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Other Games / Star Ocean (General Thread)
« on: May 23, 2017, 07:32:37 am »
I made this for MANY REASONS!

I have been busy the last 6 months. In that time:

Star Ocean is going though their 20th Anniversary.

A mobile game came out and all models are in HD. I'll share screenshots some time. SO4 event is next. We have Fayt and Sophia, and Albel.

SO3HD was announced during the SO3 event for the mobile app....we kinda saw it coming. It was an announcement for Japan. North America and UK...came out today. I HAVE BOUGHT IT AND DOWNLOADED IT ALREADY!

Next: SOA (the mobile app) had an event and whatnot to celebrate the app launch. Well, they made the big bunnies for the launch...and they put them in UFO machines only....


The preview

More Preview


Official Tag

Other Games / Frozen Incendiary - Broken Syntax
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:36:16 pm »
Hello everyone!

OldER News
A lot of you know by now that I'm making a game with my design team for my class.

It's an action-adventure game like Legend of Zelda: Windwaker's Light Fantasy sytle with a Phatasy Star sci-fi style mix.

We have a build going and if you guys could give feedback on it, it would be appreciated. Let me know what you're thinking while you're going through it, any bugs you find.

Note: Please separate them a bit. Have a section titled "BUGS" in bold and type bugs after it, and "Thoughts" in bold and type thoughts after it, so that we don't have repeated bugs going on. You don't have to use bullets but it'll help others out.


The link to the drive is here:

Link to the blog post:

The link to our blog and the other company's around us are in the blog too, and you can find their games and watch them as they develop and update.


Old News but not as old as the other one

Playtest all you want. You do not have to fill out the Survey if you don't want to, and the previous way we handled feedback with bugs and whatnot was fine, so it again or if you wanna feel important and special, fill out the survey.

If you fill out the Survey, please DOWNLOAD IT and then fill it out.

10/10 controls are a bitch. Originally supposed to be used with a gamepad, and I didn't have a legit reason to tell my programmer to swap them until now because hitting shift 5 times causes an issue.

NOTE: Run at "Fantastic" settings. It's a low poly game, so anything above Windows 2000 should be able to run it.

Sys Req: Windows only.

Arrow keys to move.

Shift to swap special weapons.

Alt to use Special weapons.

Cntrl to use sword.

Notes: This game did not go the way it should have by now for multiple reasons. One of my teammates insisted we show all story and world immediately, letting this all be level 1, 2, and 3, but the big issue with that is we're not trying to showcase the story but instead the mechanics so the next build after this will be MUCH different and less story and all that (And I tried to communicate this from day 1 but discussing it with him was going nowhere for the coming weeks). Due to this, we're behind and the build is weird.

Also, no update yet. I have work.



Beta build up. Since this build we've made leagues of changes to the game (not in this test, unfortunately), but if you wanna test it, you can. Our 3rd level is grayboxed in this.


Survey (if you want, it’s now a google form)

Controls (same as before):

Control (keybaord): Sword

Alt: Special Weapon

Shift: Swap Weapons

Arrow Keys: Move

Enter: Select menu.

The Blog post (honestly, not too much different from this):


To Admins: If you want this topic to be taken down, remove it immediately, send me a PM warning me never to bring this up again. I have no idea if this is against forum rules, I looked deeply through them, and found nothing. I have never talked this deeply about these subjects to anyone before because I've never had the chance to so this is completely foreign to me on the "you can't talk about this kind of stuff" list.

So, read all of it if you want. If not, read at least the part below the break.

Listen closely, and I’ll say this here and at the bottom:
Killing someone is always bad, even with justification. You have to realize that however special you feel you are, someone else thinks they’re just as special as well. Everyone was brought up in a way that made them who they are, and it’s not their choice. They made choices along the way, but if they were raised in a high class family, then they were raised in total comfort and probably have no issues or problems? Right? Or, not…and what if they’re killers?

