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Adeptus Evangelion - Years Hence
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Hey, look at this stupid AdEva fic I started writing in March of 2016 but only finished in June of 2017! I wanted to write something moderately interesting, but I also wanted to have some fun with it. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it. If you hate it, please don't tell me. I've proofread it a bunch of times, but who the hell knows if I caught everything.

Oh, and also this is 21 Pages on Google Docs/8753 Words.

Years Hence
Northern Tokyo-3 was eviscerated and destroyed. Ruined buildings creaked as their twisted frames struggled to keep up the weight of their cracked shells. Rivulets of LCL and blood leaked across the hellscape from the epicentre of the cataclysm, yet everything was silent. A-4X1 rested against the angelic beast, a spear driven deeply into the creature’s core. Phillip’s entry plug had jettisoned into the husk of a warehouse, barely visible from the sky as he pulled himself from the wreckage and looked out across the wastes. Unit Zero slept in the dust, its legs mangled and destroyed, incinerated by an attack from the Angel’s core. Yuki stood out in the open, smiling brightly at their apparent victory. Others clambered out from the darkness of their entry plugs, exclaiming their victories. Takumi would have quite the story to tell Kurumi, Elidia had saved mankind for the second time, Steiner had proved his own self worth to himself, and well, Anatoly was somehow still alive. The world wasn't finished being saved, but it felt like it. Each felt a unique sense of accomplishment, like they could finally put all the hardships of their past behind them and move forward with their lives; never returning to the hangups that kept them clinging to fear.

White Rabbit’s voice sounded over the speakers that still remained, echoing oddly throughout the torn city blocks. Her voice cheery, yet tinged with dread. “You did it! B-but-”

Her words are cut off abruptly as Darius takes control of the microphone. “I believe you’ve all earned some well deserved R&R.”

Hours pass as helicopters, cars and even a boat are dispatched to retrieve each of the Pilots and take them back to NERV HQ to shower and change. Darius, Gerard, Mathias, Rabbit and Anatoly talk in private, unsure of how to deal with the situation presented to them. Sachiko says nothing. Commander Minoru has more pressing issues to attend to. A decision is made hastily, and an explanation is constructed. Meanwhile, the girl waits in silence.

The Pilots speak in cheerful tones, recalling amazing displays of heroics, marksmanship, teamwork and success. It is only when Takumi poses the question does a dark cloud unravel itself above the group and remain there until the four men step into the room. The tension dissipates as Elidia hugs Mathias and Takumi brings himself and his imouto into it, forming a group hug filled with laughter.

Phillip laid it down simply. “Where’s the soldier girl?”

Darius delivers the response. “Azami has, unfortunately, decided to quit the Pilot program.”

Some respond with skepticism. Why would the Neo-Spartan quit? She had always said she would never quit. Where would she even go? Others meet the answer with acceptance. She had been weak, with a fragile ego. Maybe she cracked. But finally, she was gone. Some don’t respond either way. Their battles would be easier from this point onwards. Whether the girl left or stayed, it didn't matter.

Anatoly tries to reel everyone back into the present with a few words. “It was her decision, and no one was going to stop her.”

NERV sends the Children home without further discussion. Soon, they reenter their regular routine. They had won, and that was what mattered.

A year passes. The Pilots continue to deploy, mopping up the last of the angelic remnants that land on their doorstep. Appearances of Lilin drop dramatically. Another year passes. The appearances of Angels dwindle to once every two months. Anatoly retires from Pilot status. Lilin disappear from NERV’s radar entirely. A third year passes. Angels and Lilin are seemingly gone. No one can explain it completely. People celebrate in the streets. Birth rates rise. Parties rage across the globe, and the Pilots rejoice as it all finally ends. Each of them leave for their own personal aspirations. Elidia and Steiner enter colleges, studying relentlessly. Yuki becomes a seiyuu, her voice heard in anime for years to come. Takumi somehow finds it in his heart to become a salaryman. Phillip enters into NERV’s security wing, just to make sure no one screws everything up, and Takumi and Kurumi finally tie the knot, with Elidia and Yuki following in their footsteps.

The calendar finally reads September, 2030. Former NERV Pilots and employees alike all come back to NERV HQ to celebrate the peace they built together. They laugh, tell stories, joke around and smile as the peace they sought finally comes to fruition.

In the evening, a brilliant column of light shoots up into the sky. Panic sets in across the world as the red cross above NERV HQ burns brightly. In NERV’s halls, fires rage, blood soaks the walls, and LCL coats the floor. White Rabbit scrambles to find a trace of the Angel that must have caused the tragedy, but she finds nothing.

In the morning, NERV counts its dead. The only thing published in the media is ‘too many’. Custodes Humanitatis claims responsibility.

A helicopter lands during the funeral ceremony and shock grips the survivors as the red-eyed Neo-Spartan steps out from it and onto the grass. She speaks only a simple sentence. “I will be replacing Commander Minoru.”

The following day, NERV begins rebuilding.

“Three weeks have passed.” Azami relayed the fact to the NERV staff gathered at the meeting table. “We have made significant progress, but there is room for improvement. We will need to make faster progress in the weeks to come if we are to align with our projections.”

Steiner lifted his pen up, then set it back on the table, tapping it against the wood. “Azami. Ma’am. The science division is stretched to its limit. We really can't do much else with what we have.”

Elidia’s hands folded around her pendent as she begun to talk. Dark circles hung under her eyes. “We are more than just pushed to the limit. I’ve gone through the notes and we don't have the resources to restart the Manufactured Project unless we go to the Sino-Russian Evangelion Cooperative.”

