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Bug Reports [DO NOT POST HERE] / bounus menu chapter select bug
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:02:39 pm »
tried on monday night to look at the chapter six and so use the bonus menu to get to it .

it was miss as an entry. 5 then 7 not 6 as such 6 was miss fro mthe bonus menu.

so i'll have to finda save from chapter 5 to load insted.

 hope it helps.

Sunrider General Discussion / cheat for sunrider on trainer sites....
« on: July 17, 2014, 07:08:59 pm »
hi all  as the title says. one of my normal trainer sites, has just made a cheat for sunrider first arrivals.
 thisis what it duse.

All attacks vs. your ships should cause zero damage. Place the classes.rpy file into the \Sunrider\game\ folder.

so  yep it's official sunrider is so popular, that enoguh folks have paid cash to a cheat to be made to beat the game..... i'm so prode  i backed this kick starter.... woot.

 an no i'm not down loading it, i'm that that desperate.

Bug Reports [DO NOT POST HERE] / a typo maybe??
« on: July 05, 2014, 09:13:56 pm »
after the saving of avera (black jacks piolt)
 after the new piolte ofa ryder called paladin get on board when i nthe cantined talkign to avre and charige ther is a sentance that dotn make sence.

 "it might to make the veniczar immortal. even if acradius dies,simeonecan take up the mask and continue on as if nothing's changed."

how you corect it not for me to say as i'm dislexic and have grammer issues, BUT it may be clare if its changed to

"it might help to make the veniczar immortal..........."
"it might BE A TOOL to make the veniczar APEAR to be immortal"

that just 2 possible corrections,  but the final one in your ball court. not mine.

hi all

when playign the aganemmon batlle to save the kidy and dimplomats i wnat to go low and hug the botom of the map but this was made imposalbe and very imprcatical due to the information on the lower right and lower left of he screen.

ok this information is important and i needed BUT it block of large parts of the map so you can not target ships and or see what is ahead of you.

 make it posalbe to close down thos info panels or make the disapear wne looign for  target when selectinga weapon would make this tactic viable and actlay worth while.

or adding a few extra rows that cant be used on to the map, so that you can move these info panles out of the wasy, would be very useful and helpign to make the lower portions of the battle map worth having. at tyhe moment you kidna froing the efesion to take the top path awasy from the info planels that block line of sigt.

just a thought.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 2569, in script
    $ buy_upgrades()
  File "game/script.rpy", line 2569, in <module>
    $ buy_upgrades()
  File "game/functions.rpy", line 18, in buy_upgrades
    result = ui.interact()
  File "game/upgrade.rpy", line 87, in <module>
    if ship == phoenix:
NameError: name 'phoenix' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 2569, in script
    $ buy_upgrades()
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\", line 756, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\", line 1382, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/script.rpy", line 2569, in <module>
    $ buy_upgrades()
  File "game/functions.rpy", line 18, in buy_upgrades
    result = ui.interact()
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\", line 264, in interact
    rv =, **kwargs)
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 2065, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, **kwargs)
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 2309, in interact_core
    root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact())
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 306, in visit_all
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 306, in visit_all
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 306, in visit_all
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 308, in visit_all
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 2309, in <lambda>
    root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact())
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 181, in per_interact
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\display\", line 288, in update
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\", line 1239, in __call__
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, locals=scope)
  File "E:\Desktop\SunriderEpisode3and4-all\renpy\", line 1382, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/upgrade.rpy", line 87, in <module>
    if ship == phoenix:
NameError: name 'phoenix' is not defined

Sunrider Beta Episode 3 and 4  Beta 3.0

Bug Reports [DO NOT POST HERE] / Moved: Upgrade Bug
« on: May 04, 2014, 09:47:17 pm »
hi Vaendryl
the cash cheat you told us about. = 999999

 this produced an error.

for instance  i can get 190 reactor power say.

i can reduce the cost of firing the laser on the sunrider to about say  13 per shot.

BUT i can still only fire the lasers only so many times.

so that say i have 54 reactor points left after some actions, BUT i can not fire the laser as it now grayed out. just as it would if it was costing say 56 reactor points, yet currently its' costing 13.

 so yes we have an error whcih is why i asked for the cash cheat lol.

 hope that helps. ok the player many never have that much cash, to get to about 16 in that upgrade on the chart as it just get really silly priced very fast, but it may be worth lookign at.

Bug Reports [DO NOT POST HERE] / beta 2.0 battle selectorer
« on: May 02, 2014, 01:18:08 pm »
in beta 2.0  it can be hard to select a unit at time it can even be posable to acciedntaly move a unit you did nto wnat to move while seclecting an other unit. so spendign that all im portant reacoter power needlessly.

also targetign can be dificalt. pressign inside the red cross hairs can accentaly move yoru unit to that location if yo ucan move it and so  may take multiple clicks to actuly fire wepons.

also ther is more instances of  game frezzing in battle then in the first chapter wher it was fluid and swift. this can lengthen a basic battle quite drastically.

lastly it takea logn logn time for the scren to change back to the battle map when a frendly or hostile has been hit . makign it difficalt  to work otu if clickign the ship or scread with th curser is helpign or if it yoru own imagination.

if the screen needs to be clicked the woudl it be posable to havea button to click if not can the be speed up??

in the pirate base i found that if yo uait for the extra unit to get unlocked and the hit the speed victory cheet then the extra units are not added to your kill list adn so cash rewareds.

finaly. in the orders section.
when useing the vangard cannon. it dotn alway enter into the hit or miss screen so nothing happons it as if you jhave jsut spend poitn for nothing. persoanly this weapon is exceptionly expencive to fire and it only duse 800 poitn so out of the 8 time i fired the cannon though the exceiutive order action, the cannon only did damage 3 times and it did nto even tricger a picture of the target comign up and showing you missed. due to the poitn earned fro speed finishing a battle this cannon is sencably priced but if you then finish the battel corectly this same cannon start to becoem very very expencive to use. with its cost incress in beta 2.1 thsi wil lmake fireirng the cannon very hard to acehave often. but as it seam to miss most of the tiem and skip the combate resulation skreen tis even more over priced for a weapon that very unreliable. persoanly it shoudl auto hit or even hitt multiple targets along the fire track it is fired on. but that not the main point, that just a personal preference or soem tihgn i woudl love to see happon.

 all told i'ts been very good so far.

 sorry for the spellign errors i'm dislexic and dotn have enough tiem at the moment ot correct the bad spelling.

Introduce Yourself! / hi its green goo here
« on: May 02, 2014, 12:57:51 pm »
hi new to the forums was a backer of the sunrider kickstarter, which i have been enjoying playing.

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