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« on: December 16, 2018, 06:35:03 pm »
Ummm any chance for an update, been ten months since the last one.

If i remember correctly a lot of scenes were based off who was the most popular at the time,which annoyingly Ava and Chigara were pretty much exclusively #1 and #2, so they got the most bonus scenes when the game was being made. and i think sola won 1 time. I wish there were more scenes for the other girls but that's how it was decided

it looks like Vaendryl already fixed this in patch 5.1, so anybody who sees this should go get the patch

I did it in the new side missions only. That's the only thing i have done so far in the beta

When i was doing the side missions i could click on the enemy units and then right-click to delete them from the map. So effectively I could place all my units and delete however many of theirs i wanted. I made sure not to abuse it, but just figured i should let you know its there.

I was in the upgrade menu and i accidentally started chigara's conversation by clicking where she would be on the bridge. ( I wasn't using a mouse at the time but my laptop's track pad instead) and the research menu just stayed on the screen instead and when i finished the conversation it went back to the ship map. All of that wasn't the big issue.

The problem is that once this happens you can no longer research and when ever you start a conversation including trying to advance the story the research menu stays up and if you go into a battle the research menu still stays up. Oh and before i forget the research menu also covers the star map.

I've uploaded a photo of it happening and the area where i clicked to trigger it.

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