Gerard’s report was last. The black eye patch over his left eye was outlined in gold, and his hair was a dark blue. “Yeah. I’ve done the estimates. The MAGI won’t be finished bein’ repaired for three years. We can get some functionality back this week, but not a lot else.”

Azami nodded to the right side of the table. “We will acquire additional staff after the UN reviews our new budget. In the meantime, I will be making deals with the continental Eva leagues to acquire resources. Naturally, the Sino-Russians will be on the top of my list. Gerard, ensure that we have basic MAGI functionality and that the system is still available. We will wait for further staffing before moving forward.” She turned to the other side of the table. “Your reports?”

Phillip held his chin in his hand, thumbing his ring idly as he spoke. “The Coalition dogs haven't made any further moves. We should be fighting back.” Azami raised her hand and gestured for the next person to go.

Kurumi shuffled her papers, thumbing through them. Her wedding band rested prominently on her finger. “The public have been giving us mixed results generally. Most blame the Coalition, but some blame us. People are panicked, and it's only going to get worse if we don't say something.”

Azami clasped her gloved hands together and set them on the table. “I agree. Our public story will be that Custodes Humanitatis and the Coalition were wholly responsible. No Angels or Lilin were involved. As it stands now, there is no evidence of any non-humans having any part in the attack.”

“Exactly,” Phillip interjected. “We need to wipe out the Coalition before they can hit us again.”

“Mhaol. What we need now is a calm head and a solid plan. One of my old colleagues has informed me that Section 2 is simply not capable of an operation of that calibre. Revenge will have to wait. “

He grunted. “Fine.” By no means was he admitting defeat, Azami knew that well enough, but at least now he understood what the official line was.

Azami turned to regard the room as a whole. “We will reconvene in three weeks to discuss further plans and deliver further reports. As of today, I would like to again congratulate you all on your current progress, and hope to see more from you in the future. Meeting adjourned.”

The five stood from their seats and filed out quietly. Their commander remained seated, sifting through papers in front of her. A report from Lasiin, a memo from Ara Kim, an email from Masefield, a letter from Jesus… It was all just so much useless work. She reached down beside her and pulled the laptop from her bag, setting it down gently before opening it. A voice slammed against her eardrums. “Major!” Azami hit the volume button with her fist.

“White Rabbit… What do you need?”

The AI had changed over the years. She was still the same lolicon enticing girl that she had always been, albeit, Azami had heard that she had kept changing her look every month or so. Now, she was in a frilly black and white dress reminiscent of a maid’s outfit. “People have been trying to call you all day! I tried to filter some of them myself, but there was just so many calls…”

Azami rubbed her ears gently. Maybe she wouldn't need to answer calls if she was deaf. “Thank you. Has anyone particularly important called?”

“A spy lady called and said that you should read her letter! It sounded mighty important… but then again, almost all the calls did…”

Azami took out Katherine’s report from the pile and opened it. It began with several performance reports from the non-defunct NERV branches, and some phone numbers at the bottom that Katherine advised her to phone. Azami noticed a penned in sentence on the bottom of the page and pulled the document closer to her face. The Coalition bastard wants to talk.


Azami stepped out of her car into the cold Tokyo-3 air. The police station was quiet, save for the dull melody of ancient music, playing out of one of the second story windows. A woman stood out front of the building, a cigarette gripped between two youthful fingers, and a grin on her face. Azami climbed the three steps and looked the woman in the eye, her red-eyed gaze intense as it always was. “Hello, Katherine.”

“Good evening, Commander Sicarius.” She dropped her cigarette, snuffing it out with her foot as she gestured into the building. “Time’s wasting, come on.” The two entered the station through the creaky door, and the officer at the desk just gestured down the hall. He knew who they were. NERV was in the news enough these days.

The two turned down the hall and Katherine decided to talk. “Is NERV treating you well? I don’t think that they were immediately accepting of you.” Katherine punched Azami in the shoulder playfully. “You came back from the dead afterall.”

She was still completely rigid in her posture. “Half of 2020’s NERV Pilots are dead, and I’ve been missing for ten years. Maybe when they’re done grieving will they question my leadership.”

“You don’t really like any of them, do you?” Azami gave her a glance. “Nevermind then...”

The detective at the door looked the pair up and down, before pushing off the wall. “You two are the NERV officials? It’s not my job to question this, but why are you lot here?”

Katherine shrugged him off, setting her hand on the door’s handle. “Official business. You saw the terrorist attack on the news.” She pulled the door open, pushing the detective to the sidelines as she pulled Azami inside.

The grey and wrinkled face of Septimus Niles greeted them. He pulled his hands as far apart as the handcuffs allowed him and smiled. “Azami, child. How long has it been since we last saw each other?”

“Not long enough.” She pulled out the chair from the other side of the metal table and settled herself on it as Katherine leaned against the far wall.

“Are you the good cop, Azami? Or are the two of you making it a bit interesting?” Katherine just laughed.

Azami tapped her knuckles on the table in a consistent rhythm. “You called me here, Niles. I suggest you say your piece and stop wasting my time.”

“You’re angry, I understand. Most would be angry after losing the person they hold most dearly.” Azami stopped her incessant tapping, but Septimus was on the next topic. “Simply put, I know where to find the people who have wronged your organization.” He smiled. “Obviously, I will require something in return.”

“NERV will not be trading any private information relating to the Manufactured Program.”

“You think I really wanted that, Commander? No… what I want is much simpler than that. I want off this island.” Azami raised an eyebrow, and shot a questioning glance at Katherine. Septimus just laughed. “It’s been ten years, Azami. My flock has abandoned me and the true struggle that was supposed to unite us. There is no hope for them, for me, or for you.”

