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Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 29, 2018, 09:04:39 pm »
The way is open. Go forth, and save humanity.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 21, 2018, 11:17:18 am »
Well yeah I'll use 30 quartz for the guranteed but. That's it. Which still leaves another 120 quartz left over. King Hassan is cool yeah but I'm going to be rolling on the Jack/Jeanne GSSR. Musashi is pretty fun to use but uh. I can wait until Shimosa to roll for her and Inferno archer at the same time. Thanksgiving had pretty much all the banners I would've expected for the new year, so... Dantes.

Updated: December 22, 2018, 02:13:39 am
Uh yeah Merlin's super broken

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 21, 2018, 09:28:04 am »
Me: *Uses 60 quartz and ticket, gets nothing*

Me: Okay lemme open up my wallet

*buys biggest quartz pack*

Me: *rolls again*

Merlin on the first roll. Now what to save this quartz for. Dantes rerun probably.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:00:54 pm »

also hey when you're done you should go do the mountain free quest and unlock this one

which gives lots of good stuff

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:30:28 pm »
moar quartz for the gorgon fund


Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 06, 2018, 06:26:29 am »
If you're not, you'll know VERY quickly.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 05, 2018, 10:31:18 pm »
hey no don't put jack away i want elvis' strong jack support

also sheesh it's so much bond to go from 10 to 11 it's like going from 10 to 15 all on its own

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:31:59 am »
i did iiiiiiiiiiiiiit


but wait there's more


Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: December 01, 2018, 07:32:42 am »
here have a massive fukkin infodump on summon stuff

Let’s get the boring shit out of the way first: new Craft Essences.

Demonic Bodhisattva (5*): Start with 50% NP charge, increase NP Overcharge level by 200% on first use. Solid, especially for those servants (like say my shiny new Ishtar or hey look at that Arash) whose NP directly buffs its own damage. Of course, only once, which… in fact works especially well for Arash.

Room Guardian (4*): Increase star absorb (300%), reduce damage taken (-300). Jinako I swear to god if I get as many of you as I did on JP you go DIRECTLY to the incinerator after copy  #11. It’s… an OK CE. Good for squishier servants with low star attraction, like your Avengers! And Berserkers! Admittedly, it’s a flat damage reduction, but hey, HP is HP.

Miracle Investigator (3*): Increase NP damage against Divine Servants by 15%. Yet another very niche 3* CE.

Now for all those cool Servants we get to see!

Enkidu (5* Lancer)
NP: Buster, Single-target, inflict damage, 500% stun chance against Divine enemies, reduce enemy’s defense for 3 turns (Overcharge)
First Skill: Transfiguration: Increase Buster and either Quick or Arts performance (50% chance for either) for 1 turn.
Second Skill: Presence Detection: Reduce one enemy’s critical chance for 3 turns, remove evasion from the enemy (eventual upgrade to give him a dodge too)
Third Skill: Consummated Shape: Heal self, remove debuffs from self
Cards: QQQAB

(i know enkidu is technically genderless i’m not changing it)

TBH it’s been a year and a half since I got him on JP and I still have no idea how I feel about him. He’s not bad, just… a really weird combination of things. Triple Quick cards mean he *can* give a lot of stars if the coin toss on his first skill gives a Quick buff, but I wouldn’t count on that. He’s got SO MUCH HEALTH (like holy shit) and his third skill gives more healing than literally anything else (10K at level 10 like damn). However, he IS lacking a bit in attack power as a result of his billion HP. To quote Persona 5: “Not terrible, but not impressive, either.”

Gilgamesh (4* Caster)
NP: AoE, Arts, increase party defense by 20% for 3 turns, deal damage, reduce enemy defense (overcharge)
First Skill: King’s Return: Increase party star generation for 3 turns
Second Skill: Charisma: Increase party attack for 3 turns
Third Skill: Increase party Arts performance and debuff success rate for 3 turns
Cards: QAAAB


CasGil is an excellent party support, especially if you run an Arts team. Even though you’d expect an Arts NP to not have a whole lot of stargen, it hits TEN TIMES per enemy. Combine that with his first skill and you can get a very healthy number of stars to use the next turn. 10/10 good servant.

