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Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Traitoress
« on: October 08, 2014, 08:13:16 pm »
for me the answer is simple.

none of them should  but any and all of them should.

so for me it's probably the one, you as the player has less points in. the one your actions have distanced the most.

we all play different shields. we all have made different actions.

so for me for the to be one default would mean a full play though would be ruined by chasing after that one char.

so it just make sense for it to be the one with the lowest like points.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: The Ultimate Unmasked Waifu Wars
« on: October 05, 2014, 09:18:05 pm »
ok think on this.

a polot on a ryder i na battle get her rider blown up totlay.

yet she can be fixed and her ryder two can be fixed so she can go and fight again.

if this is the case as i've not expiranced it my self thne it also true that ava wil lbe fixed and back no matter what as fancly  you woudl have to write two storys arcs from that point on as the divergance from both storys would be pritty massive.

as such and due to the amount of writing this woudl invovlve i cant see ava dieing as frankly  i can see the point of havign to wrote two sotrys from tihs poitn on that are simuler yet not the same. also you woudl have to re code the sunryder battle dialoge actions.

 this owudl require a lot of exrter programing and art works verations as wel las havigna differnt second in comand. to replace ava.

 so in the end for me thoguh it cna be done and my be aboure to be done i cant see the justifcation of havign two storys from this point on when one has the leagon and the other duse not. with ava beign the only notibal diffence.

 it could be done but.. i cant see any real justifcation for it. though that just me.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Favorite battle quotes
« on: October 05, 2014, 07:57:15 pm »
Claude and her laugh is my fav

i sank it sorry miss read the options and though it was spearing the sun of  or sunk the ship.....

so i sunk it not speared it. woudl have likea a clear under standign so one of the spear optiosn is wrong i sunk it i nsted.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Favorite Quote
« on: October 05, 2014, 07:51:07 pm »
Sola, after sniping Arcadius: Even in this timeline villains talk too much. (paraphrased)

 that also my one of my favort line of the hole game sofar.

 but i do love Claude battle laugh. so remined me of slayers and naga the white serpent andh er laugh. which is almost the same.

and i do like's ava coment when she was told to put on a swim suit.

that chapter was hard but..... wow.

sadly i have not completed a non modified play tough, so i cant give a fair and just answer.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Sunrider Beta 6.?? impressions.
« on: September 26, 2014, 09:47:07 pm »
Someone start a project to make a humanitarian documentary about Ongess on indiegogo...


 why to i feel like we will be doing a start ship documentary??? moahahahahahahhahah

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Sunrider Beta 6.?? impressions.
« on: September 25, 2014, 08:06:27 pm »

Green goo, you are mostly right about everything, but you don't takle into account a pair of things. First, have you heard for example of the Montana Class? The Kii class? No, right? They are after all only blueprints and plans. But do you really think that these blueprints are not conserved, maybe to use what is on it on other ships?

We only know of regular PACT designs, with most of them probably having 10 years since they first were rolled of the Assembly line. We know something of PACT's plans or even prototypes? For all that we know, the PACT Assault Carrier may be a jointed design of Carrier and a Battleship, but more of the new models of Carriers and Battleships that maybe have remained only as prototypes or even are still in tests. Remember that Fontana is basically the 2nd in command of a totalitarian state, so any place he wants, the red tape gets reduce a lot and the budget increase exponentially.

Second, the Assault Carrier is not that similar to PACT's ships, but it is very similar to the Ryuvian Cruiser (look it). Since aside from the Sunrider plenty of other people has probably meet them, is very probable that PACT has some remains of one. After you see that, you'lll realize that PACT simply took a Carrier and gave it the form a Ryuvian Cruiser, with a whole set of enhanced weaponry (which cut the Ryder capacity).