Azami tapped her finger against the table, and for a moment, that was the sole sound that pervaded the room. “The Coalition’s watching you, and not just the Coalition, but Custodes Humanitatis.”

“I thought you weren't supposed to be the smart one,” Septimus said with a wicked grin.

“Katherine. This entire building is most likely compromised. You know the drill.” Azami pulled her pistol out and set it on the table as Katherine went to the door, peeking out slowly.  Septimus just watched the two former Neo-Spartans in action.

Katherine closed the door and readied her own weapon, leaning against the wall for cover. “Yup. This is going to be messy. They’re definitely not just cops.”

Azami pushed her gun against the handcuffs’ chain and blasted the rings apart. “Call for backup. Niles, you’re coming with us.”

“That was the plan all along, Commander.”

Elidia arrives at home at eight o’clock. Half the lights in the house were still on, but at least it was quiet. Azami had her working overtime, but she understood why. The commander wanted NERV to return to operational status as soon as possible. It was, to some extent, understandable. She pushed the door open and walked into the house. Michiko sat at the kitchen table with Keiko, a set of cartoon playing cards sprawled out across the table.

Keiko held her cards close to her face. “Got any threes?”

Michiko shook her head. “Nope. Go fish.”

Elidia smiled, watching the two quietly before finally announcing her presence. “Guess who’s home.”

Keiko slammed the cards down on the table, eyes full of surprise and joy. “Mommy!” She pushed herself out of the chair and dashed forward into her mother’s arms. Elidia wrapped her arms around her child tightly, kneeling down and pressing her face into Keiko’s shoulder. It never got easier. “Mommy… When is Mum coming home?”

Elidia pulled back from the embrace, holding her child’s hands in her own. She smiled gently, letting the lie spill out of her mouth. “Soon.” Elidia doesn't leave room for further questions, moving onto the next thing before Keiko can respond. “It’s really late. Why don't you head off to bed and I'll be there in a minute.”

The girl shuffled her feet awkwardly. “Okay…” The look on her face betrayed suspicion and confusion, but Keiko said nothing more as she retreated down the hallway.

Michiko wrapped the card deck with a rubber band and set it on the table. With a yawn, she stretched her arm over her head, standing up. Elidia dropped her bag against the wall, stifling a yawn of her own. “Thank you again, Michiko. The commander has me working overtime and-”

She waved her hand, dismissing the concern. “It’s fine, it’s fine! I would be worried if she was alone.” Michiko pasted on her biggest smile for Elidia, but it slipped off, replaced with a thin worried line. “Are you okay?”

“No.” The word pops out of her mouth, followed by silence as Elidia returned to her thoughts for just a moment. “It’s hard. They’re both gone now.” It’s a fact, and little else can be said about it.

Michiko put her smile back on her face and wrapped one arm around her friend’s shoulder. “We should break out the liquor. Girl’s night in. I'm here for you, and you should enjoy that.”

Elidia cracks a smile, giggling lightly. “Okay, okay. Just let me tuck her in.”

A quiet ringing echoes throughout the house and Elidia fumbles for the phone in her pocket. “Hello?”

Azami’s voice. “Your presence is required at headquarters, Doctor.”

Steiner patted the charred safety foam outlining the MAGI maintenance hatch and carefully took Gerard’s cane from him as the blue haired man descended into the abyss. “Gerard… Did you really put a gun in your cane?”

“A gun? No, that’s too easy. It would take me an hour to put together the pieces fer that.” Gerard looked up as Steiner swung his feet into the hatch and crawled down after him. “‘Sides, the commander doesn't really approve of that kinda thing.”

“That’s just an assumption. She’s only ever cared about results, you should know that.” Gerard didn't answer, and an awkward silence hung in the air. No one enjoyed talking about Azami. “A-anyway…” Steiner continued, “what did you put in your cane?”

“You’ll see,” Gerard replied in a joking tone, his smile audible in his words.

The two landed on a mangled mess of cables and stepped off into the darkness, clicking flashlights on as they went on. They walked for a long time, and Gerard looked down at his watch for a long time. The MAGI’s lengths of tubes and corridors went on for seemingly forever.

“Aha!” Gerard exclaimed, pointing to a turn in the path. “I found it!”

“What?” Steiner asked. “Found what?”

“I found the right turn. Come on, Steiner. Try’n keep up, eh?” Steiner’s barely contained agony of walking through endless tunnels remained contained a few moments more.

They finally stopped at clear panel set into a wall. Gerard snapped his cane, pulling a Swiss Army knife contraption out and cracked the panel open. Dust flew everywhere and the two coughed. Gerard poked around the panel, touching a wet fleshy mass in the panel’s corner with the end of his knife. “That’s weird…” he said, but nothing else.

“What is all this?” he asked.

“A coffee machine.” He read Steiner’s expression and laughed. “Just kiddin’. This is where we’re going to divert power and functionality from the dead systems to the operational ones.” He fiddled with a dial and pushed a button as a screen flickered to life, only for Gerard to fiddle with something else and the pattern seems to repeat infinitely. Steiner only watched, trying to make heads or tails of the unconventional system.

“You know,” Gerard said suddenly, looking over his shoulder briefly. “Darius once said that I could probably take over the world, but only if I thought it would be fun. I think about that a lot now. Knat always tried to say something all cool and wise, but that wasn't really him… and well… the other one was something different all together.”

“Seems like Pilots are just one dysfunctional family after the next,” Steiner said, musing over the thought of Azami’s Pilot Candidate forms.

