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Mods / [WIP] Consequential Choices Mod
« on: August 07, 2015, 06:42:30 pm »
One of the few things that really irked me about this game is the fact that none of my dialogue choices seemed to affect the story or even gameplay for that matter.  Looking through the scripts file I notice that the game several variables corresponding to affection and morality, but these values are not used much if at all.  Now I realize that many of you are hoping that Sunrider: Liberation Day will make use of these variables, but grandfather always said, "Hope in one hand and <analogy deleted due to being grossly inappropriate> and I tend to agree.  Here are my thoughts on some consequences:

1)  I think that romancing your female pilots, however HOT they may be, will be a detriment to the discipline and moral of the crew.  I mean, here you are, a lowly petty officer, working your butt off to keep the Sunrider in perfect working condition... and there is your CO trying to get some tail from your crew mates!  I feel that it should either cost CMD Points to romance someone or give you points for ignoring them (because every man knows that ignoring a hottie really can score you points!)  Just a thought.

2)  Another idea would be making more choices command decisions.  For example,
a captain with a higher moralist value than prince value should have to spend CMD points to risk his crew on the Far Point Tech Recovery Mission.
The point cost could even get progressively higher by using a (moralist - prince)*(base cost) type equation or have a trigger like "if (moralist - prince) > some value, then" or something like that.

3)  I also noticed that there are a few mods which add side quests when the character's affection reaches a certain value.  If there was also a moralist value requirement then players would have to choose between getting CMD Points NOW (Prince) or possibly playing a side quest through romance later (Moralist).  I think I would have to write some of the side quests (not all are covered in currently available mods) and I would have to beg and plea for the rights to use the mods already done (preemptive PLEEAAAAASE!!!).  There could also be a limit to how many character side quests you can actually unlock, making those extra points even more appealing.

4)  Another suggestion, I could add these lines to scripts.rpy

if captain_prince >= 25
    jump horrible

label horrible
    scene badend
    "You are a horrible, HORRIBLE person and you deserve to DIE!
         "Try Again":
              jump horrible
          "Load Saved Game":
              jump horrible

Or not.  Whatever.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and possibly incorporated in my mod.  Thanks!

Introduce Yourself! / <insert AMAZINGLY creative topic here>
« on: August 07, 2015, 04:22:07 pm »
So I was looking through the Free to Play games on Steam, and I found Sunrider.  While most F2P are either MMOs or complete crap, I decided to try it out anyway (no game/beer mony :().  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised for once.  It has a good story and setting, enjoyable dialog (minus the spelling and grammatical errors) and amazing artwork.  However... (there always a "however" after any complement, right?) I realized on my second run through of the game that my choices are as completely and utterly meaningless as my first marriage!  (Long story... not enough room for the text in this box...) 
Except for the very last choice to send Ava to a painful and horrible death, (she did kinda have that coming to her) none of my choices seem to make any impact on the story at all.
  I do appreciate the fact that the game files appear fairly simple to modify, at least for someone of my intellect.  (I have an IQ of 147, so if I want to stick this fork in a electrical socket I CAN!!!)  All in all, it was a free game so I would say that it was worth at least 1,583,291 times what I paid for it (trust me... I have a B.S. in Mathematics plus that incredible intellect I mentioned earlier...) and I would recommend this game to any of my friends (if I had any) to download and play.  Now...

if you don't mind...

I have a mod write.

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