Third, a big ship is very complex, and the number one maritime power in the world spends 5 years building one. this number one maritime power however has less than 5% of this worlds population, less than the 25% of this world's GDP. Not only that, the automation technology is also far behind. Think now of a nation which simply can casually dedicate more than 100 times both the budget an manpower to the same ship with advanced automated factories. That's a lower limit of PACT's power, with the plus that PACT is in a war economy (look how far the USA built their Battleships on WWII). My aproximation is that even the most advanced of ships shouldn't need more than 6 months (as long as PACT puts effort).

And the Sunrider was revolutionary, but it was only as advanced as a Neutral independent planet could made it, its technologies are probably pretty standard to both the Alliance and PACT.

 it actlay look liek a the surider man. with a funny bit under neath.

even so. a new ship desined need time to be designed and that means engineer that are not job shearing else stuff gets missed. an AI can help but.. normally you need a mark one eye ball and a brain of a enegineer to proof and validate the concept.

in essence i'm not too worried that you strongly disagree, but for me that not.  the issue for me is i feel the ship should look different, and then it will be bleaveable, in part enough for me to over look, this glearing flaw in the plot and story.

but any change will not happen and why should it. the art work looks cool, simple. that alone is justifacation to keep it. stuff that fact that for me it a massive inconsistency and a glaring weakness. i'll just look at the ship and thing nope, not posable but oh, bleep happons and you get on with life. enough said. you belvae this is was poable ot buils on mass and desine in the un discolsed time frame of this camapain from scrach i don't. and that al lthey need to write. yay.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Sunrider Beta 6.?? impressions.
« on: September 25, 2014, 04:49:26 am »

just so you  know.

 the bigger the ship the more complex the development is.

 i watched a prog about the then latest us carrier development process, a few year back

 the Carrier took 5 years to be designed. with a 15 year cycal of 3 to 5 to be built from this model. now my memory can be subsepct, so some of set facts, may be in error. but i'm pretty shore it had a 5 year R&D s

 this was due to the  wiring and integration of the subsystems to make  it easier to construct, as well as making it SOTA.

now this carrier is pretty much the bigger brother of the sunrider. in red not white.

one plent desined the thing, as hinted at by fontana, the hole deference district of fontana built them on mass, that fine.

yet how come  it take 5 years to desine a peruse built ship with SOTA stuf in it that look totlay different from the desines they had to work on.

dues it look nothing like a defult pact ship, of any class?? nope. so no short cuts and such
it looks nothing like a default pact carrier, so the floor plane is radiclay different and un tried.
it look nothing liek a deflect pact battle ship, so the fire power and arc of fire are un proven to be of sound planning.

so it would have to have been a total scratch built consent.

with nothing to base it off bar the captured blue prints of  the carrier sunrider. yet as the planets captical was blown up probably with the military HQ and so the plans for said ship. with most of the R&D type as well as other things. pthirticaly.

this ship would have had to be peaced together for what they could find, and then built form that. even with the full blue prints  the hsip is radicaly differnt from the sunrider....  but with key commone consepts.

it would have been quicker to build it from scratch, but if enough plans for sunrider, where found then fine.

even so, they never built sunrider  on mass... which would have been more realistic due to time constraints, no they made a bigger ship.. i'm not going into the  ship years remodeling, nor the fact it was not a shape they would have been quicker at making due to famileratariaty.

now the cera was down sizing to the sunrider. the sun rider was a reviulanry new desine. we dotn knwo what they old carrier wher but aprenalty ther wher not the sunrider, but normal carriers...

so now we have to bleave that some one made a better bigger cope in less than 5 year of R&D then mass built the things.

sorry but 3 years for R&D and 2 years  minun for  60 of the or more to be built in the number mentioned. that for me is pusshign it massivalty to brakign point. 8 months to one year ish..... that broken. simple as that.

but for me itsa jsut an unrealistic ship that i have to blow up.

it dotn matter that to me its really unrelistic in its build and that it should not have been in that form., nor that is totaly  emuersion braking... nope that jsut disapoint  but hay ho. i dotn get to write the story and nor an i an advicser for the shipe desine so .. that all there is. a ship that for me personaly brake the emusershion of the story and just make it fanticay and not practicald blavable sci-fi. but hay its a dateign like sim so the ships are low prioraty any way.
for me this is just....a ship that i have to blow up, it's a fictional univers and a ship for me coudl nto have been built or made in that volume in that tiem frame. it's unimportant as it's ther tryign ot blow up my rider and my sunrider.

it shoudl have beena uglay hybread of a carrie and battle ship hull mashed together. but it was not. as the art work can be chancged if needed, to suit my view but will not, i'll let it passand forget abotu it.