“Probably, yeah.” He tapped his chin with a miniature screwdriver. “After you guys, it’ll just be the same thing, probably. A group of headstrong kids get together to fight for humanity, they don't get along at first, but they work it out eventually. A cycle, repeating itself endlessly.”

“We can break out of cycles. Not everything’s like that.”

“Well, when you kids manage it, I’ll be the first to pat all of ya on the backs.” He flicked another dial and the small screen flickered with Rabbit’s face. Gerard chuckles. “Miss me already?”

Rabbit’s face is worried, yet serious. “The commander wants you all in her office.”

Phillip stood at the hastily constructed memorial site, at the giant stone pillar erected in memoriam. He looked down the list, running this thumb against the stone. Yuki, Takumi, Anatoly, both of the Minorus, Darius… so many dead in just a single event… His eyes locked onto Jimmy’s name. He mumbled under his breath something insulting, yet endearing in a way only Phillip could manage. Like everyone who had lost someone, he had things that had been left unsaid.

“Phillip…” A voice called out from behind him, and he turned, slipping his hands into his pockets. Kurumi stared at him from across the stone pathway. She came closer and he lets her take her place beside him, beside the wall of names.

“It’s really a testament to our ability to move forward,” she said, for her sake more than his. “We’ve all lost people. Again and again. Yet… here we are. We put up a stone in memory and we keep on going.” She eyed some of the names, smiling in a melancholy fashion. “I don't think Yuki would have wanted her name on one of these. This isn’t how an idol is supposed to be remembered, as a casualty.”

Phillip looked down at Kurumi’s strong yet tired form. “How’s the widow doing?”

“Elidia’s been better. Losing your wife and your closest friend in a single night…” She shook her head. “We all lost friends, but-”

“I meant you.”

Kurumi fell silent and casted a quiet glance up at Phillip’s gruff face. She looked back down, folding her hands together to keep a fragment of her mind occupied. “Nothing will ever be the same without him. Souma should be able to see his father’s proud face as he grows up… but he won't.” She closed her eyes and tried to stop the inevitable tears from falling. “But we move on,” she said, as wet streaks run down her cheeks.

Phillip set his hand on her shoulder. He never had a way with words like some of the others did, but he was still a member of the big, mangled family that formed so long ago. He wrapped his arm around the sobbing woman and lets her cry, because, as friends, they could do little else.

A dull ring played out across the field, echoing out from the NERV loudspeakers. White Rabbit’s voice played out. “The commander wants to see you two.”

Azami stepped into her office and strode past her five NERV colleagues to set her blood soaked gloves upon her desk. She looked up to see a mix of horror and suspicion on their faces. “Custodes Humanitatis has made another move.”

Phillip raised his voice. “What happened?”

“A classified report showed up on my desk. I sent a Section 2 agent to deal with the situation but they were too late. I arrived personally.” She looked down at her gloves. “The result was less than ideal.”

Besides the obvious implication of further terrorist attacks from Custodes Humanitatis, they all knew what the actual order was going to be given by Commander Sicarius. An acceleration of the timetable. An extreme one.

“Once this meeting is adjourned, a base wide notice will be issued. Heavy and mandatory overtime for every NERV employee.” She looked to Steiner, Gerard and Elidia. “Your orders are to bring Units Acheron and Feitrion online immediately.”

Elidia shook her head. “Those two units are still waiting on shipments from the Eva Leagues-”

“I said immediately, Doctor. Pilot Selection Delta will proceed following directly. Dismissed.”

The three stood up and left promptly, leaving Phillip and Kurumi in the room with Azami. Phillip crossed his arms. “Orders, Sicarius?”

“You have permission to engage Operation Lex Talionis. Destroy the remnants of the Coalition and Humanitatis. Pull up the weed up by the roots.” She looked to Kurumi. “Media blackout. We counteract the Coalition’s attempts on the minds of the populus. You’ll have Section 2’s number. Arrest those who put our operation at risk.” Kurumi opened her mouth to speak but closed it promptly. “Dismissed.” They left, leaving Azami alone in the room.

Commander Sicarius let out a deep breath, looking up to the ceiling. So it had begun. Another war against God. She was ready, but she didn’t want to be.

Rabbit’s voice played in her ear. “Major… You should turn on the television.”

Azami pulled the remote out from her desk and pointed it at the monitor in the corner of the room. A news broadcast began to play on the screen with a female voice narrating behind the footage. “These horrifying images were captured in Germany mere minutes ago…” It was a scene of the countryside, green fields and rolling hills. Trees that, slowly, began to shake. The earth itself followed shortly, and Azami raised an eyebrow as she wondered why Rabbit would show her an earthquake. But the earth began to lift itself up, a hand shifted the dirt away and something emerged from within. A white mask, a black body. It stood on two legs, with two heavy arms on the sides of its body, before it deformed upon itself, becoming a flowing and floating liquid and rushing off outside the range of the camera.

Azami shut off the monitor and set the remote on her desk. “Is it headed for Tokyo-3?”

“... Yes.”

“Designate it Adriel. Declare Pattern Blue internally.” She didn’t know why it was coming here, but she knew it needed to die.

Gerard hopped up as soon as Azami came through the door, hobbling beside her with a tablet in his hand. “Commander, yer gonna wanna see this. I found something in the MAGI-”

“Well then, fix it, Doctor Josephs. That is your job.” She walked ahead of him to where Steiner and Elidia were sitting, waiting for her. “You heard the alert. Rabbit! Get the list on screen.” A holographic image was cast on a translucent screen in the meeting room. Hundreds upon hundreds of images coupled with small snippets of information. All of them of children. Candidates.

Steiner tapped his chin idly. “Cut it down to candidates we can fly in within a day.” The list was slashed into a third of its size.