Medusa (4* Lancer)
NP: Single target, Quick, deal damage with a chance to stun (overcharge)
First Skill: Siren Song: Chance to Charm one male (have fun meli)
Second Skill: Monstrous Strength: Increase own attack for one turn
Third Skill: Affection towards the Beyond: 1 Guts for 3 turns, Invincible for 1 attack
Cards: QQAAB

it’s smol medusa with a ponytail or a hood that makes it look like she has cat ears d’aw she’s cute

Smoldusa is sort of a… lower rarity Scathach. Kinda. Quick NP with a stun, can tank a hit or two if needed, purple hair… Lacks Scathach’s crit buffs, unfortunately, in favor of another stun option (ew charm), but she’s not bad. Pretty good, honestly.

Quetzalcoatl (5* Rider)
NP: Single target, Buster, seal target’s NP for 1 turn, inflict Burn for 5 turns (Overcharge)
First Skill: Charisma: Increase party attack
Second Skill: Good God’s Wisdom: Give 1 ally a guts charge for 3 turns (1000 HP), increase their Buster performance for 3 turns)
Third Skill: Fighting for Freedom: Self crit absorb & damage up, self NP charge
Cards: QAABB

I hope you like wrestling cuz she’s gonna slam your head through the floor. I… haven’t actually used her myself, but she’s got a great kit. Lots of damage with just a bit of survivability (which is also tied to her damage buffs). She’s also a single target Rider, which is excellent. That smile scare me so damn much tho.

Gorgon (4* Avenger)
NP: AoE, Buster, deal damage, charge party’s NP by 10% (15 eventually), Curse for 5 turns
First Skill: Monstrous Strength: Increase attack for 1 turn
Second Skill: Demonic Mutation: Self guts once for 5 turns, crit damage up for 3 turns
Third Skill: Mystic Eyes: Chance to stun one enemy for 1 turn
Cards: QAABB

BIG SNEK is here! And significantly scaler than Medusa and smoldusa! And uh… wings? ANYWAY, tadaa, it’s a useful Avenger that isn’t limited! Admittedly, her crit buff is a bit offset by the fact that she has no star ABSORB like Jalter does. Although both she and Smoldusa have Monstrous Strength, Gorgon’s gives a great big 20% MORE attack than Smoldusa’s version does.

look i’m rolling for her i don’t care what you all do

NP: Buster, Single Target, ignore Evasion for 1 turn, deal damage, reduce debuff resist for 3 turns (Overcharge)
First Skill: Jaguar PAWNCH: Own Buster up, mental debuff resist up, 2-hit evasion, gain crit stars
Second Skill: Jaguar KICK: Own attack up for 2 turns
Third Skill: Jaguar LOOK: Own crit damage up, on FOREST maps: Own star gen and absorb up
Cards: QQABB

Yes it’s a THIRD Lancer, yes half the servants this chapter are Lancers, but it’s Taiga! In a jaguar costume! And then yes she IS still a mafia granddaughter.

Remember Summer Martha? And Gawain? And their map gimmicks? Yeah it’s another one of those. Anyway, Taiga’s a good Servant, but her biggest problem is uh. Her first skill. It’s got a bazillion things going on, but even at max level, it’s a 10 turn cooldown. Might want to bring a Tamamo along for those skill cooldowns if you plan to use her a lot. Or use the Atlas mystic code. we get a free copy at the end.

i'll make a battle infodump later

So uh. I’d recommend bringing the story support a lot this chapter. It’s Merlin, starting around Chapter 5. For a lot of them anyway. And even MORE broken than what we can eventually summon. Only downside is that some of the earlier Merlin nodes are Rider enemies. Also you should have the Chaldea Lunchtime CE equipped as much as possible because WOW there’s a lot of BP to go around here.