Killing is always wrong. It is in our bodies to try and survive and thrive. Every single living organism has this drive. If it didn't, it wouldn't be "life". We CAN assess a situation and make a decision based on our moral judements, but you still have done something terrible: Take someone else's life. Why is this bad? Because they're an independent human being too with their own thoughts and actions, and they were brought up a certain way as well. You have to realize that you, and me, and everyone else arond you isn't an NPC, and they are like you, and me, and everyone else.

Everyone has basic needs, everyone has wants, everyone has desires, drives, passions, etc. Everyone is trying to experience life in their own way.

Everyone has thoughts, feelings, actions, brought up to live in an environment that affected them and who they are. Look at your parents and think about them. They have been through some of what you’ve been through. They are grown children, they went to school, they had friends like you do, they met people. They went to Primary, Secondary, College, they had parents who yelled at them and told them what to do and what not to do, they hated their parents at times too, they had hobbies like how we play video games and they spent their days trying to find a partner and doing homework, just like you. Now look at your friends. You like them because you have things in common, because of how you guys were brought up, you have similar interests.

Now, imagine you’re somewhere (let’s just say a bar) abd someone said something nasty to you or your friend, or punched your friend, and you get angry at them. You’re angry because you care about this person who has similar interests, but again, he has similar interests because you were bought up the same way. This new guy, is now just “an enemy” to you. You’re dehumanizing and demonizing him like they did with “Japs” and “Germans” during WWII. You don’t see him as an independent human being. Guess what, that guy you hate might actually have some shared interests, but you don’t see that now do you…you’re just angry.

In the case of “conditions” that you all laid out, imagine you’re on the battlefield in a war, and you come across an “enemy”, a random guy. You kill him without thinking about it, you’re angry about the war and/or you’ve been trained to kill them. You do that, but, he was like you, was he not? He has a family, a home, and he wants to protect his people. He didn’t start the war and even though he may or may not have volunteered, he still has things at home he cares about, and you just killed him. Now imagine he took you prisoner, and you sat down, and started chatting with him, only to find out that you both like baseball, anime, share a waifu, and even listen to the same music. How would you see him now? As a friend? Or as an enemy still?

With all that in mind, nobody asked for a war to start. Nobody asked to die on a battlefield because they wanted to, they did it because “they have to”. But, why do they have to? Because they want to protect what they love, right? To protect the people they care about, to live and let live in their country. To protect their friends and family, to protect their country and nation. But above all else, they will shoot you on sight for one reason:

Because THEY want to keep on living. Because THEY want to keep experiencing life, and because they’re afraid, just like you. They have lived and fought hard to live, and so have you, and you think just because you have the right to/ability to kill someone, you can? Because you think you are in a better situation, and your set of “conditions” says you should do it, you can? But, he wants the same things as you do.

On the subject of criminals: Why does a man rob a bank, liquor store, or any other place? Why do people break into homes and steal items? Why steal? For most of us in OUR countries where we have luxuries, what they steal isn’t really ever worth fighting for, because you can earn it back, and because you’re still alive. In other countries where it’s a resource like food and/or water, they do it because the need it. With that in mind, do you think that a person who steals your stuff, MIGHT need that more than you do? We are brought up in a society where we are exposed to luxuries, and some people make bad decisions, causing them to become desperate. They need the money, because we don’t all have a vast garden of food and cattle in our backyards.
(Note: A woman was arrested for stealing eggs, and if the officer didn't care or think, "Maybe there's a reason for this...", he would've taken her straight to jail and thought she was just a "bad person." )

(NOTE: Also, this scene from The Fugitive. Harrison didn't do anything, but Tommy doesn't care because his job is to take him in, not "Decide if he's right". (reasons to never kill a cop for any reason too))