Elidia hummed. “Synch ratio averages above thirty percent.” Half.

Gerard nodded. “Tint military red, civvies green and others purple and organize accordingly.” Pictures shifted and were coloured, leaving a large chunk green, a smaller one red, and an even smaller one purple.

Azami scrolled her eyes across the photos. So many children… but not enough time. “Give me only those in Japan.” A list of twenty. She looked to the doctors. “Are the Units ready?” Gerard nodded once. “This is your list. Bring all of them in, test them all with our current Eva. Have our Pilots selected by midnight and then give them basic training.”

Steiner nodded to her. “We’ll try our best, but there might simply not be enough time…”

“NERV has done better in less time. You have your orders.” She left the room promptly.

Gerard let out a breath, settling down in a chair. “She’s a regular ol’ Minoru, she is.” He looked at the two others as they began to write notes down on tablets madly. “Do ya think you two can cover for me? I got something I need to check out.”

Elidia waved her table pen at him. “Just be quick. The commander will get mad at you if you’re late.”

Azami looked at the eyeball in her cup of coffee. She plucked it out, holding it up by the stalk. It looked at her, stared, and she stared back. She dropped it in the garbage can and stepped out into the hangar. Two Pilots had been selected. A blonde girl, pixie cut, hands behind her back. A Japanese boy, shorter, black haired, hands shoved in his pockets. The three doctors stood behind them, Steiner with his nervousness, Elidia with her pendant and Gerard with a tablet in his hands.

She looked the two Pilots up and down, sipping her coffee. “You’ll both be briefed following your first engagement. The Angel, Adriel, is a body shifter, but with the MAGI computer system down, unless it returns to full operation, you will have less than optimal combat data.”

Elidia coughed into her hand. “She means you’ll be fighting with less information.”

“... Yes, and the Angel will be here soon, so get dressed and into your Eva.” She turned on her heel, beginning to ascend the stairs to the observation deck. The doctors talked briefly to the two Pilots and then followed her up.

Steiner nudged Gerard. “Where’d your cane go?”

“Oh. I lost it.” He began to make a huge show of holding onto the railing and dragging himself forward. “Oh, woe is me…”

Azami took up her position by the tactical map and screen. “Rabbit, initialize the battle map and get me a camera feed of Adriel.” Quickly, an image of the Japanese countryside appeared on the table and a screen began to broadcast an image of the approaching black cloud, spotlights lighting it up in the night.

Elidia pressed a few buttons on the side of the table. “I wonder how the old team got on without this sort of technology… Pilots, can you hear me?”


“Loud and clear.”

“Okay. You’ll be deploying via the NERV dropship in the countryside. There aren’t many people out here, so you won’t have to worry much about collateral. Just focus on eliminating the Angel and you’ll be back home by breakfast.”

Azami nodded. “Commence operation.”

The Eva shot up into the sky from the hangar and a small blip appeared on the map. The drop ship sailed across the table, destined for the fight with Adriel.

Steiner tapped the table with his finger. “I remember the first time we took the ship… You two were already fighting Camael by the time I got there…”

Elidia smiled, cocky. “Yuki’s power drained almost immediately and you went into melee combat with it.” She looked at the commander.

“It drained my power, wrapped around me and exploded.” She held her gaze on the table.

Gerard chuckled. “You were unconscious for a week.”

The dropship arrived above the target and Azami gave the go ahead for deployment. The two Eva, Acheron and Feitrion, hit the ground hard, shedding drop gear in seconds before pulling pallet rifles from storage wings and simply waiting. Soon enough, the black mist of Adriel came into view, shimmering from the spotlights. “You are green to proceed, Pilots.”

They opened fire, spraying the Angel with small arms fire. It didn’t relent, instead rushing straight for Acheron, slamming into it and forming back into the solid creature that it had been in Germany. It took the gun from the Eva’s hand, smashed it, and proceeded to pummel the Eva with the pieces. Feitrion kept firing at it.

A phone began to ring in the background of the observation deck, an ancient ring from somewhere between the panels and dials of the consoles. Azami looked at Elidia. “You have temporary command, Doctor Minase.”

Azami waded through the desks of the observation desk, stumbling upon a ringing phone in between in all. It was red, with the words “secure line” printed above it in solid black letters. Azami wrapped her hand around the receiver and lifted it to her ear. “Major Azami Sicarius speaking.”

“Thank God!” A voice said to her. “This is Corporal Cross from the JSDF!” A woman, young, loud.

“Who gave you this number, Corporal? Where are you?”

“My commander told me to get in touch with NERV command. We have been unable to contact you through satellite or digital means.”

Azami raised an eyebrow, turning around to look at Steiner, Elidia and Gerard. They continued to watch the battle map. “What do you mean?”

“Your robots are here just standing around, and that Angel of yours hasn’t even shown up!”

Azami blinked. “What?”

“Yeah! It’s weird. We’re getting a feed of your robots fighting the Angel but… when we look out at it, there’s nothing.”

Azami looked around. What? That didn’t make any sense. She looked at the camera feed, still showing the fight between the two Eva and Adriel. She looked at the table, showing the topography and the icons of the Evas and Angel. How the hell would a prank caller get a hold of a secure NERV line? That didn’t make any…

“The MAGI was never down…” She brought the phone back to her ear. “Corporal, tell your commander NERV HQ is compromised-” An explosion rocked the observation deck, followed by gunshots on the floor of the hangar. Azami almost lost her balance, holding onto the desk for stability.

She looked out onto the hangar, NERV staff running, some promptly being gunned down by figures in black. NERV security showed up almost immediately, beginning to fight back. A voice screamed out the words she knew she would hear. “Custodes Humanitatis!”

