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This is more to provide something constructive for Samu-Kun to look at if he decides to persist in not making the "railroad romance" in LibDay optional. (posted here as well as on the new forums). Naturally, there are SPOILERS ahead;

If we do in fact get the option to pick a different waifu in future installments of Sunrider... how do you - the fans/players/ect - expect Kayto to rationalize entering another relationship after what happened with Chigara? How would he look back on it entering a new relationship? Would he see what happened with Chigara as a fling? A rebound to finally forget Ava? A complete mistake? Would it be a memory he still treasures or would he feel depressed? Would he feel it was real at the time or would there be any guilt at the idea that he might have just been stringing a poor innocent girl along by the heartstrings just for his own happiness? Would he even be able to really get into another relationship for fear of just leading somebody on with something that may not have even been real? Would he see himself as inhumane for having been with Chigara like that only to now be trying to get with someone else?

And how do you think it would affect trying to be with someone else - what would the other girls think? Would they feel awkward thinking of poor Chigara having been in love with Kayto all that time only to now be the one with him instead? Would they feel sickened? Upset? Unsure? Would they wonder if what was between the two had ever even been real and if anything they get into would be real? Would they question how much Kayto cares about them if he can really just go into another relationship after (what I assume to be) a few short months? Or would Kayto be the one that isolates himself so much that they pry him out of it as he gets closer to them - would THEY be the ones to convince him it's safe for others to love him and vice-versa?

If Samu-Kun isn't going to change what happened in LibDay regarding that forced romance - and because I for one sure as hell can't figure out personally how future romances will work if that stays as is - how about you the community pitch in and work together to give him and the staff tips on how he COULD make it work? Or at the very least educate me on how it would :D . Because, contrary to what some (like I assume vaendryl) may believe, I do in fact understand the idea behind having a main character who is fallible, human and majorly screws the pooch/gets into something that really complicates how he moves forward with his life and how he interacts with others, even if I don't agree with not giving any agency to how that something plays out before or during the fact.

So have at it - discuss how YOU think the complication of his tragic failed romance with Chigara would or wouldn't affect Kayto having a relationship with the other waifus. Given my not knowing how that would work/how trying another romance with a Kayto who WAS in a relationship with Chigara would work, I'll stick to an observer role for this discussion for the time being. In fact I doubt I'll ever comment on the ideas posted - you know, seeing as, again, I can't think of how it would work; that's gonna be your job  8-) .

I just played through the whole thing...

WTF. The roller-coster of feels... just... god...


However, what I want to know is whether or not this is the last Sunrider game... since it ended with "To Be Continued..." and all. Plus, nothing seemed truly resolved as opposed to ended regarding the Sunrider. Then again, IDK if it's just the specific ending I got or if there's more then one, but damn it was harsh - it felt like the whole game was one big cliffhanger. This feels more like the prelude to the finale instead of the finale itself.

Most of this is just conjecture, so bear with me - and don't be afraid to correct me if I'm wrong.

I heard that Sunrider Academy is in a time-period where Kayto is eight or ten years younger then he is in the main Sunrider game. Based on who was in Academy with him as a fellow student, my estimate for the crew's ages are;

Kayto: 18-20 in Academy, 28-30 in Sunrider
Ava: 19-21 in Academy, 29-31 in Sunrider
Sola: 18-19 in Academy, 28-29 in Sunrider
Asaga: 17-18 in Academy, 27-28 in Sunrider
Chigara: 16-18 in Academy, 26-28 in Sunrider
Claude: 17-20 in Academy, 27-30 in Sunrider (and yes, Claude was mentioned in Academy - mentioned as trying to start a 'Kayto Fan Club' after Kayto's little newspaper highlight on an 'accident' with Asaga)

Point being that, if these calculations are correct - and taking into account that (last I recall) Icari was 25 and Kryska was 22 in Sunrider... then by the time of Sunrider Academy (where everyone's seemingly a decade younger) Icari would have been 14-15, just barely entering her teens, and Kryska would have only been 11 or 12 - which is younger then Maray and barely out of her kid years.

As a result, the fact that they were basically too young might have been the reason they weren't in the game. And if not - if the reasons were solely that Icari would still be a space-explorer with her family (because no PACT in Academy) and Kryska would be in Alliance training at this time - then it ironically serves as a lucky break that they weren't because of the complications of their ages if one tried to make them have routes. Think about it - even if you discount Icari's nomad life and Kryska's young enlistment and had them be transfers into Sunrider Academy/Cera City, they still wouldn't have been love-interests; Icari would have been pushing it for Kayto due to her age and Kryska... well, like I said - 11-12 years old if I'm right. The reputation Kayto would have gotten from that would have been way, way worse then the one he got from Asaga  ;D

On a side-note - If I'm right, it also would ironically mean Kryska's the youngest member of the Sunrider crew, which I thought might have been Chigara's role until her presence in the high-school environment of Sunrider Academy confirmed that she's actually a loli (unless her brains helped her skip a few grades, though the presence of Lynn - her self-admitted not-genius sister - would point to them being not too drastically different in age).

Let me know if any of this is off!

Starting this up so that I can have the whole community's opinion regarding the pages. I've... well, to be blunt, done a lot of work for the Wiki, and almost caught up on everything. I've just got a break from school and am going to resume editing Chigara's profile.

But for the sake of just knowing, I intend to post links here to each of the wiki-pages I've done so as to see if anyone has any comments they would like to add regarding what I've done. Doing this to make sure my efforts aren't in vain.

For the sake of trying to create a flowing narrative, I've tried to blend in the Novelization and Game's respective story elements together -  though as a rule of thumb I take from the game as the superior source if anything conflicts. I treat "bonus content" stuff in the Novel (like the term "Medichines" or Ava's father being as physically abusive as he was in Sunrider Academy) as being cannon, but direct conflicts in info will be overruled by what's in the game. 

Finally, I've been thinking of adding a "trivia-section" to the characters where miscellaneous bits from Sunrider lore and fandom regarding each character can be placed (examples: Ava would get a trivia-note about Academy-based aspects of her being 'canonized' in the Novel, Maray would get a notation about how she was actually based off the original concept of Sola, Sola would get a notation of having become a surprise fan-service girl because of her big butt, ect). If anyone has any ideas of things to add for the trivia bits, I'd be all ears.

Sunrider General Discussion / Polling the Legion
« on: January 16, 2016, 07:48:50 am »
Saw that one user tried to start a debate on what choice for the final battle of Moa fit the Novelization better. Also saw it didn't go anywhere. And since I'm too lazy to check if this particular poll has been done before, I'ma just going to start a new one to see which choice people felt was the better one in general. If you want to justify why, go ahead - all anyone really has to do is the voting bit.

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