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I have no idea how it took us ALL this long to figure it out, but it did.

I just finished my AMV Hell Submission and head for bed. I am about to go to bed when I decide that I am going to set the game up for tomorrow morning to beta it, choose my fav char., bug report it, and go to work. I want mainly to see if someone new will beat my fav neko, but I ended up finding this.

After 2 failed attempts and going beyond the story (so far) by accident, I finally got to a point where I slowed it down and disabled skip, and I took at look at the Sunrider decks. I noticed there wasn't much of a difference between 0 & 1. Deck 2 (the hanger), has just a larger overlay. The Sunrider background doesn't change at all. That's perfectly fine...except when the BACKGROUND was MIRRORED and never fixed. This kept me up for a good 30 minutes before I decided to turn my comp back on and post it...

I am sure you were gonna fix it at some point, but you guys must have forgotten. It's all good, but at least it was caught before the game was sent out.

Yeah, good to know my GameDev class is paying off...and my love of detail!

A full beta bug report will be posted tomorrow after I finish the newest beta. Other posts will be answered as well.

There is no logical explanation unless the space ships have rear-view mirrors and the Sunrider is an Ambulance...

Uhh...take this lightly. I am not angry or mad, just excited and energetic since my talents are actually being put to good use...and my memory is serving me well once again. It's been a while since my memory worked well. I used to remember and notice everything all the time, the go-to guy when you needed confirmation on something or a detail found. The other day a friend got angry at me for getting all excited about remembering a detail about a table-top game we played 6 months ago, but my energy came off badly, he was angry, got resolved and what not after I explained. So I apologize for any misunderstandings.

Mods / [Another -mimi mod] Sunrider JFF Mod! (working title)
« on: April 30, 2014, 06:04:53 am »
Yay! Another Mod! ..for -mimi's...sorry guys.

I have no idea what to call this mod since it's another mod involving Mimi's. I have been watching Strike Witches...again...and enjoy a lot of the Familiar types they have in it.  So I have been thinking, Asaga would be pretty damn cute as a bunny girl as that gave me the idea to just go with it!

I had trouble with the name and was going on something like the 501st Joint Fighter Wing like in Strike Witches, but went with Joint Fighting Familiars...s***y title. Other names include Familiar Mod, Full Customization Mod (not really the best one and will probably not use), and the -Mimi Mod. Yeah, that last one was so creative, I thought of it myself! There will be a poll on this.



You will be able to choose between at least 3 -Mimi's per character...there goes my free time.

Each character at least the Nekomimi in common, and maybe 1 other. Each person will have at least 1 -mimi that doesn't belong to the others. JK! That would be cruel and boring. Ever see a character with an outfit on and think, "That would be better on this person?" Well, now that's not a problem.

I might actually make some character specific...just to make the mod that much more special. And after you beat the game you can change it.

So yeah, the setting screen will give you options to change who wears what...that's gonna be a lot of options.

They can only be changed on the menu screen.

COMMISSIONS (free commissions)
Yes, I will take some commissions for this. If you see any of the characters that you think would look cute with a certain -mimi, or devilishly hot (*hint hint*) with another, just tell me, describe it, send me a link, post a picture, a sketch; I'll add it.

CURRENTLY IN THE MAKING: (Note: These will all be together in the same Mod)

The Neko Mod
Yes, you all know of this one. If not, just find it in the forum. NEXT!

The Bear Mod
Chigara would look pretty cute with bear ears and a bear tail, so that will be in this. Hair color may or may not be changed.


The Bunny Mod
Yes, there will be ears and tails. But, the tail will be different for some. Some rabbit tails will be rounded, some will be feathered.

The Eagle Mod
....Not trying to make Strike Witches, just getting inspiration from them.

The Inu Mod
Dogs...dogs everywhere... (many mods, such options, wow!) Doge joke out of the way...

The Fox Mod
....will not be happening. I hate Spice and Wolf. Haven't seen it, but I have heard too many people fawn over it for it to piss me off. (and here come the slaps...)