Elidia ran up to the window immediately. “What’s happening? Oh... no...”

Another explosion went off, right next to the observation deck, blowing glass across the occupants. Azami ducked and covered herself, but the tell tale creaks of the foundation gave the next event up. The deck broke off from its connection to the wall, and fell down to the hangar below. The descent was practically instantaneous, and the breaking of several of Azami’s ribs was similar in speed. Azami was thrown out of the deck with Elidia, landing numerous feet away from impact site. Both of them were still conscious. Azami’s vision blurred, only snapping back together when bullets impacted the floor beside her. She pulled herself behind a pile of concrete and lifted her gun from its holster. Blood was already beginning to crawl down from her forehead.

On one side of her was Elidia, lying still on the ground, and on the other was Gerard and Steiner. Gerard was alive, crawling away as a man stalked toward him, a rifle in his hands. His eyes were full of fear and the man lifted his gun. Azami lifted hers in retaliation.

They shot at the same time. Gerard was shot three times in the chest and his murderer was shot in the side of the head. Both of them crumpled and were still.

Azami gritted her teeth, and quickly looked at both Elidia and Steiner. Steiner was slowly beginning to awake, but Elidia was still unconscious. “Laudo!” She yelled. “Get up and follow me!”

Azami dove for Elidia, and immediately hauled her over one of her shoulders and began to run. There was a door on one side of the hangar at the floor level, with a maintenance shaft that she knew would be easy to break into. Steiner got up quickly and followed shortly behind her. Azami kicked open the door and pointed to an air duct. “Open that!” she said, as she locked the door and blew off the door’s handle. There was still gunshots and screaming on the other side, but she couldn't do anything to help those people.

Steiner pulled off the vent, already breathing hard. “Are we going to die, Azami? This can’t be happening… I thought they wouldn’t attack us like this again…”

Azami gripped him roughly by the arm. “Shut up and start climbing. You talk - you hesitate - then we all die.”

They crawled through the grate and into a large vertical maintenance shaft with a long ladder. Azami forced Steiner to climb first before following him up, carrying Elidia over one shoulder while climbing up with one hand. At least her Neo-Spartan training was good for something…

“Azami… do you smell… blood?” Sure enough, the smell of blood began to fill her nostrils. She paused, trying to pinpoint the location of the smell, but it only became more pungent. “Or… is it even blood?” An orange liquid began to pour out from the many vents that lead into the maintenance shaft, pooling at the bottom and slowly beginning to rise.

Azami snapped. “LCL! Climb!” They hauled themselves up to the top of the ladder, all the while the LCL rose faster and faster. There was a door, a legitimate one, at the top platform, but closed shut.

“This LCL isn’t activated. We’ll drown in it. Can you get this door open?” She pointed to the door and the electrical panel beside it.

“That’s just basic electrical engineering, yeah… I know how these are wired…” He cracked the panel open, pulling out a mess of wires. “I just need to divert it and then-”

Azami felt LCL fill into her boots. “Steiner. Door. Now.”

The door slammed open suddenly, and LCL began to pour into it from their end. It was another shaft, and as Azami looked up into it, with an even longer ladder. She looked at Steiner and at Elidia’s unconscious body draped over her shoulder.

She dropped Elidia into the next room before grabbing Steiner by the collar and tossing him inside. “Azami?” he shouted just as she ripped out the wiring from the panel and the door returned to its closed state. The LCL quickly rose to her waist, before she pulled out her gun and shot into the panel several times, electrical sparks flying. The LCL rose to her head and she held her breath, letting the gun slip from her fingertips and float in the orange of the LCL.

She took a breath in, let the LCL fill her lungs like it did ten years ago, and sighed, coughing lightly. She hadn’t thought shooting the panel would have actually worked. Azami let herself down, sitting down on the floor of the platform. Now she was alone, again, in the middle of her base that was currently being attacked by the enemy they had all been united against.

“Using the MAGI against us… The CRG really are something…” At least she knew the Angels weren’t really back. NERV really should have been disbanded by now…

“Azami…” Rabbit’s voice, playing hauntingly in her ear.

“You’re not White Rabbit…” Silence. “Who are you?”

A different voice. The long dead idol. “Come on, Azami! I know you’ll want to see this! Just go down and crawl into the grate labeled 2A...”

Azami stood up, looking out into the shaft. There it was, a shaft labeled 2A. “What if I don’t want to?”

Takumi. “Eh? Come on, Aza-tomodachi... “

She looked at her gun, useless while submerged in LCL and then to the place the MAGI wanted her to go. “Fine.” She pushed off the side, fell for a moment, and then swam the rest of the way. With a firm kick, she dislodged a vent cover and entered a flooded hallway. “What now?”

Darius. “There’s an airlock up ahead. We’ll drain the LCL, after which you can find an elevator. We’ll be waiting.”

Azami stepped inside the room labeled as the airlock, and while she was wary they’d trap her inside, she let the doors close. The LCL drained out, and while she smelled of blood, the doors did open on the other side. It was a large room, intended for deep Eva storage as far as she could tell. She walked past the empty racks, labeled with the names of old Units. Ragnarok… Idumea… Sleipnir… Catharsis. It wasn’t empty.

The black and grey Eva was still here, covered in dust and cobwebs. She looked upon it not with a fondness or any feeling of nostalgia. She looked at it with pity, and perhaps the slightest bit of contempt. The others had been decommissioned, declared ancient, suboptimal and defunct, yet this one was still here. “Why are you still here… and why didn’t I know…”

She kept walking, eventually finding the elevator that the voices told her about. As soon as she set foot within it, the doors closed and it began to descend. No button was highlighted on the panel, but the trip was short. Quickly, the doors opened again.