On that note, bond levels will be VERY important for the absolute final battle (coming sometime after Babylonia, probably the week before actual Christmas) so you should totally put your faves in the back line at the very least here.

The final battle (Actually probably several dozen depending how hard you farm) will grant damage bonuses based on a Servant’s bond level starting at bond 5.

Bond 5: +20%
Bond 6: +40%
Bond 7: +60%
Bond 8: +75%
Bond 9: +90%
Bond 10: +100%

This will be a raid battle like Rashoumon and Onigashima. I know Prisma had its own raid battles, but those were individual things. This will be great big HP totals in the trillions. There will be no CEs to give you great big damage buffs here, only bond levels.

(dee i expect to see a bond 10 astolfo from you when we get there)

So! NPC Merlin has a broken AF NP, which does the following:

Heal party immediately, 5% NP charge on the party per turn (which stacks with Merlin’s own passive 5% per turn), HP regen per turn critical stars per turn which scale with overcharge, become the undying god over all, and turns on the middle finger machine to personally make you cry tears of pure salt because this will never be summonable.

I've broken my notes on Babylonia up by chapters, in case you don't want to accidentally spoil yourself for everything at once.

Chapter 1
Normal battles, not gimmicky

Chapter 2
More normal battle, last node is story only. Merlin is the support in arrow 3. For two waves of wyverns and a big dragon. Proceed with caution.

Chapter 3
Normal stuff continues. Some embers on the first arrow.

Chapter 4
Arrows 1 and 5 have no combat, just story. Arrow 4 has a lot of enemies all in one wave, a mix of Sabers and Lancers.

Chapter 5
Arrow 1 is a fight against just Ushi and Benkei. Arrows 3 and 4 are fights against Jaguarman (though with 2 Chimera waves first in arrow 3), who gains 2 NP charges per turn instead of 1. Straightforward otherwise.

Chapter 6
You like Spriggans? Good because there’s three. On multiple waves. And they’re not all the same class. Hope you didn’t like that health bar anyway.

Arrow 2 is a boss fight against a 2 million HP Enkidu. You aren’t supposed to win, just live for 7 turns and the fight is over.

Chapter 7
More normal stuff, Merlin in arrows 2 and 3. Arrow 3 is a fight against a slightly modified Ishtar. No actual NP firing from her, but she does have a passive defense buff for the entire battle. 

Chapter 8
3 arrows, but only one battle in arrow 2.  And it’s one wave with 3 Riders.

Chapter 9
It begins. Arrow 1 is normal stuff. 2 and 3, uh...  Bring in Tiamat. Arrow 2 is on some sort of timer, not sure how long, but it’s not a winnable fight  because Tiamat has 6 million HP and heals every enemy to full every turn. Arrow a3 you have two choices: Last it out for 15 turns (Mashu and Merlin shine here) or take off half her health. As I remember, you gain NP charge from Tiamat VERY fast when she attacks. AoE attacks with high hitcounts.

Chapter 10
Back to normal for now. Bring a Scathach for arrow 3 iof you can because Ishtar. Ishtar has more passive buffs for the battle (defense and debuff resist up, but NP damage down).

Chapter 11
Welcome to hell, it’s Quetz and her Gawain-like tankiness. Arrow 2 only here. She takes NO damage from Servants with a Good alignment, and half damage from Neutral or Evil Servants. There are exactly 4 Servants who will deal their full damage to Quetz, but I wouldn’t recommend bringing them. Berserker Lancelot, Herc, Nero Bride, and Summer Tamamo. None of them have class advantage, so uh. Elvis please keep your Jack on support. This IS a timed battle, though. It will end a turn after Quetz uses her NP.  No battles in arrows 1 or 4, and 3 is normal stuff.

Chapter 12

Before the battle, there will be a dialogue choice that affects how the battle will go. If you attempt to skip it, you get taken to the choice. Option 1, the top option, gives Quetz an attack AND defense buff which is ALSO THE HARDER BATTLE. This one should say something like “try to come to a mutual understanding.”  The second choice, AKA the bottom one, will give her a defense buff only, so your assassins can live a little longer. She also has about 150k less health in this battle. The dialogue choice should say something like “Don’t try to come to a mutual understanding.”