EDIT: Being put into consideration...still not a's at the very bottom of my list.

The Secret Mod
You'll see. ;)

The Forum Demanded Mod
This will be decided by you guys!

End result: I will make a full blown mod for ears and tails. NO! I WILL NOT SEPARATE THEM UNLESS I GET ENOUGH REQUESTS TO DO SUCH!

Final Notes:

This will take a large portion of my free time to make, so know that I make this with all the love and passion in my heart.

I do take requests, suggestions, and critiques with an open mind, so don't be afraid to ask. I am a nice person who understands much...even though I am 22 (as of 2014).

I will post updates on the quality of work, but only to a certain degree so someone doesn't just steal it up from me and then claim it as theirs before I get the chance put it out there.

If there is any detail you don't like, tell me and I will work to fix it. If a curve is 5 degrees of, tell me. If a color is 3R 4G and 2B off, I will change it. If you think they don't look even close to right, TELL ME AND I WILL WORK ON IT!! EVEN IF I DEFIANTLY AM AGAINST IT!

Any other questions and inquiries are welcome.

Mods / Neko Mod
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:44:34 pm »
So, now that I have a decent amount of pictures for some of the characters, the Neko mod will start! I will add a menu option to use the Neko version and the non-neko version. I will have a sub-menu to choose the nekos (if I can read and write the code well enough...).

Also, dialogue might be changed...idk yet. Same goes for story. What I will work on first is the nekomimi part. (^_^)

Bug Reports [DO NOT POST HERE] / BMU's Bug Report 1.02 (and 1.06b)
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:32:36 pm »
This is a little old but I'll just point out the issues when I ran through the beta. If they have been fixed then I apologize.

1) When Ava says "You haven't changed a bit", once you click, she seems to re-load her same pose when she goes to say "In the meantime, what are you're orders?" as if she had a previous pose. I believe this was originally from the demo when she did change to the pose she currently has. This IS STILL EVIDENT IN 1.06b.

2) Constant mirrored sprites exist throughout the game. I have multiple screenshots of them. Cosette still has one in the battles, just like the demo screenshot.

3) Offplacement of characters:
Incident 1:
When you first talk to Chigara in Engineering, her placement is off by 1-3 pixles. This happens right after you ask "so, you made the blackjack yourself?". After 2 more lines, she returns to the previous position.

Incident 2:
When you continue to talk to her and ask, "Do you pilot a ryder, Chigara?" Instantly, she moves to the right the same amount of pixels, and talks through all her lines before returning to her previous positioning. She will stay in the off position until you click on a different question. She will then reset.

If this is to make it seem like she moves, then fine, but the subtle movement is a little strange, and threw me off.

You should have a position and expression reset at the end of every question. It just doesn't look right my opinion.

4) Expression freeze:
During the last encounters you have with everyone on the ship, Asaga has one. After you ask Asaga, "What do you think will happen to the pirates?" She goes through her lines and has an expression at the end. That epxression stays evena fter you ask her, "what's going to happen with Chigara?"


I have save-points for all of these.

I am sure some of this will be addressed as the game goes on. It seems like the last one was something that would have been fixed if you had a little more time to perfect the beta, but that is the purpose of the beta, to give an idea of game play and get the project moving forward, perfecting the game AFTER all the story, game play, and characters are developed.

#3 must be addressed. It doesn't look natural.

#2 is probably a simple code error that can be fixed.

#1 can be overlooked.

First, if this is supposed to go in the gameplay/balancing section, say so so that I may move it.

About the "same suits" issue. It could be that these are new, special issued (and up-to-date, latest and greatest, etc.) suits given to the Sunrider crew who were about to depart. It could be that Cosette STOLE one of them. You see where I am going with this?

But wait a second, what about what's going on in the story so far? (and now I contradict myself)

From where the story is so far (and this is based on the demo since I have no other info on the story and such), it seems like most of your crew (at least the females) will be "picked up" on your search, so most of them will be from different planets.