Now, why did they make bad decisions? Why are they desperate?
Remember your friend? Your parents? Imagine if they had no money, or were addicted to drugs, or were in an accident that caused them to be in a tight spot, and emotions got the better of them and they became irrational. You were just born, and you’re crying, hungry, and your parents made bad decisions, or an accident happened and now they’re short on money. You think they’re just going to give up, lay down and die instead of getting food for you? No, they’re going to fight for it.
What if your parents had you when they were in high school (or accidentally had you)? They were 16 or 17, and they had you, and are now in a tough situation because of the bad decisions they made? Why did they make those bad decisions? Have you ever asked? Did you ever think that maybe there was something they didn’t fully comprehend and grasp while growing up? Some experience or lesson in life they missed that caused them to make a grave mistake that changed what they wanted in life? The answer to that is yes, they did. They may even hate the idea of you, but they were missing something. We make mistakes and learn from them because when we’re born, we aren’t given any knowledge on what to do and what not to do and the scale of what happens when we do it. We learn from experience and practice and training.

(Note: Think Breaking Bad. He's making drugs for the sake of someone he loves who is Ill. What he's doing is illegal, everything he's done though is for someone. If it was from the cops perspective, it would be "he's the bad guy, get him".)

Aside from extraneous circumstances, what if your parents were raised up by alcoholic parents, and it caused them to become alcoholic (meaning there is a series of self-fulfilling prophesies (I might not be using that right but you get the idea) here, parents before them were in bad situation, etc), and then you were born and put in a bad situation? Your parents are always spending money on alcohol, they hardly feed you, and there are days when they DON’T feed you. Your options as a young kid are small, so you probably join a gang, get in with the wrong crowd, and then what happens? You rob a place? Steal someone’s iPhone because you know it’s worth $600 and you can eat with that, or even get drugs or alcohol for yourself.
But, wait a minute, you’re now thinking from the side of, “well, I need it to survive, I need this for my survival.” But, from the other person’s perspective, you’re just stealing from them. You’re doing it because you’re the selfish asshole. But wait! There’s more! Now put yourself in the position of the guy who is in the bar and hit your friend. Oh wait, not only that, you’re also the guy who is fighting a war to protect the people you care about back home, even though your alcoholic parent’s suck, they didn’t ask to grow up living in a terrible situation. Even if it’s not for them, there are people you care about, and if not, you’ve got a death wish in the army, and at the very least, you care about your troop. If not, you only care about yourself.

Why do you care about yourself??

Because you are a living creature who has thoughts! Emotions! Etc! You get this! Now then, what about a Psychopath??

Guess what! It’s not his fault he has a brain disorder! Sure, they did things, but did they ever ask to become one? Why is it his fault his brain chemistry is like this? If he really wanted to stop his life and stop from experiencing life, and stop from hurting people, wouldn’t he have just killed himself? Oh wait, his brain doesn’t function normally and doesn’t think like that. Still though, he eats every day, he has things he likes, he enjoys killing people (which is the absolute bad), but he enjoys it, just like you enjoy the things you do. Is that his fault though? Did he say, “I’m going to be a serial killer in life?” Even if that was the case, why did he become that way? The answer is because he’s a living creature.

“What is normal to a spider is chaos for the fly.”
Welcome to the set of “but we eat food and everything else eats food so why is killing bad?” The answer to this is why Vegan’s who are vegans for the sake of “animal cruelty and not eating animals because they have feelings” is where this comes in. Every animal is the same way. They want to eat, they want to play, they want to live, but nature tells US to eat as well, and tells other creatures like lions and other meat eaters to eat as well. People try to force vegetarianism onto their cats, and then go into the vet and ask “what’s wrong?” and the vet gives it meat and suddenly, it’s alive and jumping. Why? Because it NEEDS IT. Sure, killing a bird early hurts the ecosystem, but eating it also helps the ecosystem. That being said, a balanced ecosystem is great, and this is where killing something might SEEM good, but we’re just justifying it still. It might benefit the ecosystem, but it’s still ending something’s life. Something that wants to live as long as possible and survive. That’s why birds don’t just fly down onto a silver platter for cats to eat them.