BUT if that ship was really that shape then it would not have been massed produced and woudl have been rushed though R&D so that it had more glitches than a cheap watch, i knwo i woudl not wnat to searve on that thing as it proalby amasing it funtions in side.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Sunrider Beta 6.?? impressions.
« on: September 23, 2014, 06:06:33 pm »
Quote from: Whalecow
Remember that the time lapse between Cera and Ongess is MONTHS

Funny enough, Gorchnik thinks this might need to be expanded on a little bit.  Your lord is finding hard to get a sense of time and scope when the game just basically throws at you, "some time later."  Of course, these periods of time are also excellent to have side-stories fall in place.

Yes, Gorchnik knows, resources, time, etc is limited and Samu could probably write an additional 300 scenarios if time and money were not an issue. Your lord is not a writer by any means but maybe there is a way we can clean up these 3 month/half-year/year transitions in the game and make them a little more smooth.

sounds sencable to me.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Sunrider Beta 6.?? impressions.
« on: September 17, 2014, 08:56:03 pm »
If it's unknown pilot kun, I might not be able to beat him ether. That guy flys with the best of them, on the wings of an angel.... I mean shuttle.

 oh no... may be avcaduse is unknow piolet ken........... who jsut so happons ot be chaores brother/dad. one or the other... that would kinda suck

Game Play Balance / Re: New units in the closed Beta
« on: September 11, 2014, 08:24:57 pm »
for me the suport unit is broken.

soem of yo have explained why it is so.

i'll like to add. are suport units are singuler. they curse or they fire.

 pact forces have them in pairs. to two. if they sporned in singles they woudl be a pain but... blaneced.

but in pairs they just make it your head buttigna wall.

disablea unit... nope its workign again.

 though can be sorted otu by makign tmhe activate last. so they can cure a unit of beign disable but it's stil lmissed that turn any how.

 yet havign it able ot cure disable from any whero n the board hiel blanca has to be 3 hexes awasy is broken.

basicly suports shoudl be rarer than they are. ok the cash rewarded is bad also but for me it's the number they sporn in that make them broken.

 but hay ho. the makers hwat to play as they do and i jsut dont fancy an other agument.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Favorite Ryder Poll
« on: September 10, 2014, 08:08:22 pm »
I see no one's voted for the cannon fodder (Havoc) unit yet.

 i woudl have done but.. sola mech is more funtional, and sadly no oen seen just how impressive it is to use. and so how over powered it shoudl be when improved, to the poitn of useful ness.

Sola's ryder might be over powered as f**k, but it's useless. It shoots 1 shot, that's it. Hits 1 target, that's it. Can't move, ever, or you lose the shot. Upgrading power, accuracy, repairs, and disabling an entire ship is OP and you can just whale on it while it can't move...

LOL! HAHA! Look! I said "whale" but in a different context. (^_^)

 as i've posted my sola mech can fire an infinite amount of time a turn and can deliver 2040 points of damage per shot with awaken.

so i can move as much as i wish. but as i have over 200% hit chance standard, so more than 400% odd after awaken. well to be blunt my sola mech is a one lass army.

which for me is a reflection of her birthright.

 if it was not so.. then other mech would be important. but meh... i don't play the same as every one else.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Favorite Ryder Poll
« on: September 09, 2014, 09:38:36 pm »
I see no one's voted for the cannon fodder (Havoc) unit yet.

 i woudl have done but.. sola mech is more funtional, and sadly no oen seen just how impressive it is to use. and so how over powered it shoudl be when improved, to the poitn of useful ness.

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