This isn’t even the battle I’m dreading the most.

Chapter 13
...Don’t bring Divine servants in the first arrow, they’ll get stomped by Spriggans with bonus damage against them. Unless that’s all the Archers you have.

Chapter 14
More choices that determine the battle, but these are actually kinda funny. If you bring the support Ishtar, every battle her sprite gets smaller and smaller. Which results in this Supposed to be representative of removing articles of clothing (mythological reference or something) but we can’t have nekkid people in dis game. So instead she shrinks. ANYWAY there’s a lot of things here, in arrows 1,2,4,5, and 6. 3 has no choice and 7 is story only.

Arrow 1: First 2 waves of enemies are mostly the same, just some HP changes.

Picking “Ishtar” as your answer before the battle results in a tentacle monster boss.

Picking “Ereshkigal” instead makes it a skeleton. Tentacles have about 20k more health. Both bosses are Lancer class.

Arrow 2: More significant difference here. “Ishtar” answer results in 2 waves of 3 enemies (Assassin ghosts) followed by a Lancer-class golem boss. “Ereshkigal” gives a wave of 2 ghosts, a wave of 1 ghost, and a Lancer-class door boss. One of the ghosts in wave 1 has more health than any of the ones for “Ishtar.”

Arrow 4: First two waves are mostly the same.

“Ishtar:” Wave 3 consists of one assassin Mindless Corpse (86k HP) and a Caesar (150k HP)

“Ereshkigal:” Two spooky ghost girls from KnK (66k HP) and Euryale (100k HP)

Arrow 5: This is the only one I’ll make my personal recommendation on. I highly recommend taking a support Jalter and picking “Ishtar.”

“Ishtar:” One Caster oni (green gate dude from Onigashima), followed by a Ruler mecha-boar from Summer

“Ereshkigal:” 3 low HP skeletons and a big angery Avenger boar boss. We don’t have BB yet, so Avengers are still very much an annoyance. This one also has much more HP than the Ruler.

Arrow 6: Only difference is the HP, really. Lancer-class big ghost. There is a chance for your current front line to receive a debuff at the start of every turn. NP lock, Skill lock, or HP recovery down are the only ones I see.

“Ereshkigal is Not Evil:” 388k HP

“I am not interested:” 310k HP

Chapter 15
  Ok remember how I just said Avengers are very annoying guess what we get to fight two of em here

One is… I think just Gorgon (not the Tiamat Gorgon monster from earlier) in arrow 5 with 612k HP, the other one is Kingu (Enkidu wasn’t Enkidu this whole time) with 606k HP. Kingu can... I think just randomly get more NP charge at the end of his turn.

Chapter 16
Hey look it’s an eldritch abomination i hope you like it we’ll be seeing a lot more from here onwards. Kill this one three times. 

Chapter 17
More abominations. At least they’re still normal classes for now. There’s only one in Arrow 2 and it doesn’t attack you. There’s a story reason for that.

Chapter 18
Finish arrows 1 and 2 AS FAST AS POSSIBLE or you will die quickly.
Arrow 1, bring an AoE Saber with lots of buffing potential.

Arrow 2, just bring AoE Servants. The berserker Ushis will NP EVERY TURN and it’s not like Mordred in Camelot where you can at least have a defensive advantage. These are all single target. They will kill anyone that does not have any sort of invincibility on, or very high defense buffs.

Arrow 3 has no battle.

Arrow 4 is… relatively normal.

Surprise, arrow 5 is Tiamat again. Remember the normal classes? Not anymore, now it’s BEAST class time. Neutral damage entirely, unless you have a bond 10 Angra, which… will not be very effective anyway even with his bond CE. Tiamat (ok, “femme fatale”) does not attack, she will just debuff you at the end of every turn, so you might want someone to clean those. Also Tiamat gets a profile update in the compendium.