Not a lot of people after they hit a certain age say “Okay, I’m done with my life now and I’m happy with everything, someone can take my body and everything I have and do whatever they want with it.” People might “give up” or “not care” or not have the ability to stop something like this from happening, but that’s not the same thing as what I just described.

Why do you protect someone or something out of self-defense? Why not just stand there and die? Let them kill you? Why do you fear for your life when someone is about to stab you, why do you look at people and judge them based on their looks?
The answer to literally everything is survival. We are trying to live. No matter what conditions you PUT on something, we are trying to live. They are doing what they are doing FOR A REASON. If people were logical and rational enough to stop and ask and help each other, maybe they wouldn’t be in such a terrible situation.
Suicide: People do this out of acts of desperation, despair, hopelessness, and pain. Even doctor-assisted suicide is still killing someone, and it’s bad, no matter what the justification is. You’re still ending a person’s individual life, you’re cutting it shorter than it would be, even if they’re in a lot of pain. It might seem like the right thing to do, they might even want it, but what they say isn’t what their body is saying, they’ve just reached a point where they don’t want to endure it anymore. Same with people who are hopeless, in despair, etc. They don’t want to but they feel it’s their only option. Self-killing is still killing, we just have a different label for it. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. No matter how long you’ve had this problem for, life is short, and you’re problem can, might, or will go away.

I got emotional and irrational can ignore this if you wish, and rebuttal it all and I will not respond unless SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED
We all have a drive to survive.
We all have the need to live.
All things fight to live! That is life! But, what if we didn’t go fighting for it?? What if we learned to care for everyone as if they were family or friend? Respect other’s views even if we disagree with them? Realize that they were brought up a certain way that caused them to have certain thought processes? HOW CAN YOU DENY ANY OF THAT?
What if we all just supported each other, taught each other how to do things nicely, to care for people, etc? What if all that happened? What if, instead of being selfish, lazy bastards who only care about our TV and Pizza and burgers, and realize that people behind the counter are doing their best job to make your food while you bitch and yell at them because your order is off by 1 topping or has pickles on it, you realize that those people are exactly who you are, just with a different personality and interests, maybe even the same interests. Instead of getting angry at customer service for not doing what you want and yelling at them, understand that it’s their job to follow a prompt and say x, y, and z, and that the cooperation that’s trying to make money for themselves and for the sake of their families so that they can keep on surviving is what’s really happening and you’re lucky to not be living in Syria right now, because children over there are dying daily for no fucking reason because idiots exist and don’t realize that life is precious and important, and it’s not just the children but the parents too who now are down one life that they worked so hard to cherish and create, that they lived their lives and grew up in a way for the sake of protecting because it’s what they wanted in life.

Suicide? What a selfish act. You wanted to live so long until suddenly, you don’t “feel” like it Even if you’re in tons of pain, you realize people have cared for you, fought for you, loved you, fed you, etc. Your parents will be looking at you like a child who dies in Syira, “why did this happen, what went wrong, we just lost an investment”. You’re going to end your life because you feel “bad” or “You’re in pain”. Sure, if you’re on a hospital bed and you’ve got a disease where your body attacks itself and it’s extreme, fine, do it. But it’s still going against what life is. They don’t want to die, it was never their plan to die like this, they wanted to live. I’m speaking from experience and logic by nature.

Things you cannot deny:
We all think independently, correct?
We were all raised differently, correct? There are two conjoined twins who have two heads, they only control one half of the body. They are literally together everywhere they go, yet they think differently and were raised in a different way.
We all eat and drink to survive.
We have fear for survival, we have pain receptors for survival, and if you’re born without that, you’re still fighting and trying to make sure you don’t fuck up and die early.
We judge people and things based on “is this dangerous to us or others?” all the time. If someone says “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, well, your natural survival instinct says to because it could save your life. It’s why we have a preference for a partner in life, a preference for what we like, find attractive, etc.
You can’t hate a girl for not liking you because it’s not what she wants, and this is when people start raping….and that’s also where people who rape shouldn’t die either because they’re not thinking that it’s another human being, they’re thinking “they won’t give me what I want so I’m going to take it because it’s what I want and I’ll feel good.” Same goes for when a girl rapes a guy.