Case and Point, Asaga. Why do I believe this? Because every mecha is supposed to be for each individual person. EVEN IF THIS WAS NOT THE CASE, YOU HAD AN EMPTY HANGER BAY. So if Chigara IS on the ship and IN the engineering room, then she would HAVE to get her suit somehow (unless its in her closet as it), along with her mecha.
Sure, the mecha can come in a different color and she can paint it.

I am sure this is all in the script you have handy sitting on your virtual desk, and these issues are addressed and what not, but I wanted to address this point as well. I know a demo isn't a full example of what will happen in the game, but so far, the demo has a lot of plot holes. I know the purpose of a demo is to give an idea of the story and the game's functionality, UI, and gameplay, but I feel it's important to point out.

General Discussion / Voice Acting
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:29:09 pm »
Uhh...question (and since you have no other forum topics (as of March 5, 2014) I thought I would post this here), how long can the voice acting be for the Ace Pilot tier? I am trying to figure out dialogue for it.

Other Games / Star Ocean
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:24:39 pm »
So, since I am the first to post in this section, I thought it would be forever branded with Star Ocean! So now, Star Ocean will now and forever will be the first thing ever posted in this section!

Are there any other Star Ocean fans out there other than me? I tend to follow it religiously. (^_^)

I am waiting on the next Star Ocean game to come out.


This has more info than Kotaku.

The game is currently 30 percent complete.

The game is set in the year 537 on the space calendar, so it’s between Star Ocean 2 and 3. The “Gravity Warp” has been developed on Earth.

Introduce Yourself! / にゃん!!
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:19:16 pm »
Hello everyone! BITE ME UNIVERSE here! For those who didn't know, I am BITE ME UNIVERSE on the Kickstarter page.
Jokes aside...
I will be the one that makes the Neko mod(s) to the you probably can tell by now. More to come on the neko mods!

A little about me:
  • I am a writer who has never had writers block. It's good and bad, because when I star writing, I end up going on tangents and start writing other stories. 7 new documents and 4 hours later, I realize that I need to continue on the thing I was originally working on. Then the cycle starts again.
  • I know programming up to Java, but not C++ (wip).
  • I am working to become a voice actor, so expect to hear me in stuff. (Project Inmbus included)
  • I plan do dev my own games
  • I am starting an anime review service on Youtube
  • In progress of refining my Japanese Linguistic Skills
  • I am refining my art skills right now...with the mods...
  • ...I had a bigger list of skills than this.

Personal Interests:
  • Anime
  • Space
  • Video Games
  • Voice Acting
  • Writing
  • Sci-fi
  • Flight, piloting, etc.
  • Anything Star Ocean

Favorite Video Game of All Time (and game series)
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Favorite Anime of All Time
Cat Planet Cuties (Japanese name: Asobi Ni Iku Yo!)

I saw it in English, not knowing there was a Japanese version of it (beats the S*** out of me as to why). I have both versions on my Hard Drive.

To answer a question about that anime, no, I do not like the show for the Ecchi. Any ecchi in a show is bonus. I like it because it has everything I like in one anime. Guns, All American Food (A&W), space, spaceships, space battles, aliens, Japan, voice acting, girls (obvious, but I thought I would get that out of the way), and, of course, NEKOS!!!!!

My fav character from that is actually a side character, not the MC. Why? Waifu! Just look at my picture of Chigara and you'll understand.

I have been a huge fan of Sci-fi for years. I really think Mid-evil/Renaissance/Fantasy is overdone, so I don't play many games of that genre.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. (^_^)

(/⌒ヮ⌒)/ NYAA~!
(/⌒ヮ⌒)/ NYAA~!

EDIT: I done goofed! I forgot to mention that I backed Sunrider, and Project Nimbus. I was about to fund Sierra Ops, but I was 1 day behind. It ended before I got to fund it. I was borderline for a while, trying to figure out if I should, and when I wanted to, it was too late. ごめなさい。

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