No battle in arrow 6.

Chapter 19
No battles at all here.

Chapter 20
Arrow 1, no battle.

Arrow 2, hoo boy. Environmental effects start happening. Here, it’s a mild 300 HP loss at the start of every turn. This CAN kill people that have less health than the HP drain takes, in the event they get hurt enough from enemy attacks.

Arrow 3: Same effect, but 600 HP this time. 

Arrow 4: Same HP drain as arrow 3, BUT at the beginning of battle, your party order is randomized (Earthquake effect), so don’t expect your back line to stay that way. It’s only one enemy here, at least, and still a standard class.

Arrow 5: THIS is what I dread the most. More Ushi fighting, but not Berserker anymore. Now this is “unknown” class (literally just a question mark for the icon) which is neutral to all classes. The Ushi at the start of the battle will spawn a clone right there before your turn occurs. She will do this as long as there are less than 3 total enemies on the field. If you go for the Ushis one by one, KILL THE FRONT ONE FIRST.  Effects here: 1200 HP drain per turn, Earthquake

Arrow 6: Thank god the Ushis are all gone now. Earthquake still, but only one Saber enemy here. 1200 HP per turn.

Arrow 7: Hey you wanna try out Gorgon well here’s your chance because there’s a level 90 NP5 one in story support. Two Saber enemies, no Earthquake, 900 HP per turn.

Chapter 21
Arrow 1: Normal battle

Arrow 2: No battle

Okay so here the HP drain jumps up to 3000 at the start of every turn, BUT! The buffs WE get for the remaining battles add 50% attack, -50% damage taken, +50% NP gain, and +10,000 max HP, AND there’s a passive health regen of 4000 at the end of every turn. Merlin is also back for this battle, which offsets the HP drain EVEN MORE. I think this is where he also gets his third skill. You will want to pick the TOP option for the two “unknown” story supports (I think) to have Merlin. The other one is just Smoldusa.



still 3000 hp lost per turn

Arrow 5: Merlin again on the support!

Tiamat is actively fighting back now. A crit from her targets one person, all her normal attacks hit everyone. She’s also got a lot of potential debuff effects. She can lock any single NP, her normal attacks can add Curse and NP gain down, she can reduce her own damage taken, or give herself another NP charge. Her NP hits all party members, and inflicts Attack/Defense down and buff negate (once). Also she can just clear all the non-permanent buffs from your entire party.

Arrow 6: I advise using the story support. It’s NP5 level 90 Archer Gil with a unique sprite and voice lines that we will probably never see anywhere else. Should still be the same stuff for Tiamat, but the HP drain per turn is now 4000 per turn, for a net gain/loss of 0 HP per turn just from the passive effects.

Chapter 22
Congratulations, you beat Babylonia! Here’s 2 grails, a free Taiga, Mashu’s last ascension and bond 5, and a nice relaxing story-content-only chapter.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: November 30, 2018, 09:52:59 pm »
It is HELLA long. There are quite a few story-only sections that shouldn't cost any AP, but there are a ton of battles and towards the end gets VERY GIMMICKY VERY QUICKLY.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: November 30, 2018, 02:05:13 pm »

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: November 30, 2018, 05:50:41 am »
Heads up, Babylonia comes IMMEDIATELY after this event. Over the weekend I'll make a nice big post about the incoming Servants, the general fuckery of the chapter, and why you should get caught up with the story AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you have not done so already. It's a LONG chapter. We will be getting 2 apples a day from December 5th to December 12th, for a total of 14 apples to help speed up the story. There will also be more 1/2 AP main quests up to Camelot.

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: November 27, 2018, 12:57:09 pm »
I uh. Also used some quartz here. (Like 90+3 tickets)

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:23:49 pm »
And you know what follows the rerun? Smol Jalter!

Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« on: October 24, 2018, 03:06:07 am »
Meli did make a guide. Here's a fresh link, if it did get posted here before

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