So with every fiber of our being with the exception of irrationality, isn’t it logical to say that killing life IS a universal bad?
After you are born, what happens even without this “moral and subjective code” we’ve developed? At the very base level of life, in it’s infancy, we protect ourselves. We cry when we needed food or water or attention, or even protection. If that doesn’t show you that life’s goal is to keep on living no matter what, to live it’s course, to survive and thrive, after all this, you still think that killing isn’t bad?

You can justify almost all situations, if not all situations, but it’s still bad as an absolute. The end result is loss, pain, grievances, even more pain, even more loss, even more people dying because of bloodfueds and “eye for an eye” reasons because they think irrationally. “He killed my friend so I killed him”, good job, you justified it. But guess what? More like that will happen instead of asking why and stopping it before everyone around you dies.

It makes no logical sense to kill someone when in the end, no one asked to be like this. No one asked to be born, grow up the way they were, or asked to live. No one asked to experience life, so why is it “subjective” or so hard to comprehend that we should experience life without interfering with other’s ability to experience life?

Why does anything exist in the first place? Why do you exist? Why do I exist? Why does any of this exist? These concepts, these ideas, these emotions, death, why does life end? Why doesn’t life continue forever? All these things lead me to the conclusion that life isn’t supposed to be cut short.

This hits on some of what I think is wrong with people and humanity. Irrational thinking prevents us from hearing truths and facts, and it prevents us from listening to reason and our parents when they tell us things are in our best interest and whatnot. Don’t throw a ball in the house, you know this now because YOU have things you don’t want broken, but as a kid, you didn’t bother to consider that.

Post all you want. I'll read everything, may or may not respond. Idk. I will give every post AT THE VERY LEAST a day's worth of consideration before sending back, and I will comment it and let you know I'm considering it.

Create n' Share / BMU's Game Design and other Design stuff
« on: April 08, 2016, 02:59:06 am »
NEW STUFF! I made a War Room last semester in Level Design class. This one was more for environment building/population. you can DL the package and run with it. It's about 200mb and if you have issues, let me know.

Note: This is a single room. Nothing more to it. Just appreciate lighting and all the other stuff. I made torches, everything else was shared around class with others and we all made different war rooms. I can link the Artstation for it all too.

Note: Windows Only! I can create a Mac and Linux build, even HTML5....but for now, it's a win32 bit build.

Old when originally posted (A year ago surprisingly)
I'll just be posting things I create in here from now on. I'll update it with WIPS and games and stuff.

First one is an 8 bit 2D side scroller game that's small and basic but hey, that 8 bit art took a long time to make.

It's called

"The Doctor Saves the Daleks!"

Note: It will only work on Windows.

Other Games / Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (SO5)
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:31:10 am »
THE WAIT IS OVER!!! Yes, this info came out like, 2 days ago but I've been busy and I already posted it in the spam topic.


The US site at first I thought was great. It informs you, but at the same time, the JP site has much more content. Probably because the game is already out.

I'll probably be streaming it and whatnot.

I already got the collectors edition because I love this series more than literally anything ever so yeah. As well, apparently, they're only selling 7,500 of these so yeah. GG.

There is also dual audio so yeah.

I'm super excited and you won't be seeing me for like, weeks.

Other Games / Clannad (Steam Version)
« on: November 24, 2015, 06:45:17 am »
Over a year later, and it's on steam. Enjoy the feels all.

Other Games / Love Language Japanese Year 1 Gentlemen Edition
« on: October 09, 2015, 06:59:55 pm »
Do you want to learn Japanese but hate reading textbooks and going to class? Do you like VN's? Well maybe this game is for you!

This game is still in it's VERY early development, but from what I am reading on the home page of both their website and Steam, it seems like they will have a decent game mechanic, and make it decently interactive.

