit your posts. Reading over people’s posts is crucial for allowing players to scrutinize each other. If you edit your posts repeatedly, you will be removed from the game.  If you need to clarify or correct something, double post rather than edit.

3. No quoting PMs from the Moderator

Don’t quote a PM that you have received from the GM, whether it be your Role PM or an action result. Do not fake one either.

4. Stay active

This game depends on activity in order to be successful. Try to post often; visiting once per day is encouraged. If you are purposefully lurking, be sure to notify me, although this discouraged.

5. No posting after death

After you are dead in the game, you may no longer post in the game, except to make one “goodbye” post which reveals NO info.

6. No posting during the Night

This is to ensure that no info gained during the Night is revealed prematurely. Currently RPing during the night is not part of the game, but who knows what may happen...

7. Bold your Votes and make them red

To vote for a player, make sure to highlight your vote by making it bold. You should also change the text color to red. This is to ensure that the Moderator sees the vote when making a count. It should look like this:
To unvote a player, make sure to bold your vote and make it blue.
You can also point a "finger of suspicion" which has no bearing on the game itself, but is hilarious and can be used as evidence.  Please bold and make orange.

8. Send PMs to the Game Moderator

Send any Night actions to me within the time limit. If you have any issues or questions concerning the game or roles, PM me.

Breaking rules will result in either a warning, replacement, action block, or mod-kill depending on the severity of the infringement.

9. I reserve the right to arbitrate any unforeseen conflict/paradoxes that may result at night.

Player list:
1. Deeox2 - Swift-Poster Extraordinaire
2. Arraxis - Overly-Dramatic Prosecutor
3. Jynx - Modest Shyguy Filler
4. Meta - Master Masochist
5. Pal - The Reserve Who Needs No List
6. Kana The Boss - Relieved Gamer
7. Ybuy - The
8. Verthand - Enthusiastic Newcomer
9. Wooly - The Suspicious Scummie
10. John Titor - Ruthless Rocker
11. Merne23 - Owner of the Best Objection Joke
12. Marx-93 - The Logical Superhero
13. Revontulet - The Great Revival
14. Mrgw4 - Wielder of the Eyes of Destruction
15. Elvis Strunk - The Sneaky Sneak
16. Gamerjunkie27 - Cool Committer

I currently have 17 roles planned out, but I reckon it could work with as low as 13 or so. Also, if a certain someone wants a "plant" role added, they're going to have to convince quite a few people to join :D

Create n' Share / Why I shouldn't be allowed near image editing software
« on: October 16, 2015, 04:45:01 pm »
I find myself more often wishing I had access to ways of creating images other than paint and PowerPoint (not that there's anything wrong with WordArt, really), but then I see the things I make using them and remember why giving me such power would surely mean the end of the world's last remaining sanity. Woe to the people who bestow weapons of devastating power like Photoshop upon me, as I believe my university is...

Introduce Yourself! / Surprise!
« on: August 31, 2015, 09:59:10 am »
Hello, good day/night and welcome to this small little introductory message.

To begin, my Sunrider missions began some months back while browsing lazily through Steams VN section, and what luck would have it that such a perfect combination of all my favourite genres should land on my computer's virtual lap! Some time later now, I've played this game through and through as much as I can and took on the task of getting vice-president Kayto a love life with joy. Everything Sunrider-ey sort of quickly spiralled into an obsession, and I'm pretty much one murder away from yandere status. But hey, it's all fun, right?

In terms of other games, my preferences are VNs, TBS and most sci-fi, so this was perfect. Other favourites would be Fire Emblem, Grisaia no Kajitsu.

Now, onto important stuff. Since Ava was already president, the only thing left is ruler of the galaxy, yes? Good, glad we agree. Let's start a petition to have Ava take over PACT and the Alliance combined so that she can send everyone messages saying "...idiot." all the time. To be honest though, everyone else is so close in rankings that I'll give second place to Sola, Asaga and Icari. I'm awfully indecisive about it. But that's how it is.

So yeah, hi all. Thanks for having me. Let's blow up spaceships together :D

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