She stepped out and onto something. A full human arm, covered in dark red veins, and when she lifted her boot from it, it writhed in pain, somehow alive. She continued further, finding more and more human body parts, disconnected from an actual body, yet writhing and almost screaming out at her. On the wall was map, and on it was written: “Manufactured Program Department 0”. She had never heard of that before. Maybe for a reason.

Slowly, instead of simple minded pieces of human, flesh began to coat the walls, covering it in blood red organs, of all the shades of the human race. Azami only continued on, desperate to find the source of all of this.

A blast door, outlined in pulsating skin. “This is it,” Anatoly said in her ear. “You ready?”

Azami pressed her hand against the bright red button on the wall and waited for the doors to reveal whatever it was she was supposed to see.

Seven eyes looked at from the writhing mass, breathing gently like a single massive lung. She could tell instantly who those eyes belonged to as she stepped into the massiveness of the room. Endless rows of human sized tanks stood shattered in the room, the flesh of the creature enveloping almost every single one of them. “What the hell happened here?” she asked it.

All the voices spoke at once. Yuki, Takumi, Anatoly, Darius, Sachiko, Mathias, Commander Minoru...And a new one was slowly added to the seven, Gerard’s. “The Manufactured project was highly successful, but behind successes are failures… This entire section, a failure sealed away and forgotten.”

“No,” she said to it. “Why do you have the voices of my dead colleagues.”

“That final battle where you thought you had fallen into a coma. You did not. You died. When your soul was untethered from your body, we took it. From it, we created you again. We gave you a body so you could lead the rest back to us.”

“Excuse me?” she said. “That’s insane.”

“Where are your memories in between, Azami? They don’t exist. We created you in the approximation of what you would have been, through the MAGI’s eyes.”

Azami swallowed. “That… doesn’t change anything. And it doesn’t answer my question. Why do you have those voices?”

“The attack by Custodes Humanitatis. The Angel’s cross that killed hundreds. We took those souls that the terrorists untethered and added them to ourself. With these souls, we gained unprecedented access to the MAGI, and with it, our plan was able to come to fruition. Under your command, Azami… you brought them all here.”

“No, that means…” Azami looked around, seeing the thing before her for what it really was. “You’re just a vessel for Human Instrumentality.”

“Yes. Exactly. Soon the rest of our family will be reunited with us.” Steiner and Elidia… They were likely still in the base, or at least within the blast range of a near Third Impact event… She didn’t know about Kurumi and Phillip. "We just need you," it said.

Azami turned around and started walking away. “Where are you going?” It asked her. “Stop!” Azami slipped by just as the blast doors closed. “Don’t you want to be reunited with your family?”

“I’m putting an end to this. This story needs to end.” She found the elevator and dug her fingers in between the two doors, and as hard as she could, made to force it open. Obviously, with it controlling the MAGI, she would have to do everything by hand.

A new voice, one she hadn’t heard since she became a Pilot at NERV HQ, spoke into her ear. “Azami, please don’t do this.”

Azami forced the elevator shaft open and began to climb up the elevator shaft. “You’re not real, and even if you are, this wouldn’t be what you wanted.”

Victoria’s voice was quiet for a moment before she found the words. “How would you know? Our entire family was broken apart. How do you know what I became?”

Azami hauled herself up and began to force open the elevator door to the Eva storage hangar. “Why would you be in Tokyo-3? You died in America.”

“You don’t know that, Azami. I came to Tokyo-3 to find you, but they didn’t want that. They killed me.”

Azami forced open the door and forced herself through the opening before she fell, panting and sweating, onto the walkway floor. “That isn’t my fault. I never did anything to hurt you.” She picked herself up, looked at Catharsis, and began to run to it. “I’m going to free my new family from their torment.”

“You’re a mess, Azami. Trying to find your purpose in the world when you don’t have one. Let it happen. Let us achieve Instrumentality. We have the DNA of Angel and Lilin, we just have to wait for them to meet.”

Azami ran for it, seeing the entry plug sticking out in plain view. The collective years of fighting against Third Impact, Instrumentality, Angels, Lilin… She just couldn’t let it all end here with defeat. All of the Pilots had known this since they became Pilots. Failure was not an option. Ever.

The access elevator to the plug began to move away from her, but she ran, jumped, dug her fingers into the metal and hauled herself up. It stopped entirely. The rail Catharsis was on began to drag it deeper into the bowels of NERV HQ. Azami took in two deep breaths and jumped for it again.

It started to change tactics, taking on Darius’ voice. “Sicarius… some battles can’t be won. As Neo-Spartans, we know this better than anyone. We know better than to throw our lives away. Don’t do this, for our sake.”

Azami panted, swallowing. “Our training was different. If the decision is called to retreat, then it is my job to ensure that our retreat is successful. I must give my life to ensure the safety of the lives of my friends. They never understood that. To love them, I must hate them. My departure cannot be painful for them.” She continued her climb up Catharsis’ torso.

It hadn’t been. Her death had been quickly covered up. No one asked questions and a full decade had been able to pass without them needing to ever utter her name. Now, she’d do it again. Save their lives and be forgotten for it.

She reached the plug and hauled herself inside. It was cramped and her legs didn’t fit neatly beside the controls. What had she expected, it had been a full ten years hence. She’d have to make it work, though.

“Catharsis… I know you’re still in there. This is the last time I ask anything of you. Please. Help me.” She felt something. A dulled connection, frayed, nearly cut. She couldn’t connect with it yet, but soon… Azami flicked on Catharsis’ power and immediately and manually severed the connection between the Eva’s systems and the MAGI. “Catharsis. Connect with me. I let you in.”

