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Create n' Share / Fooni's Art Corrner
« on: October 26, 2014, 02:28:38 am »
Hello! Hopefully making my own art corner for sharing my art is allowed.
I will edit the OP here and necro the thread when new images are released.
Since this month is October according to this post and its near Halloween time....
I give you a Fan Art of Asaga from Sunrider as a Wizard/Witch!
You can also find future fan arts on steam artwork database.

November Art: Asaga as a Pilgrim celebrating Thanksgiving.
As i will too this month.

This month is December! And that means its winter season! With Christmas!
This months Fan Art features two arts. Asaga uniform santa outfit and a wallpaper for your desktop!
^Desktop Christmas Sunrider Wallpaper^

Introduce Yourself! / Hello everyone! o7
« on: October 23, 2014, 05:00:37 am »
Hi everyone! I'm Fooni. How i got to this forum is very surprising for me.
I am a gamer, but some how i only play those that are unique to me such as Sunrider for example.
A friend got me into Sunrider awhile back while i was busy with MMO's.
I eventually got into Sunrider to give it a try just recently and i was awe-ed of the game and so i decided
to read everything on the Sunrider steam forum and found out about this Hyperspace forum.

About me:
I'm an artist, but that not that great. I still use guidelines when drawing.
I also do photoshop, so if you're interested in requesting a random Signature from me i'll be able to help out.
Just post in this thread :3 tehee. You can check out other photoshop images/Desktop Wallpapers that i made on the steam artwork. : Feedbacks are much appreciated.
I generally don't do much other than gaming and drawing for fun. Right now i am still heavily
focused playing on an MMO and their community. I do however have time for Hyperspace forum.
As i tends to get bored with my MMO at times. I usually hang out in #hyperspaceIRC with all the captains.
I think thats all about me. Gaming with Artistic skills(Novice). If you have any question, you can ask me here :)
I'll always check my introduction thread here and there. o7 *salutes* (Got the saluting habit from Scildfreja, Thanks Scildfreja)

-Asaga Fan >:3

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