I am unsure how they will balance the VN dating aspect of the game, and the educational part of the game, but considering that they are at least trying to make a game like this with some decent content for once is actually pretty amazing. Most games fall short.

As of right now, the KS isn't up yet, and I'll update you as the game develops (and tell you if it's worth it or not).

Their Website:

Steam Greenlight:

Sunrider General Discussion / Sunrider Waifu Daki stuff things I guess
« on: October 05, 2015, 03:57:34 pm »
Guess what time it's past??

I was about to go to bed for the first time since I got my new Eris daki from AX (yes, 3 months ago but I wanted my old Eris to last me a bit longer), and I decided to finally open the Asaga daki I received over a year ago and....and....


She' large for my daki. ;_;

Anyone else run into this or do I just have a small daki? And if so, where do I find a larger one that's NOT Monmusu Mia sized?

If this is the average size for daki covers, feel free to smack me. It's what I get for posting so late.

BTW, Samu-kun, great choice with this. Nice size, nice art by Melonbunny, and it's great quality.

Create n' Share / 3D Final and Other 3D stuff I feel like posting
« on: September 15, 2015, 05:30:19 pm »
I'll start this thread with my final from summer semester 2015 at Moorpark College.

This was a final I made and I decided to render it. It took a while...and a couple of errors happened along the way...a couple rage worthy errors, but it's finally done and uploaded. I'm surprised how quickly it uploaded, compared to how large the file is, and how quickly it rendered on youtube, but that might have something to do with the quality it's in.

For 1080p, it would have taken 12 hours to render on my computer, and about 6 1/2 on the mac computer I am using right now in my class.

So, here is the video, and the beauty shots from the final. Welcome to making a portfolio.

Shuttlecraft Wreckage

Let's just say that I learned a lot from this, and the animation was a bit too yeah, gotta get used to that because when you scrub the Cinema4D timeline, it takes longer but then again it's taking up a lot of processing power so that should've been expected.

Create n' Share / Sunrider Active Battle
« on: August 05, 2015, 08:08:09 am »
What am I doing?

Taking Samu-Kun's models, animating them, and blowing them out of the sky.


Because he wants to see it and I know it.

What else will I do with this?

Recreate a battle scene.

...idk which one I'll be recreating yet most likely the first one since it had 2 ships, but it will be done....

So for now, this is what I have going. It was a test to see how long rendering something like that would take, and to see what I could do with certain things.

I'm very tired right now so my speech is terrible.

Reason's that they adjust twice?

The first time, the computer starts to adjust for this, and to allow one cannon to be close to ready is better than having none of the cannons ready. The second adjustment is for full accuracy. Sure, it's off for now, but it will be fixed after my final is over.


Notes: Project may be dropped at some point since I wanna model and animate stuff and try to get a job somewhere.

Any questions?

Anime/Manga / Strike Witches (Season 3)
« on: June 05, 2015, 04:32:34 am »

I mean, I know this is already all over the forum (looking at Heinrike....and me...since I went and posted before Heinrike joined LOL!), but it's time for a central discussion.

Anyway, I figured this would be the best time to start this thread since Strike Witches season 3 has been announced...a couple of weeks ago except in the future it's been months, years, or even decades.

Quote from:
The third season itself will feature the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, who are known as the Brave Witches.

Fun fact: They are also known as the Break Witches...because they break/damage their strikers too often...

Here is all the info:


And here is a large picture of the witches and their affiliated countries, planes, and the pilots they are modeled after.


I'm pretty sure that when they became aces of the war, the expected someone to one day make cute adorable little lesbian girls out of them...

So, post your favorite witch, yuri couples, lewd sanya, or even screenshots.

But first, a picture of the originals.

General Chat / Forum Avatar Trends
« on: June 04, 2015, 02:08:11 am »
I felt it was time to create this spreads like wildfire since day people can follow it if they want, and now vote on the next month's trend, this way we keep records!

Anyway, the poll will change and adapt each month and I do take suggestions.