It didn’t hit her like a brick. It tugged on her sleeve, holding onto her hand. Weak and frail. She pulled it along as she struggled to gain hold of the body. It offered her warmth, safety, love, and she tried to keep it from dying. Slowly, she pulled Catharsis off the track, smashing through concrete and metal. Azami needed to destroy it all, bring the entirety of NERV HQ crashing down on top of this wriggling mass of sin. She had all the strength, but Catharsis had nothing. How could she strengthen this soul?

Yuki had said something once. It was her birthday, cake was being served, everyone was gathered around singing. Azami stood in the corner, watching. Half of her wondered what was happening, the other half of her wondered why she should care. It went by quickly, gifts were opened, people clapped, and it finally stopped.

Azami had climbed back up to her room and closed the door, but a knock came not a second later. Azami paused, turned around and opened the door. Yuki was there, a smile on her face, one of those stereotypical party hats on her head, and a piece of cake in her hands. “Azami, I know you’re not really used to this sort of thing, but a celebration is for everyone.” She offered Azami the piece of cake, and she took it, staring down at it.

“When’s your birthday, Azami?”

“March 12th. 2:03 AM.”

“Have you ever celebrated it?”


She beamed like the little ray of sunshine she was. “We’ll celebrate it next year. I promise. You’re part of the family too, don’t forget that!”

Yuki left, Azami closed the door and ate the piece of cake in silence. The frosting was far too sweet, and the batter hadn’t been mixed well enough, but it was one of the most delicious things she had ever eaten.

She took the memory, regarded it for a moment, and gave it to Catharsis. She felt the connection between them bump, rattle and shake before stabilizing, stronger than before. She took another memory, her talks with Phillip, and gave them to Catharsis. Her disagreements with Elidia, to Catharsis. Everything that she remembered, she gave up. Every recollection of her fellow Pilots, Anatoly, Elidia, Phillip, Steiner, Yuki, Takumi. All her friends and acquaintances. The Minorus, Darius, Gerard, Rabbit, Mathias, James, and even Nolan and Shikame. Kurumi, Ara Kim, Michiko. All of their battles, the fun times together, the heartwarming and the heartbreaking moments. She left herself nothing but her intentions and the will to carry it through.

When she finally climbed up out onto the GeoFront, breaking through dirt and foliage, Catharsis was stronger than it had ever been and Azami couldn’t remember where she was or what was going on, just that she needed to destroy NERV. She pushed the controls forward, pieces of herself beginning to dissolve off as her soul began to forget who she was.

She looked down at the pyramid, raised the fists of her Eva, and brought them down on the building, tearing through concrete, steel, wiring and LCL. She lifted her hands and brought them down again, again and again. It gave way to the deeper parts of NERV and she kept on, smashing through floor after floor after floor.

“We love you!” It said to her.

“I hate you!” she shrieked back at it.

The language began to break down. Voices screamed in her ears to stop, but she didn’t know them, didn’t understand the words they spoke. She went deaf. Only destroying. Sometimes people would shoot at her, hurl explosives, but she kept going. Kept tearing. Stopped hearing, stopped seeing. Stopped feeling.

She didn’t need to tear the whole building down to the lowest level, she had known that before. Just needed to bury it in enough concrete and rubble, and destroy enough so that no one remembered enough to care.

Azami stopped, finally finding the tubes and wires of the MAGI. She gripped at the plates holding the Eva’s chest in place and ripped it apart. She punched herself in the chest, dug inside and gripped the Angel’s organ inside, tearing it out with her bare hands. She did not even think before she crushed it in her hands.

Steiner and Elidia crawled out of the maintenance port and into the Japanese countryside. They breathed hard, gathering themselves before finding their legs and standing once again. A car came towards them, sped up and then skidded to a halt. Phillip and Kurumi stepped out. “Are you two all right?” Kurumi asked, rushing out to them as they all stood on the edge of the lake. “Where’s Azami?”

Steiner nor Elidia had time to open their mouths to speak before an explosion shook everything. They looked out across the lake, wondering if they’d see the familiar sight of the cross, but there wasn’t one.

Phillip opened up his phone as it rang and held it up to his ear. He let it drop after a moment. “The building’s gone.”

Kurumi looked pleadingly at Steiner and Elidia. “What happened in there?”

Elidia looked at Steiner. Steiner looked at his shoes. “Azami drowned in…” His brow furrowed and he looked back out across the lake. “I don’t know.”

“I really don’t know.”
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Welp, that certainly sounded like Evangelion to me. I think what we learned here is the only way to kill Yuki is to take her by surprise (when I haven't been compulsively hoarding Luck points to stop such a thing from happening). I very much enjoyed this - you gave all the characters a lot of life, and it was an interesting 'what-if' scenario.

Another thing we learned is kill off CRG right now, before they can do this in the future. Join in Michiko's counter campaign against them! For Keiko and Souma!

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Honestly, I liked this alot Dee. It was completely unepxected, but certainly made my coffee break more enjoyable. Seems bizarre to have a Major run such a large multi-government operation, but its such a silly trival thing to a very engaging story. Was was sadder to see what happened to good buddy Gerard-kun than er...someone's own fate :p. But as Arra said, for Keiko and Souma!

Also, Maid White Rabbit FTW~
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It was most definitely unexpected, and I deeply enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, Dee; it was very Evangelion-esque, as Arra pointed out.

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I won't cheapen this feedback with humor or jokes; honestly I really enjoyed reading this and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you keep on writing~


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