So far:
Yandere (May 2015)
Tsundere (J-June 2015 idiot!) (<-- inspired by GamerKitty's new Icari phone background. XD)
Fox & Weasel (Tie, July 2015)
Yuri (August 2015)
Mecha (September 2015)
Halloween (October 2015) <-- Default
Neko & Miko (Tie, November 2015)
Christmas (December 2015)
Wings (January 2016)
Military (commanders) (February 2016)
Gothic Lolita (March 2016)
Maids (April 2016)


Participation is much smaller, so this thread is pretty much on hold. Most of us will just copy each other anyway. Was fun while it lasted!

I'll also provide a sample template each month that you can just add to your character if you don't feel like creating your own.

Updated monthly to avoid stupid questions part:

For this month:


Board Update:
Things to add to the list:

Suggestions plz :/

Dropped from the list:
Jobs (what you character would do for a career)

General Chat / AMV's Are best Music Videos
« on: May 14, 2015, 07:04:22 pm »
AMV Thread, and I'm gonna start it with one of the best I feel I've seen so far...

Song: United States of Pop by DJ Earworm
Anime(s): Mixed
Comments: It's gorgeous seeing most of the anime's from 2009 in one video.
Spoilers: None
2009 was a good year

Be sure that if it's feelsy, TAG IT AS SUCH!
If it has Spoilers, SAY SO. (I made an example, you don't have to do such)

Also: I'll add another REALLY good one...

Song: This is Halloween
Anime(s): Soul Eater
Comments: As someone who has never seen Soul Eater, I love what they did with this! It makes the show look so great!! (yes, I know that the ending is crap, people have told me this...) I hope that I can create an AMV like this, one in that the song and the images flow so well together, it gives you a different perspective on the anime itself, one that gets you hyped about it, one that makes it seem much better than the original show itself.
This Is Halloween

General Chat / Love you to Death Yandere's
« on: May 04, 2015, 02:44:24 pm »
Might as well make an entire thread for them!

Starting with...


General Chat / To The Admins and Mods (and Developers)
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:41:26 am »
I've been meaning to do this for a while now, and I guess I just got the push to make this finally.

I want to tell all of you who created this forum, your games, etc, I really wanted to say to you all:


You work hard, really hard. You make the games we play, you created this forum, and you even tried to add fun elements to it like spacewhale backgrounds, slapping and
Rolled 1d2+9000 : 1 + 9000, total 9001

I mean, when you first created this forum, you probably thought to yourselves,

"Hey, let's make a forum so we can have an organized community! One where we can post all the news, updates, new ideas, and bugs into one spot; one that forum users can direct non-forum users to when they need assistance. And, the community can also give us feedback on our projects!! Good, organized feedback that can't possibly go off track no matter how hard they try! And they'll all be nice and organized, formal, friendly, just what you'd expect from a forum user. They also will give us great ideas on how to improve our projects, even mod them!! And, the best part is, once they register, they're sure to come back at least once, and make a post at least once as well!"

-Melonbunny got both the regular...and the crazy...

You all put up with our crazy avatars, crazy personalities, crazy posts, crazy quotes, crazy quote trains, crazy false avatars (....deleting Ice as I write this..., guys have to approve it??), crazy pictures, crazy posts, crazy crazy, crazy...everything, you guys put up with it...or ignore it.....maybe you just ignore it all... watch it all and laugh...

While we make a mess of things...

Less messier than him...

You all put your foots down, and said, "I refuse to be an NPC!"

And without you guys, we wouldn't all be here to create all this chaos! You guys brought us together!!


We may not have played all the games on here...or have them registered in our library's yet....and we may not be as active on the other ones as we are on the spam threads...but I'm glad this forum is here.

For everything you have done, be it in the past, the present, and/or the future, weather you troll us, move us, do the thing, etc, there is one thing that we all say to you, from the bottom of our hearts...

wait...this one can't be right...

Ah, here we go.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

NOTES: Unfortunately, Imgur was being a d*ck, so I had to post it down below as attachments....sorry.

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